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Mobi is a mobile broadband provider that primarily services Hawaii. While coverage is limited, it does have a network agreement with Verizon and has signed a roaming agreement with Sprint, allowing its customers to travel and maintain a reliable connection. Mobi is currently under beta testing, but you can still use its service with the Mobi app and a SIM card.

Mobi Plans and Pricing

Best features Things to consider
  • Contract-free plans
  • Low monthly prices
  • Extra costs for more data
  • Only one true plan

Mobi only offers one plan, believing in keeping it simple and affordable with a $9.99 per month plan for 1 GB of data. For each additional data, you’ll have to pay an extra $3.99. The maximum add-on is 10 GB, which totals up to 11 GB with the 1 GB included in the plan.

Plan name Starting price Data cap
The Mobi Plan $9.99 per month 1 GB
Add-on 1 GB $13.98 per month 2 GB
Add-on 2 GB $17.97 per month 3 GB
Add-on 3 GB $21.96 per month 4 GB
Add-on 4 GB $25.95 per month 5 GB
Add-on 5 GB $29.94 per month 6 GB
Add-on 10 GB $34.98 per month 11 GB

Unlike other mobile broadband providers, Mobi doesn’t offer other services besides a wireless phone plan, so you won’t find bundle deals. Its service is still in beta testing, but promotions may come up in the future once it officially launches. Compared to other providers, Mobi lets you customize your plan with different add-on options.

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Mobi Internet Speeds

Mobi’s mobile broadband service is tapped into Verizon’s expansive 4G network for high speeds on the mainland and partners with Sprint for wide-ranging service on the islands. Generally, speeds will vary by location.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobi

  • Does Mobi have an unlimited data plan?

    No, Mobi only has one plan. However, you can add unlimited data at a lower speed for $8.99 per month or opt for the higher speed GB add-ons for $3.99 per GB.

  • Does Mobi offer family plans?

    There is no limit to how many lines can be on your account. You can add family and friends and will also be able to manage it on the mobile app (coming soon).

  • Is Mobi contract-free?

    Yes, Mobi doesn’t require contracts and only asks that you agree to the company’s terms of service to get started.

  • Will Mobi let me change plans mid-month?

    Yes, you can always add more data or remove add-ons at any time, effective immediately. Some add-ons may be prorated.