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Comcast Cable Internet

4.00 Stars

on October 21, 2017

I live in a gated, but remote, community, with Comcast as the cable tv provider. They offer up to 250 Mbps service here; I have the intermediate speed, nominally 100 Mbps, which usually runs close to 120 Mbps, +/- 5 Mbps. Because of the remote location, bufferbloat can be substantial, but I'm not a gamer, so it doesn't worry me. Technical support people are, like all cable services, less than the best - they operate by script, and are lost if your problem doesn't fit the script. And the other side of remoteness is unreliability; when a car hits a utility pole, or there is road construction, it can be down for hours, along with the TV. But the performance/price equation beats the heck out of alternative ISP sources here. WISPs and satellite offer less speed for more money, and that leaves DSL from AT&T, too slow for me, so I've had Comcast for four years.

Fine for what it is

3.00 Stars

on January 08, 2018

Have had Xfinity for 1.5 years, Generally has worked without problem. BUT, when under high demand (videoconferencing, streaming movies) some combo of our 100 Mbps speed or the service itself will fail. I need an either faster or more reliable solution for these use cases. And we've been paying $90/month which compared to new services seems very high.

Needs a better price point!

5.00 Stars

on October 08, 2017

I have had really good experiences with Xfinity overall, save one slow speed issue early on. Customer service has been great. Speed has not been a problem since the one incident. I do think the price point could be lower considering the number of customers the company has. Look it up and do the math.

Forced to upgrade

4.00 Stars

on September 19, 2015

While Xfinity internet is indeed the best deal in the market (Mbps), customer service just hit a new low. Usage caps have been imposed in the middle of a billing cycle. So customers need to upgrade or cutback. With two adults and a full-time college student in the account, we have no option but to upgrade. Some notice would have been nice.

Comcast is actually not bad at all

5.00 Stars

on October 19, 2015

I just got fed up with our previous ISP and their bad customer service so I decided to give Comcast benefit of a doubt and tried their services. Believe it or not, I was amazed. All stories of bad customer service and issues from Comcast were not true, and I am very happy for not blindly believing in them but test it on my own. Comcast provided me outstanding customer service and I'm blessed with them on top of saving money! Previous ISP was ripping me off and giving terrible customer service!

XFINITY Improving In Wallace, CA

4.00 Stars

on January 08, 2016

When people move to our neighborhood they often ask who the best internet provider is and on our Nextdoor site, the winner is Xfinity from Comcast. I have had them for 11 years here and the internet service went from okay the first few years to excellent the last couple of years. TV service is just starting to catch up except for Nat Geo!

So far, so good!

5.00 Stars

on November 12, 2015

Have Xfinity for a month now. Very satisfied with the service. I have the combination phone, net, and video package for a hundred bucks a month. Installer was highly competent (Thanks, Ed!) and left the work area clean and neat. I talk to the remote and it does what I want. Life is good.

Wish it were less expensive, but the speed is good

2.00 Stars

on December 05, 2015

I love the speed of Xfinity/Comcast but don't like the cost. I had to purchase the TV bundle to get the best WiFi price even though I won't use the TV because I have a contract with Dish for satellite TV. Sadly, the cost almost doubled after the first year when my intro was over. Still it is the only cable option in Chico and it is faster than our other options and the only one without metered service so I can stream my music as I want to.

Switched to Comcast Xfinity one year ago. Now great service, no problems. Happy!

5.00 Stars

on December 26, 2016

Previous ISP could not provide dependable computer service. Switched with Xfinity one year ago. Xfinity computer service is wonderful, fast and dependable. I do recommend after having so much trouble when serviced by the previous provider. Have not had (1) service call while on Xfinity. Price is affordable and I have found a great computer home with Comcast Xfinity.


5.00 Stars

on April 17, 2017

We have loved Xfinity from Comcast. Sad that we will not have it at our new house in Bucyrus. Boo! The internet is so fast and reliable. Great variety of channels on the TV too.

Happy with service, don't like price jacks

4.00 Stars

on May 26, 2017

We have been happy with Comcast Internet. We buy the 25 Mbps unlimited plan, and it has been overall just fine for one or two people streaming Netflix and/or YouTube videos. It's generally reliable as we haven't had outages. Customer service is friendly and helpful. What I don't love is the introductory price gets increased by $10 after 12 months, and then an additional $30 after 6 more months. I didn't know about that last part. $65 per month is a ridiculous price for 25 Mbps.

#1 by my book

4.00 Stars

on June 16, 2017

I have had no real problems with Xfinity. It has been a great service for me and my family. The pricing may be a little on the higher end, but the costumer service I have received has made up for it. All the other services have become close seconds but I still overly enjoy Comcast as a whole.

Good speeds and good customer service

4.00 Stars

on August 16, 2017

Speeds were advertised at 200mbps max for Blast service, and even under load from multiple devices, I can get 140mbps on my PC.

Good Internet Service

4.00 Stars

on February 20, 2017

It almost never goes out and when it does the weather must be very terrible. Everything else is fine but the customer service isn't the best and sometimes they try to be sneaky.


4.00 Stars

on December 29, 2015

Been a customer of Comcast broadband for more than 10 years. Excellent performance however quite expensive for a residential service. Comcast should be rewarding customers who have stayed loyal rather than jack the price up after two years.

Better than expected

4.00 Stars

on September 06, 2016

It was super reliable and customer service has improved since I tried them 8 years ago.

Great Service

5.00 Stars

on September 12, 2016

The service is stable and fast, the customer service reps are always friendly and helpful. I love Comcast.

Great Service!

5.00 Stars

on October 04, 2016

My family and I have had to have some repairs done recently. Customer service was very gracious. The promptness of completing our service problems with the internet/wifi, TV and phone was excellent. We even received a credit for days with lost service. Overall, the triple play and X1 service has met our needs for all the years Xfinity has been in our area. Thank you.

It is okay service at a promotional price but not at regular price

3.00 Stars

on October 11, 2016

Works okay majority of the time. Their promotional prices are decent and it was fine for the services offered. However, their regular prices (usually after a year of service or more) are excessive for their product. Maybe if their speeds were better and it was a better quality product it would be worth it.

Really very reliable

4.00 Stars

on October 26, 2015

Have had Comcast in Edmonds for about 4 years now - I can remember two down periods, neither lasting more than a few minutes. Speed has always been consistent, and those times that I needed customer service it has been satisfactory.

Contrary opinion: Comcast is good

4.00 Stars

on February 11, 2015

It may be a regional thing, but around here Comcast is good. I have always had courteous and helpful contacts with customer service, good experiences with appointments and installs. I am a Triple Play customer and I feel it is price competitive to other customers. Rarely (almost never) goes down.

Cannot complain

4.00 Stars

on September 01, 2015

I just have not called them for any customer support yet. I have a basic cable TV and cable internet, so far no complaint about the speed. The best is that I can connect to hundreds of available hotspots to most places that I go.

Good when it works

2.00 Stars

on September 05, 2015

It's ok, really. Not great; inconsistent but good when it works. However, for the price (which keeps going up and up), I expect super awesome. The internet can be pretty slow which would be ok if I weren't paying a premium price. The stars say it all; 3 star service for 5 star price. Someone please give this company some competition!

Faulty Billing, Extremely Poor Customer Service

2.00 Stars

on October 14, 2017

Going on fourth month to resolve a billing issue that the customer service reps have promised to take care of (I have 3 different ticket numbers-none did any good at all). I also have their XFinity TV service; well it goes out on a very frequent intermittent basis from 2 minutes to 10 minutes, especially if you are trying to request a movie or TV show. I pay for Blast Internet (75 Mbps) and rarely if ever get over 46 to 47 Mbps. In short they obfuscate, delay, deny and tend to do as little as possible unless they can charge you as much as possible for doing as little as possible. As for their so called contractors that they would send to your home; I actually refused to allow one back into my home after a badly botched first installation job!

Good service, but contract extended w/o permission

3.00 Stars

on January 17, 2018

We have a home business and buy business class internet from Comcast. We signed a two year contract, no data limits, but pay extra for having five registered mobile devices. We actually have six after buying an Echo. At some point, our plan started showing as a three year contract, for no reason we can discern. We would like to change plans over this, but the available options will probably reduce download speeds significantly. Not sure what to do.

Great where I live!

4.00 Stars

on January 17, 2018

Overall the internet from Comcast Xfinity has been great. This site claims the max speed they offer for my area is only 150 Mbps but when I speedtest I always get 180 Mbps downstream and only 24 Mbps upstream. I would like faster speeds but they aren't offered in my area just yet.

Good but too expensive

3.00 Stars

on January 19, 2018

I've had service for a number of years. I am lucky to have it this far in rural America. It is expensive and typically runs me $200 after negotiating with a 2 yr commitment. Customer service has been very good at times and at other times awful. Reliability of service is very good, especially in my location. It is fast enough to run 4k video. The Wi-Fi router is not reliable but I use my own mesh system now. There is no wireless system that is even close to the speed. I am cutting the tv and phone cable however and going with internet only soon.

Cost is way too high

4.00 Stars

on March 05, 2018

I’ve been with Comcast for over 20 years. No complaints with service or reliability. It’s just I’m on a very strict budget. I only watch a handful of channels. I need my channels and internet without all the cost of Comcast. I wish I could keep things as is but a cable bill like a car payment is unacceptable. I’m a single person with one income and I simply need a cheaper option.

Unreliable Internet Speed and Customer Run Around

1.00 Stars

on November 03, 2017

We have been in the Bay area for 7 years now and unfortunately both in Cupertino and in Los Gatos our experience has been the same. Shoddy internet speeds. We have had technicians, spoke to many and I mean MANY people in customer service and they tell us different things. They reveal different things like how their routers are refurbished...and how old they are.. so we got our own. How they reset their software at night and maybe that is why we must reset our router... we reset it almost daily after their supposed software reset. Works at 50 Mbps and then degrades down to barely 20 Mbps. We ask about the node usage in this area and find out it hasn't been assessed or serviced since 2011. Wow... and they are charging us for blast service.

Expensive if you only want internet

4.00 Stars

on November 19, 2017

I've been a customer since 2005 and I only want/need internet service since I stream TV for cheaper. I want to keep my costs low. They offered internet for $39.99 per month. After a year (or 2) they increased to $50 something per month. And after a year increased again to nearly $80.00 month for just internet. They keep pushing to bundle with cable and increasing the cost so I fall in the trap. They should value and respect customer needs and offer fair price to those who reject cable. Now I'm shopping around for an internet provider to combine with Sling TV, Netflix, among others...

Rate goes up/ Speed goes down

1.00 Stars

on November 19, 2017

My rate for internet service has crept upward to $80/month. For this I am supposed to get 75 Mbps download speeds, but speed test varies (widely) from 10 to 30 Mbps making it difficult to stream HD movies to WiFi television without buffering pauses. Service also goes out once a month or so, requiring re-boot/power cycling, sometimes lasting hours at a time.

Fast but too expensive

3.00 Stars

on November 28, 2017

Fast internet, average about 45-50 Mbps but too costly. We spend $175/month to watch 4 channels and get internet.

It works, mostly

2.00 Stars

on December 19, 2017

Most of the time it works well. I haven't really tested the download speed, so I'm not sure if we're getting what they promise. We have occasional times where the video streaming gets hung up. They did just raise the rates on us, I'm not sure what their excuse for that was.


2.00 Stars

on December 30, 2017

Comcast says there is an issue but they don't seem to know how to fix it and I have been waiting quite a few weeks for a fix. If all I did was stream it's great 60+ Mbps download. I don't stream much more of VOiP and gaming is the worst ever when it comes to those services. Can't hear with phone, games keep getting dropped, so service is useless to me.

After 20 years, I'm done

2.00 Stars

on January 05, 2018

I have been a customer of Comcast since 1998. This is the first time I am so disappointed that I'm canceling all service with them. Cable, internet and security. I have never had such horrible customer service, different stories, lack of accountability and willingness to help. I have never gone over 700 GB of usage on my internet. Now I'm told I have been since September but they allowed me 2 months waiver of the added fees, however I wasn't notified until December. When I told them there was no way, I monitor usage, they didn't care and want to charge me an extra $10 per 50 GB over, somehow ending up in nearly $500 extra on my bill. Note, my kids are in school, we didn't ever go over 700 GB during the summer when they were home. I was never notified about data charges being added and the customer service was so horrible I will never recommend them nor will I ever go back. I'm a disabled veteran on a set income. After checking blogs and reviews online, I am not alone in this issue. Shame on Comcast.

Good Speed and Reliability but can be high priced

3.00 Stars

on January 06, 2018

I have Comcast TV and Internet and after the promotional period, I pay $160/month for the service, which I think is a lot. It's good, it's reliable, but customer service satisfaction is low, hopefully, you never have to call them. The best strategy is, if you can, sign up for a promotion period and when that runs out, switch to others for their promotion, then back to Comcast.

Same as every other provider I have experienced except for the super high cost once you are their customer no cost breaks.

2.00 Stars

on April 15, 2018

OK service. Does cut out from time to time. Just cost too much. Deals are only for very limited time and only for new customers. No incentive to renew. Stuck in two year contract.

Too expensive

2.00 Stars

on April 12, 2018

I've had Comcast internet for about a decade at my current address. No tv, no phone, just internet. I have slowly watched my bill get more and more expensive. I'm currently at $89 a month for basic cable internet. Service has been reliable, speeds average, but absolutely cannot justify paying this much just for internet access. They treat new customers way better than they treat existing customers.

Comcast does not deliver

1.00 Stars

on March 16, 2018

I cancelled TV service to keep only internet and was continuously charged for TV service. I was promised 100 Mbps and continuously delivered only 15-25 Mbps despite paying $100.00/month. Customer service is rude and only asks if I want to cancel service. Plus, too often the "service" fails, and I have no internet.

HEY, pay more get less at Comcast / Xfinity.

1.00 Stars

on March 06, 2018

Internet and phone work as long as it is not windy or rainy, having a cell phone from another provider is essential. Also, a smartphone using another network is handy, if you need internet. Most of the time the tv works, but god forbid anything goes wrong! I have been on phone support for too many hrs. To count and still don't have the problem solved. They claim they are sending out a support rep, free of charge, but last time they done that, they charged $50. They eventually removed the charge, but they sure tried. I'm still just waiting for another provider to offer the 3 services - phone, tv, and internet package, so I can switch services.

Poor speeds.

2.00 Stars

on March 04, 2018

It's been a year since I used Xfinity. Internet is highly reliable but speeds are bad. Especially after the first few months, they automatically downgrade your speeds to half the promised speed. The monthly bill also automatically spikes up after the first year. Currently switching to a different provider.

Excellent network, very difficult phone system

4.00 Stars

on March 03, 2018

Overall, I highly and actively recommend this provider's internet. Be advised that if you ever have to call them for any reason aside from upgrading service plans, it is a living hell. Every time. But, the hardware is the best deal currently available. Oh well... looks like I'm staying with Comcast / Xfinity.

Ridiculously high pricing, good product

4.00 Stars

on February 22, 2018

Good product and service, but ridiculously high price.

Good service for an increasing price

3.00 Stars

on February 19, 2018

Service is good. Do yourself a favor and buy your own wifi router instead of paying for theirs several times over through monthly rental fees. The introductory price is good for a year, after which they gradually increase the prices. If you are not using many of the services or TV channels, it's not a very efficient use of your money.

Good service

3.00 Stars

on February 18, 2018

I have been very happy with the service. However, the cost goes up rapidly and in the last 13 months has increased from $130 to $175. Being a senior citizen I can not afford these increases. Maybe a senior citizen discount may be nice.

Slow, even with "premium" service

1.00 Stars

on February 10, 2018

Xfinity has been nothing but trouble. Services cuts off frequently for no particular reason. Moreover, we opted to pay additional $15/month for the "Blast!" service that claims download speed of "up to 150 Mbps" -- but "up to" is the keyword. On a good day, we get 5 Mbps, but often more like 2-3 Mbps.

Just not enough internet for a modern family of 5

3.00 Stars

on February 08, 2018

No seriously, It's just not worth the price. I am constantly being annoyed by slow speeds and facing stagnant loading screens. I'm currently very impatiently waiting for another provider to roll out fiber for my address.

Not happy with service

2.00 Stars

on February 05, 2018

Over priced, intermittent outages. Slows at peak hours. Not happy. Found out that having high definition is an additional charge. Paying way too much for what I'm getting.

Poor from Comcast "Performance Pro" Internet

1.00 Stars

on February 04, 2018

Test results: Upload is 1.4 Mbps, Download is 150 Kbps. My "Performance Pro" internet from Comcast is supposed to be 75 Mbps.

Fast and not too expensive but super unstable

4.00 Stars

on January 29, 2018

Internet sometimes goes down every single day for a week and then is fine for a month before it happens again, we pay about $100 a month for basic cable plus 150 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up internet.

Never consistent

2.00 Stars

on January 25, 2018

Internet speeds go up and down. The cable goes from clear to fuzzy. We have complained for a year and are sick of this. Our payment is always on time and we are not getting a decent service from them.

Not getting what I'm paying for

1.00 Stars

on January 22, 2018

Comcast is not providing the service I'm paying them for. I'm paying for download speeds well over 100 Mbps but instead Comcast is only providing with 26.28 Mbps.

My experience

2.00 Stars

on January 21, 2018

Customer service is lousy. I have never had a pleasant experience. Prices constantly go up for the same service. Internet and WiFi is always weak/slow it takes forever for anything to load . So frustrating. I'm ready to give it up. Not worth the aggravation especially at $228.00 a month.


1.00 Stars

on January 02, 2018

We pay way too much for way too little service. Cable goes off and on almost daily, modem needs reset regularly. Cable boxes are rented (purchasing not an option) but price keeps going up for the same box, should be able to buy for $20 not rent for almost $80 a year, over 15 years that is almost $1100 for each box. I will be cutting the cord.

Not worth the money

2.00 Stars

on January 02, 2018

Comcast or Xfinity is just no longer worth the money. Both TV and Internet go out on a regular basis and TV with 7 minutes of programs to 10 minutes of commercials is not worth $150.00 every month.

WHAT customer service??

2.00 Stars

on January 01, 2018

Comcast provides adequate technology, but woe on you if you have a problem -- their customer service varies from awful to nonexistent. The ONLY reason I signed on with them, reluctantly, was that, at the time, they were practically the only game in town. Now I'm shopping the competition, thinking there has GOT to be something better!

Way too expensive

4.00 Stars

on January 01, 2018

Comcast cable internet is good but way to expensive (and it went up starting 1/18)! Shopping around for other providers.

Not about customer service

3.00 Stars

on December 25, 2017

Comcast product and Xfinity service people have been professional but my experience with dealing with Comcast online has been poor. They are always trying to upgrade your service and ignore the reason you contact them in the first place. Twice now they have arbitrarily started charging me $30 a month for unsolicited "Boost" service.

Internet ONLY!

3.00 Stars

on December 09, 2017

Why isn't there an option for Internet ONLY? I do not want/need any cable channels & I was told that it would be more expensive for me to just get internet, so I decided to go with the cheaper package, which came with cable channels and a cable box that I have to rent. My bill just went up another $10, assuming that's because my introductory rate has expired. With no other provider in my area I am stuck. Very frustrating.

$180/month is too much

2.00 Stars

on December 03, 2017

After another price increase this month, I'm now paying $180 for limited TV plus internet service that seems to slows down after very little usage. I tend to use my cellular data on my smart phone, even at home because it is faster. Talking to customer service about reducing cost is like talking to a wall. I have been a Comcast customer for a long time, and they reward me with ever increasing prices. If they will not lower the price and improve service, I will be stopping Comcast cable TV service (and using an antenna plus Amazon Prime, which I already have). When I decide on an alternative for internet, I will probably change that too. The internet is reliable, but often slow. I haven't had problems with watching Amazon Prime TV shows and movies with Comcast Cable. So that part is fine.

No reward for loyalty

2.00 Stars

on November 30, 2017

I have been a customer for over 12 years, unfortunately, I will be parting ways with Comcast because they have become too expensive. In the world of streaming, Comcast wants me to commit to a long-term contract in other to get a promotional discount. I am not impressed with their services either. I stayed with Comcast because I had a bad experience with our previous ISP.

Slow speeds are the rule

3.00 Stars

on November 30, 2017

The promised internet speeds are always at the bottom of the range and the WiFi from their router is bad and cuts out from time to time.

Misleading speed claims.

3.00 Stars

on November 22, 2017

Signed up for 25 Mbps service but tested multiple times at 2-4 Mbps. I think Comcast is incapable of actually supporting multitudes of new customers signing up for HD video streaming services.

Speed is not what I paid for!

1.00 Stars

on November 12, 2017

After paying over $116.00 a month once my contract for $49.99 expired, I entered an existing customer contract which was supposed to give me 1 Gbps instead of 150 Mbps. After several phone calls and modem signals sent, I am only receiving 40 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload!

No Reception Poor Customer Service

2.00 Stars

on November 11, 2017

Although I do not watch or want TV service (even if I did there is terrible reception in my area) they force me to pay a broadcast TV fee. There is no way out because they price their stand alone internet at a higher price than their ‘package’ internet/tv bundle. Which basically includes a bunch of home shopping network channels.

Excellent customer service for a loyal customer

2.00 Stars

on November 09, 2017

I have been a long time customer 17 years , my financial situation changed due to illness and they were so helpful. Saved me $25 a month. I am very happy and appreciated.

Highly Recommend It

5.00 Stars

on November 04, 2017

Outstanding service. Great speed and rock-solid reliability.


2.00 Stars

on October 22, 2017

The internet goes down once a day. Comcast has been out numerous times and is still not fixed. Gateway goes off-line for no apparent reason and has to be re-booted, etc.


2.00 Stars

on October 15, 2017

I have never been able to depend on a monthly charge, it changes no matter how many promises I get. Service is decent but I am ready to leave them due to very poor billing practices.

Data cap isn’t good for my families needs

4.00 Stars

on October 08, 2017

The only thing I don’t like is that it has a data cap. We use a lot of data in my household for work and also entertainment etc.

Unhappy with Comcast

2.00 Stars

on September 25, 2017

I have had numerous coding issues, a dozen phone calls and over 8 hours logged phone time with them. My package boasts 100+channels. In reality, I get 80+ and approx 30 are the same channel in both SD & HD. Approx. other dozens are Spanish or shopping. I have one TV on a free outdoor antenna so I get the free channels I cannot get with Comcast Xfinity. The lineup offers nothing for young children either. I keep it because I need the internet and it does seem to have better speeds than other local providers.


3.00 Stars

on August 26, 2017

The speed is ok but it is $99/month unless you sign a 2 year contract. I am switching providers because I am having a problem with my connection dropping for 2-3 seconds a couple of times per hour and their support tech told me to call while it was happening or they couldn't do anything. Since I use skype to work from home this is a deal breaker for me. It would also kill online gaming.

Reliable, until you deal with their customer service

3.00 Stars

on August 23, 2017

Speed is good, very reliable, but customer service is terrible, and they keep changing prices every year depending on what special you happen to catch when you call.


5.00 Stars

on August 17, 2017

Love XFINITY they are reliable and great service.

Poor customer service, signal constantly fails

2.00 Stars

on August 14, 2017

The internet is really fast... when it works. Which is roughly 50% of the time. We've been with Xfinity for 3 years because they are the only provider for high speed internet in our area. However, as I mentioned, the internet only works 50% of the time. We constantly have daily or overnight outages that can last from 10 minutes to 12 hours. They have told us there's nothing they can do. We have had technicians come out at least 50 times since we've been with Xfinity. Their cable service was worse, which is why we canceled it. We are moving and will NOT be using Xfinity again.


2.00 Stars

on August 13, 2017

At $65 a month, I expect dependable connections and faster speeds. I only want internet connection but I would like to have it at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately, because of where I live, my choices are pretty limited as I do not want a 2-year contract nor bundled services. As a retiree on a fixed income, this takes a big bite out of my monthly budget.

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