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We asked BroadbandNow users to review Spectrum based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 8731 for Spectrum. Spectrum earned an average score of 3.38 out of 5.

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Spectrum Internet Customer Reviews

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Technician review

Don Duryee on May 27, 2024

I just had Spectrum Memorial Day service by Justin. I had multiple issues and service calls recently with only temporary fixes. Justin was so thorough and knowledgeable that he seemed to have fully corrected my problem. He replaced the issues with splitters and modem (the route was replaced a week ago). Wow! My internet speed is the highest ever at over 300 Mbps Thank you

Intermittent service

Linda Bowen on May 01, 2024

My TV is very intermittent. Some shows you cannot watch because you only get every other word. The Internet is also intermittent. I think the price is too high. Sometimes there is nothing to watch on all those channels. We enjoyed the game shows at night, but they took them off. I pay an enormous price just to watch TV and have internet. I recently called to have service service disconnected and was told, “We don’t prorate.” So if you cancel in the middle of the month like I did, then you are just out of the money. I like Spectrum less and less.

Great tech service

Catherine Gilbert on February 07, 2024

Last week, tech came to my apartment to connect my cable service. Previously I streamed the Internet and watched only YouTube. There was difficulty changing over to HTML 1 due to antiquated wiring at my apartment complex but he conquered all satisfactorily. Took some time. Polite, on time, professional, diligent, respectful, knowledgeable. Hats off to a great Spectrum Technician.

Falls Short off Expectations

Jim Roberts on February 06, 2024

Moving from another provider to Spectrum has much poorer coverage. I switched because of the price point. Now retired, saving $60 a month was a great incentive. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. 5G coverage is way worse, and overall coverage is not to expectation. We were used to having good coverage in places we go, that is no longer the case. We'll give it a year in hopes it gets better!

If there is another option, take it

Jonathan Olvera on January 22, 2024

While the customer service has always been great, the reliability of the internet has always been questionable. The Internet is often down at least once a month without reason. If you try to get a reason, technical jargon is used to show an attempt was made, but no one really knows anything. The lack of clarity is frustrating, and the fact that it happens so often just shows how inept their infrastructure is.

Great service

Jessica Bacon on January 16, 2024

I have had Spectrum for as long as I can remember and I've never had any issues with them. The first outage I have had since Forever was last night and they were very quick to fix it, I know there are probably a lot of people blowing them up and complaining. But things happen and I appreciate their service and making things up and running again smoothly and in such a short time. Thank you all for what you do!

Best field tech

Mindy Willis on January 14, 2024

I have had issues with Spectrum for months. Working from home via telehealth and constantly on video, phone, and documentation. It’s crucial that I have fast, reliable internet. I seriously was about to cancel my internet until a field tech serviced my internet. I’ve never been shown my usage or the connection like yesterday. Walked and talked me through how the internet works. So much I could say about this experience and was literally on the phone canceling service when he arrived. Thank you for the superb service and for educating me on some things regarding my service! You won’t be disappointed if he is the field tech! Spectrum has an excellent worker!


Robert Wallace on January 12, 2024

I've had Spectrum home internet in Roswell, GA for over 4 years now. Every day is unpredictable and an adventure. It's probably so bad, we've simply learned to live with the pain. But I hate the service. I work from home. It "drops" randomly dozens of times a day. It slows down often. Just a horrible experience. I've called them a few times to complain but they never do anything other than run a remote performance test, and of course, while they're doing the test for a few seconds everything's fine.

Spectrum technician

Charles Daniel on December 06, 2023

I recently had an issue with my cable TV. A technician came to my house to resolve the issue. He went above and beyond what I thought necessary to correct the issue. He went into great detail to explain to me what the problem was and how he would correct the issue. He is to be commended for his devotion to the job.

Awesome customer service

Zvonimir Eller on November 20, 2023

Awesome service. I had internal work done which included painting. The cable in my room wasn't working and I was busy and didn't have time to call. They called me and said they would like to schedule a maintenance visit. I said "ok" and I then can ask about my problem. The maintenance visit was for my problem! Paint on the part of the cable connection. They noticed the problem others have caused with their observation of my service. Incredible internet service and AWESOME customer service.

Great Internet Service when it works, not so much for TV.

Bill on November 13, 2023

Lately, the TV service has acted up. Last night no sound on and off last night. TV boxes and remotes have always been flaky. Remote is very slow. Rather than a quick touch, keys must be held for a second. I even bought a couple of extra remotes to ensure that was not the problem. In addition, batteries don't seem to last as long as they did with previous service providers. Today TV service is in and out. Estimated return to serve in about 3 hours. Internet in and out as well. Fortunately, I have a cell phone that works as a Hotspot. So, I can cast a phone to the TV or access the internet.

Internet speed

Kourosh on October 05, 2023

Just switched to Spectrum and was promised 600 download and 35 upload. So far I am getting under 400 download and between 5-10 upload. Upload is really slow and I have to switch again if they can’t fix it.

Service terrible, Product OK

Jeff on September 23, 2023

Just found out earlier this week router will not support the speed we are supposed to have and for which we have been paying for three years. Scheduled for them to come out today. The technician called <1 hour before the scheduled arrival and said he didn't have the necessary equipment and would have to reschedule. Our initial service install was delayed a MONTH because of Spectrum's incompetence. Do I think they will show up next week to do what they are supposed to do? Nope. They did the same thing on the initial install.

Best tech service

Billy Dixon on September 16, 2023

The tech who assisted us was so personal and showed us everything and set up our new box! He was very kind and respectful! I definitely will be asking for him every time! 5 stars!

Tech from Spectrum Honolulu Hawaii

Erin on August 19, 2023

Wanted to write a quick review to say how impressed I was with the tech's service. Went above and beyond finding out the problem which has been continuous. Other technicians all said the same thing and nothing was fixed. He got it done and took the time to run me through it all properly to make sure I understood. Appreciate it.

Tech did not show

Patrick on July 30, 2023

My technician was supposed to show up between 9-10 am. I got a call from a third party at 10:40 which hung up immediately after I said hello. I then got a voicemail saying your tech was on-site and tried to get a hold of you, knocked on the door but had no response so they left. I had zero text, alerts, or any form of communication saying they were on the way like I was told I would receive. Customer service said our descriptions of the apartments matched so there was nothing they could do. It’s an apartment complex. All the apartments look the same so of course they match. Never saw the tech on the ring cam so they clearly went to the wrong place but apparently, that’s my fault cause now my appointment is rescheduled for two days later. This is to activate my internet and this is my experience. Great job Spectrum

Great Service Technician

William J Abrahamson on July 29, 2023

A few months ago, I switched my internet service to Spectrum. I had service issues with the new installation, so the tech was sent to my house. The issues continued. Frustrated, I contacted Spectrum customer service with the intention of canceling. They asked for one more chance to get it right, and I agreed. They sent a tech, he started at the utility pole in the backyard and continued checking and replacing connections as necessary until he finished in our basement. He was so competent, friendly, and efficient. When he had completed servicing the infrastructure, our internet worked excellently, and we have not had any issues since. What a great tech for Spectrum to have!

Tech guy is a star

Marisa Flores on July 09, 2023

There has been a tremendous miscommunication… we have not had cable/Wi-Fi for 4 weeks, after just moving here! We have been very upset staring at a wall quite literally…. We made an appointment with Spectrum they sent someone out and couldn’t help us… due to bad wiring but then we called again made another appointment with Spectrum and the tech completely turned the day around, and literally saved the day. He literally worked hard, not giving up, and just was overall determined! We thank you for making Louisville, Kentucky a better place for us! Thank you! You are the man! You are amazing at what you do! Spectrum is lucky! Keep it up! Thank you again!

Excessive frequent outages, everyday, multiple times per day

Renee Graham on July 09, 2023

The statement that displays on the Spectrum website home page should not be allowed as an advertisement slogan! "Home Connectivity You Can Rely On" It is inaccurate. Spectrum has been the worse internet service. Calling is often not helpful. There are only so many times that unplugging, waiting, and replugging in can be considered the "fix it". I know this and when I call trust it's already been tried. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be another option of service so Spectrum is lackadaisical about improving their service. They will, however, continue to bill at a high rate. Frustrating.

Spectrum technician review

David Cramer on July 03, 2023

My service technician from Spectrum did an excellent job this morning, he was polite and got right to the problem. He fix it and was very helpful to me and my wife.

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