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Rise Broadband Customer Reviews

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Really, stay away if at all possible.

2.00 Stars

on November 27, 2017

After purchasing their 15 Mbps plan, I average download speeds of around 1-2 Mbps, with no actual download occurring because of how unstable their service is. Either it's registering 0 Mbps, roughly 500 Kbps, or it claims 5 Mbps when there isn't any data downloading. I've had customer service out half a dozen times working on it and trying to get better service, but they eventually give up with little to no increase in service experience. From what I understand, they run as many customers as possible through as few dishes as possible, causing every user to experience slow speeds. While we have internet, it takes me 2+ days of constant downloading to do anything over 25 GB. That's how unstable it is.


2.00 Stars

on May 17, 2016

I have sporadic broadband speed throughout the day. Most of the time it is slow.

Rise Broadband is Awful!

Dennis London on October 15, 2018

Been a customer of theirs for two years, not by choice but only because I have no other alternative in my semi-rural area. Service is very inconsistent, hit and miss. One day it works great; the next day it sucks. When you have problems with it, don't bother calling customer service/technical support. You will be placed on hold for an hour or more, listening to repeated recorded "Your call is important to us. Your call will be answered by the next available representative."

Low speeds, lack of competence

1.00 Stars

on June 13, 2016

I have had Rise Broadband service for about 9 months. I have the 5 Mbps package. Apparently, the access point is full at about 35 users, so my effective speed is usually under 1.5 Mbps. Only in the middle of the night does it get anywhere near 5 Mbps. Also, there have been constant technical issues with the tower our dish is pointed at. So, every time there is a storm (or no apparent reason) our speeds run below 0.5 Mbps for days or weeks on end. I really wish there were other good options, but I can't find anything faster or better in this area. By the way, I end up using our cell phone data some of the time, especially during outages, which costs more. They have given me several credits, but I just want good, functioning internet.

Slow and Sporadic service

2.00 Stars

on November 19, 2017

My service is sporadic and slow! I’ve called and they just tell me to reboot my router. I cannot stream video - no Netflix, anything! It’s very frustrating! I do not recommend them!

Internet on the ole' frontier

2.00 Stars

on December 26, 2017

Summary: The result of too little competition in the telecom space, to the detriment of no one but the customers. Customer service: Initial turn-up required a week waiting period for a tech to become available. While their staff are not rude or mean, they are immovable in their stance and unwilling to investigate any challenge or concern further than their pre-ordained process guide provides. Subsequent calls for service are difficult as there is no 'technical support' option on their call menu, only Billing, Account Changes, and Disconnects. Should you need technical support, they will be unable to assist further than asking for you to reboot your router before insisting further assistance is not possible without a truck roll. On each occasion where they agreed to send a technician, the estimated time to service is 7-14 days. Tech repair results in only marginal (and temporary) improvement. Speed: Speed advertised is 20 Mbps, however we have never achieved any more than 3 to 6 Mbps, despite excellent 'line of sight' to their tower. There are times where the service feels oversubscribed, delivering little more than dial-up performance. Reliability: Service quality deviates greatly depending upon time of day (presumably due to number of users). Service issues are not solved quickly, requiring a 1-2 week wait for technician availability to come on-site and service. Value: It is hard to consider this a value in any way given the inconsistency of service, slow response to repairs, and inability to meet even 60% of the advertised speed despite 'ideal' conditions. Other providers are stated to offer a more reliable and consistent product in the area, however at double the monthly cost. Final notes: My previous residence was served by several large telecoms (CenturyLink, Spectrum, Comcast, and Verizon). Competition was great as it meant we had a 100mbps service that was impeccably reliable and only cost $39.99/mo. Peyton, CO feels like the old frontier, with services few and far between, and when available, they come at a high cost for what they are.

Poor Service

2.00 Stars

on December 11, 2017

Poor Service. First 6 months never went over the 350 GB. Just computer surf and watch TV. Now all of a sudden I keep going over limit. Nothing changed. Can't play interactive games or anything else, can't afford the overage fee of $3.50 per 10 GB- Looking for unlimited usage.

Inconsistent speeds and data caps

2.00 Stars

on November 04, 2017

I have a 350 GB data cap. Which sounds like a lot but is really easy to go over. If you go over, it's $3.50 for every 10 GB over. Of course you can pay more for the 500 GB one but why not offer unlimited? Also I have the fastest speed available to me which is 15 Mbps. That is not fast. I can barely watch Netflix with it sometimes. Rise needs to step up their game. We live in the age of internet of things. Where everything from your light bulb to cellphone is connected. Also I pay for 15 Mbps but often only get 2 or 5 Mbps.

Their internet speed is getting slower instead of faster.

2.00 Stars

on November 19, 2016

When we first started using Rise, it was fairly fast (3-4Mbs) it has now slowed down to maybe 1Mbps. I think they have overloaded their towers and can't handle faster speeds.

Not reliable

2.00 Stars

on September 21, 2017

The service goes out at least once per day. It was out a couple of weeks ago for about a week, and we still have to pay for the whole month. Always losing connections.


2.00 Stars

on May 30, 2017

Great techs, but the service/bandwidth was horrible. I NEVER got the speed I paid for. Really, what else is there to say? They put too many users on a tower, and you can't get above 2 Mbps uploaded/less than 3 Mbps download at 8:30am. (daytime!) Forget trying to get any bandwidth after 7pm. This went on for the entire last year of my contract. Called, complained, got a new router, moved to a different tower over the last year of the contract.... still no bandwidth. Finally I am free and hopeful the next service provides the bandwidth what I actually buy.

Needs work

2.00 Stars

on September 25, 2016

Have had techs over before and was pretty good for a short time but now if kids are up, I can't get even a radio stream.


1.00 Stars

on January 03, 2016

Working from home, streaming movies, or gaming is almost impossible. I constantly lose connection to the internet during the evening hours. It is progressively getting worse to where I am now seeing packet drops/disconnects during the afternoon hours. It is extremely frustrating to where it is basically useless for work or gaming. My old 56k modem was more reliable. I have called Rise Broadband support at least 5 times in the past few months. While the tech is friendly, nothing gets resolved (they have even admitted there is an issue and that the tower is extremely busy).


2.00 Stars

on June 20, 2015

Goes down often in good or bad weather. Flaky service throughout the day. 200 Gb monthly cap, not sufficient to handle modern-day family internet use.

Increasing Price

2.00 Stars

on October 20, 2016

We were very satisfied the first several years however our monthly service charge has been raised three times to the extent that we are now forced to change service providers.

Unless you happen to live in just the right spot with no trees and on top of a hill, then the service is not good

2.00 Stars

on July 07, 2017

Unless you happen to live in just the right spot with no trees and on top of a hill, then the service is not good. Constant in and out service, slow speeds. Communication regarding changes is non-existent. Avoid if possible.

Not Reliable

2.00 Stars

on August 23, 2017

MANY connection interruptions. When the modem that they provided failed, I had to wait DAYS for a replacement. If you rely on a solid connection, like I do, Rise is NOT recommended.

Slow download speeds, expensive locked contract

2.00 Stars

on November 06, 2017

The company does not offer unlimited usage. Cost is high if we go over our plan which happens nearly monthly. I got locked into a 2-year contract. I'm not happy with the plan we are on.

Very slow speeds, unreliable connectivity

Traci Kline on January 03, 2018

Rise Broadband cannot deliver what they promise when you're signing up. We cannot work from home without internet disruptions in service. Their speeds are SO slow.


2.00 Stars

on October 15, 2018

Have had Rise Broadband for 1 year and cannot wait for my contract to be up! 350 GB data cap, when I signed up the representative told me over the phone that this will work with gaming and streaming movies. The installation worker even stated that we would have to game or stream movies for 12 hrs a day for almost a month to get close, wrong. From the first month, we have gone over data every single month. We work and our child, is in school, there is no way we can be using 12 hrs a day. We normally make it about half a month before we start being charged $3.50 /10GB. Last month I got a notification and after about $60.00 of charges, I just unplugged the whole router. For two weeks we still received additional charges and we were not using anything, it was unplugged. Just my overage charges for that month were $80.50 making for a $138 total bill for one month. If you are going to be doing any streaming at all, I would not recommend them at all. The only good thing I can say is our service hardly ever, goes down. It may run slow but hardly ever completely down.

Poor customer service and slow internet

1.00 Stars

on October 17, 2018

Over the last month, service has slowed to a crawl, 0.2Mbps. Their response has been slow and it has been completely down for days. Their customer service is poor, they can offer no solutions or compensation to their customers. You truly feel your patronage is unappreciated.

Terribly slow / overcrowded towers

1.00 Stars

on November 20, 2018

We've been Rise Broadband customers for over 20 yrs for home and work use. The last year or two, speeds have been terrible. Paying for speed of 20 and at best, get 5. We have no other choice in our area for service. I continually call about speed issues or intermittent service only to be told, yes, there is a lot of congestion on your tower. 2 wks ago it was an expired license issue (for the tower). If you have an option, find another provider.

Horrible service at a high rate

1.00 Stars

on September 21, 2018

While they advertise a 10Mbps speed, I never get more than 4Mbps. Between the hours of 4 pm to 10 or 11 pm, I don't even get Mbps speeds. I get Kbps speeds. Like right now, 190 kbps. I have screen shots of my tests. It's useless! And $70 a month? Outrageous!

Rise Broadband

1.00 Stars

on June 26, 2018

This service is unreliable. Every day at 4 pm our internet speed drops dramatically. I am paying for 20 Mbps plan and only get 2. I do not recommend this company.

Rise Broadband has all these reviews for a reason. It’s so Awful.

2.00 Stars

on September 07, 2018

If you’re considering getting Rise broadband as your Internet source, read these reviews first. There are this many bad reviews for reason. The speeds aren’t that bad. Every now and then you’ll get the speed that you’re actually paying for. For the most part, you’re going to have connection issues, equipment issues, and customer service issues. This month alone I’ve had Rise broadband customer service installers and technical support out here six times. I took off work six times just to get Internet working on my connection. I know the installers by their first name. And there’s nothing special about my location or my house that would cause any problems at all. It’s just how this company runs its business I guess. The equipment is not the best and for better results connection, you’ll need your own equipment. Buy your own router that’s for sure, do not use supplied router. After a lot of frustrating phone calls and installer set up, the Internet is working but only in small intervals. It cuts in and out constantly you really can’t do anything but send an email. And if that wasn’t enough, you will get a random $40 fees you have to call and contest because it has nothing to do with your account. Please read the reviews.

Horrible service for unreasonably high bill

1.00 Stars

on November 06, 2018

I live in a rural area and at the time I moved here my options were either Rise Broadband or HughesNet. I chose to try Rise Broadband due to the decent prices. But after getting the service, my internet was very slow, cannot even stream Netflix without constant issues. I asked for an upgrade and they said due to my area 15 Mbps is all I could get. When my 2-year contract came up, my bill went up over $30. I then found out there was finally another option for internet service and I could get 60 Mbps for $20 less than Rise Broadband. When I went to cancel my Rise service, I was told even though my bill just came out 3 days prior, they would not credit back any money, nor would they reduce my speed to the lowest one for the month to save money (not sure if it even does get any lower). I will never do business with them again.

Rise Broadband falls short

2.00 Stars

on October 18, 2017

We try to run a business from home and the reliability with Rise is awful!! They have been out to our home several times, changed the equipment out, moved it around and no improvement. We've upgraded to their 50 Mbps plan and we still don't have a phone 90% of the time. And WiFi sinks every night.

Good during clear days

3.00 Stars

on December 27, 2015

It's raining outside and my bandwidth is slowed to 10 from 20Mbps, but the worst part is my ping (around 300). I can browse the net ok but don't try to game with a ping that high or you will suffer.

350 Gb a month not enough for my family

3.00 Stars

on January 29, 2016

I keep asking for a plan with more GBs they say not in my area. Instead, I have to pay $3.50 for every 10 GB of usage over their limit. They have no remedy just tell me to lower the quality of my picture.

Intermittent-Genarally SLOW-Unrealiable

2.00 Stars

on July 14, 2018

Rise Broadband has a lot of work to do lately. Good for basic web surfing when it’s up and running. Speeds are often in the sub 1Mbps range both down and up. Never see my 20 Mbps speeds I pay for, generally, 2-5 Mbps is typical both ways if you're lucky. When it gets into the 400 to 600 Kbps range it’s like pulling teeth without a local anesthetic. Steaming movies from Netflix or DirecTV on demand is often impossible. Customer Service is good at apologizing but nothing seems to have changed over the last several months...even though their technicians are working hard on the problem every day.

Forget Streaming Capability

1.00 Stars

on October 20, 2018

I have had this service thru 3 company buyouts. Rise Broadband will stream movies via Netflix etc as long as no one else in the neighborhood is home. After 5 pm and weekends just forget it. If all you want is email capability- it is just fine. No more.

Too often service is down or super slow

2.00 Stars

on October 04, 2018

I have had Rise for over a year. They continue to have many days each month of super slow speeds or service interruptions. When it is working, it is good. It is my only choice for my area so I am held captive. Look elsewhere if you have another choice.

Ok Internet, Good Service

2.00 Stars

on December 29, 2015

Our internet is spotty and goes out often (like weekly). We upgraded modem/routers and that hasn't helped. Service is great but we can't keep our internet running long enough to make an impact.

Rise Broadband is great, if you have good line of sight with their equipment

4.00 Stars

on June 30, 2017

We used Rise Broadband (previously Sky Beam) for several years. Worked great until this year. We live in a valley in Loveland and the trees in our neighborhood (and a mile from our house) are now too tall, causing interference and making the signal weak. Customer service is awesome and reliability was great until now. If you do not live in a valley would suggest you try Rise Broadband.

Not very fast but pretty reliable.

3.00 Stars

on March 02, 2017

Been with them for 5 years and only ever get about 2.4 to 3 Mbps download and around 1.5 to a max of 2 uploads... Not too quick on upgrading equipment. Looking for a provider that can keep up with the times.

Fairly saitsfied

4.00 Stars

on April 10, 2015

They fixed it when it was needed, and they have had few outages in the years I have had it, overall I'm fairly satisfied with the service.

Hit and miss

Chad Tilley on January 26, 2019

Data cap, Yes! We stream our movies over Vudu and our bill ended up double to triple the cost as our 50Mbps service is capped at 350 GB. So at $10 per 10 GB after that got extremely expensive. Also for six months, our 50Mbps that were supposed to be at least 35Mbps to get the service, we started running speed tests from their website to see why our movies were constantly buffering. Also, games constantly getting disconnected, for at least three months of speed tests we averaged less than 17Mbps, at times we were below 5Mbps. Expensive and unreliable. They were unable to deliver what was promised at our location.

Terrible service

1.00 Stars

on January 31, 2019

I have no other choice for internet providers where I live. They have a limit on the data I can use and charge an arm and a leg if you go over. The speed I pay for is 30Mbps. The best I ever get is 20Mbps. It averages around 12Mbps. My service is consistently going down and I spend lots of time on the phone with people asking if I have tried unplugging the router or not. I wish I had an alternative for internet. Rise Broadband is a terrible provider with terrible customer service.

Slow Speeds, 50GB data cap, very expensive for what you get

2.00 Stars

on March 07, 2019

My plan is 5Mbps, costs about $80/month and has a 50GB data cap. After 3 pm, I am unable to maintain 5Mbps, usually, I get around 3.5Mbps download speed. Their network is not redundant at all and service goes out every time it rains. I'm looking for alternatives at the moment, taking suggestions.

Has never let me down

5.00 Stars

on May 25, 2017

I have had them for 3yrs. Unlimited internet, Never any throttling. I run 3 Roku units, 3 smart TVs, 2 laptops, iPad, Xbox and use it for cell phone/wifi calls, all with no problems. And I have never lost service due to weather.

Totally OK!

3.00 Stars

on July 18, 2019

For rural areas, you have a choice between Rise Broadband and Satellite internet. Rise is the best balance between cost & speed. Special thanks to the installer who got us up and running fast!

Not bad

3.00 Stars

on April 09, 2019

15 Mbps. That was the fastest speed in my area. I spent over a hundred dollars a month sometimes with overage fees. But, it was much faster than the alternative in my area. Hardly ever went down.


4.00 Stars

on April 02, 2019

Customer service was great, quick technician response! The Tech found that the power supply was inadequate for the new radio receiver that was changed out 2 weeks ago, very professional and solved the problem very quickly, was very impressed with Rise Broadband. I don't understand the bad reviews but Idaho Falls area is top notch in my experience.

No other option

1.00 Stars

on February 13, 2019

This internet service is horrible. There are times when you have download speed in the teens Mbps but the average is typically in the single digits. On occasion, you can have speeds at 2-3 Mbps down and less than one up. Then they charge you $70 dollars a month for this service. This is the only game in town for us so we'll take it and like it.

Could not be more thrilled!

5.00 Stars

on January 15, 2019

We have not had access to high-speed internet as we live in the middle of farmland outside of Morris, IL. As we were re-building our home after a house fire, I kept looking into internet service because I knew we would eventually be offered something other than satellite internet which is highway robbery that costs an arm and a leg for very little data. As we neared completion of our home, Rise Broadband came up in a search. I stifled my excitement at the thought of having internet like the rest of the world, even after calling them and having them tell me that they DID, in fact, offer internet in our area (this had happened before with other companies only to find out they couldn't cover us). I reserved my excitement until they sent out the service technician who would install everything and we actually had everything hooked up and running. Well, the tech/employee who came out had everything hooked up in less than 45 minutes and we were streaming all of the different platform moments thereafter...HALLELUJAH!!! After reading the low reviews before signing up, I really thought that it was going to be a disaster or too good to be true. But after having a couple of months with no problems I'm starting to wonder why so many bad reviews? Are we the proverbial people walking through the desert and simple food and water is a godsend? Other people are just so used to internet that they complain about having service? I don't know but after having nothing for so long and now we can watch everything in our Netflix queue, Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime, Hulu, EVERYTHING! We could not be happier! I truly am sorry for anyone who does not have internet at all but if you are complaining just to complain or your internet wasn't lightning fast literally every second of the day, I don't have sympathy for you. Maybe go without internet in your home for a few years, then reinstate it and see if you're not grateful to be able to stream all those TV shows and movies. I am eternally grateful for Rise Broadband.

Frequent outages and lower speeds than my plan

2.00 Stars

on January 04, 2019

I have a direct line of sight to the nearest tower. The service was acceptable a few years ago but now there are more customers and it frequently hangs for 5-10mins, several times/week. Sometimes a few hours and overnight as well. Resetting my 2017 router helps at times, but the best help I get is when I call Rise and ask them to reset it on their end. Worst month I had I called 4 times, an average of 20mins each time to verify it wasn't on my end. Quite painful at times. Would never recommend to anyone. Price goes up after the 2 year intro period, then yearly increases. At times when working from home, I'm unable to send large emails as it will time out, which is repaired by a phone call to customer service. is my go to. With a wireless router speeds are less than half of advertised, which slower is to be expected, ethernet cables the speeds are about 60% with the increased traffic in the area.

Expected really bad service but got really good service!!!!

4.00 Stars

on December 30, 2018

I live in Palisade, Colorado in a sparsely populated area that has no cable service and the phone lines are too far away from the phone office to get DSL service. So the only way for me to get internet service was by satellite or broadband from Rise. Satellite got good reviews but was too expensive at about $75 to $85 a month. Rise was much cheaper but had horrible reviews for providing service at all let alone 15 to 20 Mbps and many reviews said that they were being overcharged or told they had excessive data usage. So, what to do? I decided to give Rise a try since they were just now (December, 2018) offering a no contract $29.95 month for 12 months with no penalty for cancelling at any time. they gave me 50% discount on installation and free first month also. To my happy surprise, the sales people were not lying to me when they said Rise was installing new, better equipment and that i would see all my charges as they quoted them to me in my account. For about the last month or so that i had them start my service, i have gotten 15 to 20Mbps service steadily and my bill is totally accurate and as they said it would be. I am very very happy with Rise Broadband and would highly recommend them as they have given me everything they promised.

Great Internet Service in Milam County

5.00 Stars

on December 15, 2018

We feel this internet service is the best in Milam County. Customer service is very helpful. Service is very reliable.

Pray for uptime

3.00 Stars

on October 10, 2018

Speeds are pretty good overall, but not consistent and drops are to be expected. Customer service is the worst though! Just spent 35 minutes on hold with no answer and then 5 minutes waiting for “live chat” before closing time. Frustrating that they are so cheap on customer service - my call is not important to them.

Good service - good price

4.00 Stars

on October 02, 2018

We have had great customer service and service has been very good.

Awesome service

4.00 Stars

on August 21, 2018

Just got set up last week, excellent customer service. Tech arrived on time and was good at answering questions. Much faster than our previous ISP.

Rise Review

4.00 Stars

on July 22, 2018

I have had no problems, service works fine and its so cheap compared to others.

Rise is ok -

James Casselman on April 13, 2018

You have to say Rise is OK. Certainly system reliability is improving - far less downtime than before


4.00 Stars

on October 16, 2017

Rise is a good company . For my area not as much because their tower is not capable of upgrading my plan and if I go over I still have to pay charges that double my bill.

Rise has been rock steady

4.00 Stars

on August 04, 2017

Has been very good and consistent for over a year but please get faster speeds like you have in other parts of the country.

Slow, but reliable

3.00 Stars

on March 17, 2017

Speeds aren't so great, and data cap is frustrating. Upgrade to a business account for unlimited, but speed still is an issue.

Awesome - Best Value.

4.00 Stars

on October 17, 2016

I have been very pleased with Rise Broadband. The reliability has been better than anticipated and there was only one network failure that was quickly rectified, unlike DSL / Cable providers that I've had multiple outages / issues with over the years. The next time I move, I'll be looking for Rise Broadband as my first option.

Not bad.....

4.00 Stars

on September 14, 2016

A little pricey, but great connection and speed.

Years of service

5.00 Stars

on January 24, 2016

We have a long history with the service. There has been only one time we had a problem. It was due to a storm. The price has not changed. We are pleased with Rise Broadband.

Three times faster at half the cost!

5.00 Stars

on November 17, 2015

Three times faster at half the cost and 1000% more reliable than others. Competition is a great thing for the consumer! Go Rise!

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