Metro® by T-Mobile Availability Map

Metro® by T-Mobile Availability Map. Click for interactive map

Metro by T-Mobile is a prepaid wireless service provider with the most coverage in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Dallas. It’s the fifth-largest residential mobile broadband provider in the U.S., and it shares the same nationwide 5G network as T-Mobile. With many storefronts across the country, Metro by T-Mobile lets you sign up for select plans in person or online.

Metro by T-Mobile Plans and Pricing

Best features Things to consider
  • Shares T-Mobile’s 5G network
  • Amazon Prime membership included in highest-tier plan
  • Basic Unlimited plan for $40 per month when you switch carriers
  • No contracts
  • Activation fee
  • Data deprioritization during network congestion

Metro by T-Mobile offers four prepaid plans, two of which have a data cap and two of which offer unlimited data. All plans have access to T-Mobile’s 5G network. If you find yourself using a lot of data, then you may be better off with an unlimited data plan that includes a certain amount of hotspot data.

Plan name Starting price (per line) Data cap
2 GB $30 per month 2 GB
10 GB $40 per month 10 GB
Unlimited + 5 GB Hotspot Data $50 per month Unlimited data
Unlimited + 15 GB Hotspot Data $60 per month Unlimited data

Not only does Metro by T-Mobile offer prepaid plans, but it also recently rolled out its 5G home network service. It offers only one plan, but you get download speeds of up to 115 Mbps for only $50 per month, as well as unlimited data. It’s a better alternative for rural residents who can’t get high-speed internet from traditional fixed wireless or satellite internet connections.

Plan Name Download Speeds Starting Price (with AutoPay) Data Cap
5G Home Internet Up to 115 Mbps $50 per month Unlimited data

T-Mobile is one of the top mobile broadband providers, but Metro by T-Mobile is only popular if you’re looking for affordable prepaid plans. Other providers such as Verizon and AT&T also offer prepaid plans and have fast 5G networks. That said, Metro by T-Mobile has no monthly fees or contracts, so you can cancel your plan at any time.

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Metro by T-Mobile Internet Speeds

Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are the big three networks for mobile broadband service, and T-Mobile’s speeds are ahead of the game. Because Metro by T-Mobile uses the same 5G network, it’s the fastest of the major providers. One thing to note is that T-Mobile prioritizes T-Mobile customers during network congestion and reduces the speeds of Metro customers.

Metro by T-Mobile vs. T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

The key difference between Metro by T-Mobile and T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is that one is mobile broadband and the other is residential broadband. Metro by T-Mobile serves urban areas more than rural areas, whereas T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is the opposite. Depending on your living situation, whether you travel frequently, or if you work from home all week, one type of service may be better than the other.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metro by T-Mobile

  • What is the difference between T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile?

    Metro by T-Mobile uses the same 5G network as T-Mobile, but it primarily offers affordable prepaid plans with some unlimited data plans. T-Mobile offers more expensive smartphone devices and all its plans have unlimited data.

  • Is it worth switching from T-Mobile to Metro by T-Mobile?

    Both T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile are great options for mobile broadband service, but Metro by T-Mobile is the better choice if you want affordable prepaid plans. If you want premium service, then T-Mobile is ideal.

  • Can I switch from T-Mobile to Metro by T-Mobile?

    You can make the switch, but you need to make sure your phone is compatible with Metro and switch out your SIM card.

  • Can I buy a phone from T-Mobile and use it with Metro by T-Mobile?

    As long as you pay off the phone and register the numbers on the back to Metro by T-Mobile’s system, you can use it with Metro by T-Mobile.

  • Do I need to pay an activation fee for Metro by T-Mobile plans?

    Yes, Metro by T-Mobile charges a $20 activation fee per line when you sign up for its prepaid plans.