Ultra Home Internet Availability Map

Ultra Home Internet Availability Map. Click for interactive map

Because it’s backed by T-Mobile’s 5G and LTE network, Ultra Home Internet shares T-Mobile’s coverage and availability, reaching nearly 300 million Americans in over 8,000 cities.

Ultra Home Internet is a relative newcomer in the residential internet market. Like other mobile broadband providers, this ISP uses 5G technology to deliver a wireless internet connection that is faster and more reliable than old types of fixed wireless connections.

Ultra Home Internet Plans and Pricing

Best Features: Things to Consider:
  • Contract-free plans
  • Quick and easy self-installation
  • Wide availability – coverage in rural America and less populated suburbs
  • Low data caps and speed throttling
  • Higher-than-average pricing
  • Monthly router rental required

Ultra Home Internet separates its plans by both speed and data. Data limits are something that consumers should keep an eye on (especially given the increase in online activity we’ve seen in the past two years), but they’re not necessarily unusual for fixed wireless plans.

Ultra Home Internet plans start at $59.99 per month. That plan caps data use at 25GB per month. Pay more, and you could get a data cap as high as 100 GB per month — a more generous number that is still best for households that don’t do a lot of streaming or online gaming. Ultra Home Internet is not a replacement for a high-speed fiber or cable connection, but it is a worthy rival of traditional wireless home internet options like satellite internet.

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Ultra Home Internet Speeds

Ultra Home Internet advertises speeds of 25-115 Mbps. Our speed tests largely back that up: Our data shows that the service’s real-world speeds can range between 19 and 143 Mbps. The speeds you’ll receive will depend on the type of network you have access to. Ultra Home Internet offers LTE and 5G connections in different areas, and the latter is typically going to be much faster than the former.

Ultra Home Internet offers two routers: the Netgear Orbi™ LTE and the Orbi™ 5G. As their names suggest, these routers determine which network you can connect to. Our data suggests that customers with 5G connections will experience speeds that are roughly twice as fast as those experienced by LTE customers.

Improvements to current LTE networks and further 5G deployments are slated to continue until 2024. Ultra Home Internet speeds will increase as 5G evolves. One benefit to Ultra Home Internet is that, like other 5G home internet providers, it offers the fastest speed available in your area at no additional cost — you won’t be charged higher rates when speeds increase. With the speeds it currently offers, Ultra Home Internet is faster than the most popular rural internet providers, Viasat and Hughesnet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ultra Home Internet

  • How much is Ultra Home Internet a month?

    Ultra Home Internet plans range from $59.99-$149.99 per month for download speeds of 25 to 115 Mbps across all plans.

  • How fast is Ultra Home Internet?

    Ultra Home Internet advertises download speeds of 25 to 115 Mbps. Actual speeds will vary by location.

  • Are there data caps with Ultra Home Internet?

    Ultra Home Internet separates its plans by implementing soft data caps. Those caps range from 25-150 GB per month.

  • Do I have to sign a contract for Ultra Home Internet?

    When you choose an Ultra Home Internet plan, you don’t need to sign a long-term contract. You can cancel anytime and avoid paying early termination fees (ETFs).