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Rise Broadband Customer Reviews

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2.77 Stars  692  Reviews
2.77 out of 5 stars

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5.00 Stars

on May 08, 2020

In 2014, we found Rise Broadband. We live out in the country so cable and wired internet are nonexistent. They came out free of charge and let us know that they could put up an antenna that would give us fast internet. 6yrs later we still have great internet! From the service tech to customer service to their tech support, we have had nothing but fantastic service! They are friendly, helpful and find us the best rate when they have promotions too. I am a teacher and with this online teaching/learning from home, Rise Broadband has been flawless and even upgraded to faster unlimited that was even more savings! Happy customer right here!! Thank you!!

Rise Broadband

Denise, Thank you so much for recommending Rise Broadband! We are so pleased that you are happy with your service. Do you know about our referral program? Refer a friend or neighbor and get $50 for every referral. Here's more information: Thank you for being a loyal Rise Broadband customer. Have a great day!

7.99ms Best Speed to Date!!!

1.00 Stars

on October 16, 2019

When we first inquired about internet with Rise Broadband we were told we would get up to 25. We have yet to be able to watch/stream movies/videos without buffering. Many times we cannot even get past the buffering to play the movie! I will say that both the techs Brook and today, Bryson both seem to really care and want us to get what we are paying for but with that said we still are around 7.99 Mbps. It is just very frustrating to be told to do the same testing over and over with the same outcome as all of the calls before! Send a Tech out and get our speed up to what we were told, 25mbps or we will find a company that will do what they say and charge for!!!

I'm very happy with them

5.00 Stars

on October 12, 2019

I don't know why they have such a low rating, they are much more reliable that my satellite tv, which I'm canceling and going with Roku. They could always be cheaper, of course, and I had to buy a booster to reach everything, but for the money, they are very good.

Poor Service

1.00 Stars

on October 10, 2019

Rise installed 10/1/19. Can only get internet service to our desktop computers (ethernet cable). Moved our two kindle pads and our cellphones less than 3 feet form router and still receive no wireless signal. Barely were able to get wireless printer to connect ( less than 2 feet from router). Have called twice to service assistance, they "checked" their system, claimed it is fine. Have re-called service tech, they have now admitted it might be a bad router. Supposedly, they are mailing a new router, but not sending a technician. Rise broadband and this house will probably be parting company.

Stay away

1.00 Stars

on October 05, 2019

Speed drops to a level where streaming is impossible multiple times a day. Telephone service is terrible, calls drop due to bad connectivity. Customer service says everything looks good but then checks the speed and blames overload. They have tried pointing my dish to multiple towers and still have the same problems. Then they claim I am under a contract and it will cost me a years service to cancel. Even if I do get them to cancel, the direct TV is a different contract so I would be stuck with another internet provider where I can't bundle tv. Be smart and just stay away.

Avoid if you can

1.00 Stars

on October 05, 2019

Their broadband is highly unreliable and often slow throughput and extremely high latency (200+ms). If you have another choice, take it. They towers are highly oversubscribed and not maintained very well.

Best Option in my area, but wish there were more options

3.00 Stars

on September 08, 2019

They keep promising faster speeds coming soon to my area, but after several years haven't seemed to make any real progress. Service is a good value compared to alternatives available in this rural area. Main complaint is that they have a lot of outages. Usually short in duration, but way too frequent.

Terrible Service

1.00 Stars

on August 28, 2019

Continue to have issues with speed, company always blames or the weather. They have great little jingle when you about the fast’s speed they have it’s a laugher. I have attempted to contact someone in upper Management with no luck. This is a sorry excuse for a company, I hope one of their management see this complaint and contact me I sure would like to have a conversation with someone who could explain to me the reason Rise Broadband is always having issues, your customers pay good many and we deserve answers. Not Excuses

Terrible everything!!!

1.00 Stars

on August 26, 2019

rise broadband sucks. don't get it. they say fast in home wifi. Wrong. cant even play a video game without it lagging out. the service team wont come look and see whats wrong because they say they wont look and come out unless its below their wifi speed test which is a joke they make their own tests faster. terrible company .

Unexpectedly great customer service

4.00 Stars

on August 23, 2019

Rise Broadband has slower advertised speeds than a lot of other Internet providers, but when they say that they provide 25 Mbps, it means 25 Mbps. Other companies will advertise 50 Mpbs and then you'll never see it hit more than 35-40. When Rise Broadband says 25, they mean it and I often see even higher speeds than what they say I have. Their customer service, though, is what really seals the deal for me. I recently had an issue with my Internet service and called the Rise Broadband support team. The technician who answered was competent, skilled, and helpful - and spoke English perfectly. He discovered that the radio on top of my house was old and needed to be replaced. Right away he found the next available appointment, which was a couple days away, and he explained that he would schedule a technician to come and replace it. He explained everything in simple, layman terms and never made me feel stupid or confused. I understood everything that was going to happen. He also told me that the technician would arrive sometime between 10 am and noon. Normally, if a company tells me that they’ll send someone between 10-noon, I’ve come to expect (and resent) that I need to add several hours to either end of the time given. But at around 11:45, the technician, Jose, knocked on my door – and even apologized for being later than planned. Jose said that he would replace the radio, but said that according to my account (that he’d looked at prior to coming), my router was also old. Jose asked if his partner, Dan, could come in and replace the router while Jose replaced the radio on the roof. I was a little taken aback that Jose had taken the time to understand my situation and find a way to make it even better than what I had expected. Of course I was happy to have the router replaced and Dan came in and made sure it was all taken care of and working properly before leaving. Both Dan and Jose were so friendly, kind, respectful, and skilled. They both had bright smiles and made me feel completely comfortable with them coming into the house to do the work. And one more thing... I didn't pay one cent for the replacement for the radio on the roof, the new router, or the service call by two skilled and honest technicians.

Totally OK!

3.00 Stars

on July 18, 2019

For rural areas, you have a choice between Rise Broadband and Satellite internet. Rise is the best balance between cost & speed. Special thanks to the installer who got us up and running fast!

Getting Worse

2.00 Stars

on June 14, 2019

I've been with this company since it took over Digis in 2015. They used to be good enough despite their frequent service interruptions. This year, however, I have had to call them at least a dozen times with problems that were not even related to the service interruptions. Their customer service is awful. No one seems to know how to make things work right. They left a trail of errors behind them that I had to struggle to find someone competent enough to fix. (Some still not resolved). They blamed me for changing my email to and I had to fight them to remove the late fee that got put on my account as a result. Really? That should be obvious that I wasn't the one that changed my email address in their system. Something obviously reset on their side. If you have other internet options try something besides RiseBroadband.


4.00 Stars

on April 02, 2019

Customer service was great, quick technician response! The Tech found that the power supply was inadequate for the new radio receiver that was changed out 2 weeks ago, very professional and solved the problem very quickly, was very impressed with Rise Broadband. I don't understand the bad reviews but Idaho Falls area is top notch in my experience.


5.00 Stars

on January 28, 2019

I wouldn't go with another internet provider if rise broadband had service where I was going to move to always check on their website first to make sure that they do have service I love rise broadband the tech support is always there when you need them and easy to pay your bill online

Expected really bad service but got really good service!!!!

4.00 Stars

on December 30, 2018

I live in Palisade, Colorado in a sparsely populated area that has no cable service and the phone lines are too far away from the phone office to get DSL service. So the only way for me to get internet service was by satellite or broadband from Rise. Satellite got good reviews but was too expensive at about $75 to $85 a month. Rise was much cheaper but had horrible reviews for providing service at all let alone 15 to 20 Mbps and many reviews said that they were being overcharged or told they had excessive data usage. So, what to do? I decided to give Rise a try since they were just now (December, 2018) offering a no contract $29.95 month for 12 months with no penalty for cancelling at any time. they gave me 50% discount on installation and free first month also. To my happy surprise, the sales people were not lying to me when they said Rise was installing new, better equipment and that i would see all my charges as they quoted them to me in my account. For about the last month or so that i had them start my service, i have gotten 15 to 20Mbps service steadily and my bill is totally accurate and as they said it would be. I am very very happy with Rise Broadband and would highly recommend them as they have given me everything they promised.

Great Internet Service in Milam County

5.00 Stars

on December 15, 2018

We feel this internet service is the best in Milam County. Customer service is very helpful. Service is very reliable.

Rise has been rock steady

4.00 Stars

on August 04, 2017

Has been very good and consistent for over a year but please get faster speeds like you have in other parts of the country.

Rise Broadband is great, if you have good line of sight with their equipment

4.00 Stars

on June 30, 2017

We used Rise Broadband (previously Sky Beam) for several years. Worked great until this year. We live in a valley in Loveland and the trees in our neighborhood (and a mile from our house) are now too tall, causing interference and making the signal weak. Customer service is awesome and reliability was great until now. If you do not live in a valley would suggest you try Rise Broadband.

Has never let me down

5.00 Stars

on May 25, 2017

I have had them for 3yrs. Unlimited internet, Never any throttling. I run 3 Roku units, 3 smart TVs, 2 laptops, iPad, Xbox and use it for cell phone/wifi calls, all with no problems. And I have never lost service due to weather.

good rural service

4.00 Stars

on November 21, 2016

Much better than the 3 services I've had.

Awesome - Best Value.

4.00 Stars

on October 17, 2016

I have been very pleased with Rise Broadband. The reliability has been better than anticipated and there was only one network failure that was quickly rectified, unlike DSL / Cable providers that I've had multiple outages / issues with over the years. The next time I move, I'll be looking for Rise Broadband as my first option.

Not bad.....

4.00 Stars

on September 14, 2016

A little pricey, but great connection and speed.

4.00 Stars

on April 11, 2016

My only complaint is the service going off and on sometimes. Slow download of video clips. Sometimes won't download at all.

Years of service

5.00 Stars

on January 24, 2016

We have a long history with the service. There has been only one time we had a problem. It was due to a storm. The price has not changed. We are pleased with Rise Broadband.

Fairly saitsfied

4.00 Stars

on April 10, 2015

They fixed it when it was needed, and they have had few outages in the years I have had it, overall I'm fairly satisfied with the service.

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