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Worked great for a little while

Stephen Goods on December 10, 2022

Worked great when we got it this summer. Now for over a week, we have been averaging 6mbps and can barely even use our phone if connected. Customer Service said it should be up shortly but it has been over a week.

This service is terrible!!

Jessica on December 02, 2022

Even though it shows full bars on our devices, it loads very slowly it works better when I turn my Wi-Fi off and just use my data, so what is the point in even having Wi-Fi?


Kerry on December 29, 2022

Fantastic. I had my cable company for internet getting around 300 Mbps for around $75. Got on the Tmobile promo for $25. I am pulling between 300 and 330 Mbps constantly. Best move I made and saved a lot of money.

Fast Internet

Attila Sonkoly on November 25, 2022

Usually, I get around 300 to 400 Mbps from T-Mobile. But place the router close to the window for the best result!!! And it depends on where you live. You have to live where 5G UC reception is good No issues with gaming etc. Occasionally I get close to 1 Gbps. Customer service is good too.

Very Happy

Bill on November 27, 2022

I signed up 2 months ago. Service has been great. I average 225-275 downloads and 20-25 up. My lowest speed has been 80 and my highest is 450. I live in Northeast Maryland and have 4 bars on my 5g service. Since I have 2 lines on my cell plan I only pay $30 for the internet. I have Youtube tv, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Acorn, and Britbox. They all stream great.

New Install 7-19-22

Walter on July 25, 2022

'New' technology test; T-Mobile Home Internet. T-Mobile is the only provider in zip 32765 for 'cell tower' home 5G internet. Signal strength is 3 'bars' throughout the house (single story) Received equipment (1 unit-two RJ ports, 5 VDC power supply 3Amp rating) T-Mobile support/apps are very good-straightforward-easy After 4 days; the average speed was approx 50Mbps/5Mbps- Jitter less than 20ms Currently have cable internet at 360Mbps/12Mbps-Jitter less than 30ms running on 5 devices...and T-Mobile on 4 devices. Looking for which provider is 'more reliable' during Florida's storm season. Will be interesting to see if speeds improve AND 'service interrupts' are less than cable.

Roku and Hulu live experience.

Rich Diederich on March 18, 2022

I like T-Mobile home internet but I don't love it. Does not work well with Hulu live, using Roku. Any help would be great.