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Rise Broadband is a fixed wireless broadband provider that offers both residential and business internet plans in Texas, Illinois, Colorado, and 44 other states. Thanks to the flexibility of fixed wireless as a technology, Rise Broadband has a wide coverage area that includes a population of 19.4 million. Based in Dallas, Texas, Rise Broadband is a common choice for business services due to the flexibility of advanced fixed wireless networking. Rise Broadband’s residential services are popular with customers frustrated by traditional cable.

Rise Broadband Internet Services

Best Features: Things to Consider:
  • Connection option for rural areas
  • Contract-free plans available
  • Stellar customer service
  • Limited download speeds
  • Unlimited data option costs extra
  • Susceptible to spotty service during poor weather

Rise Broadband structures its service plans a little differently than many other high-speed internet providers. You may have up to four plans from which to choose: 25 or 50 Mbps with a 250 GB data limit and 25 Mbps or 50 Mbps with unlimited data.

Plan Name Download Speed Starting Price Data Cap
Rise Broadband Up to 50 Mbps $25 per month 250 GB
Rise Broadband Unlimited Up to 50 Mbps $55 per month Unlimited data

As a fixed wireless provider, one of the key strengths of Rise Broadband is its wide availability and the ease of setting up service at new subscriber addresses. Wired service requires the installation of expensive cables and dealing with the legal issues of access poles and the street space needed to accommodate them. However, Rise Broadband only needs line of sight from one of its many access points and a place on the subscriber’s building to install a reception device.

This simplicity also makes it comparatively straightforward to install complex multi-site business broadband networks for large companies and corporations. As long as buildings are within a few miles’ line of sight of one another, they can install relay devices quickly and easily.

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Rise Broadband Internet Speeds

Fixed wireless is similar to traditional wired connections like cable or fiber in many ways. For example, the connection originates at a Rise Broadband access point within a few miles of the subscriber. This point connects to the internet via a terrestrial backhaul connection, unlike satellite internet, which relays a signal to space and back.

Rather than bridging the “last mile” to customers via a cable, Rise Broadband uses focused point-to-point wireless devices. This method of travel results in limited speeds available to the customer: up to 50 Mbps in the case of Rise Broadband.

When you sign up for fixed wireless service with Rise Broadband, you’ll have the choice between two plans: 25 Mbps or 50 Mbps download speed. The only other flexibility is data. You’ll choose between limited data or unlimited.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rise Broadband Internet

  • Is Rise Broadband satellite internet?

    Rise Broadband is fixed wireless internet, not satellite. Rise Broadband base stations communicate over the internet via wired connections. To send and receive the required data between the base station and a subscriber home, Rise Broadband uses a wireless connection, broadcasting the signal over the air to a receiver mounted outside the subscriber’s home.

  • Does Rise Broadband require contracts?

    Rise Broadband offers both contract and contract-free plans.

  • Why is Rise Broadband so slow?

    While Rise Broadband is slower than traditional wired internet providers, in rural areas, Rise Broadband offers a dependable and relatively quick solution for internet access.

  • Where is Rise Broadband available?

    Rise Broadband provides internet services to 47 states across the U.S. Check to see if Rise Broadband is available in your area by entering your ZIP code into the search bar at the top of this page.

  • How fast is Rise Broadband?

    Rise Broadband internet plans reach download speeds up to 50 Mbps.

  • Does Rise Broadband offer unlimited data?

    You can purchase a plan with unlimited data or choose Rise Broadband’s less expensive plan that carries with it a data limit of 250 GB monthly.