About Mediacom Cable

  • Mediacom is the fifth-largest cable internet provider in the U.S. based on the total number of TV subscribers.

  • Mediacom was founded in 1995 by Italian-American billionaire, Rocco B. Commisso.

  • Since 2011, founder Rocco B. Commisso has retained sole ownership of Mediacom Communications Corporation.

  • Mediacom offers cable and internet services in 22 states, with its largest networks operating in Iowa and Illinois.

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Overview of Mediacom‘s Services

Mediacom Cable is a large cable Internet provider that’s been active since 1995. Mediacom is currently focused on Internet service delivered over their coaxial cable and fiber-based networks, and also offers digital TV and phone, and home security services in 22 states.

Mediacom Cable Availability

As of 2022, Mediacom Cable offer service to a population of 6.6 million in Iowa, Illinois, Georgia, and 19 other states. Some of the top cities included in the Mediacom service area are Des Moines, Springfield, Columbus, and Albany. As a cable provider, Mediacom tends to offer the most coverage in urban and suburban areas. Customers in Mediacom service cities may be unable to access Mediacom if they live far outside the urban center, where DSL providers like AT&T and CenturLink are more common.

Mediacom Cable Network

As a cable provider, Mediacom delivers service over coaxial cable lines for the “last mile” between their local fiber lines or offices and subscriber addresses. These coaxial lines have their origin in cable TV service and are widely used today for broadband Internet.

Mediacom’s cable network is commonly compared to other wired options, namely fiber and DSL. DSL uses phone lines for the last mile, while fiber services uses advanced fiber-optic lines designed for digital data. In general, fiber is the fastest and DSL is the slowest, so Mediacom’s cable is commonly seen as a middle-of-the-road option that provides good value for money. Mediacom’s network backbone is fiber based, and they currently mostly use coaxial within neighborhoods in close proximity to subscribers.

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Mediacom Cable’s Availability for Low-Income Customers

Mediacom Cable makes low-cost plans available by participating in the Connect2Compete program via the nonprofit group EveryoneOn. This program offers cost assistance for wired home internet access to Mediacom Cable’s footprint residents who have school-aged children in the K-12 range. The purpose of this program is to provide online access to children for educational purposes and to help close the digital divide, a key issue receiving attention from the Federal Communications Commission in in 2022.

Customers must already participate in a free or reduced-price school lunch program to prove eligibility for these plans.

Mediacom Cable Ratings

Among the 9,198 customer reviews we’ve collected for Mediacom, the company earned a42.7 percent approval rating, with reviewers indicating that they would recommend Mediacom Internet and bundled services for price to value as of 2022. While this rating doesn’t look strong at a glance, the figures are normal in the context of the consumer broadband industry, which currently holds an overall average provider rating of 48.4 percent.

Mediacom Cable Ownership

Mediacom Cable is privately owned, although it was formerly traded publicly before going private in 2011. The company operates through two subsidiaries: Mediacom LLC and Mediacom Broadband LLC. The company is based in Blooming Grove, New York.

Availability by State

Alabama 501,231 1000mbps
Arizona 147,889 1000mbps
California 167,562 1000mbps
Delaware 70,134 1000mbps
Florida 259,227 1000mbps
Georgia 669,574 1000mbps
Illinois 929,729 1000mbps
Indiana 269,324 1000mbps
Iowa 2,007,504 1000mbps
Kansas 31,120 1000mbps
Kentucky 160,870 1000mbps
Maryland 19,900 1000mbps
Michigan 8,509 1000mbps
Minnesota 507,429 1000mbps
Mississippi 31,113 1000mbps
Missouri 564,091 1000mbps
North Carolina 91,548 1000mbps
Ohio 8,242 1000mbps
South Dakota 35,021 1000mbps
Tennessee 22,329 1000mbps
Virginia 2,868 1000mbps
Wisconsin 58,962 1000mbps

Cities and Towns Mediacom Cable Has Coverage

Provider Awards

Top 10 Fastest Internet Providers Nationwide
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Top 10 Fastest Cable Providers Nationwide
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#1 Fastest Internet Provider in 3 states
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Top 3 Fastest Internet Providers in 8 states
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Top 5 Fastest Internet Providers in 16 states
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Top 10 Fastest Internet Providers in 22 states
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Frequently Asked Questions about Mediacom Cable

  • Does Mediacom bundle with DIRECTV?

    Yes, Mediacom and DIRECTV have a partnership. It is possible to get both services together in a bundle package.

  • Is Mediacom Internet DSL or cable?

    Mediacom is primarily a cable Internet company.

  • Is Mediacom on Demand free?

    Mediacom On Demand features a mix of free programming as well as paid content such as new release movies that can be purchased.