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Below you will find the best triple play offers, TV and internet bundles, and internet only deals available for Charter Spectrum.

Charter Spectrum


54%54% Customer Rating

53.8% recommendation rating according to 35,534 verified Spectrum users.



The deals listed below include TV, Internet, and Phone service. Generally Charter Spectrum offers the best promotions and discounts on these plans.

$89.97/mo for Triple Play Select

  • Up to 100 mbps w/ no data cap.
  • Spectrum TV Select
  • Home Phone Spectrum Voice (Unlimited)
  • 1-year promo rate. Regular rate is $149.97.
  • Setup: $0 (Free professional installation.)
  • Modem included.

TV & Internet Bundles

The bundles listed below include TV + Internet access and can be a good value if you want traditional TV service.

$89.98/mo for Spectrum TV Select + Internet

  • Up to 100 mbps w/ no data cap.
  • Spectrum TV Select
  • 1-year promo rate. Regular rate is $119.98.
  • Setup: $34.99 (Includes professional installation.)
  • Modem included.

Internet Only Plans

If you are considering an internet-only plan, be sure to compare with the bundle deals above. Sometimes Spectrum offers TV or Phone service for just a few dollars more than stand-alone internet.

$39.99/mo for 60 mbps

  • Up to 100 mbps w/ no data cap.
  • 1-year promo rate. Regular rate is $64.99.
  • Modem included.

Plans may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Verify terms and availability with Charter Spectrum. Last updated on 12/6/2017.

Charter Spectrum Overview

After acquiring Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks in 2016, Charter Communications became the 2nd largest cable service provider in the US, just behind Comcast. They offer a range of services in addition to internet access, but on this page you'll find their plans and promotions that offer TV or home phone service or both.

How to Decide Between Different Deals and Bundles:

We've written quite a bit on how to choose the right internet provider, but once you've narrowed down which provider is right for you, choosing between their deals and promotions can be complex.

With that in mind, we generally suggest you consider 3 key items when you are comparing the different offers from Charter.

1) What Services Will You Use?

Even though Charter offers multiple bundles that include TV, Internet, and home phone (often called triple plays) for very competitive prices, ask yourself what services you'll actually use.

If you only need internet and TV get a plan that just includes TV and internet. If you need home phone, then get one that includes it.

Today many providers are running offers that bundle home phone at a cost that is cheaper than a plan without it. While this may be a great fit for some families, if you aren't going to use home phone then don't get a plan with it because once you factor in taxes and service fees you'll be paying more than just a plain TV and internet plan.

In short, the simplest way to lower your cable or internet bill is to only get services you need.

2) Should You Sign a Contract?

One of the biggest decisions that you should think about when you are evaluating different plans and deals from a provider is to consider whether a long term contract is in your best interest. Generally these contracts offer a discounted price for a set period of time. This is great for consumers who see themselves in the same place for the length of the contract, but for consumers who are renting or move a lot they can face sizable early termination fees or ETFs if they try to cancel their service before their contract is finished.

Regardless of what plan you choose, pay attention to contract lengths and early termination fees.

3) Compare the Final Price

Promotional pricing and the final price you pay after taxes and additional equipment can vary quite a bit. As you are evaluating different promotional deals make sure to compare the final price after tax. This will be what you are paying even if the promotional offer shows differently.

At BroadbandNow we do our best to collect all the fine details that can increase the final price you pay, but still make sure to read the fine print and verify plan details with the provider.

Customer Reviews of Charter:

Most internet providers in the U.S. have low ratings ratings by consumers, in fact the industry as a whole is one of the lowest rated industries in the US.

It's a tough situation, especially since most consumers don't have a lot of options in their area.

That said, let's take a look at how Charter's customer ratings stack up against their direct competition as this is the best way to compare two providers in an unbiased fashion. (Remember, reviews on BroadbandNow are from IP verified customers.)

To date, we've asked 35,534 IP verified Charter users if they would recommend their service to a friend. So far, 53.8% of consumers said they would recommend their service to a friend.

Overall, Charter's 53.8% rating is better than the 47.9% average rating across every provider we cover on BroadbandNow.com

Charter Technology: Fiber Coaxial Hybrid Network

Charter's TV, internet, and phone service is powered via their hybrid fiber network. What this generally means is that fiber is run to a point near your home but the "last mile" or the final connection is delivered via coaxial cable. As a general rule with this type of network, the closer you are to the node the faster your connection will be.

Charter Communications Availability

Charter is available in many areas, (you can find the full charter availability map here) including California, Texas, New York, and 42 other states. In total they cover 101.5 million people across 45 states.

If in doubt on whether they have service in your area, enter your zip code into the zip search above and we'll show you all the providers that available in your area.

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