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Google Fiber, Alphabet Inc.’s residential and business internet provider, offers broadband services with both fiber-optic and fixed wireless technology. Google Fiber is available in 13 cities across 11 states and provides internet to 4.1 million people. Google Fiber Webpass, a fixed wireless internet that runs on Ethernet inside buildings, doesn’t require a modem and is accessible in 7 metropolitan areas across the U.S. However, it is limited to apartments, condominiums, and businesses.

Google Fiber Internet Services

Best features Things to consider
  • Super-fast fiber speeds up to 8 Gbps
  • No contracts or data caps
  • 1 TB of free cloud storage
  • Limited availability

Google Fiber Webpass Services

Best features Things to consider
  • Download speeds up to 1 Gbps (depending on individual building setup)
  • Contracts optional
  • No data caps
  • Contracts require upfront payment for the entire year’s service ($750)
  • Speeds dependent upon building infrastructure (as low as 100 Mbps)
  • Only available in select apartments, condos, and offices

Google Fiber offers a simple pricing structure, with prices ranging from $70 per month to $150 per month for speeds starting at 1 Gbps and going up to 8 Gbps. Google Fiber Webpass consumers have access to the 1 Gbps plan only, but they can receive a small discount for paying for a year of service upfront ($62.50 per month; $750 due upfront).

Plan Download speeds Starting price Data cap
Google Fiber Up to 8 Gbps $70 per month Unlimited data
Google Fiber Webpass Up to 1 Gbps $62.50 per month (with contract) Unlimited data

Google Fiber’s cost of $70 per month is competitive for a gigabit-level internet plan in comparison to other providers offering similar speeds. With consistent speed for both uploads and downloads, consumers looking for reliability and connectivity will likely find that Google Fiber offers plenty of value.

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Google Fiber Internet Speeds

Both Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass offer upload and download speeds up to 1 Gbps, though Google Fiber can achieve download speeds up to 8 Gbps. With Google Fiber, the connection comes over fiber-optic cable lines, while Google Fiber Webpass arrives over Ethernet through fixed wireless technology.

With this connection, Google Fiber Webpass picks up the internet signal through a roof antenna plugged into a building’s existing wiring to deliver the connection to data jacks inside individual apartments or units. Google Fiber Webpass doesn’t require any additional equipment — not even a modem.

Frequently Asked Question About Google Fiber Internet

  • Does Google Fiber Webpass come with a modem?

    Google Fiber Webpass does not come with a modem because the connection is already wired. Use the provided Ethernet cable to connect your computer to Google’s provided Ethernet port. If your computer does not have an Ethernet port, you can purchase an Ethernet adapter to connect your device. If you want Wi-Fi in your home, then you will have to provide your own router.

  • Does Google Fiber have a bundle option?

    Google Fiber does not offer the traditional bundles that you might find with other providers. However, you can purchase Google Fiber phone service for $10 per month.

  • What’s the difference between Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass?

    Google Fiber delivers fiber-optic internet infrastructure directly to your home, whereas Google Fiber Webpass delivers internet to your apartment or condo building, where the signal is then distributed via Ethernet ports.

  • How do I contact Google Fiber customer service?

    You can contact Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass directly via their customer service phone lines. You can also text them, use their online help option, or contact them via the Google Fiber app.

  • How fast is Google Fiber?

    Google Fiber can achieve download speeds up to 8 Gbps.