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We asked BroadbandNow users to review Spectrum based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 8551 for Spectrum. Spectrum earned an average score of 3.38 out of 5.

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Spectrum Internet Customer Reviews

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Internet speed

Kourosh on October 05, 2023

Just switched to Spectrum and was promised 600 download and 35 upload. So far I am getting under 400 download and between 5-10 upload. Upload is really slow and I have to switch again if they can’t fix it.

Service terrible, Product OK

Jeff on September 23, 2023

Just found out earlier this week router will not support the speed we are supposed to have and for which we have been paying for three years. Scheduled for them to come out today. The technician called <1 hour before the scheduled arrival and said he didn't have the necessary equipment and would have to reschedule. Our initial service install was delayed a MONTH because of Spectrum's incompetence. Do I think they will show up next week to do what they are supposed to do? Nope. They did the same thing on the initial install.

Best tech service

Billy Dixon on September 16, 2023

The tech who assisted us was so personal and showed us everything and set up our new box! He was very kind and respectful! I definitely will be asking for him every time! 5 stars!

Tech from Spectrum Honolulu Hawaii

Erin on August 19, 2023

Wanted to write a quick review to say how impressed I was with the tech's service. Went above and beyond finding out the problem which has been continuous. Other technicians all said the same thing and nothing was fixed. He got it done and took the time to run me through it all properly to make sure I understood. Appreciate it.

Tech did not show

Patrick on July 30, 2023

My technician was supposed to show up between 9-10 am. I got a call from a third party at 10:40 which hung up immediately after I said hello. I then got a voicemail saying your tech was on-site and tried to get a hold of you, knocked on the door but had no response so they left. I had zero text, alerts, or any form of communication saying they were on the way like I was told I would receive. Customer service said our descriptions of the apartments matched so there was nothing they could do. It’s an apartment complex. All the apartments look the same so of course they match. Never saw the tech on the ring cam so they clearly went to the wrong place but apparently, that’s my fault cause now my appointment is rescheduled for two days later. This is to activate my internet and this is my experience. Great job Spectrum

Great Service Technician

William J Abrahamson on July 29, 2023

A few months ago, I switched my internet service to Spectrum. I had service issues with the new installation, so the tech was sent to my house. The issues continued. Frustrated, I contacted Spectrum customer service with the intention of canceling. They asked for one more chance to get it right, and I agreed. They sent a tech, he started at the utility pole in the backyard and continued checking and replacing connections as necessary until he finished in our basement. He was so competent, friendly, and efficient. When he had completed servicing the infrastructure, our internet worked excellently, and we have not had any issues since. What a great tech for Spectrum to have!

Tech guy is a star

Marisa Flores on July 09, 2023

There has been a tremendous miscommunication… we have not had cable/Wi-Fi for 4 weeks, after just moving here! We have been very upset staring at a wall quite literally…. We made an appointment with Spectrum they sent someone out and couldn’t help us… due to bad wiring but then we called again made another appointment with Spectrum and the tech completely turned the day around, and literally saved the day. He literally worked hard, not giving up, and just was overall determined! We thank you for making Louisville, Kentucky a better place for us! Thank you! You are the man! You are amazing at what you do! Spectrum is lucky! Keep it up! Thank you again!

Excessive frequent outages, everyday, multiple times per day

Renee Graham on July 09, 2023

The statement that displays on the Spectrum website home page should not be allowed as an advertisement slogan! "Home Connectivity You Can Rely On" It is inaccurate. Spectrum has been the worse internet service. Calling is often not helpful. There are only so many times that unplugging, waiting, and replugging in can be considered the "fix it". I know this and when I call trust it's already been tried. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be another option of service so Spectrum is lackadaisical about improving their service. They will, however, continue to bill at a high rate. Frustrating.

Spectrum technician review

David Cramer on July 03, 2023

My service technician from Spectrum did an excellent job this morning, he was polite and got right to the problem. He fix it and was very helpful to me and my wife.


Rose Knott on July 01, 2023

I have had their competitor for 16 years, no problem. I move to Ohio and every single day Spectrum freezes up, the internet is out for entire days, so when I call and get credit, Wifi goes out. I am so frustrated with this service. I really hope they are replaced soon.

Compliment for technician

Alberta L Queipo on June 30, 2023

Spectrum technician was one of the best I have ever experienced All the good qualities you could possibly expect. Polite, courteous, fast, efficient, and appeared very knowledgeable He found the Roku problem on my TV within minutes of testing it Please give my appreciation to your team. Thank you so much.

Customer service

David Thomas Hilton on June 30, 2023

I spoke to their customer service, so refreshing to be talked to and treated so well. I don't know how else to reach out and let the Spectrum team know, he is just great! Thank you for having such nice and helpful people on your team.

Worst internet service ever

Lana Kaplan on June 27, 2023

Spectrum is the worst internet service. Unfortunately, in the area we live there are no other providers but Spectrum and we have to deal with them. They have outages so often. At least every 2 weeks and working from home becoming almost impossible. By the way, I have the highest speed internet package and it doesn’t matter. They do whatever they want because there is no competition in that area :(

Great customer service!

Mike on June 23, 2023

The support person at the Spectrum store in Kannapolis, NC, was so helpful, professional, and friendly. We came in with a problem with my phone and left with the problem fixed and all of our questions answered. Thanks so much!

There's always an outage

Joseph Hagar on June 23, 2023

I would never recommend this company to anyone ever again. I'm planning on switching internet companies because of the amount of outages they are having. I'm not sorry for this review because I'm sick and tired of losing sleep due to how bad this is. On top of that, I paid my bill and my internet kept cutting on and off.


Wai Seung on June 20, 2023

The tech person is a wonderful technician by far, he not even fixed the basic problem which I called for the service (internet), he checked everything including the TV, DVR. He is super responsible and helpful and friendly and patient.

Nobody gets a perfect score

Kate on May 12, 2023

I haven't had many good things to say about Spectrum/Charter in the past, but today, Spectrum really came through. I owned my router, and it stopped working last night. I purchased a new Netgear router at Best Buy today and couldn't get it to connect. I called Netgear, and they said the problem was with my modem, and they could fix the problem...at a cost of $99. I said "No thank you", and called Spectrum. Four hours later, Spectrum had a new router and modem installed and working properly. I received excellent customer service, and everyone I spoke with was friendly and helpful. Thank you, Spectrum. Keep up the good work.

Spectrum headache

Janis Lawler on May 04, 2023

I moved and was told that I could keep my old equipment so my son set that up for me in my new place where it’s working fine. Spectrum now says that I have to use new equipment which is a pain in the butt. It will probably take me all afternoon to hook up an identical modem and router. I only use their internet service because it’s the only company that my apartment building supports. With our previous ISP, they were so easy and great to work with. At Spectrum you get different answers depending on who you talk with. If they weren’t my only choice I would never use them and certainly don’t want to hear their pitch on changing my phone service. Who would want that headache?!

Not good for business needs.

Omar on April 30, 2023

So yall my best friends Spectrum has been down for 3 days at my store. we had to leave a phone with HOT SPOT on all day just to be able to run properly. Now after the tech came, they were talking about they have to drill into the ground to fix the band, and that they do not know when a "Special team" can come out to do it. No, they are not offering any type of reimbursement for the money lost since it went down, they have not been reliable at all. Every month internet is lost for multiple hours, sometimes multiple times a day. If you own your business and you run card transactions, DO NOT GET SPECTRUM FOR YOUR INTERNET. They will make you lose more money than what you're going to save for having them... They should get out of the business if they can't provide a reliable service.

Beyond Expectations

Robert Snyder on April 28, 2023

Received a letter in the mail stating that my promotional discounts on my internet and TV package were expiring today 4/28. Made an appointment for taking my cable box back because of the increase and wanting to keep my internet because I get an ACP credit each month. The customer representative waited on me in the Spectrum office in Pinellas Park Florida. I showed him the letter stating that my promotional discounts had expired and let him see my bill from the previous month confirming the discounts expiring today 4/28. He asked me to give him a chance to look into the situation and I pointed out that on my letter it said current resident not my name on the top of the letter. He explained that promotional discounts normally expire in the same area after about 3 years. I told him that I had really only had this current promotion for about 1 year After analyzing my situation he said that some codes on my account have not been updated and he was able to help me keep my cable box and, keep enjoying watching our local sports teams win here in Tampa Bay. I feel he deserves recognition for his efforts to get me a lower price for my cable TV.

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SpectrumⓇ is one of the biggest internet service providers in the country. It serves huge cities like New York City with high-speed internet connections that rely largely on cable networks — though Spectrum also offers ultra-fast fiber-optic internet in some areas.

Big companies aren’t always popular, but Spectrum has its fair share of satisfied customers. percent of the reviews that we’ve collected from real Spectrum customers are positive overall. Spectrum’s plans are widely available and its deals and discounts make it competitive in markets where it duels with rivals like Verizon Fios.