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Xfinity vs WOW! Internet

Compare Xfinity and WOW! internet service in 2024

20 Plans Available
Xfinity internet
price range
$30 - $299.95/month
*Prices may vary depending on the plan.


  • Download speeds up to: 10 Gbps
  • Cable, Fiber
  • $15 a month equipment fees
  • Unlimited Data
9 Plans Available
WOW! internet
price range
$30 - $185/month
*Prices may vary depending on the plan.


  • Download speeds up to: 5 Gbps
  • Cable, Fiber, DSL, Copper
  • Unlimited Data

Learn more about Xfinity and WOW!:

Xfinity has 20 plans:

Learn more about Xfinity and WOW!

Xfinity and WOW! are two leading internet service providers (ISPs) in the U.S., with fast download speeds capable of meeting the needs of almost any household. One of the key features that Xfinity and WOW! share in common is their gigabit download speeds. While both ISPs also offer fiber optic plans, they’re more limited in availability. Price-wise, WOW! is the more affordable provider of the two, with starting prices of $30 per month. All in all, Xfinity and WOW! are dependable internet service providers that are worth checking out if one of them is available in your neighborhood.

Xfinity vs WOW!: Best Deals

Internet Deals

Xfinity deals include monthly discounts with bundles, free subscriptions to streaming services, free equipment, and a price guarantee, while WOW! deals typically involve monthly discounts, with the amount saved depending on the plan you choose.

Pros and Cons By Provider

Pros and Cons By Provider

Xfinity Pros

  • Premium gigabit speeds
  • Excellent customer service
  • Extensive bundle options
  • Ongoing promotions

Xfinity Cons

  • Contracts required for discounts and deals
  • Hidden fees

WOW! Pros

  • No data caps
  • Month-to-month plans available
  • Extensive customer service
  • Widely available in the U.S.

WOW! Cons

  • Limited connection types
  • No fiber internet offering

Xfinity Offers the Best Bundles

While WOW! has a lot to offer in the bundling department, Xfinity surpasses its competition by offering a full suite of bundle options, including internet, TV, home phone, mobile phone, and home security options. If you’re looking to bundle multiple home services, Xfinity is the better of the two options.

WOW!’s Fee Structure Surpasses Xfinity When It Comes to Fees

WOW! Offers Free Installation

WOW! offers a self-install option that is free of charge. While Xfinity technically also gives you a self-install option, it also requires you to pay a fee of $39.99 that covers the self-installation kit and limited guidance.

WOW! Doesn’t Have Data Caps

Xfinity’s internet plans come with data caps of 1.2 TB, giving you plenty of internet to work with. If you exceed your limit, you can expect to pay $10 per 50 GB of additional data. In contrast, WOW! internet plans don’t have data caps.

Xfinity and WOW! Have Great Customer Satisfaction

Xfinity and WOW! offer top-tier customer service, putting in their best efforts to resolve customers’ complaints and issues. Our reviews found both providers to be similar in terms of customer service.

Xfinity vs. WOW! Internet Review

We asked BroadbandNow users to review Xfinity based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 6273 for Xfinity. Xfinity earned an average score of 3.45 out of 5.

We asked BroadbandNow users to review WOW! based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 964 for WOW!. WOW! earned an average score of 3.47 out of 5.

Frequently Asked Questions About Xfinity and WOW!

  • Is Xfinity or WOW! cheaper?

    WOW!’s cheapest internet plan is $30 per month, while Xfinity’s cheapest plan is $30 per month, making WOW! the more budget-friendly option.

  • Which has faster speeds — Xfinity or WOW!?

    Xfinity is faster than WOW!, offering internet plans with symmetrical speeds up to 10 Gbps on a fiber connection compared to WOW!’s top download speeds up to 1 Gbps on a cable connection.

  • Do Xfinity and WOW! have unlimited data?

    WOW! offers unlimited data with its internet plans. Xfinity offers close to unlimited data, with a monthly limit of 1.2 TB on its plans.

  • Do Xfinity and WOW! require a contract?

    Xfinity and WOW! don’t require contracts, but you’ll miss out on monthly rate discounts and other promotions that are locked behind a contract. Xfinity contracts are typically two years, while WOW!’s contracts are for one year.