About Rise Broadband

  • Rise Broadband is the largest fixed wireless service provider in the US.

  • Rise Broadband provides internet and voice services to residential and business customers in 16 states.

  • JAB Wireless, Inc., previously known as Skybeam, Digis, T6, Prairie iNet, and Rhino Communications back in 2005, rebranded all names under Rise in 2015.

  • Rise Broadband offers internet and phone solutions to underserved and unserved areas across the US.

  • Rise Broadband provides a competitive alternative to cable, satellite, or DSL providers, offering speeds of 3 Mbps to 1 Gbps in select locations.

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Overview of Rise Broadband‘s Services

Rise Broadband is a Fixed Wireless broadband provider started in 2015 with the acquisition of Internet America. They offer both residential and business Internet plans in Texas, Illinois, Colorado, and 44 other states. Thanks to the flexibility of fixed wireless as a technology, Rise Broadband has a wide coverage area including a population of 19.4 million. The company is based in Dallas, Texas, which is a common choice for business services due to the flexibility of advanced fixed wireless networking. Their residential services are popular with customers frustrated by traditional cable.

Rise Broadband Availability

As a fixed wireless provider, one of the key strengths of Rise Broadband is their wide availability and the ease of setting up service at new subscriber addresses. While wired service requires the installation of expensive cables and dealing with the legal issues of access poles and street space needed to do so, Rise only needs line of sight from one of their many access points, and a place on the subscriber’s building to install a reception device. This also makes it comparatively straightforward to install complex multi-site business broadband networks for large companies and corporations, again so long as those building are within a few miles’ line of sight to one another for installing relay devices.

Rise Broadband Fixed Wireless Technology

Fixed wireless technology like that offered by Rise Broadband is frequently confused with other wireless technologies like LTE, satellite, and Wi-Fi. In fact, it’s a different type of network entirely. Fixed wireless is very similar to traditional wired connections like cable or fiber in many ways: mainly, that the connection originates at a Rise Broadband access point within a few miles of the subscriber. This point connects to the internet via a terrestrial backhaul connection, unlike satellite Internet which relays a signal all the way to space and back. Rather than bridging the “last mile” to customers via a cable, Rise Broadband uses focused point-to-point wireless devices. Unlike LTE, these are pointed directly at a subscriber rather than “broadcasting” in a general direction. This results in a concentrated signal that can easily rival cable and fiber with gigabit speeds. The benefit of a Rise Broadband setup is that service is very flexible — anyone with line of sight to a Rise Broadband access point can get service relatively quickly without the need to install expensive cable. This type of network is favored by large multi-location companies since they can quickly and easily install direct connections between sites as well as connect to data centers in the area.

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Rise Broadband Ratings

4,690 IP-verified current Rise Broadband customers have rated the company through BroadbandNow, with 39.6 percent of customers assigning them a positive rating.

Rise Broadband Customer Service

Rise Broadband has three main departments for handling customer service inquiries — general customer care, technical support, and sales. In order to cut down on your wait time, it is recommended to call the department that most corresponds to your inquiry.

General support calls should go to Rise’s main customer support line at (844) 816-9149. Those looking to cancel service can call Rise Broadband’s cancellation department at (844) 837-2262. Rise Broadband’s technical support number is (877) 910-6207. Business customers can either call a Rise Broadband small business specialist at (844) 762-7473, or use the live chat feature on risebroadband.com/small-business/small-business-support.

Rise Broadband Ownership and Corporate Structure

Rise Broadband’s parent company is JAB Wireless, Inc., a telecom corporation focused on the wireless connectivity space. The company’s residential and business fixed wireless services are all under the “Rise” brand name as of 2022, having been changed from the previous brand names in 2015. Rise services were formerly sold under a variety of names including Skybeam, Digis, and Prairie iNet.

Availability by State

Alabama 281 250mbps
Alaska 3 250mbps
Arizona 318 250mbps
Arkansas 336 250mbps
California 3,351 250mbps
Colorado 3,029,852 250mbps
Connecticut 362 250mbps
Delaware 645 250mbps
District of Columbia 0 250mbps
Florida 3,884 250mbps
Georgia 1,103 250mbps
Idaho 1,083,862 250mbps
Illinois 3,560,032 250mbps
Indiana 56,071 250mbps
Iowa 1,873,524 250mbps
Kansas 109,847 250mbps
Kentucky 107 250mbps
Louisiana 1,059 250mbps
Maine 638 250mbps
Maryland 1,511 250mbps
Massachusetts 495 250mbps
Michigan 162 250mbps
Minnesota 43,784 250mbps
Mississippi 92 250mbps
Missouri 92,006 250mbps
Montana 481 250mbps
Nebraska 713,978 250mbps
Nevada 1,932,996 250mbps
New Hampshire 373 250mbps
New Jersey 289 250mbps
New Mexico 8 250mbps
New York 5,293 250mbps
North Carolina 2,353 250mbps
North Dakota 43 250mbps
Ohio 854 250mbps
Oklahoma 521,419 250mbps
Oregon 21,842 250mbps
Pennsylvania 727 250mbps
South Carolina 1,397 250mbps
South Dakota 166,329 250mbps
Tennessee 1,477 250mbps
Texas 6,349,159 250mbps
Utah 2,330,882 250mbps
Virginia 386 250mbps
Washington 330 250mbps
West Virginia 189 250mbps
Wisconsin 197,536 250mbps
Wyoming 91,294 250mbps

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