Julia is the Manager of Analytics & Data Science at BroadbandNow. She writes about broadband industry issues such as the digital divide and internet access, pricing, and consumer behavior and enjoys creating unique data visualizations and maps of complex datasets.


Julia Tanberk is the Manager of Analytics and Data Science at BroadbandNow. BroadbandNow and its analytics arm, BroadbandNow Research, cover social, economic and political issues related to broadband technology such as digital inclusion, municipal broadband, telecom legislation, emerging technologies and the impact of broadband on everyday life.

Julia enjoys diving into the data to discover new insights about broadband accessibility. She specializes in finding innovative ways to tell the story, leveraging bespoke visualizations and mapping in order to provide unique context to the issues and help consumers digest otherwise difficult topics. Julia has created and contributed to some of the most significant and frequently-cited research studies in the broadband space.

Professional Background & Education

Julia has a B.S. and MBA in International Business from Pepperdine University. She also studied marketing at EDHEC Business School in France. Prior to working at BroadbandNow, Julia worked in analytics and data science in the healthcare industry. Previously, she worked in marketing in the fashion and beauty industries.

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Julia loves watching and playing tennis, traveling with her husband, and playing fetch with her Turkish Angora cat.

She can be found on Twitter at @JuliaTanberkBBN.

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