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We asked BroadbandNow users to review Sparklight (formerly Cable One) based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 566 for Sparklight (formerly Cable One). Sparklight (formerly Cable One) earned an average score of 3.42 out of 5.

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Very Poor Internet and Customer Service

Disappointed on February 12, 2023

The internet cuts out over 30 times a day. When you call, each tech tells you something different, field techs say something else, and no one knows what the problem is. They waste my time and never solve the problem. They say they will reimburse for the time there was no service, but instead of doing that, they raise their rate. They tell you to wait for their call and then never call. This company has absolutely no respect for your time and they seem to think they are owed payment for no service. If I could give them zero stars I would.

Great Technician

James Egeland on February 03, 2023

We had Sparklight tech come out to work on the terrible connectivity issues that we've had since moving here four years ago (Cable One originally). They said they couldn't improve our problem. Tech was friendly, and informative and listened to all of our concerns. He then spent a couple of hours diagnosing and working. He changed out the wiring from the cable box on the street to our home (a temporary one for now) and said the existing cable was in terrible shape. He also installed a newer Arris modem. We now have fabulous wifi. My laptop at the far end of the house changed from 50 to 231Mbps download and upload from 8 to 19.

Avoid them: Customer Service and Tech Support is essentially non-existent

Hunt Tooley on January 31, 2023

I have just spent an hour trying to get to tech support. Since leasing a modem from the company, we have had a completely intermittent streaming service. Like, five minutes of TV and then the spinning vortex. Trying to call for Tech Support just stole an hour of my life. Without talking to a human. We will be dropping this awful company.

Awesome customer service

Melody Robinson on January 10, 2023

I was trying to transfer my service and things got mixed up and messed up, and I wasn't able to transfer. At the same time, my internet went out so the past couple of days has been kind of going through. They sent a technician to come out and today, he wasn't able to fix the problem however, I talked to a lovely girl in IT, and she was patient, I was patient, she had awesome customer service, she was kind and caring and tried everything she could to help me. The technician came out twice in one day. The second time, he was able to fix my problem. He was kind and understanding and informed me of everything that was going on. I'm very pleasantly surprised with the level of customer service I received, especially since I work in customer service, and I feel like it's a lost art. Thank you to all the employees I encountered with this problem, keep up the great work.

Terrible Service

Craig on December 19, 2022

Sparklight has almost no availability for existing customers. Called them on 12/4/22 and can't get a technician dispatched to fix the problem until 12/28. Constant outages as well as constant signal interruptions. In the area where I live, I am dependent on Wifi Calling, so when I have no internet service, my phone usually doesn't work either. So no computer, no television/video streaming and no phone. If I can find another provider, I will. They like to boast 24-hour technical support, and their representatives are pleasant and professional, but when a service call is needed, they don't have enough employees. Simply a horrible experience, and they're pricey to boot.

Hookup of new system on firestick

David Nunez on December 16, 2022

Alex was very helpful in explaining new system to my wife on recording and how to go through the guide. He did a very good job in hooking to TVs and removing old equipment. Thanks again for all the help.


David M Newhouse on November 27, 2022

I have had Sparklight internet for too long now. I hate to sound like a whiner, but Sparklight's internet keeps dropping out, more consistent than their service works. I live in Clarkston, WA and I am constantly trying to get my internet to work. there's nothing wrong with any wires/equipment here, just their service.. the down/upload speeds are EXTREMELY FREQUENTLY dropping to 20mbps/0mbps, and then it goes back up minutes later. Not seconds... Minutes! I can't ever seem to do much of anything with it, constantly stuck on loading screens. I WILL be trying other companies and checking their reviews. I will never return to Sparklight.

Tech service

Charlotte Matos on November 23, 2022

Tech came to my house to fix a cut line and he was so good. Not only was he professional but he was very personal. I was having a bad day and he had such a great personality. It wasn't long before he had me laughing. The repair time was very enjoyable even if I had expected it to be quite the opposite. He is new at his job but he is a good representative of the company. I hope he is always my repairman if I ever need one again.

Made Amends

Laura Hastings on November 21, 2022

We called Sparklight this morning to report our unhappiness and dissatisfaction. He was polite and rectified the situation. If you are disabled call and they will guide you through the FCC process to get your disability price reduction. Some employees at Sparklight may not have been aware of the Affordable ... for people with disabilities. We are happy with Sparklight formerly Cable One. We formerly gave them 1star with a bad review. Tech at Sparklight and the FCC get 5 stars for helping us.

Great experience

Debbi Gerard on November 02, 2022

We were having spotty reception until tech came to help. He was knowledgeable, kind, and patient with the “older” couple here. He set my computer up to receive internet and also solved the problem of no service in front of our house. We were very happy with his visit and help.

Spark light technician

Banning on October 29, 2022

Tech was at our house installing the new spark light tv service. We have 4 televisions, he had to work outside, climb up in our attic, help us figure out why our email addresses wouldn’t work, had to make several phone calls to finally get us hooked up after almost 8 hours!!! He was friendly, courteous, very knowledgeable, and PATIENT with our problems and didn’t leave us till it all worked and continues to work perfectly!!! Thank you so much!

Awesome Tech

Aaron M on October 11, 2022

Tech who set up everything for me in my new home was professional and friendly, and made the whole experience easy, and got me all set up in a very reasonable amount of time. Thank you work for your work, my Internet couldn't be better! I would highly recommend Sparklight!


Ruth Jensen on September 15, 2022

We had our Cable system updated by your service representative today. He was great at explaining what we needed to do to use Sparklight's new system.

The Best Sales Associate

Blake Kendall on September 07, 2022

My wife and I had called for weeks and weeks trying to get our serviceability request completed so we could have our internet ready for our move since we both work from home! Finally, we found an amazing rep in the new sales department. He personally took interest in our case when no one else did before among the other 5+ representatives we spoke to over the week. He personally contacted our local office multiple times, found addresses right next door that were serviceable, and personally called us back just an hour later with the good news that we could be set up for installation. He then scheduled us for priority installation knowing how dire our case was and right now we’re just thanking the world for him!!


Darrick Lycklama on September 01, 2022

I'm currently a customer, but not for much longer. Have been having problems with the connection. Had a tech come out twice problem was not fixed. Now I've been trying for a month to get a tech out they've canceled on me once and gave my spot away and another time out of spite. I pay $80 a month for what? A bad connection that drops for hours at a time and terrible customer service.

Great service

Lorraine Demarco on August 25, 2022

The technician came out to check the equipment. He was very cordial, thorough, and professional. He explained how everything was working, and changed out some old connectors, when he left, my wife and I were completely satisfied. Thanks, job well done!

Slow / Very unreliable

Brandon B on August 24, 2022

Slow speeds, Lack of Support, Long term Customer - haven't seen any improvements over the years. A company going in a downhill spiral. My whole house is wired with Cat 6 in the walls but feels like I'm using my neighbor's wireless. Better off getting a mobile hotspot than Sparklight.


Brad on August 10, 2022


What is going on with Sparklight?

Stana Hardy on August 08, 2022

I just paid $209.00 for two months of service with Sparklight since they claimed they didn't get the check I'd mailed them for my July 2022 payment. - (Now, on 08-08, the only thing that's been available to watch all day today was the "Home Shopping Network".) Can someone please tell me what is going on with Sparklight recently? - I'd been quite happy with them (after they finally replaced a piece of equipment that gave me off-and-on problems for several years). - One of their better customer service guys finally had it replaced for me and since then I've been happy with the service until now.

Not Great For at home workers

Courtney on August 04, 2022

Over the past two weeks, my internet has gone down for a long time. I had no issues at first then suddenly outages all the time. I work from home and Sparklight is the only somewhat reliable provider in the area… I need a good connection, and I thought I had it.. today says there’s been a large outage for 12+ hours with no ETA on when it’s up.. speed when it actually works is fantastic. But when I can’t use what I pay for, I'm not happy.


Mary Werries on July 23, 2022

The power outage left both extenders out of commission. After a couple of calls, I had a knock at the door. Tech came and immediately said” I think I already know the problem”: after getting my extenders both reset and checking my speeds and modem, I was all set and ready to go. This guy was unbelievably kind and patient. Customer service above and beyond. This has been my cable since 1995 and I have no intentions of switching. Customer service is everything to this household!!

Great technician

Monica Sheffield on July 19, 2022

I had a Sparklight technician come to my house yesterday for an internet issue. I just wanted Sparklight and others to know that he was the most knowledgeable, professional, customer-oriented, and polite technician that has ever been sent to my house. He asked the right questions and checked my issues from the top down. He resolved my issue and a few others as well. He did not leave until he verified that all was working well. My internet has never worked so fast and well. Thank you Sparklight for sending him. He is an example of what customer service should be.

Great technician

Kent Broyhill on July 11, 2022

We want to commend the service tech provided to us today, Monday, July 11, 2022, in Dakota City, Nebraska. He was extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. He arrived in the morning and got our Sparklight system working properly. Later in the day, he checked back with us to make sure our reception was clear and on track. Thank you!


Susan Riddle on July 01, 2022

We had some problems with our internet recently, and a technician was sent out to assist us today. We were so very pleased with his professional manner and helpful attitude, and he solved our issues quite quickly and efficiently. Just wanted to say "Thanks" for the help!


Tom Bartol on June 18, 2022

Connectivity problems all day with TV and the Internet. 3 different people in the technical department tried to help. They worked with us for 2 hours. She was so patient. She finally said she would send a technician. Tech arrived almost immediately. He was very pleasant, extremely knowledgeable, and diagnosed the problem as needing a new modem. Got the modem off his truck, installed it, and back on with TV and internet. He also explained Fire Stick and guaranteed us old people could understand and use them. What a great ambassador for Sparklight. When we upgrade to Fire Stick, we are definitely requesting him for the tutorial. Thank you!

Praise for one of your technicians.

Steven on May 26, 2022

We recently had problems with the internet at our house.  When we called on May 19th, we were told that it would be sometime in June before anyone could come out.  The next day, one of your technicians showed up. He was amazing. He told us our old wiring needed to be replaced. He quickly started to work and got the new wiring done quickly and professionally. He got the whole job done in a little over an hour.  It was so refreshing to see such a hard worker who knew what he was doing. He wasted no time. We usually don't take the time to go back to a company to let them know how their employees performed.

Satisfied with the Service

James Dhom on May 20, 2022

Tech was at my home yesterday 05/19/22 to replace my older modem with a new modem. He did an excellent job and was very professional and courteous. I hope I can get him again if I have issues with my service.

Excellent Customer Support!

Vicki & Troy on April 20, 2022

We are in the process of moving and our current provider didn’t offer the internet speed we requested in Boise and their customer support process is extremely painful. Trying to speak with a live person is an event. So we decided to give Sparklight a try. They went above & beyond - wired cable from the street to another side of the home and added direct Ethernet to the office area. They are professional, knowledgeable, and complete set-up quickly. Excellent customer support/experience - Thanks.

Sparklight service really bad

Shelia on April 01, 2022

Where Do I Even Start? Been having internet and phone problems for a very long time now. So when an agent made an appointment for a technician to come out, I sat at home all day waiting for the technician to come and fix the problem for the nth time when I could've been out running errands. I called after waiting until 3:00 PM only to be told that the technician said he arrived and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. What would be my reason for leaving the house knowing I want this problem fixed really bad? They should be sorry for themselves for treating their customers like that.

3 months with bad connection

Sean Slaton on March 29, 2022

I've been informing them that my internet was messing up and that started 3 months ago and they still haven't fixed it.

Thank you guys

Richard on October 26, 2021

From the beginning, I called in with an issue and they were quick to respond and sent somebody over right away. Tech figured out the problem with our internet. he worked diligently, spent over an hour fixing the issue. it's now better than before. it's good to know that great customer service still exists. Thank you, guys!!!

It's Okay.

Tyler Wielert on August 26, 2021

The technician is great, always helpful. The service itself is okay.

Excellent Customer Servce

Alicia Ann Moser on August 22, 2021

I know you normally only hear when customers have complaints. I work in customer service at a retail store and I totally understand how days are full of ridicule and no gratitude. For this reason and for the gratitude I have for your employees, I have to tell you what your employees did the other night (on Wednesday, August 18)for my family and me. I called the customer service line because we had no internet or cable television. Techs came to our house to help us after 10:00 at night. They replaced our cable box and modem that had been fried by a thunderstorm earlier in the day. They went above and beyond to help my family and they deserve special recognition for doing so.


Suzanne on August 10, 2021

Only been with Sparklight a couple of months and have to disagree with many other reviews - sorry people. My experience has been awesome!! Customer service has been tops! Always kind, friendly, and helpful. When I’ve had any glitches they are on top of it! Speed is very good for me. The only downfall has been wait time to get through on a call - but I’m sure that’s because they’re giving their best service to each customer. No complaints at all. Great service - works for me and I’d highly recommend them! If you’re not satisfied, you can always change; but for me - hope to be with them for a long time.

Great tech service.

Paul C. on August 01, 2021

Technician followed up on a previous service call already answered by an earlier technician. He did this after remembering coming to our house over a year ago for an unrelated service call. This was simply a courtesy visit to see if the earlier service call was resolved. It's amazing he remembered the details of the year-ago visit and did a courtesy visit to make sure everything is working after our current issue was resolved. We appreciate that kind of service. In addition after buying a new modem/router, he picked up our old modem to return to the Sparklight Center and happily and easily installed the new one as well as syncing all the devices in our home that use that router. We're very appreciative of the time and effort he gave of himself to provide this kind of service.


Olivia Odonnell on April 08, 2021

Tech arrived earlier than I expected and was so polite. He went above and beyond, and now my internet is faster than ever. If you are looking for great internet, reasonable price, and fantastic customer service, call Sparklight. Thank you so much again. I appreciate you getting us all fixed up.


Allen Kramer on March 26, 2021

This is the best service along with the astonishing speed. Tech was in my apartment for less than 10 minutes. Thanks again, Sparklight!

Great speed for rural parts utterly ruined by the data cap

Arkansas Guy on March 24, 2021

Seriously. These guys need to do something about this data cap because it ruins the service. It's so bad. *350GB* for the cheapest plan. Don't even think about getting Sparklight if you stream literally anything without paying the extra $40/mo for an unlimited data cap. The service and speed have run great since it was installed, but they seriously need to address the data caps.

Great service

Claire Rehmdt on March 22, 2021

Sparklight was fast to schedule an appointment. Techs worked outside and inside our house to find the problems and fixed them within two hours. Awesome service!


Customer on March 09, 2021

I spoke with Sparklight's customer service representatives and they were able to cut my bill in half and give me better service (faster upload speeds). It was really quick and I cut my normal bill in half. Thanks.

Service Review

Martha M Hood on March 03, 2021

Their technician did way over what was expected and brought laughter and smiles into my home. His workmanship and professional manners exceeded all expectations. A five-star rating for this service!

Outstanding Customer Service

Deb on January 13, 2021

I am a long time customer of New Wave Communications (Sparklight). Although I have never had an issue with their phone and internet services, I did recently encounter issues with my online account on their website. I was unable to make simple, basic profile changes to said account; but instead was directed to call them via phone. Imagining countless minutes of my time to to do so - I was exasperated; but call them I did at the number so directed. I had several issues to bring to their attention and I am overwhelmed at the response I have received. Much to my chagrin, I did not record the names of the individuals I spoke with; however, I can say that both the individuals I spoke with were knowledgeable and extremely courteous. Much appreciated. I made one phone call, received two phone calls in return and one email from this company concerning my issues. The representative I originally spoke with and a gentleman from the IT department reached out to me via phone to provide an update on the status of my issues and to notify me that they were indeed working to resolve said issues. Kudos! to them both, especially in today’s age where one is constantly bombarded with relentless recordings in an effort to reach out and speak with a human being. This company made it easy. Again, much appreciated.

If their are other providers, use them

Kelton on January 09, 2021

We used to have the 100mbps option, but we had to upgrade to the 300+ option. The data cap was too low for even 720p youtube streaming! They do usually over-deliver on the speed, about 50 Mbps over to the modem. What most people don't understand is that to get the full speed, you have to be wired in with an ethernet cable. The reliability is just bad! The internet, at least where I live, is out at least once every two months. One time it was out for 2 days twice in the same month! The ping (latency) is not THAT bad, about 20-30ms. so their service is fine for gaming. The upload speed is fine, just take a zero off the download, and that's the speed. The only other companies we have in our area are Frontier (totally unreliable and too slow) and those fixed wireless companies which have like 1mbps up and down. Overall, to get good service, you need to fork over a lot of money to get comfortable service. Do not recommend if there are any other good providers in your area. Do your research, then decide.

Great Costumer Service

Amber on January 09, 2021

Tech Support Technician James W was prompt and professional. Thank you Sparklight for your great service.

Well done

Bob on December 11, 2020

The setup for my home was not easy, but the Sparklight techs told me what needed to be done. I replaced the old cable through the attic, and they tuned the line from their end, and now I have about 10-15% faster speed than they say they are giving me. Thank you Sparklight for hanging in there through the process. I am now tickled pink with my new high-speed internet!

Telephone modem updates

Bobby Holliman on November 05, 2020

Your Tech visit today to update our phone and modem went extremely well. He explained all the new gadgets and made sure we were satisfied with the results. He defiantly reflects your excellent staffing of Technicians.

Speed as advertised after router upgrade

Larry Sullivan on October 25, 2020

At first I was disappointed with the speed. I bought the 200 plan and was only getting a 25 connection. However, the problem went away as soon as I upgraded my five-year-old router. Just like everyone else, I hate the data caps. I had to upgrade from the 200 plan to the 300 plan just to get a higher data cap.

I rather enjoy the service

James W. on October 08, 2020

I am a customer of 5 years that saw the transition of CableOne into Sparklight - I saw no real difference in my service here nor there, and I was able to keep my plan from CableOne as "grandfather'd in". I noted, at the time, that Sparklight menu of service seemed much more limited/expensive in how they wanted to meter your connection, perhaps only offering 300gb (+$10 for each addtl 100gb). It seemed much more expensive, and I had to manage a household of 5 heavy users, so we regularly saw 2.5TB data-months. The culmination of this review, that I will now cut short, is that I saw excellent service on the Gulf Coast, and if my internet went down, I would certainly see a Sparklight truck down the road performing routine maintenance on the neighborhood node (you can also sign up for emails to receive prior notice of these routine maintenances). I never experienced slow-downs, so if you can withstand the price-point, I would recommend this provider for stable, strong service in this area. I am moving 2 cities over, to provide internet for just myself, and I feel compelled to switch to AT&T Fiber for only about $65/mo, after promotional pay-period, I think I remember seeing a 1TB limit; they also claim to offer a $100 gift card, which I intend to use to buy my own router. I hope this review has been helpful.

Excellent service

Mike on September 30, 2020

The Sparklight tech went above and beyond to identify internet connection issues. Outstanding customer service!

Good service

Customer 1 on September 24, 2020

Polite and very professional technician. Professional appearance of the cords left with the finished outlet and cable cord and was cautious about safety as well as aesthetics of the home. Made the install seem easy but was not at all a simple task. Thanks for the service.

Helpful technician

Cathyenriquez on September 23, 2020

Had a good experience with the technician. He was very nice and ran into some issues but made it all work! Very professional I recommend 100%. I'm very impressed.


Amanda Swem on August 17, 2020

The technician was very efficient and had great customer service. Thank you Sparklight

Great Technician

Dale And Carol Lofgren on July 31, 2020

We had a technician from Sparklight come to our home today for a customer support call and I have nothing but great things to say about him. He was reliable, friendly, honest and just did an overall great job!! Wish all service repair people were like him!

Okay / Not Great

Josh on May 15, 2020

If you want to play games online then you will be kicked off the net before you can even get started. You would think with it being 2020 they would update from 2002 technology. It seems to do fine with steaming videos. Gets annoying having to reset the internet 5-6 times a day on average. I don’t normally complain but I feel like I shouldn’t be resetting it every time just for it to work as it should.

Thank you to Tech in Cottonwood!!

L. Monahan on April 17, 2020

Just wanted to give a shout out to Technician in Cottonwood. New customer, and he was very helpful with my internet and TV set up.

Fixed internet and added more channels

Julie on March 27, 2020

Tech from Sparklight came to the house to fix our internet. He did a wonderful job. He was on time and accurate in his work. Thank You Sparklight!

Happy Customer

Jaye Miller on March 24, 2020

Tech was very respectful and knowledgeable service person. He explained the problem and made sure it met his criteria before he left. I am very pleased with the service I received.

Internet speed

Evan on February 21, 2020

Awesome. Internet speeds can get to 150 Mbps download, 75 Mbps upload. I love it.


Todd Vaughn on February 19, 2020

Tech installed my internet and modem today. He was professional, courteous and helpful. A great experience today. Thank you.

Fast, Reliable, & Expensive

Dustin on February 06, 2020

The internet service is fast and reliable but you'll pay some of the highest prices in the country for it. Their plans all come with low data caps and you have to pay an extra $40 bucks for "unlimited". Of course by unlimited they mean 5TB.

Sparklight Review

Steven on February 02, 2020

I spend $200 a month with this service but I have yet to watch a 30 min episode on Netflix without a loading bar. I’m switching to PMT -- I’ll pay for the same service I get with Sparklight but pay 3x less.

From bad to worse since Sparklight rebranding

James on January 29, 2020

Having no competition, CableOne has had overpriced, slow, and inconsistent speeds for the last fifteen years I have been their customer. But since the Sparklight change, it has gotten much worse. Now their customer login page regularly fails to load, and when the speed test they provide in the portal does load, the speeds often fall below 5Mbps (up and down using a wired connection) on a 300/30 plan. Working from home has become almost intolerable, and there are still no viable alternatives in this market. The data caps have added insult to the whole process - now its either buy a higher plan that you won't ever get the advertised speeds for OR blow the data cap when one computer automatically updates itself that month.

Is this a good value product?

Andy Neely on January 23, 2020

Customer service was excellent when this was installed. It has been a reliable service, but is nowhere near the advertised speed. I have the 80 dollar plan and my download is only around 32 average.

Excellent Technician!!

Julie Schelhorn on January 09, 2020

The technician, Brent, who fixed our connection and service was awesome!! Very knowledgeable, professional and got the job done correctly! Great Job!

Great service tech

Irma Ortlieb on September 16, 2019

Tech came to rewire our whole house, not like the previous technician that had been called out several times for the same issue... This one fixed my problem and was very courteous and polite and finished the job in a timely manner. Thank you for your wonderful service. We no longer have problems with the internet nor our phone lines.

Fast internet

Kid123 on March 16, 2019

Cable One is definitely faster at 100Mbps. One month and no interruptions in service. I have DirecTV for television service. So can only comment about Cable One's internet. Would definitely recommend.

Makes you count data usage as if your life depended on it.

Toby on January 29, 2019

Can't comfortably watch Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. comfortably without putting the video to an ugly quality just so you don't go over the cap. They increase the speed over the time I had their service, but what good is bigger hose when you still have the tiny reservoir to draw that water from? It just makes it easier to mistakenly go over cap. Get your own router, install DD-WRT on it, and monitor your data closely. It's like we're still in 2005 or something with this slim selection of ISPs, and they like it like that. I'm actively wishing a competitor comes along.

Cable One Saves the Day

Rae Prettyman on December 14, 2018

We switched to Cable One at my company several months ago and the internet is so much better than our previous provider. We also switched to their phone service. Yesterday our company voicemail no longer connected; it instead took callers to some generic voicemail somewhere else in the world. After talking to our phone system provider and some other local phone technicians, I gave Cable One a try. They rebooted our system and did everything on their end to fix this issue. We have no idea what triggered this random issue, but they fixed it, all the while going out of their way to make sure I was taken care of. Tech Support was awesome. I highly recommend Cable One.

Data cap needs to be increased or eliminated

Dan Halderman on December 11, 2018

After 3 months and 3 notices that I had to exceed my data limit, I received my latest bill from Cable One almost doubling my monthly fee for internet. I called other providers to compare and they offer 1 TB of data for basically the same price that Cable One offers only 300 GB, the speed may be slightly slower but these days, speed is not as much as an issue as data. In today's world where video streaming is becoming the norm, and game consoles are allowing people to download their favorite games directly to the gaming system, data is becoming much more important than speed. Most internet providers have recognized this and have either raised the caps on their data limit or ignore it all together. Cable One needs to get with the times and realize that speed is no longer the selling point for internet, Data is.

I like it overall

Forrest Roberts on November 18, 2018

The installer was rude but the lady in the office is a sweetheart. As far as the service, I get half of what I am paying for but it is enough. I do not like the cap though. I always wonder if I am going to run over the limit. I have had this for a year and lucky to have it.

Wireless terrible, wired okay, streaming is limited and service expensive

Laurie on September 14, 2018

I have internet service at two houses in two states with different vendors (so I know what to expect). I have used Cable One in downtown Prescott AZ for 12 years but if there were a serious alternative in Prescott AZ, I would probably make the change. The internet service is 30% more expensive (compared to my other house), is limited in streaming capacity (compared to the fiber optics at the other house), the wired connection for my home office computer works okay but the wireless capacity (which is 10 feet away from the wired connection) works terribly. As an example, today's exercise program that I was streaming between 4-5 pm took almost an hour (twice the 30-minute length) with 20 interruptions of 15 seconds to 5 minutes duration. This result happens more often than not in the afternoons.

Best speed and service in town

N. Radd on July 11, 2018

The tech arrived on time, installed modem where it would get WiFi to my device. Tech showed me that I was getting more than the speed I was paying for on my computer.


A. Adams on July 09, 2018

Internet speed and reliability is probably slightly better than average, but the bundled phone service sucks! As a business, I rely on my phone. Never had a phone problem with other providers for 17 years of business here. Nothing but problems with Cable One. They can hear me, but I can't hear them. Calls to Cable One are useless. I'll go back to DSL internet speed to get my phone service back to normal.

Overpriced. Underdelivered.

Kw on June 17, 2018

After $15 of mandatory surcharges for 'broadcast TV' and 'sports', $20 for equipment (HD/DVR receiver & HD Digital converter, we elected to provide our own cable modem), and other fees, Cableone charges almost $175 a month for its Preferred Bundle - HDTV & Internet (100Mbps down/3Mbps up). We rarely get more than 20-25Mbps down, and rarely are able to stream an HD TV show due to "insufficient bandwidth". In short, if there was any reasonable competition, we'd jump in a minute.

Cable One Internet Only Service

William Powers on June 06, 2018

Cable One is by far the fastest provider in Bartlesville area. However, the speed of the service varies widely during an average day. Early in the day, you will get your rated speed on an ethernet connection but by midday, it is slowing by about half. Service is reliable. One or two outages per year usually fixed in a matter of hours. Technical customer service is very good. But when you contact support over slow speed you will receive a script telling you to make changes to your equipment. The price tag for all levels of internet service is the highest you will encounter. Don't recommend moving to BVO for the Internet service.

Don't do it

Charolette Mosley on June 01, 2018

I have had problems with my internet service for the past year. The internet is down at least 30% in a week. This is unacceptable since I work from home. I cant get a credit because the issue seems like it will never be resolved. Once I was offered a refund for a few dollars. Hilarious. I would not recommend Cableone internet or phone.

Solid internet at $60/month

Brett on April 23, 2018

Very rarely have internet drop. Does lag during congested times but I'm pretty heavy data user so probably not an issue for most. Runs about $60 after taxes.

Basic internet okay but not for streaming.

Lferguson on March 24, 2018

Internet for PC use is fine. But we can't stream anything without several reboots. Just upgraded to a better streaming package and it's only a slight improvement. So now, we only have to reboot 2-5 times during a movie instead of giving up completely half way through.

Data cap a deal breaker

Keith on December 09, 2017

Quality service and internet speed are awesome, the only complaint is their data caps. If you like streaming services like Netflix and Sling you are screwed with Cable One.

Too Expensive for what you get.

Neil on September 28, 2017

If you use a lot of data which a lot of people use more then they think, stay away from cable one, Their data cap gets in the way a lot and the price is just too high for something that you have to constantly watch. We have 3 tv's that would like to stream Netflix or Hulu but can't not because of the speed which is amazing with that number of people, they just can't because we can't afford to go over our data cap.

High Speed Broadband

Philip Kay on September 11, 2017

Excellent Customer Service

Great internet but expensive and not unlimited

Willow on June 12, 2017

I love Cable ONE. However, since they have gotten greedy and stopped the unlimited data it has turned into the most expensive internet in town. 300 GB isn't enough for a family of 5. I pay $69.95 for 300 GB for a month. And they force you to the 500 GB if you go over 3 months in a row. Which means your bill goes up to $105.00 a month. I am going to be leaving Cable ONE because of this. If they ever offer unlimited internet for a decent price I will return.

Best you can get in Show Low

Bret on April 14, 2017

Cable One is the fastest internet you can get in Show Low today. My experience has been good. My only "complaint" is that the service pricing level is much higher than it should be. Why? I think it's lack of competition. Frontier is not exactly "competition". If other similar services providers (i.e. Cox) were able to compete in this area I think the pricing would be more like what you see in metro Phoenix. Low score for "value", but the service is good and very reliable.

Fast, reliable service

on March 21, 2016

Service is fast and reliable. Data cap thresholds are very easy to run over for a family household of five people, and I am looking into other providers due to their data caps.

Best service around

on February 01, 2016

If you have access to CableOne as an ISP you are very lucky.They have the best speed, service, reliability, and price of any providers available to me. Thank goodness CableOne brought their service to us even outside of the city limits and it has been great.

Good speed, Low data limits

on January 31, 2016

I have 100 Mbps service and have a data cap of 300GB. That equates to about 7 hours of 100% download for the month! We have a household of 4 people who use the internet for facebook, youtube, gaming, and Netflix. Add to that the updates for games and software and it gets very close. If you add in video and music purchases from iTunes, it's downright impossible.

Data capped

on January 23, 2016

If you go over your (small) monthly allotment they will offer a higher tier plan for 3 months or terminate your service. The internet itself is pretty reliable, only going down for a few minutes every day but you'll never get your advertised speed.


on December 14, 2015

I've ran speed test and they've come back with the advertised speed and the service has been reliable.

Great speed, terrible data cap

on November 11, 2015

Their speed is great, but they have a data cap of only 300Gb on their base package. It is absolutely worthless for normal gamer/streamer usage. In my first billing cycle, I used 809GB of data.

Better than other ISPs, I guess.

K on July 29, 2015

The speed and price are nothing special but I've had worse. Frequent short outages. Not a month goes by where service doesn't mysteriously disappear for a block of at least an hour, occasionally all day, with no notice. Their cable TV division also apparently had a row with Viacom because they were raising their fees and dropped their channels; so Viacom decided to block the I.P. addresses of all of their subscribers, whether they had TV or not; this meant I couldn't (still can't) watch Daily Show on its website, even though I don't even buy cable TV! (Fortunately I was able to work-around with Hulu.) Just the usual nonsense in this poorly regulated industry.

Good Sometime, Poor Sometime~

on May 27, 2015

Mostly I've been satisfied with Cable One, but the last two days, I've had good reception in the morning and none on my computer in the afternoon and evening. They're telling me that it isn't on their end, but I don't see how that's possible.

I wish they offered service to my new address

J. K. Brook on April 22, 2015

Their customer service reps, techies and front office people have all, always been pleasant and helpful. It helps that I am pleasant to them. There have been only 2 outages during the 10 years I have used Cable One. They send data faster than my old computer can handle it. The price has had only one small price hike over this past decade.

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