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  • Download speeds up to: 20 Mbps


    • Fixed Wireless
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    • Connection: Fixed Wireless
    • Contract Term: 2 years with up to $250 ETF
    • Data: 300 GB/mo
  • Download speeds up to: 25 Mbps


    • Fixed Wireless
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    • Connection: Fixed Wireless
    • Contract Term: 2 years with up to $250 ETF
    • Data: No Caps
  • Download speeds up to: 40 Mbps


    • Fixed Wireless
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    • Connection: Fixed Wireless
    • Contract Term: 2 years with up to $250 ETF
    • Data: No Caps
  • Download speeds up to: 300 Mbps


    • Fiber
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    • Connection: Fiber
    • Data: No Caps
  • Download speeds up to: 500 Mbps


    • Fiber
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    • Connection: Fiber
    • Data: No Caps
  • Download speeds up to: 1 Gbps


    • Fiber
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    • Connection: Fiber
    • Data: No Caps

Fybercom Availability by State

Idaho 9,195 1 gbps
Idaho 336,924 1 gbps
Idaho 0 1 gbps
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We LOVE Fybercom!

Saleena Seals on October 16, 2022

Our family recently moved to Idaho Falls, called around for internet service, and decided on another ISP (horrible decision). They gave us an installation date 3 weeks out. We waited in our new house and busted out the DVD player. Needless to say, we were very excited about our installation date. No one showed up, and no one called. I called the next day they apologized and promised someone would be out that day. No one showed up, and no one called. On the third day at 2 PM, I finally called and they said they were expected to be there before 5. I called Fybercom and told them about my family's disrespectful experience and they had our internet up and running in FOUR hours! AND... Century link never showed up and never called me. When I called to cancel they informed me that my new installation date was over a month away. Our family loves Fybercom and will remain loyal while we are in the area!

Great, Locally owned and operated Internet Company

Rachel on March 14, 2022

Great customer service, unlimited data packages, Month-to- month option. I don't expect any utility company to be perfect, but these guys did a great job. If you have an issue, they are on top of getting it taken care of. Would highly recommend.

Best customer service

Dave Asherman on March 14, 2022

Today My router went out and I needed a new one. I called in and they helped me get back online in minutes. They were very patient and kind and went the extra mile. I love my Fybercom service. I can’t say that about other internet providers. I am so glad I found Fybercom!

By Far The Best Internet Service Provider

Jared on March 14, 2022

I have had all the internet service providers in East Idaho at one time or another. Fybercom is by far hands down the best one I have had. From the initial Install to customer service and speed and reliability I would say that they beat everyone by more than just a little. I run speed tests and ping tests on the regular and they are spot on every time. I have had their service now for 3 years and have only noticed 1 service outage, that outage was accompanied with an email prior to the outage stating that they had to perform maintenance. My only complaint and it's not really much of a complaint is the hold time when I call into their call center is a little high. I can live with that because the customer service is spot on when they do pick up. I would highly recommend FyberCom and have told all my family and some close friends to go with them. Most have and all seem to like them just the same.

Great Customer Service!

Jerrica W Robertson on December 30, 2021

There was an outage today in Idaho Falls. I spoke to probably the most amazing rep (Kicking myself for not getting her name). After doing speed tests over the past few weeks I have noticed a steady decline - and my speeds are usually around 36mbps although I pay for 50mbps. And lately, the average download speed is around 26mbps. Overall GREAT company.

Middle of the road.

Steven Sedlmayr on December 22, 2020

We are happy to have internet service. We could not get it with the telephone company, nor with fiber, so we were left with wireless. We are on the 50Mbps service but never get that much. We usually get around 10-20, depending upon the time of day. I do have a very good router (the fastest and best mesh router, the Linksys Velop AX5300). However, we never get the advertised speed. They do throttle it back to spread it around for the people. Once, they opened the flood gates to me by a software mistake, and I got way over 100Mbps for a short period of time, but they found out and set me back again. The service varies a lot, and during evening time when others are home, it really suffers. But at least we have internet.

Great install!

Doug on December 17, 2020

Two weeks ago a service professional came to my home and installed me with Fybercom. He was clean-cut and precise with what he needed to do to get me a great signal. Installation took only a few hours and it looks very clean. No showing wires is a huge plus to me. After leaving the cable company I was skeptical about ever having unlimited data and not being throttled. However, in Fybercom's case, it really is unlimited and I do not get any weird extra charges from them.

Best Fiber Ever

David Swiss on May 05, 2020

I seriously love these guys, I love not buffering when I do things on the web, 1000/1000mbps per month, I never even got close to that kind of speeds before I moved here. Thank you.


Thanks David, be sure to let your friends know!

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