Internet Providers in Elmira, New York

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Residential Internet Providers in Elmira

  • 99.0%

    50 Mbps


    (888) 482-8367
  • 92.9%

    15 Mbps


    (855) 410-2572
  • 8.2%

    1,000 Mbps


    (800) 338-3300

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    Empire Access In Elmira

    Empire Access offers fiber internet, TV, and home phone services to roughly 4,000 people or 8% of people within Elmira.

    We've recorded one of Empire Access' internet only plans which offers download speeds of 1,000mbps.

    Empire Access Plans

    • Internet: $65.00/mo for 1,000 Mbps

Fixed Wireless Providers

  • 81.4%

    50 Mbps


    (866) 759-4678

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    Plexicomm In Elmira

    Plexicomm offers internet and home phone delivered over fixed wireless in 81% of Elmira.

    Currently, we've cataloged three plans with prices ranging from $34.99-$84.99/mo that offer download from 10-60mbps. Plexicomm's plans have no explicit data caps that we've found.

    Plexicomm Plans

    • Extreme Wireless: $84.99/mo for 60 Mbps
    • Turbo Wireless: $54.99/mo for 30 Mbps
    • Basic Wireless: $34.99/mo for 10 Mbps

Satellite Internet Providers

  • 100.0%

    15 Mbps


    (888) 387-7910

    Setup HughesNet Service

    Average wait time to speak with a human is less than 30 seconds.

    (888) 387-7910

    HughesNet In Elmira

    HughesNet is a satellite internet provider with service available to 100% of Elmira.

    HughesNet Plans

    • Internet: $69.99/mo for 25 Mbps w/ 20 GB Data
    • Internet: $49.99/mo for 25 Mbps w/ 10 GB Data
  • 100.0%

    12 Mbps


    (877) 255-5702

    Setup Viasat Service

    Average wait time to speak with a human is less than 30 seconds.

    (877) 255-5702

    Viasat In Elmira

    Viasat is a satellite internet provider with service available to 100% of Elmira.

    Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) Plans

    • LIBERTY 50: $75.00/mo for 12 Mbps w/ 50 GB Data
    • LIBERTY 25: $50.00/mo for 12 Mbps w/ 25 GB Data
    • LIBERTY 12: $30.00/mo for 12 Mbps w/ 12 GB Data

Business Internet Providers in Elmira

  • 100.0%

    50 Mbps


    (888) 527-6036
  • 92.8%

    50 Mbps


    (866) 759-4678

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    Plexicomm In Elmira

    Plexicomm publicly lists small business internet plans ranging from $39.99-$159.99/mo with download speeds from 6.0mbps up to 30mbps. In total, Plexicomm offers fixed wireless-based business services to approximately 93% of Elmira.

    Plexicomm Plans

    • Internet: $159.99/mo for 30 Mbps
    • Internet: $59.99/mo for 10 Mbps
    • Internet: $39.99/mo for 6.0 Mbps
  • 81.7%

    15 Mbps


    (888) 573-0683

Enterprise Providers

  • 92.8%

    50 Mbps

  • 4.8%

    100 Mbps

  • 4.4%

    500 Mbps

  • 3.1%

    6.0 Mbps

  • 3.0%

    1,000 Mbps

  • 2.5%

    -- Mbps

Mobile Internet Providers in Elmira

  • 100.0%

    10 Mbps


    (844) 682-2141

    Setup AT&T Wireless Service

    Average wait time to speak with a human is less than 30 seconds.

    (844) 682-2141

    AT&T Wireless In Elmira

    AT&T Wireless is a mobile internet service provider which offers service to 100% of the population in Elmira.

    AT&T Wireless Plans

    • DataConnect 5GB: $50.00/mo for 5GB data
    • DataConnect 3GB: $30.00/mo for 3GB data
  • 100.0%

    10 Mbps


    (800) 922-0204
  • 95.7%

    0.768 Mbps


    (844) 387-6105

Internet Access in Elmira, New York

Elmira is mainly served by two wired providers: Charter Spectrum and Verizon High Speed Internet. Both of these providers offer internet access that covers the majority of Elmira. Additionally, Plexicomm provides fixed wireless service to residents in Elmira and covers most of the city.

If you're looking for custom solutions (custom fiber loops, MPLS, etc.) or you're just looking for a small business internet plan to get online, there are multiple options in Elmira. In the table above you'll find providers that we've identified as specializing in either small business internet service or enterprise-level service.

Depending on your unique needs, some residential providers (under the residential tab) can also provide business services, but we wouldn't list them on this page's business results unless they advertise business plans or enterprise services on their website.

For the most accurate results in your neighborhood you can search by zip code.

The average download speed in Elmira is 26.26 Mbps. This is 41.9% slower than the average in New York and 48.7% slower than the national average.

  • There are 13 internet providers in Elmira with 6 of those offering residential service.
  • Elmira is the 471st most connected city in New York ahead of Big Flats, Pine City, Erin, and Gillett, but behind Horseheads.
  • New York is the 4th most connected state in the U.S.
  • There are 193 internet providers in all of New York.
  • Approximately 3,000 people in Chemung County don't have access to any wired internet.
  • Residential fiber service is available to only 8% of people living in Elmira.
  • The average internet download speed in New York is 45.18 mbps.
  • 6% of Elmira residents are still severely limited in wired broadband choices.
  • Explore internet access for communities within Elmira: Elmira Heights
  • The fastest zip code in Elmira for July 2018 is 14905. (see all below).
6.1% of consumers in Elmira

3,000 People

Only have access to 1 or fewer wired internet providers available at their address.

Internet Provider Competition Map For Elmira

Elmira Internet Competition Map. Click for interactive map.
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Download Speeds in Elmira

Fastest Zip Codes in Elmira


  • #1 (+2)
  • 101.84 Mbps ↑ (+19.40)
  • 472 Tests ↓ (-308)


  • #2 (+2)
  • 97.39 Mbps ↑ (+35.85)
  • 1036 Tests ↑ (+64)


  • #3 (-1)
  • 94.68 Mbps ↑ (+8.60)
  • 238 Tests ↓ (-24)


  • #4 (-3)
  • 92.75 Mbps ↓ (-15.43)
  • 638 Tests ↑ (+136)

Publicly Funded Internet Access in Elmira

We've found three libraries and public institutions that offer publicly funded internet access points in Elmira. These locations may offer computer literacy and other various tech services. Before visiting make sure to contact the location ahead of time to find their schedule and services.

  • Chemung County Library District - Bookmobile
    101 East Church Street
    Elmira, NY 14901
  • Chemung County Library District - Steele Memorial Library Association
    101 E Church Street
    Elmira, NY 14901
  • Chemung County Library District - West Elmira
    1231 West Water Street
    Elmira, NY 14905

Summary Of Internet Providers In Elmira

1Charter SpectrumCable99.0%+50 Mbps
2Verizon High Speed InternetDSL92.9%+15 Mbps
3PlexicommFixed Wireless81.4%+50 Mbps
4Empire AccessFiber8.2%+1,000 Mbps
5Viasat Internet (formerly Exede)Satellite100%12 Mbps
6HughesNetSatellite100%15 Mbps
7PlexicommFixed Wireless92.8%+50 Mbps
8Spectrum BusinessCable and Fiber100%500 Mbps
9Verizon High Speed InternetDSL81.7%+15 Mbps
10Windstream BusinessFiber4.8%+100 Mbps
11Verizon BusinessCopper3.1%+6.0 Mbps
12FirstLightFiber3.0%+1,000 Mbps
13GTT CommunicationsCable2.5%+-- Mbps

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