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Broadband Coverage in the U.S.

As of June 2016, approximately 31.9 million Americans still have no access to wired broadband internet service.

The FCC defines broadband as being able to deliver a minimum of 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. These speeds are modest, but sufficient to support modern applications Americans use every day for education, employment, and essential communication.

White House reports state that increasing broadband coverage can enhance local economies and reduce unemployment — especially in low-income communities.

Explore this map for state-level data and statistics about broadband Internet access in all 50 states.

Interactive SVG Map showing broadband coverage.

How We Aggregate and Analyze Data

We treat data aggregation the same way a gold panner searches for gold: starting with the “chunky” data and cross-verifying it against several layers of more granular datasets.

First, we aggregate governmental datasets at the census block level from the FCC and NTIA. Most of the valuable data at this stage is built on FCC form 477, which requires Internet providers to report their network coverage on a bi-annual basis.

Second, we bring in privatized datasets that leverage our direct relationships with providers. At this stage, we compare governmental data against verified lit addresses and make coverage estimates using mapping logic based on our extensive database of fiber line networks.

Finally, we cross-verify data that passes these tests against third-party datasets acquired from niche data aggregation groups. This includes data from broadband consultancies and mapping groups as well as IP identification from national speed test databases.

This process is time-intensive and expensive, but it allows us to produce the most granular and accurate results available to the public. For more details you can review our data page which outlines our datasets and efforts.

Broadband Providers By State

Alabama27.5mbps147 providers
Alaska22.8mbps70 providers
American Samoa-mbps6 providers
Arizona34.8mbps149 providers
Arkansas25.4mbps128 providers
California53.8mbps287 providers
Colorado40.5mbps223 providers
Connecticut45.0mbps74 providers
Delaware47.6mbps55 providers
District of Columbia50.8mbps68 providers
Florida34.2mbps188 providers
Georgia38.9mbps217 providers
Guam-mbps8 providers
Hawaii24.3mbps37 providers
Idaho19.9mbps144 providers
Illinois44.8mbps334 providers
Indiana32.7mbps226 providers
Iowa23.2mbps426 providers
Kansas32.2mbps204 providers
Kentucky24.0mbps175 providers
Louisiana30.6mbps117 providers
Maine20.0mbps85 providers
Maryland54.3mbps125 providers
Massachusetts54.3mbps109 providers
Michigan27.5mbps247 providers
Minnesota36.6mbps260 providers
Mississippi21.3mbps111 providers
Missouri33.9mbps238 providers
Montana19.9mbps121 providers
Nebraska24.1mbps171 providers
Nevada37.3mbps127 providers
New Hampshire41.7mbps67 providers
New Jersey49.6mbps127 providers
New Mexico22.9mbps121 providers
New York51.2mbps193 providers
North Carolina39.7mbps168 providers
North Dakota26.9mbps99 providers
Northern Mariana Islands-mbps5 providers
Ohio22.1mbps258 providers
Oklahoma34.4mbps175 providers
Oregon43.2mbps242 providers
Pennsylvania43.1mbps203 providers
Puerto Rico-mbps28 providers
Rhode Island55.1mbps43 providers
South Carolina29.1mbps104 providers
South Dakota23.6mbps105 providers
Tennessee34.2mbps167 providers
Texas41.5mbps453 providers
Utah30.2mbps134 providers
Vermont28.5mbps61 providers
Virgin Islands-mbps14 providers
Virginia50.9mbps179 providers
Washington51.6mbps230 providers
West Virginia28.1mbps79 providers
Wisconsin25.5mbps222 providers
Wyoming17.3mbps91 providers

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