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Ok customer service

Aaron on January 28, 2023

Signed up for Xfinity service about three weeks ago. Was then told the internet was ready to go. I just needed to install the gateway they provided me at the Xfinity retail store. Fast forward after proper installation via instructions, the internet does not work. It then takes me a ton of calls to eventually get an agent on the phone from another country. Books me for tech the following day. He shows up and says it's a faulty line but I now have some service. He put in a request to change the line. Another tech shows up a couple of days later says the gateway was faulty and replaced it. Tech informs me that the salesperson added an unwanted phone line without my knowledge. Fast forward after tech is done, the internet is averaging around 2-3 Mbps download and around 15 Mbps upload. I get in touch with Xfinity yet again and they pretty much said it's $100 to get a tech out here. Maybe your experience will be different than mine? I am currently in the process of cutting my service with Xfinity.

Horrible customer service response

Matthew Cardon on January 23, 2023

Xfinity’s commercials should stay Xfinity Internet, where we send you in circles and you’ll never get a live rep. It is nearly impossible to get someone on the phone. They divert you to text messages or chat. If you ask for the operator, it tells you to choose or hang up and when you do choose it sends you a text message and then gives you the option to go back to the main menu. This is horrible on Xfinity's part, you overpriced With no customer interaction. Everything has to be done automatically.

Fantastic service

Joyce Wynkoop on January 21, 2023

I was frustrated with the automated system but then I finally got through to an agent, she was very patient with me, and she resolved my problem very professionally. Xfinity should be proud to have her work for them, I was very impressed by her. The call was made Saturday night 1/21/2023 call was at 7.05 I wish I could remember her name again I forgot to ask before we hung up. Very efficient looking at my case. Thank you for the great customer service.

Lack of Customer Focus

Joe Gardenhour on December 14, 2022

On 14 Dec 2022 at approximately 11 am MST, XFinity took the internet down in Utah just when hundreds of people were working from home and using their service to perform work at home for their jobs. I personally never received any information that they were doing this (that’s one issue) but my neighbor said he got an email 11 minutes prior to the outage saying they will be doing work for 2 hours and therefore the service would be interrupted. It is 2:10 MST and there is still no service. I called Xfinity and went through their cumbersome network of endless robotic messages to get to a message that says service will be back up online at 1:45 MST then it said 2 pm to ultimately come back online 3 plus hours later. Why they think it's acceptable to give an 11-minute notification of a significant self-initiated outage to hundreds of people working in the middle of the work day is beyond me. If this is how they plan out their scheduled work then I am going to look elsewhere for another internet provider that actually takes into account the customers' needs.

Awesome Customer Service - Portsmouth NH

Candy on December 05, 2022

Recently switched to Xfinity Mobile. Our customer service Matt was a 10/10. Transition went smoothly and he went above and beyond when I texted him on his day off and he provided awesome assistance. If you want to switch your Mobile Service to Xfinity, Matt is your man!!!!

Internet service

Cecil Moreno on November 17, 2022

Been trying to get internet for a month now and every time a tech comes out they tell me the same thing Xfinity needs to drop a tap to connect, they put an order in, and no response. I call and they tell me the same thing it will be done the same day, I don't know what they are doing, either playing or what but this is getting ridiculous. They are not reliable, I don't recommend them to anyone.

Can I give a Negative 5 for Customer Service

Theresa Glass on October 19, 2022

We have spent 4-5 months trying to resolve, what should be, simple problems. Xfinfity set up a Primary User name that we do not use or want. They keep telling us to log in using that user name BUT we do not have the password and they cannot reset it. So our account keeps getting locked up. No one actually listens and just when you think someone will fix it, the call is disconnected. It has happened every time we call. And this is AFTER we have been transferred several times. The actual service is reliable and works well, but the customer service experience--not so much.

Thank you to both the phone and service tech. Saved me today.

Jonathan A Bleier on October 18, 2022

I just moved in Sunday. I scheduled the move and change of address with Comcast 2 weeks ago. I called Sunday night after I was done moving in, and the rep tried to help me but was unable to reach my modem, we tried all the coax outlets. I called Monday morning because my internet was still not active. I work from home and needed to get this going asap. I had set up my transfer but when I arrived, I tried the modem on 4 different outlet wires to try and get it to connect. No luck. So Monday morning I called at 8:30 am and got a great rep and I explained what I thought was the issue, a connection outside probably needed to be switched back to Comcast. And I was delighted to hear they could come the same day to get this done. He found an installation pro on his list and made me a 2 pm appointment. More than delighted. I was amazed. My Pro arrived, I am so sorry I don't know his name. Was 5 min early and was eager to figure out what was up. He did everything he could do inside, outside looking for what was up. I was ready to give up. But he wanted to go into the attic and resolve this to get me working. True dedication to the job. He wasn't going to let this go. My attic in this new house looked very scary. Very kind, he went up there and found a strange 15-year-old grandfathered-in direct TV split between 2 apartments and he converted mine back to Comcast and I had screaming fast internet by 3:15 pm. What a kind and diligent guy. Really went the extra mile when he could have given up. He was very respectful of my home and he was careful to clean up and put back all the outlets and attic doors. These two reps today that took care of me restored my faith in humanity. Don't laugh, it is so hard moving, you need help, not someone that says oh well good luck buddy we can't figure it out. Comcast values that these guys take seriously helped me today without a doubt. They didn't want to lose me to Att and they made sure to do a thorough job. I could see the pride they both had in their job. That meant a lot to me. I was very impressed with how I was treated today. Thank you a million to your team. - JB San Anselmo, CA

Love Xfinity

Xiaoman Duan on October 07, 2022

For Xfinity in Cumming: I had the most wonderful service experience with Xfinity in Cumming!   I went to Xfinity store in Cumming with my husband for a home internet service rate.  A handsome young man warmly welcomed us, then introduced us to a beautiful girl.  She is such a magic AI expert who impressed us immediately followed by the top quality service. She wisely suggested us to transfer our cell phones to Xfinity, to bundle the internet together with the best rates for both.  It was such a hard process communicating with my previous carrier in MA, and It took her several hours to finish the process. We were deeply touched by her high-quality service with super patience and professionals! She is just like a beautiful movie star with a genius brain and angel heart! We are so grateful! Thank Xfinity so much and I appreciate it very much!


Linh Tran on September 07, 2022

This year I made big decisions to switch my business and my home with Comcast and my mobile phone with Xfinity then my family and I are so happy with their services vertebrae convenience with an app to set up devices, billing settings all good and much cheaper than our previous carrier. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Give them a chance you will be happy and save a lot of money than the others. Thank you

Dissapointed with the service.

Nestor Cancio on August 23, 2022

Bad service, the speed is inconsistent with repetitive interruptions during the whole day. I am using it mostly for telemedicine from home, I pay the highest speed, and the service is unreliable. I keep calling customer service, I received a new modem, installed with an unresolved connectivity problem. Second, we experience outages I would say every week! Unbelievable. I am very disappointed with the service.

Patient and informative

Nathaniel Hoffman on August 15, 2022

I just spoke with a rep on the phone to set up internet service for my new apartment and our call could not have been better. She was able to answer all of my questions and took her time to make sure I understand every part of what I was signing up for. She was helpful and informative in helping me get the best deal based on my living situation, and incredibly kind and personable. I have been with Xfinity for years, our internet is high speed and always reliable. I feel fortunate I can stick with Xfinity even in a new apartment. Thank you for being so helpful, and thank you Xfinity for the service.

Extremely kind and helpful

Haleigh Scott on August 11, 2022

I was having an issue with an increase in my monthly payment and called the Xfinity billing department to understand why. I had the pleasure of speaking with a rep in billing who was extremely nice and incredibly helpful!

Not happy

Daniel on August 06, 2022

We've had service for just over a week now. When the internet works it's great but it crashes at least 10 times a day. We only have 2 things using the internet. The Roku and my gaming PC which is hardwired. As long as my internet is crashing numerous times a day, I'll write a review every day stating the day's problems with the internet.

Below average at best

Lonnie on August 05, 2022

We moved here a year ago from Midwest and I am appalled by the service and cost of Xfinity. We received so many more channels and a lot cheaper. Their internet speed is great but you have to pay for the premium package to get the best speed. I can’t believe people here pay for this but they have no choice, we had several choices in Midwest. The only way to get them to notice is for people to drop their service, they are poor at best.

Customer service experience

Tamar Terry on May 31, 2022

Hello, just wanted to give a 5-star to one of your employees working in customer service in Houston, Texas. She was very nice when getting me set up with a tech appointment as well as keeping the conversation going asking about my day and actually in tune and listening instead of just trying to get me off the phone. She is amazing!

Tech Is A Champ!

Thania Paulino on May 30, 2022

Tech was timely, and he did his job smoothly. Wi-Fi works great, and I definitely recommend Xfinity!

Love it

Mike Rubin on May 27, 2022

Love it, works great, no drama, expensive but worth it.

Great customer service

Pamela Sawka on May 27, 2022

LakeStevens Xfinity store, I love that we have a store near me. They are eager to help you soon as you walk in the door with any problem you might have. Very respectful, professional, just good people!

Not the most reliable service

David on May 24, 2022

I've had internet service with Xfinity for six months now. Decent customer service, reliable up-to-date notifications with connection issues which unfortunately is often. At least once every week, I experience service disruption whether it'd be my gateway being faulty or a service outage. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone needing reliable internet service.

Manager at the Mcknight Rd Pittsburgh 15214

Cathy on May 14, 2022

The manager at this store went above and beyond to assist me today, so much better than dealing with calling the 1-800 number.


Renee M Snider on May 05, 2022

I have called 3 times and the 1st 2 times I called I was on each call for almost an hour and received no help. The 3rd time I called got me exactly what I needed and I was only on the phone for 15 minutes.

Awesome Tech Work Xfinity! Thank You Sir

Mitchell on May 04, 2022

Xfinity provided fast service when a repair was needed. The technician was very smart about what needed to be corrected. The cable was on in less than 10 minutes. Nothing as technical as we thought. I was a very satisfied customer who received awesome help. The tech, and over-the-phone technical service, to operators, are always so patient also helpful. Considering rain or shine, all connections are fixed.

I am exceedingly pleased with my Xfinity experience!

Claudia Moss on April 16, 2022

I have had Xfinity as my Internet and mobile provider for several years, and as such, I have had a wonderful experience with the company. Recently, I was in the Morrow, Ga, store, finally honoring myself with a new phone, for which I've been longing for a long time. Imagine my delight to have a 13 Pro Max. Yesss! I so deserve it. The camera is a dream come true, my videos and photography leveled UP. I appreciate their Regional Manager for their proficiency and outstanding customer service. In addition, at one point I was supported online by an Xfinity representative last week. He helped me gain clarity regarding my Xfinity app and gain a better understanding of my bill, as my credit card had been compromised the week before. Thus, I'm proud to leave this review for Xfinity, a provider for whom I am grateful.

Tech was amazing

Victor Z on April 02, 2022

We are a family of 4 people, all dependent on the internet. 2 kids studying online, myself as well as my wife working from home so you can imagine how vital a good internet is. For about a couple of weeks, we experienced short-duration interruptions of the internet during the day and evening time. Kids in the middle of the class were booted off the meeting while answering students' questions. My wife in the middle of the work meeting got cut off and lost clients so the only thing I could hear is their frustration and my wife's interest in speaking unusual French. About 5 weeks ago the remote tech support service identified that there was a short circuit between the cable and the modem. The first technician came in and did nothing then I tried to troubleshoot things with the help of remote customer support which is phenomenal. I replaced the wall cable, then we got a brand new modem to only find out that things were still getting interrupted (the signal would just die off for a minute and then be back online as if nothing ever happened. We got so desperate that we even started thinking of finding another provider until we made the last call and Comcast/ Xfinity sent a tech. It was our lucky day. He showed up right on time, was very polite and professional, extremely knowledgeable, and most importantly, found the problem that we were trying to solve for several weeks in just 5 minutes. He found the portion of the cable outside the house that was damaged by lightning and replaced it in a matter of minutes. Checked the internet and a miracle happened - it's working beautifully strong and fast signal!!! Another happy family and loyal customer for Xfinity. My advice is if you want someone who knows how to solve problems, ask for him. Kudos to the entire Xfinity team for providing excellent customer service and for solving a challenging technical problem. Thank you so very much. Victor Z. JZ, MZ, DD

Absolutely not good for gaming

Young Teit on March 23, 2022

Xfinity forces a reset on my modem at 1 AM literally every day and there is nothing to prevent that. Do you think I'm asleep at 1 AM? I'M GAMING! But great customer service, the online chat platform is nice and they sent out a technician to check on the "problem".

Charged twice after I cancelled. Just want to know why but apparently that's too much to ask for

Galen Mckay on March 03, 2022

Had a great time with them but then they charged me some weird fees after I moved and had to cancel. Tied calling but apparently, they won't ever let you talk to a real person so I'll have to go into a store to figure this out since the phone tree won't take me anywhere constructive. What a waste of time and terrible customer service. I'm sure there is an explanation for these fees and I would be fine with that if so. I will not use a company that clearly doesn't care about the sale. If you're reading this look for an alternative. One more time. After the sale they are nothing.

Reliable internet

Christopher Williams on February 19, 2022

I decided to make the switch to Xfinity. I'm just wondering why I didn't make the switch sooner. I'm now saving money with faster speeds and after adding Google mesh Wi-Fi it's taking my experience to a whole new level. Thank you, Xfinity for taking the headache out of my Internet experience by making it affordable and reliable.

Nicest person ever

Niccole Burch on January 27, 2022

I had to call Xfinity about my wifi, it was the nicest customer service experience I've ever had, she made it so comfortable and easy, made me laugh, and overall made my night better. thanks, Xfinity.

Great service on the phone, lousy service in the store

Michael Da on January 24, 2022

We had a very successful discussion with the Xfinity agent on the phone. We were told that we just had to pick up our new equipment. When we arrived at the store there was a long line. And more importantly, we were told that we could not get the modem, we had to talk to an Xfinity representative as well. On the phone, we were told that the only thing we had to do was to pick up the modem. On top of this, the line was an old-fashioned physical line like the post office. I sure had expected better from Xfinity

Great service

Richard Dunham on December 17, 2021

Have had Xfinity for just over a year. Had to relocate and the area we built a new home in does not offer Xfinity. I miss it already. I had great service, never a down time, fast reliable and every contact with a representative was both friendly and courteous. I'd recommend them to anyone and would have it again if they someday offer service here.

Thank you!

Fred & Loretta Jackson on October 11, 2021

My internet went out and they at once detected the internet connection issue and resolved the issue quickly! They were extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, and FAST!

Amazing service!!

Bella on August 31, 2021

This was my first time using Xfinity cable services and I absolutely loved it! I never had an issue. Unfortunately, I do have to disconnect my services, due to moving to a location where Xfinity is not offered. I wanted to recognize the service rep, she was absolutely amazing. She answered all my questions on how to cancel my service. She even gave me the mover's department contact to help me find a new and awesome wifi system in my new area. I was blown away by her kindness. She wished me good luck with my move and gave me a positive outlook during all of my frustrations. She was so kind and comforting and deserves to be recognized greatly!!

Great internet service experience

Graham Taylor on May 25, 2021

I had a problem with internet connectivity. The service person from Xfinity who came today (May 25) was outstanding. He was courteous, knowledgeable, and patient -- a real pro. He checked outdoor connections, the indoor cable, the modem, etc., and kept going until the problem was resolved. I hope Xfinity gives him a commendation for his great work.

Excellent Customer Service

Essie Reynolds on May 16, 2021

I went to the Conyers location on Highway 138 and our customer service rep was excellent, knowledgeable about the product, efficient, professional, and really a nice person. I appreciated it and recommend this location if you are nearby.

Xfinity Smooth Transition

Loretta on March 29, 2021

Two days ago, I noticed that when the Xfinity Video was finished, the screen made a smooth transition to the previous Page of Video Options. That was beautiful, and I would like to say thank you, and much appreciation. Loretta 3/29/2021

Customer service.

Katlyn on February 24, 2021

I've been a customer of Xfinity for some time now and for some reason, my internet kept kicking all the devices off. I called to speak with someone to resolve my issue. Tech not only figured out my problem with my internet but also went above and beyond to help me with issues with my TV remote. Not only did he do that but he made sure to tell me about other services Xfinity provides. He is an amazing customer service representative. He made my experience great.

Customer service.

Katlyn on February 24, 2021

I've been a customer of Xfinity for some time now. And for some reason my internet kept kicking all the devices off. I called to speak with someone to resolve my issue. Support was absolutely phenomenal. He not only figured out my problem with my internet but went above and beyond to help me with the issues with my TV remote. Not only did he do that but he made sure to tell me about other services Xfinity provides. He is an amazing customer service representative. He made my experience great.

100% The Best Internet and Mobile Phone Services

Antonio Selaya on February 18, 2021

My daughter is attending classes from home and my wife and I both work from home. All is well 95% of the time. I have had a Comcast Pro-Technician come and he found an issue, completely fixed it on the spot and now we enjoy reliable internet all the time. Thank you very much!

Fantastic Customer Service

Andrea on February 12, 2021

I was calling in to figure out why my bill went up by almost $30, forgetting at the time that a promotional deal I'd signed up for was over. I was pretty irritated and while I'm not someone who takes things out on customer service reps, I was annoyed. Talked to their customer service rep and she was very friendly, knowledgeable, and sympathetic. By the end of the call, I was laughing and even signed up for more add-ons to my service. It had nothing to do with the service and everything but this Rep - she's fantastic!

So helpful

Kathy on January 26, 2021

I went into the Southfield location with my cable box that was not working and they replaced it with a new one. It works so much better, faster, cleaner (the picture). Just amazed how much better it looks. So glad Brandon was so helpful when my old unit broke. Thanks so much for all your help Brandon.

Customer service is hard to reach

Zin@liang on January 26, 2021

The internet speed is good when it’s working, but calling the customer service number to speak with an agent when you need assistance is impossible.

Terrible customer service

Cassandra Finnegan on January 23, 2021

Xfinity has terrible customer service. They make it extremely hard to speak to a live agent on the phone when you have questions and concerns that are not directly addressed by the automated messages when you call their customer service line. They do not treat returning customers well and I think I spend way too much money a month on their internet and cable services to not be able to speak to a customer service agent when there is an issue with something on my bill. Truly disappointed by Xfinity and how they treat loyal customers. Also the service has gotten significantly worse over the years.

Inconsistent, spotty, expensive internet

Brian Busby on January 22, 2021

Internet speed was inconsistent for the four years we used Xfinity. Service was overpriced. Charged us a grand total of $750 to rent their router, which is four times the actual cost. Forced us to contact them and speak to them to cancel our service. Switched to Verizon and now have better more consistent service at a lower price with no router rental fee.

Philiope Yanni on January 18, 2021

I ordered internet and cable and was told I have 30-day free trial. I cancelled cable but I was billed for a whole of month for the equipment and half a month of service. Other then that everything is smooth sailing with the internet.

Internet too slow

Sciupider on January 17, 2021

I'm having problems with internet speed since Thursday (01-14-2021). I pay for 200 Mbps but I get 40 Mbps.

Exceptional service

Richard Steffan on January 12, 2021

My service technician came about 6 p.m. and quickly went to areas in the house for new internet service. The gentleman's name was Zane, very professional & courteous not to mention very professional. Another tech arrived soon after Zane, his name was Donnie both reside in Morton, Il. My home town. They were also very knowledgeable when explaining every detail of my service to my wife and I. Thank you Xfinity.

Appreciate the help

Denise Macon on January 11, 2021

Recently, I purchased a cell phone. I am not sophisticated with the latest cell phone technology. I was indecisive about making a purchase and I made 4 trips to the Southfield store before finalizing the sale. I appreciate the repeated times that Russaw and Donovan took explaining things to me.

Excellent Service!

Sophia on January 06, 2021

I just got off the phone with Themera (I hope I spelled that correctly), who was a massive help today! She was quick with her information, and answered my questions efficiently and appropriately! She was incredibly friendly, and very easy to talk to :)


Moon on January 04, 2021

Been pretty reliable.

Martha is a KEEPER

Larry J Fair on December 30, 2020

Had trouble with online streaming with cable at second home in AZ. First talked with Tam*** in Customer Retention. This was a total failure; she passed me off to Kath in Technical Support. Kath could handle part of the problem. Next I was transferred to Martha (ID 1167565) in Billing. WOW. What a difference when working with a professional. Hey Managers!!. If you have any stock options or expect yearly bonuses, keep Martha happy. I would be coaching her up for future promotions.

Xfinity in Ft. Collins

Jeffrey Hall on December 19, 2020

Very rarely down or have issues, quick response to issues, pretty fast connection.

Took Care Of Business

Brian Knight on December 11, 2020

A few months back, I had Xfinity over to fix a broken cable line under my house in a dark crawl space. Karl, the technician, had a great attitude. He made sure he took care of business. I could tell he really cared to make sure he got the difficult job done. I really appreciate cable technician Karl. The world needs more people like him. I'm completely satisfied with his professional service.

Over charged and under serviced

Patrick on December 09, 2020

On year 1 of the contract, you get all you see. Starting year 2, they swap movie channels with less desirable ones, stating it's an outside company that we have no control over it. But they have that built in to the plan before you even look at it. Sign a new one and you get it back. When finally pressed for an answer, they point to the fine print you signed at the end of the transaction.

Live NFL sports blocked on mobile device

Steven on December 07, 2020

Outraged that you are are not allowed to stream live NFL game on mobile device if you're not at home when I paid for their services!! First off Xfinity service is already expensive and I pay additional $10 for Redzone. Yahoo sport is a free app and you can stream live sport if it is televised on TV in California channels. What a waste of money.

Customer Service

Sydney on November 23, 2020

Customer service rep was the nicest, most friendly customer service representative I have ever had. He was very patient and helped me solve my Internet problem over the phone. Thank you. We appreciate you.

There Has To Be A Better Way

Will Sutton on November 20, 2020

If you have ever tried to use a bad zipper on your coat with one hand, this is what it felt like setting things up. Getting ahold of someone to talk to doesn't happen. It's like they go out of their way to make it difficult sometimes.

Xfinity, why I am glad I don't have both internet and phone through them.

Ruben Cureses on November 03, 2020

Today is election day (Nov 3), I already early voted. As of today, I have NO internet service and my cable TV is not working. I have the service technician coming in today. My internet started dropping about every hour or so, since about Friday. Now, i have no service at all. I can't imagine how i would even be able to call/contact Xfinity Comcast to tell them about my loss of internet if they also were my phone provider. Maybe it is a separate connection and one does not affect the other: I don't know but that potential disaster scenario is why I do not consider having internet and phone service though the same company as a smart choice. I also partly work from home due to pandemic (on internet) although I currently have the option to come in to work, which I have been doing - thank goodness. What a mess!

Thought it was impossible to find a great service provider

Alex Haar on October 29, 2020

I've never heard of a good experience with utility companies before Xfinity. We got the 200 Mbps speeds wifi and another roommate moved in so we had 8 devices connected instead of 6. We all work from home and use zoom so good wifi was crucial. I called Xfinity a few times about spotty wifi (my room is the farthest from the router) and they sent a rep out to replace our modem and everything. They got here within 12 hours, impressed by the speed of responsiveness and all the of the representatives I've talked to.

Vinay (bp-vmanja685) provided the best customer service I have ever received. EVER!

Jacob Neilson on October 16, 2020

Where to start... I have never gone to such lengths to try and leave such a review. But Vinay left me with no choice, he was the best! He might actually have super powers because this man accomplished what no one else could. I was on the phone with some guy named Rob or something and he was terrible. Nice enough, but he thought I was a woman, didn't fix my problem, and then promised to call me back and never did. I figured this was typical Comcast service. But then, I made the best decision ever, I decided to use the chat option and got a fine individual who forwarded me to Vinay because of the difficulty of my problem. Vinay is a problem solving genius who was professional, knowledgeable, funny, and went above and beyond to make sure I got my internet working. He didn't just abandon me like that "Rob" or whatever, he got the job done! He needs a raise. Ya know what, he needs 3 raises. Put this man in charge. He is literally the only reason I didn't just cancel my Comcast service. He saved you. I was fixing to drag my burning pile of trash called a modem and use it to destroy Xfinity at whatever the cost. But Vinay fixed everything. He even named my freaking network for me and stood by my side as I ran through the night back and forth to try and stay connected to him during our conversation. I will not cancel my Comcast and instead will recommend them because now that my problem is fixed, everything is amazing. I will never forget him and promised to name my first born son after him because, frankly, I didn't think it could be done. I thought I was doomed to be angry and without internet until the savage demons that denied me wifi came to claim what was left of my lonely disconnected soul... but then.... Vinay..... like a glowing angel from the heavens he cradled me in his capable arms, fought the demons, and conquered the day. I literally cannot say more. The internet I'm using to write this is only possible by his majesty and prowess. Find him. Send him money. Send him baskets of rare and valuable gemstones. It isn't enough, he deserves so much more, but it will be a start, and I will always be proud to be a Comcast Xfinity user because of him and him alone. Comcast, you owe this man everything you can give him because he is the ONLY reason I didn't decide to cancel and use all this text to insult you. Instead I use it to praise Vinay. He is a legend. Thanks, man

Customer service for billing

Marva Yannacone on October 15, 2020

There was a mistake on my bill. The customer service rep Jack was friendly and helpful and referred me to the agent that took care of my account and credited me with the overcharge. Thanks Mike. Thanks Xfinity for taking care of your customers.

Customer service representative

David Tate on October 13, 2020

This morning 10/13/20 I had the pleasure of speaking with one of your reps. He said his name is Alfredo and he is working from home in New Mexico. I rarely submit reviews regarding employees but this guy was an above and beyond type of employee for not only was he as professional as they come but he gave me top shelf service. As a long time loyal customer of Comcast, I greatly appreciated how he made me feel like a valued customer. I have dealt with plenty of customer reps but Alfredo most definitely stands head and shoulders above all and in these trying times of 2020, folks never know what to expect when talking to people via the phone. Alfredo was not only totally transparent with what to expect with future billings, he also pointed out ways I can improve my Xfinity service. If possible, please let him know how much I truly enjoyed speaking with him and if it was possible to choose who I would rather deal with in the future regarding any issue I may have with my service, I would most definitely always request him. He represents your company very well.

Outstanding agent

Dot Johnson on September 24, 2020

Today I was privileged to speak with an agent of your company about an issue with my bill. I have been with Comcast for almost 20 years and have dealt with many agents. He tops them all. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable but he was so very caring and considerate of this senior citizen. I commend Comcast for being so fortunate to have such as their employee! Hopefully, he’ll still be there when I need an expert again.

Eh, not the greatest

Me on September 17, 2020

Good internet service, not the best price, customer service is very slow.

Excellent customer care agent

Joseph Demarco on September 10, 2020

I had a very nice experience with the customer service rep located in the Philippines service center on 9/10/20. She was very caring and seemed dedicated to providing excellent services. Thanks for having her and hope she is rewarded for her efforts.

Customer service is a Ray of Sunshine

William Pavka on August 27, 2020

I had an issue with payment on my business account. The rep took my call with a smile on her voice and quickly and thoroughly walked me through a solution with patience and sincerity. You are lucky to have her on your team.

Phenomenal customer service during trying times!

Glenda M. on August 21, 2020

I had the pleasure of speaking with a rep today. Unfortunately, our household has been affected by covid financially and had trouble with our bill. Like most households with school aged children, Internet has become essential! Not only was she able to help keep our services on but she went the extra mile to help reduce our balance! It’s great to see that humanity is alive and well within Xfinity and their staff!

Outstanding Technician

Kevin A Hernandez on August 04, 2020

I was having trouble before with my internet and email connection. Today one of the Xfinity technicians arrived and he was able to solve all the problems I've been having and explained to me what the causes of those problems were, in simple details. His work was performed excellently and everything is running smoothly. I failed to get his name but he was a good worker. Props to him for very good service.

caring customer service

Shealy Lupisella on August 04, 2020

There are people working here who truly care. Stay positive, stay focused, and work together. We're all doing the best we can these days. Thank you for resolving my issues.

Good customer service

Venus Mcneil on July 28, 2020

I went to the Xfinity site at the Rotunda in Baltimore, MD. I had an excellent experience. I want to thank the rep for his help, he answered all my questions, set up my phone, made sure all my information downloaded. He was pleasant and the customer service was awesome.

Great customer service

Cm on July 20, 2020

I just got a new service from Xfinity. Rep took his time to explain everything. Made sure I got the best plan suited for me. Very helpful. I wish more representatives were as good as him.

Good internet, terrible customer service

Tim Hulse on July 19, 2020

I've never had a problem with internet connectivity or speed. Xfinity has always been reliable on that front. Their customer service is terrible at its best! The phone menu to get to an actual agent is absolutely ridiculous and half the time when you do get to an agent you can tell that they're simply reading off the card in front of them and they're not actually listening to what you're calling about.

Customer service

Chrismary Jacob on June 27, 2020

Xfinity customer service rep is the best customer rep that I’ve talked to. My first time getting an internet connection couldn’t have been better. I was nervous at first but their customer service rep made it so much easier for me to understand how and what I should do to get it done. Love the work, Xfinity.


Mersades on June 24, 2020

I don't have a single complaint about Xfinity & I'm entirely blown away by this fact. I went into one of their retail stores ready for terrible customer service & came out feeling totally excited, informed, & relieved - it was refreshing to discuss my service with a knowledgeable, friendly employee that wasn't just trying to sell me more stuff! She was so helpful! I had hope it wasn't just a fluke, but honestly, I've since had two more interactions with customer service that was equally pleasant & even more helpful; I'm blown away! My husband & I couldn't figure out our Google router, thinking it could be something on Xfinity's end, we contacted their customer service & even though the guy had no responsibility towards the device itself, he helped us set it up! I'm thoroughly impressed with their customer service, I feel like they actually train their employees & it's refreshing! On top of that, I get incredible internet speeds & pay only $20 more for double the speeds I previously had with the added bonus of their Flex device at no extra cost, which lets you watch & stream all kinds of content. Honestly, I'm so happy with my service I've decided to look into their wireless services as well. I'm just blown away that internet service could be so simple & great! Maybe it's because we've been abused our whole life by providers, but Xfinity has definitely set a new bar for me.

Great most of the time

Matt on June 24, 2020

Most of the time it is very fast (like 85-100 Mbps), but some days like yesterday, it was at like 5-10 Mbps.

Great tech from Comcast

Joyce Rudolph on June 18, 2020

Tech fixed everything and so wonderful and knowledgeable.

Great speed and service

Leigh Dupee on June 09, 2020

In VT they are the only cable provider but that doesn't mean that their support and service are lacking for internet connections. I have always had good experiences with their support and technical people when needed.

Way too expensive

Heike Jonassohn on May 19, 2020

I basically cannot complain about the internet even though I pay more than $130 for internet. The internet is really good at 100Mbps and works fine throughout the house. Customer service is basically of no help. However, living in VT that's the best you can get.

Worth it

Medelyn Samano on May 13, 2020

I just did a transfer of service, in the beginning, I did have trouble and I was already in the mindset of it taking days or even weeks to be resolved. Fortunately, I was helped by Chat support service, it was a one on one service that helped me resolve my troubleshooting when I couldn't be on the phone, he spoke very professional, and was quick! I definitely recommend it.

For low values of "gigabit"

Sean on May 13, 2020

I recently upgraded my Xfinity plan to work from home. Previously, I was clocking may be 120Mbps down / 6Mbps up on various test sites. But as of upgrading to Xfinity's Gigabit tier Triple Play and adding a phone line I didn't want or need, I now get 400Mbps down and 6Mbps up! My modem is rated for ~700 down / 180 up, shows no faults, and my whole local network stack is gigabit. Yay Comcast.

Upload speeds slow during workday

John on May 07, 2020

I've got Xfinity Extreme Plus with 600/15 (dl/ul) and it's fine during the evening or weekends when people aren't Zooming for work. However, from 11 am to 5 pm I only get between 2.5-5.5 Mbps upload (sometimes less). Tech support at Xfinity confirmed that everyone in my neighborhood uses the same bandwidth to upload, so if too many people upload at the same time, it would lower my upload speed. Xfinity needs to upgrade its uploading capacities. Your only other option is to switch to a provider with higher upload speeds.

Internet and TV are good, poor customer service

Brenden on April 21, 2020

TV and internet are good, can't complain. Just pray something doesn't go wrong. If it does, you'll have to cancel the service to get any kind of help.

Good Customer Service, Outdated System

Aidan Croft on April 20, 2020

I love their customer service and haven't had a bad experience yet. Speeds are good for most people but the aging cable system has its limits. Upload speeds are painfully slow while downloads are fast but always fluctuating. I wish they would expand their fiber network more.

Good Service

Dave W on April 14, 2020

The voice mail on my phone was not working so I had to call customer service. I was expecting a big run around and lots of aggravation but I actually got through to a live person pretty fast. She was easy to work with and they resolved the problem 2 days earlier than expected. Good job!

The Best

Katie on April 10, 2020

We've had Xfinity service for about 3 months. Everything they do is quality. From the installation tech to the features of the service. Our tech was extremely helpful and polite. Xfinity service has features that blow other companies out of the water! We have 2 young kids and the Xfinity app allows me to monitor everything they do online right down to setting a "bedtime" for their devices. My family and I love all the feature and the reliability and speed are unmatched. We love our service thanks Xfinity!

Very fast but expensive

Melissa on April 08, 2020

They always have resolved any issues quickly, always available to answer any questions, service has been exceptionally fast. The only downside is the price, for me, it's a little too high.

Xfinity @ $96/mo bottom line

Enrique on April 02, 2020

Decent service, just way overpriced. Been with Xfinity since 2014, perfect payment record. All I need is basic internet, 25Mbps would be enough. For that they charge 55/mo, plus 14 for the box, plus taxes, etc. Ends up being like $80/mo or so. Yes, I understand that at $90/mo you can bundle a bunch of stuff in there and raise the speed to 100Mbps or more, but I don’t need any of those services. I think expecting 25Mbps internet only at a $50/mo bottom line is not unreasonable. Not gonna find that here. Good company for high-end internet with bundles. Poor offerings for basic internet service.

Awesome Tech Service

Kristyndooley on March 28, 2020

During this difficult time with the COVID 19 pandemic, my service started lacking in quality. It is very important that I have wifi for my daughter's education as e-learning is now essential to her growth in education. I set many times for a tech to come to our home and fix the problem but kept rescheduling time and dates because I was worried about compromising the health of my family and young children. But eventually had no other choice. Tech showed up very promptly on time checking everything outside with my husband and explaining everything! When he said he needed to come to the house and check our modem, we were hesitant but offered him a mask and gloves. He very politely informed us he had some and went to his van and geared up. Upon entering my home he said "sorry, I'll be right back" and return quickly with booties to put over his boots. Very much appreciated considering my daughter crawls all over the floor and puts everything in her mouth! After going inside and working his magic, he also engaged with my young child and was very patient when my husband had to step away for a moment. After installing our new modem, he took the time to explain things to us and was very informative and helpful! I recommend this tech to anyone that's having doubts during this hard time! He is 100% safe, professional, and informative.

Service tech was great

Felicity on March 27, 2020

Service tech was very friendly, informative and respectful. He knew what he was doing and explained everything to me. He had a lot of patience and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend Xfinity to my family and friends. Thank you for the great service.

Best internet service I've ever had

William on March 25, 2020

I've been with Xfinity for around two years now and have only noticed one drop during that time, and that only lasted for about 10 minutes. Download speed is usually around 200 Mbps over the WiFi but has peaked at 250.

Gig, when configured right, is great!

Richard Shaw on March 23, 2020

Great speeds and 0 issues with customer service. I pay for 35mbps upload and consistently get 40. It's the fastest available and I'm happy with it.

Best Service

Tea Walton on March 15, 2020

Let's start off with the sales rep, she helped me with a great deal and made sure it fell through and she had great customer service, I enjoyed her a lot! And when the tech came to install my system, he made sure to explain everything to me as he worked and didn't leave until everything was 100% complete.

Great Product

Erica on February 26, 2020

I got to my new apartment with my Xfinity package waiting for me. The instructions on how to activate the wifi and set everything up were extremely straight forward and easy. I appreciated the fact that I didn't have to wait on the phone to activate anything - I could do it right then and there in no time at all. Speed and service are reliable and everything is working well. Thanks, Xfinity!

Great service

Surely on February 18, 2020

Needs to offer more parental controls on the internet and offer PureFlix on the Flex

Not bad but not good.

Shanyrah on February 17, 2020

My experience so far has been nice but now the Xfinity xFi is a problem. It does not let you do what you need to without saying it's "looking out for you". If there is anyway to fix this, let me know please.

Managing account is a Joke

Mackenzie on February 08, 2020

Can't manage your plan online, it makes you call or chat. They are not quick and you waste hours of your life. If you can't manage your account, it shouldn't be an option in the first place.

Damien the installer in the Essesx County area is awesome

Chris Joseph on February 07, 2020

I didn't have any cable lines running through my house so Damien made a new line and was up on the ladder outside putting up the lines making sure nothing looks sloppy.

Horrible service, speed

Scott Nix on February 06, 2020

Don't even think about trying to speak to a real live person unless you have an hour or so to spare waiting on hold. The automated line takes forever to navigate through. Their wireless system is antiquated at best and promised speeds are for hardwired connections ONLY. As soon as Spectrum comes to the area, I'm switching. I hate the monopolies of certain areas that these cable/internet providers have. It limits consumer choice and forces us to have to deal with these corporations who try get the most amount of money out of their customers. Definitely try to find another company if you can. Xfinity/Comcast is not worth it.

Not reliable

Tony Blevins on February 04, 2020

My Internet has gone down every day for a week with outages in the area. Contacting Xfinity will test your patience. Out of the last seven days, my Internet didn't work at all for three days straight and only partial for the remaining four days. Service is great when it works but beyond frustrating if you have to call and talk to them for anything.

Best Service

Ronald on February 03, 2020

The young man that helped me was named Angle. He was amazing -- he helped me with everything and more. He is the only reason I did not close my account today so thank you again, Angle.

Too expensive

Wade Davis on January 30, 2020

Yes, Xfinity is good but we have zero premium channels and pay close to $275 a month. It's just too expensive.

Services and Reliability

Kathleen on January 29, 2020

I have had nothing but the best service and experience from this company. People and signals are great and reliable. Couldn't be happier.

I hit 20 ping constant

Liz Leon on January 26, 2020

I have like 6 devices at my home in the same time 2 running 4 k yet my 2 consoles rarely hit more than 20 ping and I don’t use Ethernet I’m not getting one I HIGHLY reccomend for gaming

Hooking up my boxes is a full time job

Brittani on January 20, 2020

Every time we need to update our boxes, we have to be prepared to go without anything for a few days. It's day 4 of no cable because they don't have the "manpower" to send anyone out. I spent my entire weekend trying to get these new boxes to work and every person I've talked to has told me something different. They recently told me that the new boxes don't pair with the wire from outside (which should have been dealt with upon getting them). When I asked if they can send me a technician, they told me they can't send anyone out until Tuesday even though my problems started Friday. For being so expensive, they really have the nerve telling people that. The first weekend I've had off in months was spent working for Xfinity, and I still have no TV now for the whole week because I work. They are lucky this is the only network in my area.

Love it

Larry Warnack on January 20, 2020

We are planning to move soon and we're actually looking for a county that has Xfinity.

Review for Wilsain

Nora on January 18, 2020

Wilsain gave me excellent service. Very happy to have a better modem.


Michael O'neill on January 14, 2020

My wife & I closed on a "new" home December 20, 2019. The home wasn't wired for internet so the sellers allowed us to bring in an electrician to drop cable lines to the rooms in which we wanted a cable outlet. A day after closing, an Xfinity technician came to the house and "hooked" us up. He was supposed to have installed an amplifier in the attic. He was having a small issue with one cable line but when he left, he said everything was ok and that a crew would be out soon to "bury" the cable. Since we only had one TV in the house at the time of turn on, I had to connect the rest of the TVs. No problem, except I couldn't get signal in the one room the technician had a small issue with. I went to the Xfinity store and they scheduled a technician to come out the next day. His diagnosis was that the "cable line" itself was bad and that I should contact the electrician to pull a new line up through the wall and everything would be ok. I contacted the electrician who said he'd be out after the New Year. In the meantime, Xfinity sent out another technician to address another issue that had arisen. This technician's name is ALEX BUTLER. My wife & I have been with Comcast/Xfinity for many, many years since we lived in PA and we had Philadelphia Suburban Cable TV Company (pre-Comcast!!). Alex found that the crew that buried the cable, took shortcuts. He took a picture of the frayed connections at the box and sent it to his boss. He re-ran a new cable and ordered another crew to bury the cable. He went into the attic. We never had an amplifier. He said it was some kind of switch. He installed the proper amplifier. He fixed the issue for which he came out for. What a fabulous employee!!! Don't let Alex Butler go! Keep him Comcast! You've got a diamond.

It's adequate

Blake on January 13, 2020

Customer service has improved, but not great. Ask for the XB6 modem if you sign up or have an older model, it's very reliable and coverage is excellent.


Spaceyfisherman on January 11, 2020

Terribly inconsistent service. Always rotating between offline and online. It's not a hardware problem (we have a new router and modem, and they replaced the cables coming into the house). If I paid a percentage of the bill correlating to the time my WiFi has worked then I should be paying about $1 a month.

Poor customer service

D on January 04, 2020

I would give customer service a negative mark if it was a choice. Spent 2.5 hours with Xfinity before finally obtaining a solution. The service people did not know what they were doing. I was transferred to 4 people before I received ok service.

Great SPEED but..

Rabid Hamster on December 22, 2019

Consistently nice speed of the internet but as of recent progressively more and more outages of the internet entirely. It is super shady how the internet might be working fine and then it hard crashes and then will work like dial-up after the hard crash.

Terrible service

Jay on December 21, 2019

I've had Comcast for a number of years, always paid bill ahead of time and never complained when they continuously raised pricing. But now they are removing channels and charging more for less. At first they were ok, but I don't recommend them to anyone now. I've called and complained and they don't seem to care. They just tell me they can't do anything and give excuses. If I could give less than one star, I would.

Randy is awesome

Precious Goode on December 01, 2019

Dear Xfinty, Randy tech ID# 547165 went above & beyond all my expectations to help set up my Internet on all my family devices. He is a wonderful/friendly/kind/caring young man & I think he deserves praise and hopefully a raise or bonus or promotion for going the extra mile! Thank you.

Would not recommend

Cassandra on December 01, 2019

I had Xfinity for almost a year. It was good up until the last few months when their auto pay wasn’t processing my payments and I was getting all types of fees for it. I had to call multiple times (being told different things, hung up on multiple times, and not knowing what was going on). They kept blaming it on my bank and saying I needed to talk to my bank. I did call my bank and they said there were no issues they could think of why the payments weren’t processing. I even tried re-entering all my information for payments but I kept having the same issue. Then when I tried to cancel, they basically trapped me by saying I’ll have to pay all those fees (the fees that they gave me after their system was failing them) on top of cancellation fees to the tune of over $300. Don’t get stuck in their trap!

Great customer service & technician

Michael Carter on December 01, 2019

The technician was on time & very polite. He was also helpful & he made sure everything was done correctly Thank you Sir & Comcast. Great service.

Internet service

Brandi on November 12, 2019

Internet service always drops and we will go without internet at hours at a time before coming back. I was paying $80 a month but the price jumped to $100 for a basic internet only plan. I can't justify paying $100 a month for service that doesn't work most of the time. They sound like a great deal at first but after 1 year, they will just jump your price.


Justin on November 04, 2019

I have Xfinity for about 6 years. So far, the service has been really reliable and the speed is really great. The only issue I have with it is the bill and how it's capped. I had to upgrade to have unlimited but so far it is really reliable and great.

Security System

Wanda Jackson on October 23, 2019

Security System sucks, you have to secure your whole home because Xfinity only secures partial, not all windows and doors are secure, you have to purchase other equipment to secure all.

Full Of It!

Hana on October 23, 2019

This has to be one of the worst experiences I have ever had these people have taken double payments out of my account and have been giving me the run around. I have asked for assistance for 4 days without no result and no one seems to care. This has caused me real stress because I have other bills to pay. I wish I would have read the reviews before I went with this company. There pricing is extremely high and has to be some of the worst customer service ever.If you are reading this and considering this company please DON’T. I’m going back AT&T I hate Xfinity/Comcast the suck and don’t even give a damn!

Time to switch to fios

Tamara on October 23, 2019

This is beyond terrible we pay almost 200 a month for nothing. U ask about channels they say they dont support them so now were stuck with over 100 sports channels an very basic tv .fios doesnt have hidden fees or slow wifi def will be switching


Lisa Krol on October 23, 2019

The technician failed to install my wifi but I'm still being charged for installation fee. I've called and complained to half a dozen agents with no resolve!!!

Worst Service and even worse customer service!

Jeff Zielinski on October 22, 2019

We have been a Comcast Xfinty customer for over 20 years. When they forced us (and charged more!) to the digital platform we have had nothing but trouble!!! Yes, we have the original 20 year old cable line in the ground so every time it rains or is moist we have issues. I have called and said this line is shorting out with the moisture over a year ago and still no response. I have had to reset the internet modem over 6 times this week. Stay away from Xfinity, they could careless about you as a customer and your service!!!!

Xfinity Customer service

Ann Wright on October 19, 2019

I was having trouble accessing certain sites on the internet, almost like I was blocked from usage. I spoke to customer service and he was very helpful. He was easy to understand and walked me through the steps needed smoothly. He explained everything that was going on and how to fix it. Once it was fixed and up and running he continued to ensure everything was properly adjusted on his end. The entire phone call was very polite, understanding, and helpful. I wanted to acknowledge their outstanding customer service because normally it is a nightmare to contact Xfinity for help.

Amazing customer service

Ari Minor on October 09, 2019

I was having issues with my new modem that couldn’t be solved over the phone so the customer service agent, who was amazing, helped me out by scheduling a no-cost tech visit to solve the issue.

Great Service

Lawrence Crouch on October 06, 2019

First time Xfinity subscriber. Exceeded my expectations. I can honestly say I was very impressed with all aspects of Xfinity. I just purchased a home in Delray Beach FL. From the initial appointment call to complete installation, Xfinity exceeded my expectations. Very impressed with the Tech. The tech arrived early. He introduced himself and ask me about my expectations. He explained what he was going to do and would have me watching NFL football today. Walked me through the setup and all options of the remote. I ordered cable and internet. I will say the internet service is faster than others. Very impressed with Xfinity.

Glad I switched to Comcast

Jeff Mueller on September 16, 2019

Cons: Wifi seems to drop, cable still above ground for more than two months Pros: Faster internet, fast to respond for on-site support, can exchange equipment the same day at a Comcast Store, price is better than others.

Xfinity works for us.

Frank K on September 14, 2019

Our service is reasonably priced, reliable and rarely suffers from degradation. I know Xfinity is fun to 'kick around' but we have been satisfied with them.


Bastian on August 20, 2019

Service is fast and very reliable. However, it can get a bit on the pricey side depending on the speed you want. If you want internet for your home in Gloucester MA, there is no one faster in the area.

Great on iOS devices but not chromebook

Nellie on August 12, 2019

This works great on all my iOS devices but will NOT work on my Chromebooks. If you need WiFi for your Chromebook, don’t get Xfinity. They don’t have a fix for this yet.

Reliable and fast

Florence on July 28, 2019

Internet is good, one of the best in my area, it is reliable and speeds are as advertised.

Great customer service.

Annette Ferraro on June 29, 2019

June 29, 2019. Called Comcast to get help with a broken remote. Customer service representative named was great and friendly and extremely helpful. Fixed the problem very quickly. Thanks!!

Friendly and helpful customer service

Kaitlin Brockway on June 22, 2019

Tech was great. He helped me set up my internet and we didn’t have any issues during the setup, unlike some of my other experiences with other Business. It only took me about 4 minutes to reach an operator.

Great customer service

Jasmine Booker on June 05, 2019

I spoke with a rep today and he was extremely helpful and easy to talk too. I was having problems with my service and I was just not happy at all when I called. He was able to hear me out, help me set up a better service, and gave me useful information that was much appreciated. Usually, to get this service, I have to get a little rude or aggravated. But today, I was able to remain calm and still receive a great deal with fast results. I'm very happy I called today. I wanted to leave a voicemail but I was disconnected somehow. Anyway, thanks for having good reps!

Blazing speed after getting new modem (150mbps)

Joe Scott on May 31, 2019

$179 for the cheapest package with phone, internet, and Wifi.

Internet speed is fast when it is working

Norman Smith on May 28, 2019

Internet speed is fast when it is working, customer service is not the best and technical support is good when they show up on time.

Good value for what I get but not what was promised

Page Nelson on May 22, 2019

I pay $29.99 for promised 60 Mbps. It has never passed 20 Mbps to my knowledge and when I have tested, it has usually been below 10 Mbps. Nonetheless, I have found the speed sufficient. But I'm getting much less than 25% of what I am paying for and the price is going to almost double. Now it is going to be raised to $49.99 but with no improvement in speed.

Technical Support Team - Fabulous

Cristina Saffer on May 10, 2019

I've had major problems with my TV & phone. 2 gentlemen came to my house today, they checked everything out & fixed it. They listened, were thorough & knowledgeable. I got a review phone call to ask about my experience but was driving & couldn't press buttons for the survey. I did was to make sure that they got a superlative rating. Thanks.

Great Service

Rose on May 02, 2019

Awesome service from the tech who tirelessly worked to install service after an 18-year absence from the location. Tech was patient, polite, considerate, dedicated to solving the challenges presented. He worked in the heat for hours until the problems were solved. Thank you!

Xfinity 4 play

Dan on April 24, 2019

On wireless, 98% of users will not get the speed you want unless you have the latest phone like have 6-8 cores and 4 GB of RAM. I get about 350 Mbps wifi but plugged in hard-wired, I get a max of 822 Mbps. You also need to make sure that you own a modem and router that supports this kind of speed. Don't blame Xfinity or any other provider if you don't do your homework.


David on April 11, 2019

Have been a loyal Xfinity Internet customer for 14 years at my current location. Anyone else in North Central Massachusetts experienced very unreliable connectivity over the last 3-4 months. When the service is up, it screams at top speeds, but it seems that it goes down very often during the day. Troubleshoot my own connectivity on a regular basis and it's not internal for sure.

XFINITY Tech/installer

R. Dowling on April 05, 2019

Speedy appointment setup. Tech arrived in the 2 hour window appointment. Technician was VERY Knowledgeable and friendly and conversely interactive me me. Real kinda joe a company like Comcast, would want as their voice and face with a new customer. Techs name was Ralph Tuel btw. Thanks Xfinity!

Finally Got amazing Tech for service after 3 year's

Theresa Coenen on March 26, 2019

We have moved x3 since coming to Texas in 2015. And we love Comcast cable. How ever, the quality of service Technician's has been horrible until Yesterday. Any and every time we have needed in house tech to set up service, or over the phone I can't comprehend the laziness off these folks or blame placement. Yesterday how ever was different. Johnathan Johnson came to hard line a TV for me. Any and all other techs inform me (even with a brand new purchased home) we don't add Lines inside or outside. Not Jonathan, he explained everything to me. I'm not tech savvy at all. Added a filter for wireless that should have been installed from day one. Did very clean job at running the line, where I needed and wanted. Asked me for my input on My needs, making suggestions on What he believed would work best and still accommodating what I was hoping to do. Polite, sweet as could be, and his patience? Mercy! I've not been so tickled to meet such a professional polite young man! Keep up the wonderful work Jonathan Johnson! It was my first true pleasure of working with Comcast/Xfinity.

Great internet.

Curtis Maddox on February 12, 2019

By far the best cable/internet service I've ever had. Speeds are consistent and fast. Channel line up is great. The X1 system is second to none. Highly recommend.

Decent, but expensive

John George Bauer-buis on February 10, 2019

Comcast Internet service is decent, although the upload speed could be improved and the 'data usage plan' is just a money grab.

Prepaid Internet

Kristy N Hartman on January 25, 2019

Not wanting to start a contract to have internet, I found online the prepaid wireless and obtained the starter package. Though it took calling customer service and spending time on the phone to troubleshoot the connection and set up issues, I am now a happy customer! The technician that was sent out was super awesome! Very funny, professional and helpful! Thanks again and customer service support for being so helpful!

South Fresno California store

Isaac Fernandez on January 16, 2019

Had great experience with Devlon also crystal was a great help just amazing character in both of them thay help me out in mobile services. Thank you guys for everything will be doing more business with you guys!

Xfinity internet

Bertha Sanchez on January 07, 2019

Only today, the person who helped me was the kindness person I ever had. His name is CARLOS CRUZ SANCHEZ, never before someone from XFINITY was nice or helpful LIKE HIM, not even close , I have been having a lot of problems with this people so they disconnect the expansive internet service. So.. thank you very much CARLOS CRUZ SANCHEZ. agradezco mucho tu ayuda Dios te bendiga. Continua asi por favor.

Xfinity Customer Service

Amakelech Abera on December 27, 2018

I rate Xfinity 5 stars. Out of anything, I definitely recommend Jordia. He is a kind, respectful and understanding young man. He made it easier to get what I wanted fixed to be fixed. It was fast and easy and I hope you feel the same way about his reliability.

Finally, Gaming Speed Internet.

Basil Everett Thompson Jr on December 26, 2018

My son loves this internet for gaming on his Xbox One, PC and PS4. It’s super fast and keeps him in the game without lagging. Add our 3 cellular phones and live streaming to the mix and you have one powerful product!

Randomly and frequently unusable even for email

Ken on October 30, 2018

Randomly and frequently unusable even for email due to measured slow speeds. Expensive for poor service. I am often unable to use the internet from my home office. Modem reset temporarily improves service.Most Utah providers seem to have dismal customer service rankings of 2 stars or less. Other internet service providers with fiber have better reviews but are unavailable in my area. I wish there were quality competitors.

The best around!

John on October 30, 2018

This is just an update to my review I did a couple of months ago. I just updated my internet through Xfinity to their new 1 Gigabit speeds. Right now when I speedtest, I'm getting around 980 Mbps downstream and 42 Mbps upstream. I guess I've just been lucky but I've had very few problems with Xfinity when it comes to my internet speed and reliability. I know the experience can vary greatly from state to state and location to location.

New Package

Geraldine Trujillo on October 01, 2018

Tech was Awesome! He helped me get a better package for my interests & was so very friendly & treated me like I was very important to help with my internet and TV needs. It's great that Xfinity has such a valuable employee.

Amazing help

Michael Owen on September 17, 2018

I had assistance from a tech and she was professional and really helpful and clearly explained in great detail about Xfinity. She answered all my questions and was very polite! It's because of her I bought service today! Thank you again for your amazing customer service!

Comcast has totally upped it's game! Excellent service!

David Camorali on September 07, 2018

Recently had a problem with TV reception. Got a call back in only 2 minutes but did not correct the problem so a service request was issued. Serviceman came out promptly the next day and replaced all connections but still did not fix the problem. 2 service trucks promptly came out and traced the issues to the lines down the road. Problem fixed and actually my HD looks better than ever. Thank you Comcast and I will continue to be a loyal customer. Your customer service is second to none!

Xfinity now offers 1gb service in Seaside

Enrico Gonzales on August 29, 2018

Xfinity offers a very reliable 1 gb service in Seaside in fact their whole foot print on the Monterey peninsula and Salinas Area

Great service

Eusebio Maysonet on August 28, 2018

Xfinity internet from Comcast is great. It is reliable and have a good speed. What I didn't like was when I got a bundle package (TV +Internet) then decided later on to discontinue the TV services and keep the internet only, my internet bill went up to the roof. An incredible bill of $107.32 per month. Even though I like the service, I'm very disappointed with the price I ended paying. Overall, I recommend just being careful with the bundle packages.

The new V-max router is awesome!!!

Jim Smith on August 26, 2018

I was a Vandelay customer for a little over 4 years. I've never had any issues with their service, and really enjoyed all of the amenities. I received an e-mail a few weeks ago for a free wifi modem that has literally changed our lives! Now we can really take advantage of the fast speeds Vandelay offers!

Need action, not promises

Barry Jones on August 18, 2018

We have not had dependable service in over a year. A city utility company pulled up and broke a line. Xfinity spliced the line as a temporary fix but never made permanent. We began getting intermittent outages that have progressively gotten worse to the point we lose internet several times a day and at times several days at a time. Service techs come out, know what the problem is, but put in service tickets to repair the line and no one shows to do the work. I like most people, use my internet for more than entertainment and really need a dependable internet connection. I really want to like and stay with Xfinity but they need to meet their service commitments in a timely manner.

Great speed when it actually works

Nicholas on July 15, 2018

The speeds for Xfinity are nice. You have multiple tiers for different people and their needs. Unfortunately, that’s about where the positives end. Everyday for hours at a time, the internet goes out. Not the gateway that we’re renting for more than double any other provider, the internet itself gets disconnected, just to reconnect randomly later. I’ve tried resetting the gateway, checking google, Xfinity, no one seems to know why. All this for more than any other provider. At this point, it almost seems best to go with a different, lower speed provider. At least then it might work.

Could not be happier

Bill Rowan on July 14, 2018

We switched to Xfinity. Wow! I had no idea what I was missing! Now we get lightning fast WiFi. I could not be more pleased. Service has been exemplary, courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. What more can I ask for?

Great service, helpful and fast customer support

Lynn O'meara on June 11, 2018

We've had Comcast since moving to FL in 2014 and had no problems. Due to needing to use employer's internet provider, we had to switch and they were very helpful and efficient. I meant to leave an excellent customer survey but may have misunderstood the questions/ratings so I'm reviewing here. They were great all around.

Everyday service stops

Janice M Goodhart on June 08, 2018

Very frustrated with paying >$100 and daily service issues. When it works, it works well, but the modem has to be reset at least once a day. We have already exchanged the modem. I wish there was more competition in our area.

Day to day no real issues. Sad to leave them

Brian on June 08, 2018

Like all internet service providers, service can seem slow and unresponsive. Luckily, I have been with them so long and all the bugs seem to have been resolved for a long time now. Reliability & speed are quite sufficient and beyond my needs

Gig Life

Lisa Albers on June 06, 2018

We have had Comcast/Xfinity for 15 years and have had almost no problems. We just recently upgraded to a Gig. We have 4 teenagers and a super smart home with wireless gadgets, garage door, lights, speakers, etc. It rocks and we never had a speed problem. We just got the mesh pod thingies and that gave super strong coverage in our house. Love it. Wish my cable bill would quit going up, but the Xfinty home wireless and internet are awesome.

Great service

Elizabeth Applegate on April 22, 2018

Awesome in price. They hooked our internet up the next day.

Excellent network, very difficult phone system

Michael Smith on March 03, 2018

Overall, I highly and actively recommend this provider's internet. Be advised that if you ever have to call them for any reason aside from upgrading service plans, it is a living hell. Every time. But, the hardware is the best deal currently available. Oh well... looks like I'm staying with Comcast / Xfinity.

Ridiculously high pricing, good product

Mike on February 22, 2018

Good product and service, but ridiculously high price.

Good service

James on February 18, 2018

I have been very happy with the service. However, the cost goes up rapidly and in the last 13 months has increased from $130 to $175. Being a senior citizen I can not afford these increases. Maybe a senior citizen discount may be nice.

Fast and not too expensive but super unstable

Mike on January 29, 2018

Internet sometimes goes down every single day for a week and then is fine for a month before it happens again, we pay about $100 a month for basic cable plus 150 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up internet.

Good but too expensive

Fn on January 19, 2018

I've had service for a number of years. I am lucky to have it this far in rural America. It is expensive and typically runs me $200 after negotiating with a 2 yr commitment. Customer service has been very good at times and at other times awful. Reliability of service is very good, especially in my location. It is fast enough to run 4k video. The Wi-Fi router is not reliable but I use my own mesh system now. There is no wireless system that is even close to the speed. I am cutting the tv and phone cable however and going with internet only soon.

Great where I live!

John on January 17, 2018

Overall the internet from Comcast Xfinity has been great. This site claims the max speed they offer for my area is only 150 Mbps but when I speedtest I always get 180 Mbps downstream and only 24 Mbps upstream. I would like faster speeds but they aren't offered in my area just yet.

It works, mostly

William Windermere on December 19, 2017

Most of the time it works well. I haven't really tested the download speed, so I'm not sure if we're getting what they promise. We have occasional times where the video streaming gets hung up. They did just raise the rates on us, I'm not sure what their excuse for that was.

Fast but too expensive

Lee Dapra on November 28, 2017

Fast internet, average about 45-50 Mbps but too costly. We spend $175/month to watch 4 channels and get internet.

Excellent customer service for a loyal customer

Erin Heidenreich on November 09, 2017

I have been a long time customer 17 years , my financial situation changed due to illness and they were so helpful. Saved me $25 a month. I am very happy and appreciated.

Highly Recommend It

Chris on November 04, 2017

Outstanding service. Great speed and rock-solid reliability.

Reliable, until you deal with their customer service

Brett on August 23, 2017

Speed is good, very reliable, but customer service is terrible, and they keep changing prices every year depending on what special you happen to catch when you call.


Patty Rose on August 17, 2017

Love XFINITY they are reliable and great service.

Good speeds and good customer service

Charles Christie on August 16, 2017

Speeds were advertised at 200mbps max for Blast service, and even under load from multiple devices, I can get 140mbps on my PC.

Great speed at a cost

Annoyed Comcast User on August 08, 2017

Comcast has the best speed and reliability in the area but it will cost you. The highest speeds available are expensive but there is no competition. Their customer service is a joke. Calling them is a chore. I have had three instances in the past year where they have added charges to my bill for rental equipment that I never had. Pro tip: never rent equipment, purchase it and the rental fees saved will cover the cost in about a year.

Product is A+

Joe Petrone on July 18, 2017

Great product, nothing really compares, love the convenience of it.

Overall good service but always room for improvement, hence, 4 stars

Greg on July 13, 2017

I would recommend this service provider. Internet signal strength and speed was very reliable. However, I did have a persistent problem acquiring and maintaining a wireless connection between computer and printer that I didn't have with my previous service provider's router. The cost was typically high for unlimited data.

Reliable, But Overpriced

Liz G. on July 06, 2017

Lots of fees added onto monthly bill. Luckily the service is very reliable because the customer service is terrible if you have to call, especially if it involves a billing issue.


Devon Gelhar on July 03, 2017

Great customer service, always helpful and easy to get to a real person.

If You Have Comcast, Be Thankful

Dean on June 28, 2017

I've always lived in places where Comcast internet has been available and now that I'm moving I'm realizing how lucky you are if you have something like Comcast or Verizon. Sure, people complain about the poor customer service and such, but just be thankful you live in a place where 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload is only $40/month and is 100% reliable. I'm moving, not that far away mind you, and to a location that is fairly densely populated, actually more populated than the location I currently live, but my only options are other companies that advertise"high-speed internet" and deliver 5 Mbps download... that's right... 5 Mbps download. This is awful if you want to do literally anything other than check emails and browse text-based websites. Then the only reasonable service they provide is something like $85/m for 60 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload. They have a few lower-end plans that provide 30 Mbps download but those plans only offer 3 Mbps upload which you know based on their horrible pricing plans is going to be more like 2 Mbps which is going to make it difficult to do any real-time uploading. You should consider yourself lucky if you do have Comcast available in your area. They have a fantastic service that is always reliable and pricing that is reasonable for 2017. Moving to a more densely populated area that doesn't have Comcast is going to cost me over twice as much money to reach the same speeds that Comcast is providing.

#1 by my book

Thomas Jensen on June 16, 2017

I have had no real problems with Xfinity. It has been a great service for me and my family. The pricing may be a little on the higher end, but the customer service I have received has made up for it. All the other services have become close seconds but I still overly enjoy Comcast as a whole.

Xfinity is Awesome

Rylan on May 30, 2017

Fast, always on. Hotspots all over town. Xfinity X1 is my go-to for streaming live TV and on demand.

Happy with service, don't like price jacks

Jennifer on May 26, 2017

We have been happy with Comcast Internet. We got the 25 Mbps unlimited plan, and it has been overall just fine for one or two people streaming Netflix and/or YouTube videos. It's generally reliable as we haven't had outages. Customer service is friendly and helpful. What I don't love is the introductory price gets increased by $10 after 12 months, and then an additional $30 after 6 more months. I didn't know about that last part. $65 per month is a ridiculous price for 25 Mbps.


Laura Pistorius on April 17, 2017

We have loved Xfinity from Comcast. Sad that we will not have it at our new house in Bucyrus. Boo! The internet is so fast and reliable. Great variety of channels on the TV too.

Pricey but reliable

Rotormansa on April 04, 2017

Comcast is very pricey. Connecticut doesn't have a lot of competition so you are caught between one of the three CATV providers. Comcast, for just internet, is a bit over $50/month. Looking to perhaps switch to others and will save about 30% off this price. Comcast reliability has been extremely good and good speeds, just can't justify the price.

Good internet

Jason on March 31, 2017

Never really have problems, maybe once in a few months, internet will reset itself in the middle of the night but that's it.

Good Internet Service

Javion Weeks on February 20, 2017

It almost never goes out and when it does the weather must be very terrible. Everything else is fine but the customer service isn't the best and sometimes they try to be sneaky.

Good service

Debra Brown on January 19, 2017

Good service but priced way too high.

Internet good, cable TV bad

Heather on December 30, 2016

Internet service is great, cable is not worth it and customer service is not very helpful


Norma on December 30, 2016

I am satisfied with the speed of my internet. The customer service is also excellent!

Switched to Comcast Xfinity one year ago. Now great service, no problems. Happy!

Robert I Salsman on December 26, 2016

Previous ISP could not provide dependable computer service. Switched to Xfinity one year ago. Xfinity internet service is wonderful, fast, and dependable. I do recommend after having so much trouble when serviced by the previous provider. I have not had (1) service call while on Xfinity. Price is affordable and I have found a great home internet with Comcast Xfinity.

Data cap unacceptable

Joe on December 25, 2016

Service is good, support is good but data cap is unacceptable and $50 extra for unlimited data plan is quite expensive but overall it's good. What they need to do is increase their speeds and remove that data cap.

Great speeds, but expensive and now cap usage at 1,000 Gb

Josh Campbell on December 05, 2016

The speed and customer service has always been great, but the prices have gotten really expensive and now they have started to charge you overage charges when you download/stream over 1,000 Gb of data in a month. You can get unlimited data for another $50 a month. So to get fast unlimited internet from Comcast you are looking at spending $135 plus tax! Pretty frustrating that last month they changed their internet policy.

Fast speed but not reliable

Dadmiras on October 16, 2016

I frequently lose internet connection at my house at least once a week, sometimes multiple times. When it runs, it runs very well and the family is happy.

It is okay service at a promotional price but not at regular price

Alondra Espinoza on October 11, 2016

Works okay majority of the time. Their promotional prices are decent and it was fine for the services offered. However, their regular prices (usually after a year of service or more) are excessive for their product. Maybe if their speeds were better and it was a better quality product it would be worth it.

Great Service!

Charleen Hastings on October 04, 2016

My family and I have had to have some repairs done recently. Customer service was very gracious. The promptness of completing our service problems with the internet/wifi, TV and phone was excellent. We even received a credit for days with lost service. Overall, the triple play and X1 service has met our needs for all the years Xfinity has been in our area. Thank you.

Great Service

Chela on September 12, 2016

The service is stable and fast, the customer service reps are always friendly and helpful. I love Comcast.

Better than expected

Jeremy on September 06, 2016

It was super reliable and customer service has improved since I tried them 8 years ago.

Comcast Review

Ryan Snow on September 03, 2016

Best service available in my area, with great support and customer service!

Good Service

Vic Revenko on August 01, 2016

I have had Comcast for 30 years and it provides reliable service.

XFINITY Improving In Wallace, CA

Mike Jones on January 08, 2016

When people move to our neighborhood, they often ask who the best internet provider is and on our Nextdoor site, the winner is Xfinity from Comcast. I have had them for 11 years here and the internet service went from okay the first few years to excellent the last couple of years. TV service is just starting to catch up except for Nat Geo!

Wish it were less expensive, but the speed is good

on December 05, 2015

I love the speed of Xfinity/Comcast but don't like the cost. I had to purchase the TV bundle to get the best WiFi price even though I won't use the TV because I have a contract with Dish for satellite TV. Sadly, the cost almost doubled after the first year when my intro was over. Still it is the only cable option in Chico and it is faster than our other options and the only one without metered service so I can stream my music as I want to.

So far, so good!

Ken Jones In Seattle on November 12, 2015

Have Xfinity for a month now. Very satisfied with the service. I have the combination phone, net, and video package for a hundred bucks a month. The installer was highly competent and left the work area clean and neat. I talk to the remote and it does what I want. Life is good.


on November 06, 2015

I love my service, we've had Comcast for many years and highly recommend it. Have tried others and always have gone back to Comcast. They are the best overall!

Really very reliable

on October 26, 2015

Have had Comcast in Edmonds for about 4 years now - I can remember two down periods, neither lasting more than a few minutes. Speed has always been consistent, and those times that I needed customer service it has been satisfactory.

Comcast is actually not bad at all

Stevan S. on October 19, 2015

I just got fed up with our previous ISP and their bad customer service so I decided to give Comcast benefit of a doubt and tried their services. Believe it or not, I was amazed. All stories of bad customer service and issues from Comcast were not true, and I am very happy for not blindly believing in them but test it on my own. Comcast provided me outstanding customer service and I'm blessed with them on top of saving money! Previous ISP was ripping me off and giving terrible customer service!

Just Ok.

on October 17, 2015

Comcast's Internet service meets my expectations, but their X1 services leave me feeling discontent about their services overall.

Often well below advertised speeds

on October 16, 2015

Almost 100% uptime, but often at speeds well below advertised.

Forced to upgrade

Tom on September 19, 2015

While Xfinity internet is indeed the best deal in the market (Mbps), customer service just hit a new low. Usage caps have been imposed in the middle of a billing cycle. So customers need to upgrade or cutback. With two adults and a full-time college student in the account, we have no option but to upgrade. Some notice would have been nice.

Good when it works

on September 05, 2015

It's ok, really. Not great; inconsistent but good when it works. However, for the price (which keeps going up and up), I expect super awesome. The internet can be pretty slow which would be ok if I weren't paying a premium price. The stars say it all; 3 star service for 5 star price. Someone please give this company some competition!

Cannot complain

on September 01, 2015

I just have not called them for any customer support yet. I have a basic cable TV and cable internet, so far no complaint about the speed. The best is that I can connect to hundreds of available hotspots to most places that I go.

XFINITY Internet

on August 08, 2015

The service varies but is pretty reliable. The promotional price is reasonable. The problem with the price is temporary and they push it up to an unreasonable price once the promotion period ends.


on March 03, 2015

Reliable internet provider but with higher cost.

Contrary opinion: Comcast is good

Mr. Gray on February 11, 2015

It may be a regional thing, but around here Comcast is good. I have always had courteous and helpful contacts with customer service, good experiences with appointments and installs. I am a Triple Play customer and I feel it is price competitive to other customers. Rarely (almost never) goes down.

Customer Server could be better but everything else ROCKS!!

on January 05, 2015

Had to call in to get a few things taken care of but for Internet, they are hard to beat and when u add TV for a total of $100 digital with DVR and 2nd box, pretty tough to beat!! So don't believe every bad thing you hear, look at pricing. Had Internet for 10+ years only out when power is out.

Great service, terrible customer service.

on December 16, 2014

Difficult to deal with and always seem to be some sort of "issue" when you use an online rep. The internet is fast and works well.

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