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We asked BroadbandNow users to review Xfinity based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 6263 for Xfinity. Xfinity earned an average score of 3.45 out of 5.

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Xfinity Internet Customer Reviews

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Remove Autopay before Cancelling

Jacob Tomas on January 16, 2024

Tip to Xfinity customers: If you decide to leave Xfinity, remove your credit card and cancel Autopay from your profile well before you leave. Otherwise, Xfinity will continue to automatically bill you monthly after you've canceled. And they make it very VERY difficult to contact anyone to stop the automatic payments, much less get refunds for improper post-cancellation payments, by phone, email, or chat. VERY difficult.

Customer live agent

Erick Velez on December 11, 2023

I had a really pleasant experience while sorting through my account troubles, thanks to the tech who was very polite even through my haste and irritation and I wanted to make sure that he gets his credit. Wasn’t able to personally give him a review as I couldn’t find out how to do it so this is the next best thing.

Pleasant, helpful employees

Janet on December 04, 2023

We want to give a shout-out to the Xfinity Hendersonville, TN in-store employees who worked with us on 2 different issues we were having with 1 of our cable boxes and TVs. They were all professional, courteous, and open to questions we had.

Awesome service!!

Maria on November 20, 2023

After going to the Olympia on-site office for help, I waited for about 40 minutes, however, from the time they called me until the moment tech walked me out, the service he extended, was nothing short of outstanding! He was thorough and clear in his instructions and he walked me through every step of the procedures he went through to get my internet working and my accounts consolidated. He was kind, thoughtful, and professional. Thank you for your amazing service!

Wish I could write something positive

Pam Meyers on November 09, 2023

We have been with Xfinity, and Comcast, for many, many years, back when it was called Adelphia. Overall we were ok with the price for the service but now it is too expensive. The last couple of years we don't feel it has been worth it. Their website changed a few months back and since then I can no longer bring up my email account through Chrome. Nor can I copy and paste it into my email. When I try to log into my account through my mobile device it sends a code to my phone over and over and over even after I check the box that says " Don't Ask Again in this Browser". Customer Service acts like they have never heard of these issues before but if anyone there bothered to look up troubleshooting they would find more than just me has these issues. Our contract with Xfinity is over in mid-January of next year and we have decided we will cut ties with Xfinity and stream like everyone else does.

Leave review for Xfinity Technician

Patty Rathburn on November 02, 2023

In today's Customer care atmosphere, when everything is done in a hurry and sometimes the task at hand is overlooked… But today I had the sheer pleasure of meeting a tech who was polite, and knowledgeable and went above and beyond when he spoke with my Son on the phone to assure me I had a modem moving forward. He did his work in a timely fashion and cleaned up every last detail. To the Supervisor And Xfinity, you got it right when you hired this Gentleman. Thank You for a job well done.

Poor service

Jacob Belenky on October 23, 2023

Service is very poor, nobody is available to talk. At the Xfinity store in Lafayette, nobody pays attention to you or cares about you, you don’t exist to them as a customer. What to cancel, fine, we can’t help you. After so many years of being a customer, we got 20% rise, not a discount. So, I’m sure you can find a better provider, that is what we are doing. Never been so ignored!

The good customer service

Saif Alsaifi on October 21, 2023

Their customer service was perfect. Especially when the tech helped us with our problem and solved it. He was helpful and smart. And the person who came to our house and activated the Internet in our unit. Thank you Xfinity team.

Very Happy

Judy on October 12, 2023

Your Xfinity associate who handled my issues and complaints was professional and very down to earth. He restored my faith in Xfinity after being a long-term customer. He is commended for his willingness to get everything right again!!

Don’t do it!

Mike Pettit on October 11, 2023

These guys aren’t worth it. Horrible customer service. They are impossible to get a hold of and talk to someone who can actually solve your problem. They are chatbots that just send you in circles and when you get on the phone they just direct you back to your online chatbot. Save yourself from the stress and hassle and use any other provider out there EXCEPT Xfinity.

Fast and Effective Service

Annelise Leopard on October 10, 2023

We changed states and needed to activate an older Xfinity account. Tech helped us in-store as we walked in and was extremely efficient and professional. Thank you for the good friendly service.

Unreliable Service

Holly Hickam on August 19, 2023

Since June, my service has been cutting in and out. I have Internet, cable, and phone services. The most important thing to me is the landline because my son comes home after school and needs to call me at work to check in and I need to be able to call him. With my services constantly cutting in and out, I have no way of getting in touch with him. Plus, being over $230 a month, I don't feel like I'm getting what I'm paying for. I've had Xfinity for over 10 years, but since this has been happening for 3 months, I will have to change services. I cannot keep paying for something that doesn't work.

Great customer services

Bashar on August 01, 2023

I called Xfinity today to cancel the service, but the customer service was very helpful, made me change my mind, and made it easy for me to switch the plan. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you.

Happy now!

James S Quindry on July 09, 2023

Finally got a tech to the house, he changed the wires to the pole and the internet box is working great now. Thanks to him. I still hate your Xfinity assistant, it’s crap.

Used to be good service.

Brian James Stewart on June 21, 2023

Xfinity used to be the best, lately their service and reliability are more on par with their competitor. That's a huge fall in quality. I've been a customer for 7 years, I'm about to switch to a different brand as a result of poor service.

Thank you Service Rep!

Mary on April 25, 2023

A big thank you for the professional service I received from you on Thursday, April 13, and April 25. You are truly an excellent Customer Service Agent when you took your time to explain the promotional details regarding your company. You are very professional, knowledgeable, and patient. I really enjoyed the time you spent with me answering all of my questions and concerns that I had. Thank you again!

Ok customer service

Aaron on January 28, 2023

Signed up for Xfinity service about three weeks ago. Was then told the internet was ready to go. I just needed to install the gateway they provided me at the Xfinity retail store. Fast forward after proper installation via instructions, the internet does not work. It then takes me a ton of calls to eventually get an agent on the phone from another country. Books me for tech the following day. He shows up and says it's a faulty line but I now have some service. He put in a request to change the line. Another tech shows up a couple of days later says the gateway was faulty and replaced it. Tech informs me that the salesperson added an unwanted phone line without my knowledge. Fast forward after tech is done, the internet is averaging around 2-3 Mbps download and around 15 Mbps upload. I get in touch with Xfinity yet again and they pretty much said it's $100 to get a tech out here. Maybe your experience will be different than mine? I am currently in the process of cutting my service with Xfinity.

Horrible customer service response

Matthew Cardon on January 23, 2023

Xfinity’s commercials should stay Xfinity Internet, where we send you in circles and you’ll never get a live rep. It is nearly impossible to get someone on the phone. They divert you to text messages or chat. If you ask for the operator, it tells you to choose or hang up and when you do choose it sends you a text message and then gives you the option to go back to the main menu. This is horrible on Xfinity's part, you overpriced With no customer interaction. Everything has to be done automatically.

Fantastic service

Joyce Wynkoop on January 21, 2023

I was frustrated with the automated system but then I finally got through to an agent, she was very patient with me, and she resolved my problem very professionally. Xfinity should be proud to have her work for them, I was very impressed by her. The call was made Saturday night 1/21/2023 call was at 7.05 I wish I could remember her name again I forgot to ask before we hung up. Very efficient looking at my case. Thank you for the great customer service.

Lack of Customer Focus

Joe Gardenhour on December 14, 2022

On 14 Dec 2022 at approximately 11 am MST, XFinity took the internet down in Utah just when hundreds of people were working from home and using their service to perform work at home for their jobs. I personally never received any information that they were doing this (that’s one issue) but my neighbor said he got an email 11 minutes prior to the outage saying they will be doing work for 2 hours and therefore the service would be interrupted. It is 2:10 MST and there is still no service. I called Xfinity and went through their cumbersome network of endless robotic messages to get to a message that says service will be back up online at 1:45 MST then it said 2 pm to ultimately come back online 3 plus hours later. Why they think it's acceptable to give an 11-minute notification of a significant self-initiated outage to hundreds of people working in the middle of the work day is beyond me. If this is how they plan out their scheduled work then I am going to look elsewhere for another internet provider that actually takes into account the customers' needs.

About Our Xfinity Customer Reviews

Xfinity is one of the biggest internet service providers in the world, and its customers have plenty to say about it — both good and bad. Currently, percent of our Xfinity customer reviews are positive. Xfinity and its parent company, Comcast, have improved their reputation for customer service, though some reviewers are still critical. Xfinity internet plans offer impressive high speeds (check out our Xfinity speed test data to see how those advertised speeds translate into real-world performance), and the company’s introductory pricing and deals make it an appealing option to consumers on a budget.