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Review of this company

E L. Lindgren on April 11, 2024

I have been a customer of Mediacom since 1981 when cable TV first came to my City. In all the years I have never experienced any problems with this company, and have found all of the customer reps to be very professional and friendly. The ITs and repairmen that come to my home are also top-notch. Yesterday I received a new Wi-Fi router. It is great and the IT that installed it was very professional and knew exactly what to do to install it. It is fast and safe. Thank you to a great company and employees.


Antwan Wright on September 15, 2023

The tech was very nice, I loved the service. Works very fast way better than the previous ISP I had. I'd recommend 10/10.


M Sheila Porter on April 29, 2023

There was no experience since no one showed up, no one called! The only reason this company is in business is because at the moment no other is available! There should be an option for no stars

I can't thank you enough!

Heather on April 25, 2023

I have to thank your team so very much. I was highly emotional as I was helping my dad navigate the end stages of his life in his home. There was an error on your billing and as we had set up auto payments, somehow it didn't happen. Subsequently, the internet was disconnected. All my Dad wanted was to be able to watch his channels. The immediate stress that he felt was why I was more direct than I normally would be. You helped and understood the position I was in. Thank you. It was everything, especially at that time...Again, thank you to the whole team!


Pamela J Irwin on June 03, 2022

I've had a terrible time with Mediacom from the beginning! But the worst came when I canceled and never received my return box! I called numerous (5+) times and was told it was the way! Never came! Finally, I called a number for Chillicothe and ended up with a tech in Moline who handles business accounts. He happened to have a technician on his way to El Paso Illinois. They stopped at 10:19, took the modem, and removed it from my account! AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE FINALLY!

They have attempted to improve our situation.

Carl Brown on March 23, 2022

We had been experiencing internet issues. They have improved some things and we still have some issues. Not near as bad as it was. I can also say they sincerely want to help as best they can and they do. I will give them that much. Mediacom is one of the best companies I've dealt with in their attempts to help you. Also, I can say that I can't expect 100% perfection although that's what we all want. This company does try hard though. This is a re-review of a previous lower review I gave earlier this year. Thank you, Mediacom.

Great Service and Attitude

Raven Chirpich on February 03, 2021

Our Tivo box stopped working. The service technicians came and brought one box but it didn't work and then went again and got a working model. They had very good attitudes and patience. The saying "never let them see you sweat" comes to mind since it was a more complicated situation but they never let it phase them. They were great. It could have been a negative experience but they made it a positive. I had a higher opinion of Mediacom after dealing with them. Nice job.

Terrible Service

Brian Miers on January 24, 2021

I have had the hardest time with this company. Numerous times I was supposed to have been "locked" into a certain price for my bill and it constantly changes and goes up. If I have been "locked in" at a price it stays that way for maybe a month. I do not even get all my channels due to the Tegna dispute. It is very unfortunate there are no other cable providers in my area.

A Service Technician

Carolyn Hutzell on October 15, 2020

I am owner of the apartments at 1800 & 1806 Linden Street in Dallas Center Iowa. I was at the apartments and a service tech was working in one of the apartments at 1800 Linden Street when I noticed that the cable box lid was AGAIN off in the other building. Do not understand why they leave it off. I saw him in his truck and asked if he could help me put it back on. He immediately said "sure would be happy to." Just wanted to let you know that he went above his job that day and how much I appreciated it. Don't think when employees do a great job most people do not let the technician know. I'm letting you know. The gentleman's name was Ryan. Did not get his last name but a very nice employee. Thank you

Stellar customer service

Rachel Dequattro on October 15, 2020

The difference between Mediacom and AT&T is that Mediacom cares. I have used both services and the difference is vast. After a recent hurricane in my area, Mediacom went above and beyond to ensure that I was up and running again. There was an unknown problem with the equipment on the pole at my house, and they had it fixed within an hour of my request. They legit care, and that goes a long way!

Speeds = Good; Customer Service = Lacking

Brm on October 14, 2020

Called to set up an appointment. No show on the day of. Called the following day only to find out that I now have an appointment the following day, which would be two days after the original appointment. Felt lied to and no communication from Mediacom customer support in regards to rescheduling, but I guess that is typical for their standards. Can't wait to drop their service and get 5G home internet once available. Glad there will be competition and maybe Mediacom will get their rears sorted. Been a customer for easily over a decade.

Went the extra mile to get us working on internet

Marc Schneider on April 21, 2020

Wife and son are in great need to use the internet for work and college courses. Wifi & internet had become unusable - little to no internet. Their customer tech support understood my issues and our great need to be up and running again ASAP. He was able to have a field tech come out and get us going again. Both guys did a great job. 5 stars out of 5 to their support team.

Could be better

Lea Ann Coffelt on January 09, 2020

I use Mediacom at my office in Forsyth, MO. It was the only service I had access to when I signed up. It sometimes runs really slow and I don't know why. They did do an update a year or so ago and that did help some, but there are times when it's still slow. It's expensive too. I haven't looked to see if I can do better, so I need to do that.

I puchased a business account because I needed prompt service because I work from home.

Mark S on January 08, 2020

My business account costs $180.45. I had to purchase it because I couldn't wait for a service that would be days away. I get internet, phone, and a basic TV package. The TV constantly has a signal failure, the internet has the same ups and downs. I have had technicians out several times. Now I wanted to install Total Defense on my laptop which is apparently not available except to residential customers. Must have installed that on my desktop before they told me it would be a week before they could get a tech out when I had a residential service.

Not great.

Victoria Campbell on November 22, 2019

Speeds are alright, price is way too much for how inconsistent it is. The data cap is a pain to deal with sometimes and it constantly goes out. Overall, it's not the best service around. Customer service doesn't help you very much and when they do, it takes forever to come over.

Refund check

David Cox on November 19, 2019

The service while I was in KY was good but when I moved out of the service area and returned the equipment, I was told that I would get a refund. It's been over 60 days and still no check. I was told that they had a printer problem -- poor excuse for a company.

Good when it works

Cathy Segura on November 08, 2019

Poor customer services. The Internet is fast but goes out a lot. Half of the cable channels don’t work. It cannot use on-demand.

Why do we still have data caps in 2019?

Jim on October 17, 2019

Mediacom is the only ISP in my area that provides speeds over 25Mbps, and they know it. With a full house and everyone streaming, we need the speed they provide, and the lower speed alternatives aren’t much less expensive. It’s bad enough I pay over $100 for 100Mbps, where most areas pay close to $50. But they also have data caps at 1,000GB, which gets used real quick when everyone streams. We cut out their cable tv service because streaming is so much cheaper, but to avoid overage charges, we now pay an extra $10/mo to double those data caps! Ironically, this is still cheaper than paying for their cable tv service. This is 2019; there is no excuse for 100Mbps internet to cost anywhere near $100 in the US, and data caps should not exist. Internet speed is relatively fast (speed tests often show slightly above what I pay for), but is constantly being interrupted. Customer Service refuses to compensate when the internet goes out.

Overall, no real issues.

Michael on September 05, 2019

As of September 2019, current customer since 2015. Every once in awhile I have an issue. The main issue I have is they, every once in a while, will do maintenance during the day which causes a loss in connectivity. Losing TV is one thing, but losing internet is another. I work from home and any loss during the day can be a real challenge. That said, this does not happen often and I am usually back up in minutes rather than hours or days. As with everything, some of the technicians are better than others but all I have dealt with have been polite and helpful. Now, CS personnel (CS = customer service), those you call into, can really challenge one's ability to stay calm. They sometimes ask a question and then do not listen to your answer. Overall I would choose Mediacom over all other providers I have used in the past.

Too expensive

Colin on August 29, 2019

Initially, my monthly bill was $40 per month. My internet wasn't great but at least it was somewhat affordable. After one year, it was increased to $60 without notification. Furthermore, my quality was still not great. $60 a month only for subpar internet is certainly not worth it. Comparable companies are offering a fixed rate of $45 per month.

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