AT&T Internet vs. Spectrum

A Side-by-Side Comparison of AT&T Internet and Spectrum Internet Service in 2021

AT&T and Spectrum are both premium internet providers with widespread availability. AT&T offers fiber-optic coverage that provides lighting-fast internet speeds in select areas. Spectrum does not offer fiber-optic internet to residential customers, but their advancement towards an all-digital network allows them to deliver superior cable services with wide availability.

AT&T Internet Info

Price Range


Spectrum Info

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AT&T Internet vs. Spectrum Comparison
Provider AT&T Internet Spectrum
Speed 25-940 Mbps 200-1,000 Mbps
Pricing $35-60/mo. $49.99-109.99/mo.
Service Type IPBB, Fiber or Fixed Wireless Cable or Fiber
AT&T Internet vs. Spectrum FEATURE COMPARISON
Provider AT&T Internet Spectrum
High-Speed Plans Yes Yes
Unlimited Data Select Plans Yes
Contract-Free Plans Select Plans Yes
TV Service Yes Yes
Phone Service Yes Yes

AT&T Internet Internet Deals †

Last updated on 10/15/2021

†All plans not available in all areas or to all customers. Verify details with AT&T Internet.

Spectrum Internet Deals †

Last updated on 10/26/2021

†All plans not available in all areas or to all customers. Verify details with Spectrum.

AT&T Internet vs. Spectrum Performance Overview

With two types of internet options—fiber and IPBB—AT&T offers a wide range of residential and business plans. In addition to their standard internet plan, they also have a variety of bundles with TV and/or phone service. If you are shopping for fiber-optic internet, keep in mind that AT&T fiber is limited to select large metropolitan areas, though they do have plans to expand. Most customers have a higher chance of having access to AT&T’s IPBB.

Spectrum is the second largest cable internet provider in the United States, offering high-speed coverage in 44 states with no data caps and complimentary modems. Along with a selection of standard bundle plans, Spectrum offers a variety of Triple Play bundle options with TV, internet and phone service.

AT&T Internet Installation

When signing up for AT&T internet service, the installation process can be completed in one of two ways.

You can either order a self-install kit and install your own equipment for a $35 activation fee or have a professional handle the installation process from start to finish for $99. With select Triple Play packages, the installation fee may be waived.

Spectrum Installation

The installation process for Spectrum offers both self-installation and professional installation options.

When completing the self-installation with Spectrum, expect a one-time fee of $9.99 for Wi-Fi activation and another one-time fee of $9.99 to either pick up or have a cable modem shipped your way. Their professional installation is a one-time charge of $49.99 and is handled by a technician.

AT&T Internet Contracts, Equipment Fees & Fine Print

AT&T no longer requires contracts on any internet plan.

Equipment fees vary depending on the plan you purchase. If the agreement is terminated early, you will need to pay $15/month for the remaining months of your contract (up to $180). They also have some prepaid plan options, but these agreements do not extend the same promotional savings offered with a contract plan.

Spectrum Contracts, Equipment Fees & Fine Print

Spectrum is a contract-free provider, which means there are no term commitments or cancellation fees.

Spectrum supplies a free modem and offers an option to rent a router for $5/month.

AT&T Internet Data Caps

The limits of AT&T data caps depend on the plan selected, but most come with a 1 TB data cap per month. For unlimited data, opt for their Internet 1000 plan. If you exceed your monthly limit, it’s $10 for every 50GB of additional data.

Spectrum Data Caps

Spectrum does not have any data caps, which allows users access to unlimited data.

Fantastic team and great coverage

on September 28, 2019

Absolutely fantastic! Tech came out to help install and, due to the wiring in our apt, it took a while to find the correct outlets. But he was so patient and helpful and kind, really going above and beyond to make sure things got set up so I could have the level of coverage needed to qualify for work from home. Truly amazing guy, I honestly can't speak highly enough of him. He kept trying long after I suspect most would have given up. Huge THANK YOU to AT&T for the coverage at the right price (literally half the price of the competitor in this area), and more importantly for having such an amazing guy on your team. Thank you.

Best coverage

on May 19, 2021

I travel often and I definitely travel around upstate New York and everywhere I go AT&T is faster and even seems to have more coverage than the others, so I am not sure who is doing the tests, but everywhere I have been, AT&T seems to outperform (also I don’t like AT&T as a company, so trust my honest review here).

Service Review

on October 29, 2019

5 Stars all the way! Front desk scheduling any time of the day or night. Tech support calls no time limits, smart and always helpful, invested in your problem all the way. Thank you all so much for your kind attitude and willingness to help us.

Excellent customer service

on August 17, 2021

The rep who assisted me is excellent (Brighton/Reno store) she is smart, patient, and kind. Thank you for helping me during a difficult time.

AT&T Internet vs. Spectrum Coverage Availability

AT&T Internet Coverage & Availability

Spectrum Coverage & Availability

Frequently Asked Questions about AT&T Internet & Spectrum Internet Services

  • Is AT&T cheaper than Spectrum?

    Spectrum’s standard internet plan is $49.99/month, which is more expensive than AT&T’s current lowest-priced plan at $35/month.

  • Who has faster speeds? AT&T or Spectrum?

    AT&T currently offers speeds up to 1000 Mbps while Spectrum offers a standalone speed of 100 Mbps. Depending on your location, you may have access to higher speeds with AT&T.

  • Do AT&T and Spectrum have unlimited data?

    Both internet providers offer unlimited data options. AT&T offers unlimited data with its Internet 1000 plan. With most of AT&T’s plans, they offer 1 terabyte (TB) limit per month, which is a huge amount of data most households rarely exceed. If you go over your monthly limit, you can pay $10 for every 50 GB of additional data. Spectrum offers unlimited data with all internet plans.

  • Do AT&T and Spectrum require a contract?

    Neither Spectrum nor AT&T require contracts on their internet plans.