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We asked BroadbandNow users to review Rise Broadband based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 971 for Rise Broadband. Rise Broadband earned an average score of 2.97 out of 5.

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Rise Broadband Internet Customer Reviews

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Hit and miss

Joe King on September 25, 2023

Never know if it’s going to work or not. If we do have issues we always get a response that a tech is working on it, but won’t give any sort of time frame. Pretty unreliable and always seems to not work when needed.

Great customer service

Jim Brown on September 18, 2023

I've read many negative reviews about Rise Broadband service but have come to find them inaccurate. I was experiencing slow service. I am in a rural area with line-of-sight antenna service. I called the technical support team and after answering a few diagnostic questions my issue was escalated to their tech support team. I left it at that. Then I received a follow-up call from the Rise Broadband team - I didn't call them to follow up - they called me to check on progress and see if the situation was resolved. It was. My experience has been a very positive one with Rise. I have recently relocated from an area with screaming fast service - hence the 4-star speed rating.

New install with tech from San Antonio

Mary Ann Barrera on September 12, 2023

Had the pleasure of having a tech install our new wifi service today here in Pleasanton. He was polite, knowledgeable, and professional. So far so good, everything seems to be working as it should with no issues. 5 stars for his hard work today.

Great speed when it actually works.

Carl on May 30, 2023

I’ve been a Rise customer for about 6 months. The speed is great but the service is extremely unreliable and the technical support is a joke. Get put on hold for an hour while they check into the issue just to be told they can’t find it and are “sending it to the next level of technical support” who you will never hear anything from. We also lose internet during every storm. Not just my household but my town as a whole will experience an outage sometime of days at a time. If I had any other alternative for high-speed internet I would use them. Don’t use Rise broadband unless you absolutely have no other choice.

Love my internet

Jessica on March 16, 2023

I've been with Rise this time for over a year, I have unlimited and love my service. It only went down maybe twice and it's back up and running pretty fast. Thank you Rise for having me covered. I give you a big thumbs up and refer you to all I know. Thanks again!

Quality of service is abysmal

Ilene on January 23, 2023

I own a Call Center. We contracted Rise Broadband to be our secondary internet service. We activated the service on a Thursday and it has not been stable since. This is Monday. The only way to reach technical support is via phone. They will not provide an email address to send statistics or other critical information. Phone calls typically have a 30-minute wait time to even speak to a technician. The reliability and speed are not what I am paying for.

So far very sporadic

Dave V. on July 29, 2022

In the morning (before 7:30 am) it works pretty well, I am able to check my email and browse but after 7:30 I have noticed that I either don't have the internet to my router or I need to wait 5 minutes for the loading icon to disappear. Definitely the best option I have at the moment but I would be remiss not to mention the sporadic behavior.

Always tower issues

Burn on July 03, 2022

The service is amazing WHEN it works, be prepared for it to go out once or twice a month maybe more. It’s always a tower issue we are told every time, they finally have the right parts this time, and bam couple of days or week later same thing, it’s so frustrating and they give you a credit of like a dollar, the frustration and as much as it happens that doesn’t solve the headache. Like I said when it works it’s great, love it but just be ready for it a few times a month to not work.

So far VERY satisfied

Jeff Hall on July 06, 2021

I live in the High Rockies in Colorado. I had one of the satellite services and it was TRULY AWFUL!! Outrageously expensive and absolute trash service. Often I couldn’t stream one movie with anything else using the internet. I thought I had no other options and resigned myself that was the reality of the remote location where I live. I found Rise Broadband and they said they were available at my address at a price I thought was reasonable. The customer service and installation technician were great as well. So far the internet service is 1000 times better than what I previously had. I’m watching the Suns hopefully win their first NBA championship and the channel I’m watching has worked perfectly. I’m optimistic the service will continue to perform well.

Rise Broadband helping me during these challenging times.

Donald Pruetz on December 29, 2020

Because of Covid19, I've had my hours cut at work and have had a difficult time keeping up on my bills. I called customer service about the possibility of them adjusting my bill and removing the reconnect fee and late charge. They subtracted 2 reconnect fees and a $20 late charge, this removed $90 from my bill. I made arrangements to pay the remainder of my bill split between 2 payments, this move allows me to get caught up. The staff at Rise Broadband is polite and very helpful. If you have problems paying your bill, call customer service they WILL help you out. Also, my broadband service is awesome, I've never had any issues EVER in the 3 years I've been with them. THANK YOU RISE BROADBAND.

Good and Bad

Carlscarborough,shepherd on December 28, 2020

Internet is always pretty good. They have improved alot since we have had it 2018. Telephone service is bad. They like to charge you for services we do not have.

Glad I chose Rise Broadband for ERDA area.

Al Boyce on August 09, 2020

I had to call customer service to work out a connection issue after a power outage this morning, and the rep did a great job walking me through the problem until all were fixed. The call was picked up after seconds of waiting, which was nice, and he was easy to understand, very well-spoken. The problem was a combination of things and involved several devices, and he never got impatient. He handled everything professionally and was friendly. He was knowledgeable about how to connect all the devices - phone, internet, Echo devices in several rooms. Since we moved to a rural area the internet speeds aren't fantastic, but they are what was described to us, and better than their competitors in this area. We're just glad to be able to work from home and have great customer service.

Glad we switched to Rise

Rich on May 17, 2020

I'm a new customer of Rise Broadband and they wasn't absolutely sure that they can provide me with service. But they came out here hooked me up with unlimited Internet. They offered me 5 Mbps in my area. I am currently fluctuating between 7 Mbps and 9 Mbps. May not sound like much but it's perfect for streaming YouTube, Netflix etc. If you live in a rural area, it may be something you want to try, no contracts and unlimited.


Denise Carroll on May 08, 2020

In 2014, we found Rise Broadband. We live out in the country so cable and wired internet are nonexistent. They came out free of charge and let us know that they could put up an antenna that would give us fast internet. 6yrs later we still have great internet! From the service tech to customer service to their tech support, we have had nothing but fantastic service! They are friendly, helpful and find us the best rate when they have promotions too. I am a teacher and with this online teaching/learning from home, Rise Broadband has been flawless and even upgraded to faster unlimited that was even more savings! Happy customer right here!! Thank you!!

Rise Broadband

Denise, Thank you so much for recommending Rise Broadband! We are so pleased that you are happy with your service. Do you know about our referral program? Refer a friend or neighbor and get $50 for every referral. Here's more information: https://www.risebroadband.com/friends/ Thank you for being a loyal Rise Broadband customer. Have a great day!


Gg Ferguson on March 27, 2020

We've had this service on and off through RISE BB since it was TCONLINE back in the day, only disconnecting for extended periods of work away from home. It's always been reliable and affordable. Over the course of 10-12 years, wireless technology has greatly improved. I'm in the internet/telephone engineering business and I have chosen to stay with Rise because of the reliability. Even my kids had this at their house in the town where they have many choices of providers. I recommended RISE BB for the value.

Reasonably fast, but relatively unreliable

Joe on January 08, 2020

I'm on a 50 Mbps plan but the speed test rarely breaks above 30. Morning and evening speed drops off dramatically. However, those are pretty good speeds if they were consistent and stable, but we usually have to power cycle the modem twice a week due to loss of connection, signal quality.

Terrible Technician Service

Daniel Vazquez on October 26, 2019

I've had to miss 3 days of work and that comes with 3 different Rescheduled times, Not the Technicians fault but the number of Technicians the Company hires they need more. Maybe they dont treat them right or something. Wish I had another option but I'm left with the rotten fruit that this company is.

Waste of money

Kimber Baker on October 24, 2019

Biggest waste of money. Never worked after “tower issues.”

Not worth it

John on October 22, 2019

Had service with them 3 maybe 4 years 1st year was fairly good then after my contract and did later on things seemed to go downhill quickly I got a new plan for 20 download And for the past year I've never gotten more than maybe 10 most of the time it's 3 or 4 we've had several outages any time a storm comes through we were down for about a week service techs take a week at least a schedule All around badd experience

7.99ms Best Speed to Date!!!

Marsha on October 16, 2019

When we first inquired about internet with Rise Broadband we were told we would get up to 25. We have yet to be able to watch/stream movies/videos without buffering. Many times we cannot even get past the buffering to play the movie! I will say that both the techs Brook and today, Bryson both seem to really care and want us to get what we are paying for but with that said we still are around 7.99 Mbps. It is just very frustrating to be told to do the same testing over and over with the same outcome as all of the calls before! Send a Tech out and get our speed up to what we were told, 25mbps or we will find a company that will do what they say and charge for!!!

About Our Rise Broadband Customer Reviews

Rise Broadband is a fixed wireless provider, which essentially means that it uses a mobile network to deliver home internet service wirelessly. Like other fixed wireless providers, Rise Broadband focuses on availability in rural areas that might not have access to wired options like cable, DSL, and fiber internet. Rise Broadband’s speed is naturally limited by its connection type, but it’s still fast enough to compete with rural rivals like Hughesnet. That and Rise Broadband’s discount deals are a big part of the appeal for the percent of customers who gave Rise Broadband a positive review.