EarthLink vs. Frontier

A Side-by-Side Comparison of EarthLink and Frontier Internet Service in 2021

EarthLink and Frontier Communications are household names in the U.S. internet provider industry. Both providers offer high-speed fiber internet with varying speeds. They also have DSL options that are more affordable but might not be the best option for those who stream and download content more frequently. Frontier acquired the FiOS network from Verizon (Frontier now markets this fiber network as FiberOptic), making it a widely used provider for internet as well as cable. There are fundamental differences between the two providers that are outlined below, including fees, installation, and contracts.

EarthLink Info

Price Range


Frontier Info

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EarthLink vs. Frontier Comparison
Provider EarthLink Frontier
Speed 3-1,000 Mbps 9-940 Mbps
Pricing $14.95-99.95/mo. $37.99-79.99/mo.
Service Type DSL or Fiber DSL, Fiber or Copper
EarthLink vs. Frontier FEATURE COMPARISON
Provider EarthLink Frontier
High-Speed Plans Yes Yes
Unlimited Data Yes Yes
Contract-Free Plans No No
TV Service No Yes
Phone Service No Yes

EarthLink Internet Deals †

Last updated on 10/17/2019

†All plans not available in all areas or to all customers. Verify details with EarthLink.

Frontier Internet Deals †

Last updated on 4/10/2021

†All plans not available in all areas or to all customers. Verify details with Frontier.

EarthLink vs. Frontier Performance Overview

As the largest DSL provider in the U.S., EarthLink recently upgraded their internet service to HyperLink, offering fiber internet and high speeds. At this time, their high-speed fiber internet is available in 21 states, with the fastest connection up to 1000 Mbps. Ten songs can be downloaded in 9 seconds or a 1-hour TV show in less than a minute.

Frontier Communications’ internet plans start at $27.99/month, with speeds ranging between 6-1000 Mbps. Prices and speeds vary depending on location and availability. Currently, Frontier covers 29 states in the U.S. Between Frontier DSL, Frontier FiberOptic, and copper internet, customers have the option to choose one that suits their needs.

EarthLink Installation

Self-installation is available for EarthLink’s DSL plans for $19.95, which provides a self-install kit.

Self-installation is not an option for their fiber internet. Professional installation costs a one-time fee of $69.95. For the DSL internet plans, EarthLink recommends that customers use their specific modem rather than one they already own.

Frontier Installation

Frontier Communications’ installation fee can be waived if a customer decides to self-install.

A $9.99 fee still applies for equipment delivery; customers can rent equipment for an additional $10/month during the contract term. Professional installation costs $75.

EarthLink Contracts, Equipment Fees & Fine Print

EarthLink contracts are all 12-month agreements with early termination fees up to $200.

Customers can rent a modem from EarthLink for $6.95/month. Additional taxes and fees may apply. Failure to pay may cost the customer a penalty fee per occurrence per circuit as it is considered a breach of contract.

Frontier Contracts, Equipment Fees & Fine Print

Frontier has the option of 2-year contracts, but no contract is required.

The benefit of a contract is the fixed price for the contract duration, but if the contract is breached, be prepared to face early termination fees up to $400. There is also a monthly $10 rental fee for the modem and router.

EarthLink Data Caps

EarthLink does not have data caps. Customers can enjoy high speeds of up to 1000 Mbps and stream, download content, browse the internet, shop online, or game without any data limitations.

Frontier Data Caps

Frontier also does not have any data caps or data overage fees. With a wide variety of unlimited data plans, customers can download, stream, and play games without any data restrictions.

FiberOptic is top notch

on July 28, 2019

Installer was very knowledgeable about how networks work and quickly patched in my line where I needed it. 6 months in and I saw an ad for 500/500 for the same price I had been paying for 200/200. A quick chat with sales and I upgraded for free. Highly recommend Frontier FiberOptic service.

Going the extra mile

on March 07, 2021

During the winter storm in Texas that caused the entire state to lose power, I also found that the constant cycling of power caused the ONT (fiber optics converter) for my house to break. At least this is what the technician said. Anyway, I did the troubleshooting over the phone and they identified the problem. But then a ticket had to be opened and I was in the queue with lots of others. Unfortunately, my original ticket was closed by their system because it was associated with the widespread outage. I called when my ticket was closed and they opened a new one a week later. Although somewhat frustrated because I work from home I have to say the Frontier tried to get a technician out to fix my problem almost every day but I was then away from the house. I just want to say that they didn't forget me and really tried to solve my problem. They called me daily but I was away for a wedding. Great job Frontier. Your internet service is great too and it's why I've been a customer for a very long time.

EarthLink vs. Frontier Coverage Availability

EarthLink Coverage & Availability

Frontier Coverage & Availability

Frequently Asked Questions about EarthLink & Frontier Internet Services

  • Is EarthLink cheaper than Frontier?

    Frontier Communications’ internet plans range between $27.99-199.99/month while EarthLink’s plans start at $14.95-99.95/month. Plans depend on location and availability, so customers may find more affordable plans with EarthLink than Frontier or vice versa. Both providers offer immense value to customers at both price points.

  • Who has faster speeds? EarthLink or Frontier?

    EarthLink’s speed ranges from 3-1000 Mbps, which is similar to Frontier Communications’ 6-1000 Mbps. EarthLink may have more coverage and therefore more internet speeds than Frontier or vice versa—this varies by location and availability.

  • Do EarthLink and Frontier have unlimited data?

    Both providers offer unlimited data for all of their internet plans which is beneficial for power-internet users.

  • Do EarthLink and Frontier require a contract?

    Frontier Communications offers contract-free options, whether customers opt for DSL or fiber. On the other hand, all of EarthLink’s plans require a 12-month contract.