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  • Download speeds up to: 15 Mbps


    • Fixed Wireless
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Colorado 5,196 50 mbps

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Loving the new technology

Angelo B. on April 24, 2019

I have been with Kellin Communications for a couple years now. Their customer service has always been satisfactory, but I just upgraded to a faster package since I'm a gamer and I couldn't be happier. They offer low latency so my video game experience has now taken me above par. Thanks Kellin.


Tji on January 23, 2019

Absolutely slow service, speeds, reliability. Constant packet loss, terrible pings, speeds are all over the place. It works 'ok' in the middle of the night, but from 7 pm to 12 am, it's useless. Have emailed, called etc. 25-30 times now and they have done absolutely nothing to fix the problem. This has been ongoing for almost a year now. There is no other provider or I would have switched a long time ago!

Reliable internet

Duke on September 14, 2018

Have had Kellin Communications for several years at my house, maybe down a few hours but they have fixed the issue pretty quick. Had to pay for a service call but they do not charge for any equipment like other providers. Speed seems fine, I recently upgrade to their faster package 25 Mbps, I was told they are also offering a 50 Mbps package soon.

Not compatible with rain and slow

Jeff W on July 02, 2018

Internet stops working whenever there is a rain storm. When I call to let them know about it they always say they are aware of the problem and the is a tech at the tower working on it. Yet, it still keeps happening. Lately the speeds have been very slow. They think trees may be in the way and it will cost $100 to send someone out to find out. I just had the service installed 6 months ago. I understand that trees grow but you would think they would install things so that they would work longer than that. If Kellin is the only choice other than satellite then that's the only way I could recommend them. They are expensive. $70 per month for 15Mbps service. I only get 0.5 - 5 Mbps during prime time hours.

Fine But Not Great

Doug Yoder on December 16, 2017

Kellin is a line-of-site wireless ISP. While they are much more reliable than DSL was at the time we switched, their speeds are rarely what they promise. I suspect that they’ve over saturated their tower with too many users. My wife works remotely 100% and I do about 20% of the time, and it doesn’t play particularly well with VPN either. Customer service isn’t terribly bad, but if you complain about speeds, they’ll definitely blame it on you, your equipment, your setup, someone else in your house streaming stuff you don’t know about. Be prepared to spend time proving that it’s not any of those things. It’s not all bad. They’re decent folks and their service is decent as well. If you live in an area of Monument where you can’t get cable internet or you’re far enough from the switch that the phone company’s DSL is unacceptable, Kellin is a good alternative.

About Our Kellin Communications Speed Test Tool

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Use our speed test to determine the performance of your broadband connection whether you use Kellin Communications or another provider. The dials above will display statistics on download speed and upload performance. These two results are the main indicators of Internet connection quality. As of January 2022, Kellin Communications’s national average download speed is 12.1 Mbps. Throughout their footprint, the average latency on Kellin Communications Internet speed tests is -1ms. For context, wired Internet connections usually have latency in the 5–70ms range. Satellite Internet broadband connections can be in the range of 500–800ms.

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Kellin Communications Internet Speed Data


Maximum Advertised Download Mbps

35.97 MBPS

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Average Jitter

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Kellin Communications Average Download Speeds Over Time

Top Cities For Kellin Communications Internet Service

Colorado Springs, CO 50 mbps 12 mbps
Peyton, CO 50 mbps 23 mbps
Carbondale, CO 50 mbps 14 mbps
Elbert, CO 50 mbps 19 mbps
Larkspur, CO 50 mbps 14 mbps
Castle Rock, CO 50 mbps 37 mbps
Elizabeth, CO 50 mbps 22 mbps
Monument, CO 50 mbps 19 mbps
New Castle, CO 50 mbps 13 mbps
Pueblo, CO 50 mbps 12 mbps

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