Internet Only Plans

Below are the latest internet only deals Sparklight (formerly Cable One) is offering.

Sparklight Internet Plans and Pricing Summary

Plan name Download speed Monthly start price
Sparklight Starter 100 Plus 100 Mbps $45/mo
Sparklight Fiber Internet 300 300 Mbps $55/mo
Sparklight Streamer & Gamer 200 Plus 200 Mbps $65/mo
Sparklight Fiber Internet 600 600 Mbps $65/mo
Sparklight Turbo 300 Plus 300 Mbps $80/mo
Sparklight Fiber Internet 1 Gig 1000 Mbps $85/mo
Sparklight GigaOne Plus 1000 Mbps $125/mo

Frequently Asked Questions about Sparklight (formerly Cable One)

  • How much is Cable One Internet a month?

    Cable ONE! offers internet services ranging from $45 for 100 Mbps to $125 for 1000 Mbps.