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Markee Adams on June 21, 2023

My internet service is down 3/4 of the time. They refuse to let me cancel without charging me $200.00! Horrible customer service, expensive, and doesn't work! I am paying a high price for absolutely nothing!

Thanks to Viasat Tech

Linda on January 25, 2023

Like to give a big thanks to the Viasat Tech who came to us to help with our problem with the internet service. During the time he was here, he stayed at his job until he found the problem. He was kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Service is ok I guess

Thomas on January 12, 2023

I don't know why it doesn't last longer than a week at most. When the data slows down you might as well use your cell phone as a hotspot. Much faster. I might as well not have any internet. Not unlimited. I guess if you want to wait for 30 min. to send an email, it's unlimited.

Good work

Dinesh on December 11, 2022

Tech did an excellent job in solving account problems. 5 stars.

Great tech

Kenneth on November 23, 2022

The customer service department is horrible. I was about to cancel my service, after being hung up on twice. They had me on hold for roughly 20 minutes each time, then hung up on me. The only reason I stayed, is because the tech that came out the following day, went above and beyond. I can not say enough good things about him!

Satisfied Customer

Evan Roper on October 27, 2022

Seven other internet companies came to our home and said I couldn't get service because there was no "line of sight". Yet, Viasat tech showed up with a smile and was ready to work. Two hours later we now have high-speed internet, and the signal is 9 out of 10! He explained everything step by step and made sure we were 100% satisfied before he left. As far as I'm concerned, Viasat is the ONLY company to go with when you want results. ALL the other companies around Roanoke need to learn how to be professional, and reliable, and a few need to learn manners. I wanted to reach through the phone and slap some of these so-called sales reps (just flat-out rude). Go with Viasat, they did everything I asked of them. He is an example of a model employee. Courteous, punctual, professional, and reliable. Viasat, thank you for doing your job. All the other companies take a back seat to you!

Good customer poor internet

Robbie Jean Waters on October 26, 2022

Spent 8 hours trying to find out about my service.was told no service wrong account number. If I change the channel on my TV, then I have no service, so I am stuck. I told them I would try to keep service for a year provided I don't get a $200 dollar bill as I have read on some of the reviews. I live in the city. The resolution is not great picture freezes, and it's almost like going back in time with the antenna. I hope it's going to get better. I share a home with other seniors and disabled people. They too are not satisfied. I will try but I don't think it's going to work for us if I have to spend my whole day on the phone with customer service. They try so hard to help. God bless customer service and I hope they get paid for their worthiness

Okay but often down..

Ann Buck on September 23, 2022

Thank goodness I was grandfathered in and still have the "free zone" between midnight and 5 AM. (Note to broadbandNow: this exceed plan is no longer available on Viasat). It's a 15 GB/month high-speed plan, and I can't tell the difference when it's used up except they barrage me with notices that I've used 100% of my internet data. I wish the rural broadband as a human right law would be enacted.

Viasat Internet

Eugene Swiech on September 04, 2022

Average response time at best. Browsing the internet is sometimes challenging. No issues with VOIP calls. I used the service in a remote area of Montana,

Not that bad actually

Whitney Mosier on August 06, 2022

I left a review. At the time the internet had gotten at a standstill. Now it works pretty well except for peak hours. There are a few hours out of the day after high speed is used up (which high speed doesn't last so standard data is what you want to pay attention to) these few hours I can't hardly use it at all streaming tv... however... the other 85% of the time it works fine. Only makes me wish I was only responsible for 85% of the bill though! And the customer svc reps are always polite... however it's hard to know what you can trust they tell you. In several instances, it went differently from what I was told already. However, overall I'm satisfied enough to keep the service over the length of the contract. In comparison to what's out there... I believe Viasat is a fair value... not good or excellent... but at least fair. So I'm just amending my earlier review.

Better Then Nothing? Not really

Andrew Prince on May 03, 2022

I tried every other internet company before reaching out to Viasat. They were the only ones that provided internet in my area. I signed up for their best plan, as I use the internet a lot. The monthly price for 100Mb/s (not all that great for 2022), was $200+ and I only get 150Gb of “high” speed data. At the time of installation, my speed test showed a modest 120Mb/s so not terrible, but the issue arose after I used the 150 gigs within a week. My internet speed was severely throttled after my 150 gigs. After performing another speed test I was getting .5 Mb/s… My 1 bar of cell service is working better than my home internet. And of course, you can buy 5 Gb for 9.99 or 10Gb for 14.99, but I already pay $200+ a month so I will not be buying more data, that’s ridiculous.

Slow Speeds and Customer Service, Expensive

Cory Manzi on March 28, 2022

It's $160/month, latency is terrible, and the overall speed is very bad. It's not "unlimited" since they ratchet back the speed to almost nothing after exceeding 100GB of data. Customer service won't help you and there isn't a "supervisor" you can speak with. I have been waiting for 4 years to find an alternative. I did yesterday and I'm on hold to cancel right now.

Slow and Unsteady Speeds even on Highest Package

Timothy Williams on March 23, 2022

I purchase Viasat in January 2022 and canceled it yesterday. I purchased the 50mbps speed package and I am willing to pay high prices if I have good reliable service. The technician installing tells me I am in a direct line of sight and have a great connection. A week or so later, slow speeds around 5mbps. I call to complain, then after some tests, my speeds are 50mbps. A few weeks later, back slow again. This week I have been struggling to stay above 15mbps with a hard line connection directly into the modem on a clear, sunny day. Viasat offered to send a tech out again but this is too many times dealing with this for a new location and new installation. 2 months! I canceled yesterday. Viasat doesn't want to let me out of the contract. I work from home and get paid to work, not to complain to Viasat about their slow speeds and dropping my conference calls. Canceling and moving on. I pay for service and I expect service just like the provider expects timely payment, right? Moving on. I will say Viasat has pleasant friendly people on the phone who are trying to be helpful. Coats, NC


Claudia on March 22, 2022

I have gotta say I just had the most awesome service ever in my life! From the first call to order service, which was so courteous, just above and beyond nice and helpful, to the great communication between the installer, his on-point time getting here, was such a pleasure to meet and he explained in detail EVERYTHING (unlike any of the other companies), he was fast, but thorough, just an overall amazing experience for me, one heck of an impression, as a first-time customer! I had to brag about it! Thanks so much, Viasat you guys are kicking butt!


Hailey on February 18, 2022

Tech installed my internet. He was on time, prompt, very polite, explained everything to me that I needed to know, explained how he was installing the dish outside. Told me to call or text anytime for questions or concerns. Amazing service!!!


Jim Moffit on June 07, 2021

I read all these reviews. So good, so not so good. It has been nothing but a pleasure to have their service. I have had to call a couple of times and have had nothing but excellent customer service each time and had no problem finding contact info online. Keep up the good work!

Good satellite internet.

Howard on January 15, 2021

Had heard satellite internet was slow but have been very happy with mine so far. We run cameras for security and all our normal use with no problems. Currently running 195 mbps. Definitely glad i gave them a try.

Its okay!!!

Elizabeth Carter on December 31, 2020

I was honestly shocked I could find any internet where we live besides ATT which I did not want. I've had Viasat for almost a year now and let me tell you when my contract is up, I do not honestly know if I will renew it. I recently made a mistake on my end and accidentally paid my bill twice. Well the agent I spoke with was great (as customer service usually is) and started a refund process but from what I've been told, there's a chance I won't get it back. It has to be approved by corporate which takes 7-14 business days. The fact that I might not get it back is quite disturbing and frustrating. Internet speeds are okay unless I go over my balance which is easy to do with a teen in the house. Customer service is very helpful and always polite except for the last guy I spoke to, he was kind of snappy. I hope this review helps someone that is looking to buy internet. It is not a bad review but I would recommend not making the mistake as I did with two payments because there is a chance you won't get your money back.


Romi on December 30, 2020

i got this internet actually installed in really bad snow and it held up the whole time! I'm happy, had it for a few days and it never went out! i live in the country too with no internet options! This is a good one :)

No Complaints

Jerry Hutcherson on November 22, 2020

If you are experiencing slow internet with Viasat, then it might be a Computer problem, such as a virus or corrupt register files or just an old slow computer or you have the cheapest service they offer. etc. I can watch movies, use Google Voice, and stream TV shows.

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