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We asked BroadbandNow users to review T-Mobile 5G Home Internet based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 134 for T-Mobile 5G Home Internet. T-Mobile 5G Home Internet earned an average score of 3.06 out of 5.

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T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Customer Reviews

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Good at first but not anymore.

Ron Cohen on March 26, 2023

The service was pretty good for the first several months. But lately not so. I’m tired of seeing the circles on my TV w/o actually seeing what I want to watch. I’ve called several times. Each time it would work for a limited amount of time. It’s just too frustrating now. So the 30-minute phone calls to ‘Care’ don’t seem to be of any help.

Ok for internet and streaming but not for gaming

Rico on March 17, 2023

As the headline says, GREAT for streaming and the internet. Gaming that is first-person or multiplayer, NO. In some games, it lags big time or doesn't connect at all. And I know it's not the computer because I can connect via my hotspot on my phone and the games won't lag and will connect always. Thus tells me its T-Mobile.

Don’t do it

Scott on March 15, 2023

For the 14-day trial. It was mediocre, better than my phone but not great. after the 14 days are up, the signal just ain’t the same anymore. I would not recommend T-Mobile Home Internet to anybody.

T-Mobile home internet

Mark on March 15, 2023

For years I have longed for 5G home internet. Today TMobile has invited me to try the TMobile home hotspot. I never could understand what 5G really is and how it works. Now I can better understand the only explanation that comes with simply using the hotspot. The hardest part for me was connecting to the network. And believe me, this is all you have to do. T-Mobile home internet has a very different feeling. The speed, video quality, and audio are enhanced such that all the equipment, television, stereo, and telephone are pushed to the limit of operations. Finding 5G to me, was finding treasure.

Internet Speed Not Reliable

Carl on March 11, 2023

One moment you have good speed, the next it's too slow. Nothing ever in the middle. I do not endorse using them till they get it right with a more consistent speed.

Great change from our previous ISP

Joani Nelson on February 19, 2023

Signing up for T Mobile internet was very easy, and I had a knowledgeable customer service person who even told me they had a discount special. I am getting 760 Mbps broadband speeds most of the time. The price they quoted me is good for life. I am very pleased. I switched to T-Mobile, which has a racket going where they quote you a price for a year, and then increase the price 1 or 2 times a year, plus when it's renewal time, their "specials" are at 30% more than the previous year's. It's a pleasure to be free of our previous ISP, and I am delighted so far with the T Mobile internet.

Fast, reliable and affordable

Mike on February 11, 2023

Switched to T-mobile (no regrets). I'm getting between 175 and 250 Mbps on every device at my house. Gaming computer, streaming TV, and more importantly working from home is not a problem with the consistency of the service. Big savings and got the same speed that I was getting even when I had the up to 800 Mbps, never had a reading past 300.

Best so far

Frankie Ennis on February 04, 2023

I have had other ISPs but this T-Mobile Internet service is the best I’ve had so far. I have three grandsons with a PlayStation 5 in each of their rooms plus their cell phones on the Wi-Fi and it has not crashed and it does not drag, the best Internet I’ve had so far. And I’ve had it since August, this is February, it has not failed me yet! All the other services I’ve had was well over $100 and being that I have three phones with T-Mobile. My internet is only $40. So a cheaper service or a better service wins with me.

Lots of down time/slow speeds

Mark Denboer on February 01, 2023

Was promised an Internet speed of 50mbps, the best we're getting right now is between 6 and 8Mbps. Every time we call and complain we are told they are updating the tower, it seems strange that after over a year and they still don't have the towers upgraded but it's just an excuse, and several times during the day our Internet goes completely out and we have to call and have them reset it and turn it back on, this has been going on for over a year now.

It works well, but not compatible with networked homes

Henri on January 30, 2023

Loved the speed, which could be fluctuating quite a bit. Had to return it because the built-in router cannot be disabled or configured (no port forwarding, no bridging, no in-bound VPNs). If T-Mobile wants to compete with the cable ISPs, bring a device to market that simply replaces the cable modem.


Todd on January 12, 2023

I live in central VA at the time of writing. We have nothing here but a phone line, and it doesn't work. I am in the Telecomm field, just to say. Our address is literally on the cusp of not working at all on their map. There are literally no other options other than satellite internet besides using a hotspot (50mbps for $70 is the cheapest I found besides this). The 5G device is basically a big, bad, hotspot. It takes up all cell data it can and pushes out 5G to areas of this house I didn't think were possible to penetrate through. I currently have 2 bars of service but am getting 25-30 mgb/s download AND upload. It's literally unheard of where I am. Going into T-Mobile today I walked out with the "Home Internet" 5G hotspot with no service contract, unlimited data, and an EASY connection (1 power cord). $55 a month on "pre-paid", and $50 a month on auto-pay. You bring the badass little router back when you're done, no questions asked - and you're done. I couldn't be happier about this. I hope any of you with questionable internet paying WAY too MUCH to look towards this. Test your internet speed now with Ookla - Speedtest.net. I've put this in the central part of our house and have tested every room, This is 10X better than any other option we could get. Highly, HIGHLY recommended.

Consistently inconsistent!

Slow Is The Name on January 08, 2023

If you like dropped connections multiple times a day then this is the home internet service for you! Speeds are consistently good in the mornings and get throttled in the afternoons to speeds that make it almost unusable every single day! The best thing I can say about T-Mobile's home internet service is that it is cheap if you are over age 50. However, it appears you get what you pay for.


Kerry on December 29, 2022

Fantastic. I had my cable company for internet getting around 300 Mbps for around $75. Got on the Tmobile promo for $25. I am pulling between 300 and 330 Mbps constantly. Best move I made and saved a lot of money.

Worked great for a little while

Stephen Goods on December 10, 2022

Worked great when we got it this summer. Now for over a week, we have been averaging 6mbps and can barely even use our phone if connected. Customer Service said it should be up shortly but it has been over a week.

This service is terrible!!

Jessica on December 02, 2022

Even though it shows full bars on our devices, it loads very slowly it works better when I turn my Wi-Fi off and just use my data, so what is the point in even having Wi-Fi?

Very Happy

Bill on November 27, 2022

I signed up 2 months ago. Service has been great. I average 225-275 downloads and 20-25 up. My lowest speed has been 80 and my highest is 450. I live in Northeast Maryland and have 4 bars on my 5g service. Since I have 2 lines on my cell plan I only pay $30 for the internet. I have Youtube tv, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Acorn, and Britbox. They all stream great.

Fast Internet

Attila Sonkoly on November 25, 2022

Usually, I get around 300 to 400 Mbps from T-Mobile. But place the router close to the window for the best result!!! And it depends on where you live. You have to live where 5G UC reception is good No issues with gaming etc. Occasionally I get close to 1 Gbps. Customer service is good too.

New Install 7-19-22

Walter on July 25, 2022

'New' technology test; T-Mobile Home Internet. T-Mobile is the only provider in zip 32765 for 'cell tower' home 5G internet. Signal strength is 3 'bars' throughout the house (single story) Received equipment (1 unit-two RJ ports, 5 VDC power supply 3Amp rating) T-Mobile support/apps are very good-straightforward-easy After 4 days; the average speed was approx 50Mbps/5Mbps- Jitter less than 20ms Currently have cable internet at 360Mbps/12Mbps-Jitter less than 30ms running on 5 devices...and T-Mobile on 4 devices. Looking for which provider is 'more reliable' during Florida's storm season. Will be interesting to see if speeds improve AND 'service interrupts' are less than cable.

Roku and Hulu live experience.

Rich Diederich on March 18, 2022

I like T-Mobile home internet but I don't love it. Does not work well with Hulu live, using Roku. Any help would be great.