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We asked BroadbandNow users to review Hughesnet based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 6292 for Hughesnet. Hughesnet earned an average score of 2.79 out of 5.

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Hughesnet Internet Customer Reviews

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Janice Head on March 25, 2024

Earlier I left a bad review. Today I had to call Hughesnet internet. Tech went out of his way to help me. He went up and beyond his job. Thank you for helping me out.

It may work fine if installed correctly.

Benny Childers on March 15, 2024

Mine was installed where the dish was obscured from the satellite and I could not get them to do anything about it.

A Positive Review

Rick Koon on November 29, 2022

I very much want my customer review person to be especially appreciated. He helped me with activating internet service. He went above the standard customer service help. I will always remember his expert assistance and I thank him so much.

Reliably slow.

Unhappy on May 13, 2022

We've had issues with HughesNet being slow since we signed up. We rarely both call tech support though, because the answer is always the same. They tell us to buy a plan with more data so it won't be "throttled" down when we hit our data limit. We are a household of two adults who don't stream movies. We're just using the internet and occasionally streaming music. The only positive about HughesNet is that it almost never goes down, which our previous provider did. Unfortunately, we live in an isolated area where high-speed cable internet is not an option.

Awesome technician

Chalmeia L Davis on March 22, 2022

We just had our installation done and the technician that came out was really great, sometimes it can be weird or awkward having some random person in your home but he was really professional but friendly and courteous as well, he made sure we were up and running before he left it was a really great experience.

Not reliable. Not fast.

Disappointed Customer on March 09, 2022

Upgraded to the most expensive plan, have called them multiple times, and still have the worst internet I’ve ever had. It’s nearly impossible to watch TV at night. I upgraded my phone plan to unlimited cellular so I can at least use my phone for internet access. Can’t wait for this next year to be over so I can cancel this 2-year contract. It was our only option for internet otherwise I would have used someone else.

Mbps Speed is no good for streaming

Paul on March 07, 2022

I recently upgraded my GB data from 10GB to 30GB in order to have enough to stream movies on Paramount Plus. As I was informed by HughesNet the 25Mbps they quote could go to 3Mbps if I used up all my GB data. The truth was in the evenings /night the Mpbs would drop as low as 1.4 Mbps and my movie would pause for 10 min or more then run for one or two min and pause again. After multiple phone calls and troubleshooting by HughesNet, I decided their Mbps would never be constant enough even for 10 Mbps. I was originally led to believe my monthly bill would be prorated and I would receive a partial refund but had to pay the full $120 cancellation fee. But when I canceled 2 days after my billing date they refused to prorate it.

Finally have real internet

Martha Millar on August 28, 2021

After years of limited internet via our phone line because of our rural location, I called HughesNet. I had heard they were prohibitively expensive but in actuality - their costs were comparable to what I was paying for a download speed of less than 5. We always had to turn other devices to airplane mode to watch a movie. Mark G was the tech that did our install and he was fabulous and very efficient. I now have a download speed of 44 (they promised me 25 and exceeded expectations) and an upload speed between 2-3 (it was less than one prior). The satellite is unobtrusive - or perhaps I am so thrilled with what it has provided I don't care if it is lawn art. We are SUPER happy with this service and again, the cost is the same as what I paid for a landline with horrid access.

Buffering problem

Anthony on February 10, 2021

I was experiencing buffering problems but the customer service representative solved the problem by switching channels and I appreciate his service as a representative. Thank you.

Slow...laggy. Irritating.

Ken Goss on January 23, 2021

Slow. I knew this coming in and I built a house where no services for decent "modern" internet exist. I have to use my hotspot from Verizon to do anything work-related except read email or read a web page. Anything that needs speed--forget it. If it weren't for customer service, it would be a 2.

Not worth the hassle

A Matteson on January 21, 2021

I have very limited internet options at my new house. The previous owners had a HughesNet dish already set up so I gave them a call. After speaking to a customer service rep who assured me my plan would be good enough to stream SlingTv and Netflix, I signed up. Right away I had issues with speed. Someone came out to check the dish and connection, claiming it all looked good, but I still do not get the speeds I was promised. I ended up buying more data for my phone and use the hotspot feature for all of my internet needs. Still paying that HughesNet bill though. If they could get rid of the two year contract, it would be a much better experience. According to some reviews, it works great for people. That has not been my experience and I find it very disappointing this company can not think more of its customers.

Buffer net Gen5

Nick on December 04, 2020

Best video quality available on YouTube (with buffering) 240p. Disney+ won't even try, gives buffering error code, and gives up. Works great for the phones though! No problems surfing the web. The $4500 that the other provider quoted me to run a line to my house is actually not sounding so bad anymore.

Excessive repair charges

Julie Cormie on November 30, 2020

We suffered two hurricanes in our area just 6 weeks apart. We suffered damage from both. We were without power for 3 weeks. Once power was back on, I scheduled repair service. I was never told that acts of nature aren’t covered nor that there would or could be costs to repair. Two different technicians were sent out to repair equipment that was damaged. The end result repairs cost us $1400. I then canceled service with Hughesnet because we could no longer trust the company to be upfront with us about their service. If this company had explained the possibility of these charges, I would have canceled service with a lower charge of $355. Way more cost effective than excessive charges of $1400. We cannot afford to reestablish internet service right now. But for the future I will never use Hughesnet again.

Excellent internet service

John Paul on November 17, 2020

It is an excellent experience to have Hughesnet at home


Ronald Grifin on August 07, 2020

It works great, except when it rains.

Poor Speed, difficult to get help

John on May 05, 2020

Internet speed is not consistent. Most of the time the connection is minimal at best. Once in a while, the speed works as promised. This is all prior to when the high-speed data plan is exhausted. Once the data runs out, the connection is near impossible. I have spent way too much time trying to get through their customer service by phone and via text. The bills keep coming but not the service we are paying for. If you have another provider, check them out before going with HughesNet.

Absolutely only internet option available at service location

Kelly on April 21, 2020

Customer service is great, everyone is friendly and helpful. However, satellite internet is exactly what you would imagine. Nonexistent on cloudy days much less rainy or stormy weather. Of course, it would be nice to have access to the internet to receive weather updates during severe weather. We were told when signed "the contract" that satellites still received signal just fine during stormy weather. Sometimes even sunny days there is reception issues-I believe they blame it on solar flares? I would compare it to slow broadband on good days and dial-up (if it's working at all) on bad days. It is definitely not worth the price but unfortunately, we have no other option at this service site, not even a landline.

Switched to HughesNet

Pat Kennedy on March 13, 2020

I got HughesNet about 3 months ago. Vast improvement compared to our old ISP, though still usually cannot connect to Amazon Prime.

Excellent customer service

Melissa Patterson on February 19, 2020

I've never have had satellite internet before. Unfortunately, after I had Hughesnet installed, I figured out very quickly that was not for me. They do NOT have a 30 day grace period but their customer service was absolutely amazing, especially Josh. I let them know that satellite just doesn't work for what I need and they were able to release me from my contract . I would recommend them to anyone looking for great customer service. Keep in mind though that they typically don't have any trial period, the early termination fee starts at install.

If you love buffering....

Donna P on December 29, 2019

Then you'll love Hughes Gen 5! I am a current customer waiting for my contract to be up. Have NEVER received the speed promised. Cannot watch anything without buffering.

About Our Hughesnet Customer Reviews

percent of our Hughesnet customer reviews are positive. So what do customers like — and don’t like — about Hughesnet? Given that Hughesnet is a satellite internet provider, it’s not a huge surprise to see that some of our reviewers take issues with Hughesnet’s real-world speeds, data caps, and throttling. The fact is, even the best satellite internet providers have their limitations, at least relative to wired competitors like cable or fiber internet. Where Hughesnet shines is in its pricing, its deals, and its wide service area. Hughesnet is an option in places where other ISPs simply can’t be found.