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Residential Internet Statistics for Woodward, IA
Internet Providers: 10
Internet Plans: 12
Fastest Speed Available: 1,000 Mbps
Average Plan Price: $112.49

Internet Access in Woodward, Iowa

Broadband competition in Woodward is above average compared with other parts of Iowa. There are 4.02 providers per census block on average. Woodward is currently the 308th most connected city in Iowa. Only 3.02 percent of the area are limited to fewer than two options for Internet.

Minburn Communications is an second choice to the primary providers (Viasat and HughesNet), serving Woodward with a maximum speed of 1,000 Mbps. Wired broadband isn't the only option for Internet in Woodward. fixed wireless providers such as BTWI can achieve 3 Mbps using wireless technology.

The data on this page comes via FCC coverage reports. Then, it's cross-validated using private data sources and direct provider reporting to provide more useful listings than can be accessed through the FCC directly. Information on pricing of individual Internet plans is sourced by manually collecting tens of thousands of data points annually. We've catalogued 322 Woodward Internet plans since 2014, with 56 Internet deals currently on the market in the area.

Viasat Internet has the widest availability in Woodward. The company is accessible for virtually one hundred percent of Woodward. HughesNet is also a common choice, providing near one hundred percent of local addresses with predominantly Satellite service. HughesNet's fastest plan for Woodward is 25 Mbps.

In closing: DSL and Fixed Wireless are the most prevalent types of Internet service in the Woodward area. The coverage maps and speed test data seen below show how the actual speed statistics vary when comparing zip codes and providers in Woodward.



Woodward, IA

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Summary Of Fastest Internet Providers In Woodward, Iowa

Provider Speed Type Time To Download 1 GB
Minburn Communications 1,000 Mbps Fiber 8s
Mediacom Cable 1,000 Mbps Cable 8s
CenturyLink 100 Mbps DSL 1m 21s
Viasat Internet 100 Mbps Satellite 1m 21s
Windstream 100 Mbps DSL 1m 21s
Minburn Communications 30 Mbps DSL 4m 33s
Rise Broadband 50 Mbps Fixed Wireless 2m 43s
HughesNet 25 Mbps Satellite 5m 27s

Summary of Internet Providers Availability in Woodward, Iowa

  • Minburn - Fiber - 97.0% Availability in Woodward - Speeds up to 1,000 Mbps
  • Minburn - DSL - 96.9% Availability in Woodward - Speeds up to 30 Mbps
  • Rise Broadband - Fixed Wireless - 47.2% Availability in Woodward - Speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • Mediacom - Cable - 42.7% Availability in Woodward - Speeds up to 1,000 Mbps
  • CenturyLink - DSL - 6.4% Availability in Woodward - Speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Windstream - DSL - 5.9% Availability in Woodward - Speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Viasat - Satellite - 100.0% Availability in Woodward - Speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • HughesNet - Satellite - 100.0% Availability in Woodward - Speeds up to 25 Mbps

Internet Provider Competition Map For Woodward

Woodward Internet Competition Map. Click for interactive map.
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Woodward is the 308th most connected city in Iowa behind Polk City, Madrid, Granger, Perry, and Dallas Center.

The “Connected” metric is a citywide average based on FCC data showing the density of broadband options at the census block level.

Approximately 2,000 people in Dallas County don't have access to any wired internet.

This statistic is drawn from the population in census blocks not served by at least one wired broadband provider.

Fiber Availability: 97% of people living in Woodward have residential fiber service available to them.

Fiber coverage data is sourced from FCC Form 477 filings and cross-validated through BroadbandNow with private datasets and direct provider reporting.

Approximately 97% of Woodward residents are serviced by multiple wired providers.

This coverage statistic is based on a mix of FCC and private provider reporting in the past two quarters.

In Dallas County, approximately 4,000 people do not have access to 25 Mbps wired broadband.

25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload is the minimum speed for an Internet connection to be classified as “Broadband” by the FCC.

Data Caps in Woodward

Many Internet companies have begun to increase the use of data limits to home Internet plans as of late. This trend holds true for Woodward, with ISPs like Mediacom adding plans with data caps. This doesn't really matter for the majority of customers, but it may be an issue for those that share their service or techies who upload a large amount of 4K video. If you are concerned about living under a limit for data use, start by checking for fiber at your address with the search bar above. Fiber connections are frequently pricier. However, they offer unlimited data since the fiber cable doesn't share cable and DSL's bandwidth limitations.

Summary Of Internet Providers In Woodward

Provider Type Coverage Speed
Minburn Communications Fiber 97.0%+ 1,000 Mbps
Minburn Communications DSL 96.9%+ 30 Mbps
BTWI Fixed Wireless 95.6%+ 30 Mbps
Rise Broadband Fixed Wireless 47.2%+ 50 Mbps
Mediacom Cable Cable 42.7%+ 1,000 Mbps
Minburn Communications Fixed Wireless 9.1%+ 20 Mbps
CenturyLink DSL 6.4%+ 100 Mbps
Windstream DSL 5.9%+ 100 Mbps
Viasat Internet Satellite 100% 100 Mbps
HughesNet Satellite 100% 25 Mbps
Rise Broadband Fixed Wireless 66.7%+ 100 Mbps
Minburn Communications Fiber 100% 1,000 Mbps
CenturyLink Business DSL 11.2%+ 100 Mbps
Mediacom Business Cable 6.9%+ 1,000 Mbps

Compare Woodward to the 5 largest cities in the US

City Average Download Speed Number of Providers Average Cost per Mbps
Woodward 31.3 Mbps 10 $0.69 ( + $0.00 )
New York 415.4 Mbps ( +384.1 Mbps ) 15 ( +5 ) $0.54 ( $0.00 )
Los Angeles 118.9 Mbps ( +87.6 Mbps ) 17 ( +7 ) $0.23 ( $0.00 )
Chicago 116.2 Mbps ( +84.9 Mbps ) 14 ( +4 ) $0.26 ( $0.00 )
Houston 127.4 Mbps ( +96.1 Mbps ) 23 ( +13 ) $0.24 ( $0.00 )
Philadelphia 127.6 Mbps ( +96.3 Mbps ) 8 ( -2 ) $0.34 ( $0.00 )