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Viasat Deals and Promotions

Below you will find the best triple play offers, TV and internet bundles, and internet only deals available for Viasat Internet (formerly Exede).

Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) Internet Deals

Internet Only Plans ?

Below are the latest internet only deals Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) is offering.

Internet Only

Unlimited Bronze 12

  • Speed up to: 12 Mbps and ↑3 Mbps
  • Connection: Satellite
  • Modem: $12.99/mo
  • Contract Term: 2 years
  • Data Caps: No Caps
  • Price: $90/mo
  • 3-month promo rate. Regular rate is $100.00.

    After 40 GB of high-speed data is used, your data may be prioritized behind other customers during network congestion, which will result in slower speeds.

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Average Call Wait Time: Less than 30 seconds

Internet Only

Unlimited Silver 25

  • Speed up to: 25 Mbps and ↑3 Mbps
  • Connection: Satellite
  • Modem: $12.99/mo
  • Contract Term: 2 years
  • Data Caps: No Caps
  • Price: $100/mo
  • 3-month promo rate. Regular rate is $150.00.

    After 60 GB of high-speed data is used, your data may be prioritized behind other customers during network congestion, which will result in slower speeds.

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Average Call Wait Time: Less than 30 seconds

Internet Only

Unlimited Gold 30

  • Speed up to: 30 Mbps and ↑3 Mbps
  • Connection: Satellite
  • Modem: $12.99/mo
  • Contract Term: 2 years
  • Data Caps: No Caps
  • Price: $150/mo
  • 3-month promo rate. Regular rate is $200.00.

    After 100 GB of high-speed data is used, your data may be prioritized behind other customers during network congestion, which will result in slower speeds.

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Average Call Wait Time: Less than 30 seconds

Plans may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Verify terms and availability with Viasat Internet (formerly Exede). Last updated on 1/14/2021.

Viasat Internet Plans and Pricing Summary

Plan name Monthly start price Download & Data Threshold
Viasat Unlimited Bronze 12 $90/mo 12 Mbps / Unlimited Data
Viasat Unlimited Silver 25 $100/mo 25 Mbps / Unlimited Data
Viasat Unlimited Gold 30 $150/mo 30 Mbps / Unlimited Data

Viasat Plans and Pricing Summary

Viasat (formerly known as Exede) Internet deals are available in all 50 states. Viasat’s widest coverage is in California, Texas, and New York, but their satellite technology allows them to serve most homes in the continental US, as well as nearshore islands.

Viasat is the second largest residential satellite provider in the United States by coverage area, and is one of the most available service options for homes in rural locations. While they offer service to urban and suburban areas, we normally recommend wired or fixed wireless service for those settings. Where Viasat shines is in providing service to more remote locations that are poorly served by other providers.

Another benefit of Viasat for rural locations is the ability to install multiple reception dishes on multiple buildings. For example, if you have a detached office or other off-grid building, you can install a second dish there and get the same service as you have in the home. Ask about your options for setups like this when you sign up on the phone.

Viasat Satellite Internet Network

There are a variety of ways that internet service can be delivered to homes, and modern connection technologies include DSL, Satellite, Cable, and Fiber service. Viasat is a satellite provider, which means that data is beamed from a satellite orbiting above the Earth down to a dish installed outside the home.

Satellite technology has both benefits and drawbacks. Over the past few years, the technology has advanced to the point that satellite service can deliver surprisingly fast speeds. The technology still falls behind options like cable and fiber in terms of speed, but in many cases it delivers faster speeds than DSL — another rural alternative.

The main disadvantage satellite Internet plans like Viasat’s is the fact that they have data caps. Satellites have a limited capacity to handle data at any one time, and Viasat addresses this issue by limiting the internet usage of a household within the month. (This is true even on “Viasat Unlimited” plans.)

While wired internet providers generally organize plans by the download speeds, Viasat organizes based on the maximum data usage.

Satellite is one of the best options available for rural users, but those data caps can really cause problems if customers aren’t careful with their internet habits.

Viasat And Exede: What’s The Difference?

Viasat as a company has been around for quite a while, but launched their internet service as Exede back in 2012. In December 2017, however, the parent company decided to rebrand Exede back to Viasat in order to avoid brand confusion.

The rebrand of Exede as Viasat also coincided with the company’s decision to continue expanding their international services — expanding their reach beyond the United States.

Around the same time, Viasat also launched the Viasat-2 satellite with 300 Gigabits of network capacity. This new satellite drastically increases the maximum speeds available for US customers, so new buyers will be able to take advantage of a wider range of internet packages.

Viasat (Exede) Internet Fees

When you see a price advertised for internet, it’s important to realize that there are often some additional fees that can raise your monthly bill. Before making the decision to buy, you want to take into account any extra charges that you’ll be responsible for over the course of your contract.

Because Viasat is a satellite provider, you’ll need equipment in order to receive reception and have the internet transmitted into your home.

You have the option to either rent the dish monthly, or enter into a lifetime lease.

Viasat Dish Lifetime Lease Viasat Dish Monthly Rental
$299 $9.99/mo

It will take around 30 months for you to break even if you decide to lease the dish, which is longer than the standard 24 month contract. If you see yourself staying with the company for a long time, however, the lifetime lease may be worth the purchase as it will save a significant amount of money over the years.

Installation of the dish is free when you sign a contract, so you won’t have to worry about that fee. Keep in mind, however, that the installation may cost money should you opt for a different mounting option than the standard pole mount.

Early Termination Fees

The majority of Viasat plans require a 24 month commitment. If you decide to cancel service before the end of your agreement, you will be charged an Early Termination Fee (ETF).

This fee amounts to $15 per month remaining on your contract, so it can quickly get expensive if you cancel early on.

For those who are unsure as to whether they can commit to a two year contract, such as renters or students, purchase a Viasat plan with caution.

Understanding Data Caps

Data caps put a limitation the amount of internet activity you can engage in across the month, but how much data would you use in an average browsing session? Different activities consume vastly different amounts of data. Understanding how different usage habits can affect your data cap is an important aspect of deciding which plan works best for you.

General web browsing consumes a negligible amount of data. So if all you’re doing is reading the news or checking your email, you won’t really have to worry about these caps. Where the limitations really start to become apparent is in streaming, especially with high-quality video content.

Viasat Data Packages HD Video Streaming Music Online Gaming
40 GB 16 hrs/mo 280 hrs/mo 200 hrs/mo
60 GB 24 hrs/mo 420 hrs/mo 400 hrs/mo
100 GB 40 hrs/mo 700 hrs/mo 500 hrs/mo
150 GB 60 hrs/mo 1165 hrs/mo 750 hrs/mo

What Happens If I Exceed My Viasat Data Allowance?

Most people have heard the horror stories of huge fees for exceeding data limits on cell phone plans, but you generally won’t have to worry about that with Viasat or Exede.

There are different groups of Viasat Internet plans, and the way that they handle data overages depends on the type of service you have:

Data Limitations. Viasat's cheapest plans are best for homes with very low data needs, since 12 GB can be quickly eaten up by just a few streamed films. Most homes should plan on spending at least $100/month on a plan that's going to feel comparable to a traditional cable or DSL plan.

Unlimited Plans. Viasat recently began offering unlimited plans that won't charge you if you use too much data. Keep in mind, they plans usually have a "soft cap" of 100 GB or so. Once you use 100 GB of data, the plan may slow down to prioritize other users during peak use times. This can be frustrating, but it's a huge step up from paying extra for small blocks of data. Unlimited plans are only possible because Viasat launched a new satellite in recent years.

Freedom Plans. Freedom plans function similarly to the Classic and Essential plans in that data will be severely throttled if you exceed your allowance. In addition to those restrictions, Viasat may ask you to upgrade to a different plan if your usage regularly exceeds the monthly cap.

Liberty Plans. Liberty Plans are available in select areas, and provide full speeds up to the data cap. Once data usage exceeds that allowance, the “Liberty Pass” kicks in, which allows continued usage at slower speeds of 1 - 5 Megabits per second (Mbps).

It can be difficult to understand how your data allowances work, so make sure you understand the type of plan you’re purchasing and the policies associated with internet usage.

Viasat Internet Plan “Free Zones”

While some of the Viasat Internet deals have relatively generous data allowances, it’s very easy to burn through even a big plan by downloading large files. Some video games are well over 50 Gigabytes (GB) large at this point, and HD movies also have very big file sizes.

Fortunately, Viasat offers a “Free Zone,” where customers can download without affecting their data caps during certain low-traffic times of the day.

Since data caps are imposed to reduce stress on a satellite, it’s possible for the company to lift the restrictions during the late night and early morning when regular use is not nearly as high.

Classic Plans have access to Free Zone from 12 am to 5am, while Evolution and Essential Plans can download freely from 3 am to 8 am.

Viasat customers should take liberal advantage of the Free Zone for those big file downloads. By queueing up a file before heading to bed, it’s possible to use a significant amount of data without affecting your allowance.

Viasat “Unlimited” Internet Deals

Viasat has recently introduced “Unlimited Plans” that don’t have a hard data limit. In truth, these plans aren’t truly unlimited.

Each of the unlimited plans will offer the fully-advertised speeds until you reach a certain cap, at which point the speeds will be throttled down until the start of the next month.

There are different tiers of plans, and the “soft cap” at which the data will start to be throttled will depend on the type of internet your purchase.

Viasat PlansSoft Cap
Bronze 12 40 GB
Silver 25 60 GB
Gold 30 100 GB
Gold 50 100 GB

These plans are relatively affordable, and are good options for those who don’t want to worry about data caps — with the understanding that their speeds will be reduced when they reach the caps mentioned above.

Is Viasat (Exede) Satellite Internet Good For Streaming?

The general rule of thumb is that Satellite is one of the worst internet technologies for streaming due to the data caps that are common with the plans.

However, Viasat stands apart from competitors like HughesNet in that they actually have some plans with generous data capacities.

To put it simply, it’s probably still not possible to stream HD and 4K video throughout the day without reaching the data cap — even on high tier plans. As far as streaming music on services like Pandora or Spotify, or gaming online, however, Viasat is surprisingly viable.

If you’re a heavy streamer, you’ll generally want to stay away from Satellite connections. With that said, as far as Satellite providers go, Viasat can work in a pinch, and is currently a better overall option than HughesNet in terms of data allowances.

Viasat TV Options

Viasat does not offer their own TV service, although they do partner with DirecTV to offer discounts to their customers in some areas.

If you’re interested in TV service, make sure you mention it to the Viasat representative when you make the call. If a partnership is not available in your area, you may be forced to purchase TV service separately — in which case Dish Network and DirecTV are the main options.

Viasat (Exede) for Rural Internet

Ultimately, Viasat is one of the best Satellite providers and one of the best options for buyers in rural areas. There are definitely drawbacks to the service, but if you don’t have access to Cable or Fiber connections, it’s certainly an excellent alternative.

Pros and Cons of Viasat (Exede) Internet service


  • Nationwide availability
  • More data for price than HughesNet
  • Recent speed upgrades


  • High equipment costs
  • Monthly Data Caps
  • Less reliable in bad weather

Frequently Asked Questions about Viasat Internet (formerly Exede)

  • How much does Viasat cost per month?

    Viasat currently offers several different satellite internet plans. These plans currently range from $50 to $150.