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  • Free startup fee.

    Download speeds up to: 25 Mbps


    • Fiber
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    • Connection: Fiber
    • Data: No Caps
  • Free startup fee.

    Download speeds up to: 1 Gbps


    • Fiber
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    • Connection: Fiber
    • Data: No Caps

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California 75,122 1 gbps

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As long as you're connected...

A. Macintire on February 23, 2023

We've had Race going on two years and have been pleased so far. Our broadband went out suddenly and scheduled a technician to come out to make repairs. Turns out the data cable from our house to the pole was initially installed incorrectly and was completely frayed and broke from high winds. The technician was able to replace the damaged line quickly and we were back in business. Fast forward one week: I was starting a new remote job the following Thursday and was just getting into training when the broadband went down again, this time likely from the winter storm overnight, but we don't know because I've been waiting four hours for them to call me about sending another repair tech. (Oh, and I don't have that job anymore) The sense of urgency they had a week ago seems to have diminished. *** Race's service was excellent last week, but not so much a week later.

Good Service, Quality, and Price

Pinon Hills Subscriber on May 26, 2019

With no change in our billing, we now have reliable internet and phone service along with better customer service. We are very pleased Race Communications came to our area.

Awesome Service and crazy fast speeds

Joe Haggard on May 02, 2019

Race is great! I have the 1Gbps speed and it always runs at that speed. I have had zero service interruptions. Their support and installation staff is superb. Best Internet service I have ever had.

Great Service

M Baker on May 01, 2019

Have not had a problem with internet since Race came to Tehachapi. Service has been reliable, even in snow and rain. No complaints. Great company.

Exceptional Service

Michael Musick on May 01, 2019

Race is superb. I have no complaints after almost two years of service. Had to start with the 25 Mbps speed, but after struggling for years using a cell phone as a "hotspot", it was dreamy to actually reduce our overall utility bill while greatly improving our quality of life. On a separate note, their voluntary commitment to net neutrality is not only a comfort as a subscriber but says volumes about their business ethics and commitment to the communities they serve. I've been trying to clear some room in the budget so they can "Gigafy Me!" asap.

We love Race!

Sheila Bigby on May 01, 2019

We live in a mountainous area and previously had satellite internet. The service was very intermittent. Since Race came to town, our service is fast and reliable. And it's less than half the price we paid for satellite, plus we get our home phone for $10 a month.

Day 2 since installation

Sharyn Deeringer on May 01, 2019

2 days since installation: Very pleased.

Race does a good job for us.

Jim Gilbreath on May 01, 2019

Race here in our remote neighborhood has done an excellent job of bringing excellent internet and phone service here, and low cost. Their reliability has been very good, with very few momentary outages late a night. Speed is also excellent.

Best thing I can say about any internet service...I forget it's there.

Troy Williford on May 01, 2019

Best thing I can say about any internet service...I forget it's there. I have the lower package from Race and it runs flawlessly for me. I have not had even 1 minute of downtime that I am aware of, only rebooted router once since my service started in December 2018. Couldn't be more satisfied, everything I had hoped for.


Mary on May 01, 2019

We just recently got our inside installation of phone and internet completed by RACE. Everything is working great but I just wanted to emphasize what great customer service they have shown me since my first encounter. They have been more efficient, timely and communicative than our previous provider (by far) and their prices are great! Thank you RACE !!!

A small(er), but mighty provider

Alexandra Harris on May 01, 2019

While Race Communications is not (yet) a household name for many, if you're lucky enough to live within their service area, there is no better provider. Yes, they struggled with enough coverage and the build process was a bit slow (it is a brand new fiber to the home network), but the service is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest! Not to mention, they're affordable. I love being able to speak to LOCAL employees whenever I have a question. Thank you Race!

Thank you Race

Sally Fox on May 01, 2019

Since we have had broadband service through Race Communications, we have been very happy. The few times I've had to call them about something, they are very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. We also have our landline through Race. No problems there, either. Our previous ISP was very expensive and a big rigamarole to try to get a real person on the line. Thank you Race!

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