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EarthLink vs. Optimum Internet

Compare EarthLink and Optimum by Altice internet service in 2024

8 Plans Available
EarthLink internet
price range
$39.95 - $189.95/month
*Prices may vary depending on the plan.


  • Download speeds up to: 5 Gbps
  • DSL, Fixed Wireless, Fiber
  • Unlimited Data
27 Plans Available
Optimum internet
price range
$40 - $280/month
*Prices may vary depending on the plan.


  • Download speeds up to: 8 Gbps
  • Cable, Fiber
  • $10 a month equipment fees
  • Unlimited Data

Learn more about EarthLink and Optimum:

Learn more about EarthLink and Optimum

EarthLink and Optimum are among the leading internet providers in the U.S. Where Optimum offers cable and fiber internet connections, EarthLink uses DSL, 5G home internet, and fiber-optic technology to reach a greater coverage area across 26 states. Beyond coverage, Optimum offers many bundling options that include TV and phone services, while EarthLink customers can only take advantage of a phone add-on.

EarthLink vs Optimum: Best Deals

Internet Deals

Optimum Pulls Ahead of EarthLink in the Fees Department

Both Providers Offer Self-Installation Options

EarthLink offers a self-installation option that can save you money, but you may require professional installation depending on your preexisting wiring, which can cost up to $79.95. Optimum also has a self-install option that will let you skip a technician appointment and fees. As with EarthLink, some of their service plans require professional installation at a cost.

Optimum’s No-Contract Plans Outshine EarthLink

EarthLink requires a yearlong contract for all of its internet plans. Depending on the plan chosen, EarthLink customers can expect to pay early termination fees (ETFs) up to $200 if they decide to end their contract early. Optimum doesn’t require a contract for its internet plans but offers a promotional rate with one-year agreements. At the end of the year, there will be a price hike for your plan.

Data Caps Are Nonexistent With Both Providers

Neither EarthLink nor Optimum have data cap restrictions on their internet plans.

EarthLink vs. Optimum Internet Review

We asked BroadbandNow users to review EarthLink based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 400 for EarthLink. EarthLink earned an average score of 4.07 out of 5.

As of July 2024, BroadBandNow’s editorial team has not been able to survey enough Optimum customers to provide a comprehensive understanding of how this service is meeting customers’ needs or expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions About EarthLink and Optimum Internet

  • Is EarthLink or Optimum cheaper?

    Optimum is cheaper than EarthLink, with plans that start at just $40 per month. EarthLink plans, in comparison, start at $39.95 per month.

  • Who has faster speeds? EarthLink or Optimum?

    Optimum is the fastest option, with speeds reaching up to 8 Gbps. EarthLink follows closely behind with speeds up to 5 Gbps also on a fiber network.

  • Do EarthLink and Optimum have unlimited data?

    Both internet providers offer internet plans equipped with unlimited data.

  • Do EarthLink and Optimum require a contract?

    EarthLink requires a one-year contract for all of its internet plans. Optimum, however, doesn’t require contracts for its plans and offers month-to-month options.