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To put it simply, we're out to change the way people shop for internet access. You can read more about that on our mission page, but since you’re looking at our career page, let’s give you some perspective into our core business beliefs:

  • People over profits.
  • Choose the few things that you’re going to be world class at and say NO to everything else.
  • Commit and communicate. (Tell the team and partners exactly what you’re going to do and communicate your progress and roadblocks often.)
  • If you need support, ask.
  • There is never a good reason to be a jerk.

100% Remote Work Environment

Working Remotely Since Before It Was Cool

When Duane and I (Nick Reese) started we didn’t live in the same city. In fact, we’ve worked together for almost 10 years and even when we lived in the same city, we did so remotely.

That said, when it came to growing BroadbandNow’s team we naturally gravitated towards the individuals who could deliver the best results, not just the ones that were located in our city, region, or even country.

In many ways, a remote working environment is a natural extension of one of our core philosophies:

We believe anyone who is looking to live a fulfilling life should be judged by the outcomes they deliver instead of the number of hours they spent in an office or a specific location.

As long as the work gets done and you Commit/Communicate it isn’t important when or where the work happens.

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