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Good work

Dinesh on December 11, 2022

Odarie did an excellent job solving account problems. 5 stars.

Great tech

Kenneth on November 23, 2022

The customer service department is horrible. I was about to cancel my service, after being hung up on twice. They had me on hold for roughly 20 minutes each time, then hung up on me. The only reason I stayed, is because the tech that came out the following day, went above and beyond. I can not say enough good things about him!

Satisfied Customer

Evan Roper on October 27, 2022

Seven other internet companies came to our home and said I couldn't get service because there was no "line of sight". Yet, Viasat tech showed up with a smile and was ready to work. Two hours later we now have high-speed internet, and the signal is 9 out of 10! He explained everything step by step and made sure we were 100% satisfied before he left. As far as I'm concerned, Viasat is the ONLY company to go with when you want results. ALL the other companies around Roanoke need to learn how to be professional, and reliable, and a few need to learn manners. I wanted to reach through the phone and slap some of these so-called sales reps (just flat-out rude). Go with Viasat, they did everything I asked of them. He is an example of a model employee. Courteous, punctual, professional, and reliable. Viasat, thank you for doing your job. All the other companies take a back seat to you!

Good customer poor internet

Robbie Jean Waters on October 26, 2022

Spent 8 hours trying to find out about my service.was told no service wrong account number. If I change the channel on my TV, then I have no service, so I am stuck. I told them I would try to keep service for a year provided I don't get a $200 dollar bill as I have read on some of the reviews. I live in the city. The resolution is not great picture freezes, and it's almost like going back in time with the antenna. I hope it's going to get better. I share a home with other seniors and disabled people. They too are not satisfied. I will try but I don't think it's going to work for us if I have to spend my whole day on the phone with customer service. They try so hard to help. God bless customer service and I hope they get paid for their worthiness

Okay but often down..

Ann Buck on September 23, 2022

Thank goodness I was grandfathered in and still have the "free zone" between midnight and 5 AM. (Note to broadbandNow: this exceed plan is no longer available on Viasat). It's a 15 GB/month high-speed plan, and I can't tell the difference when it's used up except they barrage me with notices that I've used 100% of my internet data. I wish the rural broadband as a human right law would be enacted.

Viasat Internet

Eugene Swiech on September 04, 2022

Average response time at best. Browsing the internet is sometimes challenging. No issues with VOIP calls. I used the service in a remote area of Montana,

Not that bad actually

Whitney Mosier on August 06, 2022

I left a review. At the time the internet had gotten at a standstill. Now it works pretty well except for peak hours. There are a few hours out of the day after high speed is used up (which high speed doesn't last so standard data is what you want to pay attention to) these few hours I can't hardly use it at all streaming tv... however... the other 85% of the time it works fine. Only makes me wish I was only responsible for 85% of the bill though! And the customer svc reps are always polite... however it's hard to know what you can trust they tell you. In several instances, it went differently from what I was told already. However, overall I'm satisfied enough to keep the service over the length of the contract. In comparison to what's out there... I believe Viasat is a fair value... not good or excellent... but at least fair. So I'm just amending my earlier review.

Better Then Nothing? Not really

Andrew Prince on May 03, 2022

I tried every other internet company before reaching out to Viasat. They were the only ones that provided internet in my area. I signed up for their best plan, as I use the internet a lot. The monthly price for 100Mb/s (not all that great for 2022), was $200+ and I only get 150Gb of “high” speed data. At the time of installation, my speed test showed a modest 120Mb/s so not terrible, but the issue arose after I used the 150 gigs within a week. My internet speed was severely throttled after my 150 gigs. After performing another speed test I was getting .5 Mb/s… My 1 bar of cell service is working better than my home internet. And of course, you can buy 5 Gb for 9.99 or 10Gb for 14.99, but I already pay $200+ a month so I will not be buying more data, that’s ridiculous.

Slow Speeds and Customer Service, Expensive

Cory Manzi on March 28, 2022

It's $160/month, latency is terrible, and the overall speed is very bad. It's not "unlimited" since they ratchet back the speed to almost nothing after exceeding 100GB of data. Customer service won't help you and there isn't a "supervisor" you can speak with. I have been waiting for 4 years to find an alternative. I did yesterday and I'm on hold to cancel right now.

Slow and Unsteady Speeds even on Highest Package

Timothy Williams on March 23, 2022

I purchase Viasat in January 2022 and canceled it yesterday. I purchased the 50mbps speed package and I am willing to pay high prices if I have good reliable service. The technician installing tells me I am in a direct line of sight and have a great connection. A week or so later, slow speeds around 5mbps. I call to complain, then after some tests, my speeds are 50mbps. A few weeks later, back slow again. This week I have been struggling to stay above 15mbps with a hard line connection directly into the modem on a clear, sunny day. Viasat offered to send a tech out again but this is too many times dealing with this for a new location and new installation. 2 months! I canceled yesterday. Viasat doesn't want to let me out of the contract. I work from home and get paid to work, not to complain to Viasat about their slow speeds and dropping my conference calls. Canceling and moving on. I pay for service and I expect service just like the provider expects timely payment, right? Moving on. I will say Viasat has pleasant friendly people on the phone who are trying to be helpful. Coats, NC


Claudia on March 22, 2022

I have gotta say I just had the most awesome service ever in my life! From the first call to order service, which was so courteous, just above and beyond nice and helpful, to the great communication between the installer, his on-point time getting here, was such a pleasure to meet and he explained in detail EVERYTHING (unlike any of the other companies), he was fast, but thorough, just an overall amazing experience for me, one heck of an impression, as a first-time customer! I had to brag about it! Thanks so much, Viasat you guys are kicking butt!


Hailey on February 18, 2022

Tech installed my internet. He was on time, prompt, very polite, explained everything to me that I needed to know, explained how he was installing the dish outside. Told me to call or text anytime for questions or concerns. Amazing service!!!


Jim Moffit on June 07, 2021

I read all these reviews. So good, so not so good. It has been nothing but a pleasure to have their service. I have had to call a couple of times and have had nothing but excellent customer service each time and had no problem finding contact info online. Keep up the good work!

Good satellite internet.

Howard on January 15, 2021

Had heard satellite internet was slow but have been very happy with mine so far. We run cameras for security and all our normal use with no problems. Currently running 195 mbps. Definitely glad i gave them a try.

Its okay!!!

Elizabeth Carter on December 31, 2020

I was honestly shocked I could find any internet where we live besides ATT which I did not want. I've had Viasat for almost a year now and let me tell you when my contract is up, I do not honestly know if I will renew it. I recently made a mistake on my end and accidentally paid my bill twice. Well the agent I spoke with was great (as customer service usually is) and started a refund process but from what I've been told, there's a chance I won't get it back. It has to be approved by corporate which takes 7-14 business days. The fact that I might not get it back is quite disturbing and frustrating. Internet speeds are okay unless I go over my balance which is easy to do with a teen in the house. Customer service is very helpful and always polite except for the last guy I spoke to, he was kind of snappy. I hope this review helps someone that is looking to buy internet. It is not a bad review but I would recommend not making the mistake as I did with two payments because there is a chance you won't get your money back.


Romi on December 30, 2020

i got this internet actually installed in really bad snow and it held up the whole time! I'm happy, had it for a few days and it never went out! i live in the country too with no internet options! This is a good one :)

No Complaints

Jerry Hutcherson on November 22, 2020

If you are experiencing slow internet with Viasat, then it might be a Computer problem, such as a virus or corrupt register files or just an old slow computer or you have the cheapest service they offer. etc. I can watch movies, use Google Voice, and stream TV shows.

Good first week

Greg Mathews on May 16, 2020

Good download with their Silver plans for the first few days until you reach your plan's limit. After that, forget watching anything that requires a download. YouTube or Netflix is out of the question. Good for Facebook on your phone but that’s it.

Throttled at 100GB

Kevin on April 21, 2020

We are in our first month and I am not happy. We hardly get even a quarter of the max speed advertised, half the month it hasn’t worked, and right at 100GB, they throttle us to a speed of .25Mbps which isn’t even enough to browse the internet. All of this for $150 a month. Not worth the money at all. I’m about to pay the $15 termination fee,

Terrible Internet

Brian on February 12, 2020

Worse internet I’ve ever seen. They will promise you everything then when you can’t even open a website and you want to cancel, they want to charge you. Keep looking, don’t even think about going with Viasat.

Consistently reliable, very impressed

Jen on February 10, 2020

We live in the mountains outside of Denver, CO and we were skeptical when first buying our house because our only option was to get satellite internet. I work from home so need consistent internet connection and you always hear terrible stories about people that have satellite internet! We ended up going with Viasat and I'm SO glad we did! We've been on Viasat's Gold plan for a year and half now and I am so impressed! Even with the severe weather we get up here, the connection rarely goes out. If it does go out, it's back up quickly, or we just have to brush snow off the dish and it's good to go. About 6 months ago, I noticed the internet was working more slowly than normal. I didn't even have a chance to call Viasat to ask because they called me and said that they noticed our connection was running slow. They sent someone out here for free and had him re-adjust the dish. Everything worked just fine after that! Never do you have a company call YOU to tell you there is a problem and offer to fix it for free! We've had zero issues with streaming things like Netflix and overall I'm impressed with the speed. Everything isn't instant but if I can get my IT job done at home, you know it can't be too bad! I do recommend going with a higher speed plan and it is expensive so be prepared to adjust your budget. But if you live in a place with limited internet options, Viasat is worth the price. My only downside would be the slowness in the upload speed. Sharing your screen or FaceTiming with people is fine from this side, but the recipient doesn't get a clear picture and the screen is frozen a lot. If I need to provide a training session for work, I definitely have to find a place in town to work from that day. All to do with the signal needing to leave the satellite I'm sure, but a quicker upload speed is the only thing I would change. Everything else has been great and I find myself impressed on a regular basis with how reliable everything has been. Thanks Viasat for allowing our family to live in our dream home while not having to sacrifice the ease and convenience of this essential need!

Viasat Speed

John on February 09, 2020

We have been using Viasat since June 2018. We have had very few problems. The service is as fast as any who serve our rural area. The price is high compared to service in areas that have more competition. It will be interesting to see what the price structure is once Elon Musk gets Starlink operational in our area. At the present time, I recommend Viasat. I don't like the 2 year commitment but they are not alone in having that part of the contract.

Best for satellite

Mary on January 27, 2020

Via-sat has always been very efficient and polite when I’ve had to contact them. I just don’t understand why satellite is so much higher than cable and there has to be a contract. I would definitely upgrade if I wasn’t going to be stuck in another 2 year contract. We’re on the highest data plan now and many things start buffering when we get to just 75Gb, but overall Via-sat is still the best for the money for the mountain that we live on, although it is very expensive compared to cable in town and cable is a LOT more unlimited.

Prioritized Data = No Data

Heather on January 14, 2020

I get a decent speed but nothing compared to fiber while within my 100GB of data limit but once I go over, it is like having no internet at all. I cannot do anything. Here is their verbiage: "After 100GB of data usage, we may prioritize your data behind other customers during network congestion." They prioritize it enough where you cannot do anything on it. No trial period either. Once you sign up with them, you are locked into a 24-month agreement, and to get out, you have to pay $15 per month remaining in your contract. And, they are expensive. Triple the cost of DSL or Fiber because if you are even looking at Viasat, you have limited options.

Slow speed, high latency, soft data caps

Nicholas Watkins on January 10, 2020

Very slow, they say up to 25Mbps, but actual is around 4Mbps, as it is satellite the latency is terrible and makes doing any browsing, gaming, voice communication, or working incredibly slow to the point of being next to unusable. 800ms latency is typical. This gets worse depending on the weather. There is also a soft data cap which if you exceed makes all of the above even worse. In addition, the cost is about three times that of any other service. The only good thing they have is that it is available when there is no other option. How there is no other option in today's day and age is unfathomable, but that's another topic. All in all, it's appalling, but at least it's the internet if you can't get broadband or DSL.

Slow Internet

Gloria on December 21, 2019

It's just been two weeks since we set up Viasat Internet but I have already called Customer Care twice to complain about the internet being slow. Customer Care we spoke to just said there is a lot of traffic today that’s why the internet is very slow. I’m very disappointed with their service.

Good service for rural Kansas

Bill on December 21, 2019

I am very pleased with service from Viasat. I pay for 12 mbps and get up to 18 on average, able to stream Netflix and on demand with no buffering. I have multiple cameras and smart home devices all connected with no problems. Highly recommend Viasat for rural areas. We are unable to get DSL or cable where we live in the country in rural Kansas, tried the cell phone hotspots but they too were slow and unreliable.


Glen on December 21, 2019

Viasat has been really reliable for me even though I'm in high desert area.

Up and Down Service

Sheena Catledge on December 17, 2019

Being with this company is like being on a rollercoaster ride. At first, when they were Exede, they needed A LOT of improvement. Then Viasat came and everything was great for a period of time. Now customer service is bad and I pay $160 for internet that only works in the daytime hours. Great...

Good service for "fringes" without a choice like we have!!

Chris Butler on December 08, 2019

Sometimes, rarely, Viasat gets overwhelmed and speeds suffer immensely, but, luckily that is not common, I rather use Viasat, even with three times the price of their competitor. If you live in the fringes and can afford it, I recommend Viasat.

Unlimited package is NOT Unlimited

Laura on November 15, 2019

I have the premium internet package (unlimited) which costs $160 per month. It has never worked properly or consistently since I moved to northern VA in April 2019. They sent a technician once who blamed the issues on a tree in my backyard. I have made half a dozen calls to technical support to no avail. They have explained that once I hit my data limit each month, which I always do because I do not have cable and I stream everything, I am moved to a lower speed (throttling). I work from home and downloads and uploads are excruciatingly slow. I cannot enjoy Hulu, Amazon Video, Youtube or Netflix without constant pauses and error messages. Since this service is via satellite, I expected problems when there is bad weather but I certainly did not expect this. I am currently looking for another provider.

Reliable Connection So-Far !

Randy on November 07, 2019

The installation went smoothly, initial startup via ethernet was good but WiFi connection was not smooth and it's difficult to get customer service help on the phone. Finally got in touch with customer service, he walked me through the process. If you're going to be a customer service agent, you should at least be willing to serve your customers. Thanks, job well done!

Very Pleased

Jim on September 23, 2019

We installed Viasat one month ago at our cabin in northern AZ. We are using about 6GB per 24 hour period, which gives us 10 days a month or 120 days a year, for about $1200 per year, which equates to $10 per 24 hour period of usage. Since cable is not an option, I am pleased. Obviously, if we lived there full-time, we would run out of good speeds after the 10th day of the month and would have to look at a more expensive plan ( and still come up a little short). But for part-time use, I am very pleased. Our use includes streaming, heavy surfing, emails, and phone calls. I completely understand why full-timers are not happy but the options in remote areas are very limited. For us, it has been far better than dial-up or hot spots.


Tom Bumpous on September 20, 2019

I’ve had the 100Mbps service for months and it is fast when the service is not down which is too often. Still, it’s better than the others.

“I was wrong”

John Minger on September 17, 2019

First, I want you to know I wrote a kind of rough review of Viasat not too long ago. But to make a long story short, the mess-up was my fault. I could not get the internet on all of my WiFi devices. It would work if I would run an Ethernet cable from my router to my TV. But my 15-year-old grandson figured it out. I was putting the password in OK all but one letter. It was an l and I kept seeing it as an I, the letters are very small on the bottom through of the router. Anyway he went through and straightened out all my WiFi units, especially my TV, Viasat is not the piece of Junk I called it, it is one fine rural internet, a lot faster, way more dependable than my last carrier by far. So if you ever get Viasat and can’t get it to work, don’t fly off the handle at them, call your Grandkids! Thanks, Viasat for a great WiFi System.

Speeds have become slower

Jim Ter Borg on September 15, 2019

Had Viasat for 4 years. I used to be able to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others in the evening but now I can’t. Speeds often below 1.0 Mbps. They say that burst speed is 12.0 but I rarely hit 12.

Unreliable and slow internet even on clear days

Steve Holmes on August 28, 2019

Service seems to be getting worse with the internet going in and out and speeds slow and nowhere near the advertised 30Mbps! Technology’s getting better yet our service is still flakey even in good weather! Promised better service soon with/when new satellite are added but never happened.

Speeds good but unreliable and "throttles"

Travis on July 05, 2019

The actual speeds are fine. However, once you go over your data limit of 40GB (lowest option), they randomly cut you off to prioritize people who have not gone over priority. We often stream at under 360p and it counts towards our limit. Overall, it's better than the other but not by much. Honestly, I wouldn't use ViaSat again at this point unless I absolutely had to.


Amber Roberts on June 28, 2019

I was skeptical about Satellite internet but surprisingly, it is great! We live way out and don't even get phone signal but Viasat is very very good!

Fantastic, if you understand the terms

Aaron Harchak on June 27, 2019

I have a Business Unlimited 35 Mbps plan that does all that it is advertised, 75Gb per month of priority daytime internet. Long lag time, yes. Limited throughput, yes. Able to allow me to work from home as an IT Director managing hundreds of servers, yes. Exede has delivered what they promised and I could not be more pleased, unless cable or FIOS become available.

Better than our previous cellular provider

Eric Reed on May 09, 2019

I have only had it for a month but I have been pleasantly surprised. I have the Unlimited Silver 25 plan and we burned up the 100 GB of priority data within 2 weeks (pent up demand). By the end of the month, we had used about 350 GB. I average 15Gb/s DL speed which is respectable, even once we got past our priority data. Coming from a different cellular provider that was slower than the dial-up I had in 1997, it's a breath of fresh air. I avoided satellite for many years but the newer birds they have in the sky are getting it done pretty well. I'd recommend to anyone with no other options.

Unstable internet

Rebecca on May 09, 2019

The only time I have good internet is when there are clear skies. If it is cloudy, rainy, windy, snow, sleet, overcast, then it buffers about every 45 seconds. It usually takes about 3 hrs. to watch a 60 minute show. Wish I didn't have a contract.


Mac on May 06, 2019

Hughes Sat Failed. Am not wired for optics. Wi-Fi supports computer, cells, 4 Tv,s. Pretty good usage being in the country surrounded by hills

A great help in a remote area

Rick B on May 06, 2019

I see a lot of negative reviews. It's satellite and not wired device. It has delays (latency) and data caps. I understood the shortcomings of satellite service and accept them for what they are. I've been using the service for 3 years now and I work from home. I wish I could keep my plan (50 gig ) and upgrade to more speed.


Barbara Rutherford on May 01, 2019

I have been with VIASAT (formerly Exede) for many years. When I signed up, I reviewed the policies, rules and all information about this ISP service: They are spelled out to the letter. My monthly data allowance is 10 GB. I never get involved with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or any social media. I never stream movies or music. People use and misuse the internet, not seeming to prioritize even about their own security. My usage is to check e-mails, visit a few specific online shops I have been affiliated with for years, bargain hunt and occasionally do research. I appreciate my ISP. Why? Because from Customer Service to Tech Support, they are excellently professional and compassionately understanding. Through my ISP I can research vintage products of interest made in W. Germany, Spain and throughout the world. I can keep up with the latest happenings in America through honest and reputable sources not covered or often overlooked by or through the typical television media. All of this and more, from my country acres. There have been times when storms came through that affected satellite service, but I am not about to blame VIASAT for the weather. I had a data usage issue. After a lot of research, I subscribed with a well-known VPN service for the first time. It didn't take me long to experience what a VPN service doesn't tell you. VPNs manage not to tell you just how much of the ISP monthly data allowance they consume. I lost 2/3 of my monthly data allowance, eaten up by the VPN, each month for two months. I did a test and uninstalled the VPN, and my data usage came back to the typical normal. There is a lot that research does not uncover, left up to be discovered by the actual experience. I quit that VPN because I am not paying my ISP for a monthly data allowance or plan, and a VPN for eating up most of it each month. VIASAT was with me throughout this two-month ordeal and I can't say enough about how great their Customer Service and Tech Support is! I am thankful for VIASAT and all of the opportunities of quality it has brought my way. I don't think anyone bellyaching and complaining about any ISP, would ever opt to prefer going without one in this day and age. There is everything positive to be accomplished when people are able and willing to reach out for, appreciate and achieve a reasonable understanding based upon honest-to-goodness consideration. Thank You VIASAT, and know that this customer truly appreciates you! Best regards.

Pretty good!

Daniel on April 25, 2019

I just moved to an address with no internet access. I struggle for weeks trying to figure out what to do and after reading reviews and getting a referral, I chose Viasat. Their install was not as prompt as I would have liked but the internet is great. It was installed on a rainy, cloudy day, but the connection was comparable to DSL or even high speed internet. I can do business, check social media, or stream with no problems. It does everything I need. However, I've only had the service for two weeks so time will tell.

Service would be decent if not for the upper end cap

Curtis Wilson on April 17, 2019

Having used the service for over a year, I wouldn't have too much negative to say except for the throttle down of their so-called unlimited service of 150 GB. Once this occurs, you are basically unable to do anything, including surfing websites. They may claim they throttle it down during peak times but I have found once you are throttled down, it's basically until your service month resets. They would do a lot for their customers if they offered true unlimited service for the hefty price tag they charge for their service.

A local Catoosa civilian’s experience

Catoosakid on March 06, 2019

The download and the internet are great especially out here. But the upload is just so bad compared to the download. Especially when you got WiFi for gaming. I’m going above 600 ping constantly. It’s great for watching YouTube and browsing but definitely not for gaming.

They were great for about 18 months

Steve on February 02, 2019

I live out in the country where there haven't been any good options for internet service. That was until about 18 months ago when I signed up for Viasat (formerly Exede) for the second time after having nothing but problems with my wireless carrier's internet service. I bought the "Unlimited Silver 25" plan for $150/month + taxes and everything was great. I was promised that I wouldn't be throttled until I used up 150 GB of data, which I never did. Everything stayed great until a couple of weeks ago when they changed their terms of service so that people with the "grandfathered unlimited" plans like the one I had got to go back of the line whenever there was any network congestion, i.e., anytime in the evening or on weekends. Now I get maybe 2 Mbps at best on evenings or weekends, rather than the up to 25 Mbps I was getting before. I understand that they need to make money, but punishing their old customers so they "upgrade" to plans with lower caps and higher prices is really not a good way to do business. Now it's back to looking for an alternative...

They came straight out after I paid for the installation

Cherish Phillips on January 14, 2019

The service is great been working great no problems overall value worth the money

Satalite speed test

Brad on January 04, 2019

Customer service is good and organized if you have a concern. They make sure that it is a quick service and I have no problem with our internet service.

Works great

Jay Bird on November 16, 2018

Works great, I love it. The top package is awesome -- you can do just about anything with it as long as you're responsible. I have friends that have the middle package and they love it. Seems the middle package is The Sweet Spot for pricing and speed. The technician was also great. very helpful and took his time to explain a lot of things.

Always online fast speeds

Clifford Smith on October 23, 2018

The system works very well always online and fast speeds, the only thing is the price compared to Unlimited cell phone service, it's expensive.

Im happy with it

James on September 11, 2018

I don't get all the negative reviews. I haven't ever had any of those issues. Only break in service is during extreme weather, well I knew that was part of the territory anyway. My test speeds, if done late at night, are almost always higher than advertised, and during busy times, average a bit lower, again, I expect this. The only negative thing about satellite internet, ANY brand of satellite internet, is the darn latency times. You get used to it I guess though. It's like driving two different types of cars, both are fast cars, buy one handles quicker than the other, best way I can describe it.

Fantastic Speeds all the time

Judge And Jury on August 09, 2018

I subscribed to a 12Mbps plan and rarely go under 15Mbps. Sometimes I get 21Mbps on my 12Mbps plan. The trick is to have a hot NIC (Network Interface Card). This makes a huge difference because even though you may have a 1Gb NIC, it may not handle the local source's (Satellite Modem) transfer characteristics. At least 90% of ViaSat subscribers could have faster speeds with a better NIC, even as an add-on device (PCI, PCIe, USB). Most customers that complain have junk computers that couldn't handle a fast connection no matter where it came from.

Awesome Sauce

Annette Morton on July 31, 2018

This is the greatest internet & home phone service I have ever had. Easy to set up and clear voice on phone. Bundling is the way to go here. I love the price and tech support. You can't bet it, so try it!

Great! I Would Highly Recommend!

Aimee Hurst on April 23, 2018

My experience with Exede was amazing. It just did not work well with our previous ISP because of how far away we were from their tower so we decided to try Exede and it works great. We were guaranteed high-speed internet and we got high-speed connection. If you're shopping for an internet service provider these are the people I would highly recommend.

Too slow

Cathy Boboescu on November 24, 2017

Customer service is great. Though I need faster speed, what we have is reliable. I have been with Exede for at least 10 years.

As expected

Mark Boyster on November 18, 2017

No issues.

Best satellite provider in my area

John on July 20, 2017

It's satellite but It's the best one out of the bunch. Unlike the other providers, Exede simply throttles you after you go over your monthly data cap while also offering you uncapped free data in the early hours. They call it "Liberty Pass". At throttled speeds, I get roughly 5-10mbps during peak hours. Again, It's satellite, so expect the usual limitations like latency/ping and low speeds compared to a wired ISP.

Exede review

Mary P on July 07, 2017

Limited high speed internet allowance. We burn through our monthly allowance (10 GB) within a week, then have unusable speed for remainder of month.

Okay, no streaming.

Ivania on July 03, 2017

Liberty Pass is a good option for a no-internet area. The problem is you pay for 12 GB's. When it's all used up, the pass they give is slow. Also the plan is $69 for 12 GB and you can't stream with that small amount. It meets all my internet needs except streaming.

Better than dialup

Martin on May 28, 2017

I got the best plan for my internet habits but not for my internet needs. Online Gaming makes me not like Exede.

Best High Speed Internet - Anywhere

Bill Reynolds on December 21, 2016

If your looking for High Speed Internet Service, w/ virtually 100% reliability, look no further! I have had this service for over 3 years, now. One outage only 6 minutes. Local Dealer; Outstanding Customer Service from Local & National. Some areas with Phone Service, Call. Several plans Residential, Business. Virtually Anywhere! HSI High Speed Internet did/does it all; Just call Janis at 928 961-4614


W V on November 10, 2016

If you're in a remote area where the only broadband service available is satellite internet, then Exede can be more cost-effective (e.g., EXEDE12 10GB, with unlimited data during overnight "free zone" period).


Karen Lewis on October 26, 2016

I am with excede through Dish and MBPs are limited to 10 @ $50 a mo, can buy 5 more mbps at $20! EXPENSIVE!!!! they slow down my service when I reach more than 256 or something like that. I now run my phone& tv & computer on this and it is not enough. Not happy. They should offer more mbps

Not for gamer

Killer Joe on September 15, 2016

Plain and simple, if you're a gamer, nope not for you, if not, then it's great.

Good service, don't like data limits or pricing.

Cheryl Crane on August 22, 2016

Priced too high and cap on data is not good. Speed is fine, reliability is great.

Exede and me

Nancy Knapp on June 20, 2016

I'm very happy with Exede except I don't have enough data to watch Netflix. I'm over limit because I want to watch Orange is the New Black. I can only watch it between midnight and 5 am. Why can't I get unlimited data?

Works Great

on June 13, 2016

Excellent service, no problems!

Stable but Expensive, Relatively Slow, and Capped

Kelly on May 03, 2016

Reliable service, except during a storm, but that doesn't last long. About 5Mbps download / 0.5 Mbps up. Largest package 60 GB/month, so not good for streaming video. 650 ms latency, so VoIP not good, but usable. $130/mo. But, in 5 yrs, no outages lasting more than 1 hour.


on March 29, 2016

I have been with Exede for 18 months and overall I am very satisfied, typical with satellite internet is it is very expensive, 10 Mbps goes fast at $60.00 a month.

Fast most of the time

on January 20, 2016

It's fast most of the time but the ping is in the 700s. They do offer new data plans like the "Liberty Plans" which means you get at least 12mbps, but I get around 20Mbps for your priority data. After you use all your data, your data is slowed to 5Mbps. Still good enough for Netflix. The only problem is the ping and then it would be amazing.


on January 14, 2016

Great service but 10 GB /month cap is way too limiting.

Exede is least expensive satellite provider

Rick on January 12, 2016

Happy with everything about Exede except the low data allowance.

Not good

on December 28, 2015

Fine for basic email and web browsing but limited downloads. You can't watch movies etc.

Good service, but data limits

on October 10, 2015

The speed is great and works well from the cabin in the woods, but the data cap will allow maybe to stream movies a month.

Floyd VA

on October 10, 2015

Limited internet, when you reach your allowed amount you drop to low speed internet. For the price, it should be unlimited. To save data and watch Netflix or movies off the web, best to watch between 12 to 5 am.

Pretty good for Satellite internet

on August 19, 2015

I can't complain too much. The customer service for most part has helped me out and because I don't have many options because of location, they are the best at what they do. The only thing I would change is data allowance because I have young ones now who love to use the web and use sites like YouTube and that burns through data. So if they released plans for higher data like I have been hearing, then I would give them 5 stars.

Monthly data cap

on July 04, 2015

Service is great, price is right. The only limitation is monthly cap. If you are a heavy streamer, you would need to upgrade basic package to avoid monthly cap.

Good service

on June 25, 2015

Always had great service. Reason for possible change is we are moving to new area.

Exede Evolution is a lifesaver.

on June 19, 2015

I live in a very rural part of Virginia and have no access to traditional (wired) broadband providers. I work from home and have two teenage sons, one of whom takes many online courses from the local college. Exede's Evolution plan works for me. It is affordable and provides adequate caps to provide for a worry-free internet experience We do not stream very much video, but the Evolution Plan will work for simple browsing and email even when caps are exceeded.

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