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Mediacom Cable Availability Map. Click for interactive map

Mediacom is the sixth-largest cable internet provider in the country. Mediacom currently focuses on internet service delivered over coaxial cable and fiber-based networks, offering TV, phone, home security, and smart home services in 22 states.

Mediacom provides service to 6.6 million people in Iowa, Illinois, Georgia, and 19 other states. Some of the top cities in its service area include Des Moines, Springfield, Columbus, and Albany. As a cable provider, Mediacom tends to offer the most coverage in urban and suburban areas. Customers in Mediacom’s service cities may be unable to access service if they live far from an urban center, where other providers like AT&T and CenturyLink are more common.

Mediacom Internet Services

Best Features: Things to Consider:
  • Low-price cable plans
  • Multiple package options
  • Contract-free plans
  • Data caps
  • Limited availability
  • Annual price increases

One recent major change Mediacom has made is offering contract-free plans. You no longer have to sign on the dotted line to enjoy discounted pricing. However, promotional pricing is still around, so pay attention to when regular pricing returns (usually after 12 months) so that you’re not caught off guard.

As a cable provider, Mediacom delivers service over coaxial cable lines for the “last mile” between local fiber lines or offices and subscriber addresses. These coaxial lines have their origin in cable TV service and are widely used today for broadband internet.

Plan Name Download Speed Starting Price Data Cap
Mediacom Cable Internet Up to 1 Gbps $19.99 per month Up to 6 TB

Mediacom also makes low-cost plans available by participating in the Connect2Compete program via the nonprofit group EveryoneOn. This program provides assistance to K-12 students who require wired home internet access. Customers must participate in a free or reduced-price school lunch program to be eligible for these plans.

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Mediacom Internet Speeds

Mediacom uses cable technology to deliver high-speed internet to its customers. Because this infrastructure is long-standing and widespread, customers can enjoy download speeds nearing 1 Gbps depending on the plan they choose. Upload speeds with Mediacom will be limited due to its use of coaxial cable infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mediacom Internet

  • Does Mediacom require contracts?

    Mediacom does offer contract-free internet plans featuring promotional pricing, typically for one year. For plans that do require a contract, Mediacom offers a 90-day guarantee (free of fees) on equipment and services.

  • Is Mediacom available in my area?

    Mediacom offers service across 22 states, including Iowa, Illinois, and Georgia. See if Mediacom provides service in your community by typing your ZIP code into the search bar at the top of the page.

  • How much does Mediacom internet cost?

    Internet plans with Mediacom start as low as $19.99 per month in select areas. Offers vary depending on your location.

  • What kind of internet does Mediacom offer?

    Mediacom is a cable internet provider that delivers internet over the last mile of its fiber backbone via coaxial cable lines traditionally used for cable TV.

  • How do I contact Mediacom customer service?

    Mediacom offers several ways to reach out to them for assistance. Contact them via the online answer center, text, online chat, or phone. You can also schedule a call for a specific time if you don’t want to wait on hold for a representative.