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Internet Service Providers in Killona, Louisiana

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Residential Internet Providers in Killona

Show Low Coverage Providers
  • 1.9%

    18 Mbps

    (855) 336-6372


    • Plans from AT&T Internet in Killona do not limit data usage.
    • Only 1.90% of Killona residents have AT&T Internet internet availability.
    • AT&T Internet sells IPBB service.
  • 100.0%

    940 Mbps

    (855) 313-3042


    • No data limits are used in Killona.
    • Cox prices range from $19.99–99.99.
    • Killona locals can expect to find cable plans from Cox.
  • 1.9%

    25 Mbps

    (866) 877-0413


    • EarthLink packages start at $14.95.
    • EarthLink offers 4 plans in the area.
    • EarthLink doesn't limit data usage.

2 residential internet providers are hidden due to low coverage in Killona. Show all providers

  • 100.0%

    35 Mbps

    (855) 414-1685


    • Prices run from $50–150.
    • Viasat offers satellite internet in Killona.
  • 100.0%

    25 Mbps

    (877) 203-1538


    • HughesNet offers satellite internet packages in Killona.
    • Packages range from $39.99–129.99.

Business Internet Providers in Killona

Show Low Coverage Providers
  • 10.5%

    940 Mbps

    (855) 211-7015


    • Packages start at $64.99/month.
    • Companies in Killona can expect to find high-speed cable internet options in Killona.
  • 1.7%

    18 Mbps

    (877) 761-8590


    • AT&T markets IPBB service in the local area.
    • AT&T business internet deals start at $50/month.
    • AT&T has extremely restricted business coverage in the city.

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1 business internet provider is hidden due to low coverage in Killona. Show all providers

Mobile Internet Providers in Killona

  • 100.0%

    10 Mbps

    (844) 898-5296

    Mobile Broadband

    • Plans from AT&T Wireless run from $50–70.
    • AT&T Wireless is rated three stars.
    • Confirm data policies with company when selecting a plan.
  • 100.0%

    6 Mbps

    (844) 307-7340

    Mobile Broadband

    • Sprint plans start at $30.
    • Sprint is rated three stars.
    • Sprint offers LTE for all of Killona.
  • 100.0%

    10 Mbps

    (800) 866-2453

    Mobile Broadband

    • T-Mobile has mobile coverage in Killona.
    • T-Mobile has a three and a half-star rating in Killona.
    • Packages can be limited using data allowances.
  • 100.0%

    10 Mbps

    (800) 922-0204

    Mobile Broadband

    • Verizon Wireless is rated three and a half stars.
    • Some plans may be limited using data allowances.
    • Verizon Wireless pricing starts around $60.

Internet Access in Killona, Louisiana

The primary provider in Killona is Cox Communications, offering cable internet access to most residents. Additionally, there are 2 other wired providers covering limited areas of Killona.

Cox Business and AT&T are the only providers we've found that specifically offer business broadband in Killona.

The fastest residential internet available in the city is 940 mbps.

  • There are 9 internet providers in Killona with 5 of those offering residential service.
  • The fastest zip code in Killona for February 2020 is 70057. (see all below).

Below are the Killona internet providers with the greatest coverage.

Internet Providers in KillonaType Of InternetCoverage Availability
Cox CommunicationsCable100%
Viasat Internet (formerly Exede)Satellite100%

Summary Of Fastest Internet Providers In Killona, Louisiana

ProviderSpeedTypeTime to Download 1 GB
Cox Communications940 MbpsCable8s
EarthLink25 MbpsDSL5m 27s
AT&T Internet18 MbpsDSL7m 35s

Summary Of Internet Provider Availability In Killona, Louisiana

  • Cox - 100.0% Availability in Killona - Speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • AT&T Internet - 1.9% Availability in Killona - Speeds up to 18 Mbps
  • EarthLink - 1.9% Availability in Killona - Speeds up to 25 Mbps

Internet Provider Competition Map For Killona

Killona Internet Competition Map. Click for interactive map.
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Fastest Zip Codes in Killona


  • #1 (0)
  • 332.07 Mbps ↓ (-194.54)
  • 24 Tests ↑ (+15)

Summary Of Internet Providers In Killona

Cox CommunicationsCable100%940 Mbps
AT&T InternetDSL1.9%+18 Mbps
EarthLinkDSL1.9%+25 Mbps
Viasat Internet (formerly Exede)Satellite100%35 Mbps
HughesNetSatellite100%25 Mbps
Cox BusinessCable10.5%+940 Mbps
AT&TDSL1.7%+18 Mbps
Last Updated on 4/4/2020.