Internet Service Providers in Morgan, Texas

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Residential Internet Statistics for Morgan, TX
Wired Internet Providers: 3
Average Speed Test Result: 14.85 Mbps
Top Advertised Speed: 1,000 Mbps
No Broadband Access: 40.24%

Internet Access in Morgan, Texas

Morgan currently has two widely available Internet service providers (ISPs): Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) and HughesNet. Viasat is primarily a Satellite provider. Their network has speeds up to 35 Mbps and coverage for practically one hundred percent of the population. As for HughesNet, they market Satellite. They have availability in near one hundred percent of Morgan and reported download speeds up to 25 Mbps.

Windstream provides an alternative. They offer 73 percent local coverage and a top download speed of 200 Mbps. Wired Internet isn't actually the only option for Internet access in Morgan. fixed wireless outfits like Nextlink Internet are able to offer 50 Mbps via direct wireless hardware. Outside of residential broadband, there are 3 companies in the city with enterprise-level products and services like T1 and MPLS. The small business providers listed above include every local provider with business plans online.

Since most houses are only wired for one phone provider and cable networks don't generally overlap, the average home in Morgan has 2-3 wired Internet providers available to them. 91.73 percent of the Morgan area — 1,000 people — have one or fewer choices. Regardless of alternative networks with local coverage, cable and DSL broadband usually provide the best pricing for home use.

When we're looking at network technology available within the Morgan area, the most common wired Internet connection types are DSL (73.21 percent coverage) and Fixed Wireless (71.02 percent coverage). DSL is transmitted via phone lines by providers such as Windstream that own copper phone wires. DSL underperforms when compared with all wired Internet services except dial-up.

The coverage stats here comes from FCC reporting. ISPs in Morgan are required by law to report deployment and subscriber data biannually. Using our relationships with ISPs, BroadbandNow is able to further verify this data against private data including lit addresses submitted via telecoms. This allows us to create more accurate maps and availability data than governmental tools. Our speed averages are calculated based on browser-based speed tests from the Morgan area in the M-Labs database, which is built into Google and BroadbandNow. Some of the other statistics and data included here come from NTIA and Census data publications.

  • There are 10 internet providers in Morgan with 7 of those offering residential service
  • Morgan is the 1,044th most connected city in Texas ahead of Whitney and Clifton, but behind Rio Vista, Meridian, and Glen Rose.
  • The fastest zip code in Morgan for February 2021 is 76671. (see all below).

Internet Statistics 2021

1,000 People Only have access to 1 or fewer wired internet providers available at their address.

This data is calculated from FCC datasets which providers are legally required to supply twice a year. We further validate this data for accuracy.

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Summary Of Fastest Internet Providers In Morgan, Texas

Provider Speed Type Time To Download 1 GB
Windstream 1,000 Mbps DSL and Fiber 8s
CenturyLink 40 Mbps DSL 3m 24s
Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) 50 Mbps Satellite 2m 43s
Rise Broadband 50 Mbps Fixed Wireless 2m 43s
HughesNet 25 Mbps Satellite 5m 27s

Summary of Internet Providers Availability in Morgan, Texas

  • Windstream - 73.2% Availability in Morgan - Speeds up to 1,000 Mbps
  • Rise Broadband - 71.0% Availability in Morgan - Speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • CenturyLink - 4.8% Availability in Morgan - Speeds up to 40 Mbps
  • Viasat - 100.0% Availability in Morgan - Speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • HughesNet - 100.0% Availability in Morgan - Speeds up to 25 Mbps

Internet Provider Competition Map For Morgan

Morgan Internet Competition Map. Click for interactive map.
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Morgan is the 1,044th most connected city in Texas ahead of Whitney and Clifton, but behind Rio Vista, Meridian, and Glen Rose.

The “Connected” metric is a citywide average based on FCC data showing the density of broadband options at the census block level.

Approximately 2,000 people in Bosque County don't have access to any wired internet.

This statistic is drawn from the population in census blocks not served by at least one wired broadband provider.

Fiber Availability: 8% of people living in Morgan have residential fiber service available to them.

Fiber coverage data is sourced from FCC Form 477 filings and cross-validated through BroadbandNow with private datasets and direct provider reporting.

As of this month, 76671 is the zip code with the fastest average download speed in Morgan.

Zip-based speed averages are calculated from M-Labs consumer speed tests run by IP addresses in the area.

In Bosque County, approximately 11,000 people do not have access to 25 Mbps wired broadband.

25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload is the minimum speed for an Internet connection to be classified as “Broadband” by the FCC.

Summary Of Internet Providers In Morgan

Provider Type Coverage Speed
Nextlink Internet Fixed Wireless 100% 100 Mbps
Windstream DSL and Fiber 73.2%+ 1,000 Mbps
Rise Broadband Fixed Wireless 71.0%+ 50 Mbps
CenturyLink DSL 4.8%+ 40 Mbps
Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) Satellite 100% 50 Mbps
HughesNet Satellite 100% 25 Mbps
Rise Broadband Fixed Wireless 100% 50 Mbps
Nextlink Internet Fixed Wireless 100% 100 Mbps
CenturyLink Business DSL 16.9%+ 40 Mbps
Windstream Fiber 4.2%+ 200 Mbps

Compare Morgan to the 5 largest cities in the US

City Average Download Speed Number of Providers Average Cost per Mbps
Morgan 14.9 Mbps 7 $3.21 ( + $0.00 )
New York 349.1 Mbps ( +334.2 Mbps ) 15 ( +8 ) $0.46 ( $0.00 )
Los Angeles 107.1 Mbps ( +92.2 Mbps ) 18 ( +11 ) $0.25 ( $0.00 )
Chicago 99.7 Mbps ( +84.8 Mbps ) 15 ( +8 ) $0.29 ( $0.00 )
Houston 111.7 Mbps ( +96.8 Mbps ) 21 ( +14 ) $0.25 ( $0.00 )
Philadelphia 115.3 Mbps ( +100.4 Mbps ) 9 ( +2 ) $0.34 ( $0.00 )