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We asked BroadbandNow users to review Sparklight based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 616 for Sparklight. Sparklight earned an average score of 3.42 out of 5.

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Sparklight Internet Customer Reviews

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Best internet service in my rural area

Robert Dalton on July 15, 2023

I had a small outage in my area, I called to resolve and the agent was so patient and helpful. I've had many other internet providers in the past, but Sparklight provided the best service. 98% no outage no lag with over 7 devices connected at once. The monthly price is a little higher than the rest but the reliability and customer service make it worth it.

Your service is bad

Matt on June 16, 2023

We have had Sparklight for five years. Constant outages with slow response time. Expensive packages. Constant interruptions. I work from home and have issues with work due to my internet connection constantly cutting out, even in the middle of the day when others are off to work. Sparklight gives words to make you feel better about wasting your money on spotty internet connections, but never resolves problems and tells me that there is nothing g they can do. Sparklight is gone as soon as another service provider is available.

Bad billing service

Pj Smith on June 07, 2023

Customer service claims they can do nothing to help with my problem with the turnaround time in their billing cycle. I don't get my bill in the mail until after 6 pm on the 6th of the month. The payment is due in Arizona on the 10th of the month. The USPS is not that quick. Even if I drive to the post office on the 7th to mail my payment, it cannot arrive by the 10th, dooming me to be late with my payment every single month. I requested a longer time span between when the bill is generated and when it is due. Sparklight flatly refused to do this. I know they are trying to force everyone into doing paperless billing and paying online, but I am not comfortable with that process.

Technical Support

Linda Barrie on June 02, 2023

I called Sparklight and talked to Technical support. He was so helpful and patient and extremely knowledgeable. The cameras on my alarm system have not been working and the alarm company refuses to come to fix them and they are trying to say it's my fault and my internet's fault. I called before Sparklight to make sure my password was ok which it was and then today I called and talked to tech support. We were on the phone troubleshooting for over an hour and he fixed everything he could. The final reason the cameras don't work is not me or the Internet, it's the camera itself most likely. I wish my alarm company was Sparklight as the customer service and technical problems are taken care of by technicians like him. Thank you.

Customer Service

Niki Whaley on May 23, 2023

I recently had an issue with my cable boxes. Sparklight sent a technician out to my house. His service to me and my problem was the best I've ever had. He made sure that everything was running correctly before he left. I really appreciate him and the great customer service he provided for me.

Service Technician

Robin on May 15, 2023

Tech was such a nice young man it was pouring down rain and he remained so positive and did an amazing job, very polite & knew what he was doing, great kiddo!!!!

Amazing techician

Judy Ferrera on May 10, 2023

The technician was an exemplary representative of your company. He was very cordial, I trusted him to do his job and he even tried to help me understand why and what he was doing. He exuded confidence and I could sense he knew what he was doing. He made sure all my devices were working and he finished in a timely manner. But a few hours later there was a big storm that threw my connection out; so I was again "offline". I called again the next morning and asked for him and he was here in a matter of a few hours. He assessed the problem and in no time, my internet was back online with everything working, again checking ALL my devices. Thank you Sparklight for your customer service and especially. When & if I ever need a technician to come to my home, I will ask for him!

Service is terrible

Susan Walters on April 05, 2023

My internet randomly goes out at least once every day. It’s out right now. No bad weather. No reason AT ALL! Contact them? No. Their robot doesn’t know anything. I’m so sick of them.

Phenomenal service

Nicholas Newman on March 24, 2023

The situation regarding possible ways to connect service to my house was very difficult due to overgrowth, poor weather, and other issues. Despite the technician having to call a supervisor to survey the situation they both managed to connect the service and I cannot thank them for doing it quickly, cleanly, and letting me know the situation every step of the way.

Very Poor Internet and Customer Service

Disappointed on February 12, 2023

The internet cuts out over 30 times a day. When you call, each tech tells you something different, field techs say something else, and no one knows what the problem is. They waste my time and never solve the problem. They say they will reimburse for the time there was no service, but instead of doing that, they raise their rate. They tell you to wait for their call and then never call. This company has absolutely no respect for your time and they seem to think they are owed payment for no service. If I could give them zero stars I would.

Great Technician

James Egeland on February 03, 2023

We had Sparklight tech come out to work on the terrible connectivity issues that we've had since moving here four years ago (Cable One originally). They said they couldn't improve our problem. Tech was friendly, and informative and listened to all of our concerns. He then spent a couple of hours diagnosing and working. He changed out the wiring from the cable box on the street to our home (a temporary one for now) and said the existing cable was in terrible shape. He also installed a newer Arris modem. We now have fabulous wifi. My laptop at the far end of the house changed from 50 to 231Mbps download and upload from 8 to 19.

Avoid them: Customer Service and Tech Support is essentially non-existent

Hunt Tooley on January 31, 2023

I have just spent an hour trying to get to tech support. Since leasing a modem from the company, we have had a completely intermittent streaming service. Like, five minutes of TV and then the spinning vortex. Trying to call for Tech Support just stole an hour of my life. Without talking to a human. We will be dropping this awful company.

Awesome customer service

Melody Robinson on January 10, 2023

I was trying to transfer my service and things got mixed up and messed up, and I wasn't able to transfer. At the same time, my internet went out so the past couple of days has been kind of going through. They sent a technician to come out and today, he wasn't able to fix the problem however, I talked to a lovely girl in IT, and she was patient, I was patient, she had awesome customer service, she was kind and caring and tried everything she could to help me. The technician came out twice in one day. The second time, he was able to fix my problem. He was kind and understanding and informed me of everything that was going on. I'm very pleasantly surprised with the level of customer service I received, especially since I work in customer service, and I feel like it's a lost art. Thank you to all the employees I encountered with this problem, keep up the great work.

Terrible Service

Craig on December 19, 2022

Sparklight has almost no availability for existing customers. Called them on 12/4/22 and can't get a technician dispatched to fix the problem until 12/28. Constant outages as well as constant signal interruptions. In the area where I live, I am dependent on Wifi Calling, so when I have no internet service, my phone usually doesn't work either. So no computer, no television/video streaming and no phone. If I can find another provider, I will. They like to boast 24-hour technical support, and their representatives are pleasant and professional, but when a service call is needed, they don't have enough employees. Simply a horrible experience, and they're pricey to boot.

Hookup of new system on firestick

David Nunez on December 16, 2022

Alex was very helpful in explaining new system to my wife on recording and how to go through the guide. He did a very good job in hooking to TVs and removing old equipment. Thanks again for all the help.


David M Newhouse on November 27, 2022

I have had Sparklight internet for too long now. I hate to sound like a whiner, but Sparklight's internet keeps dropping out, more consistent than their service works. I live in Clarkston, WA and I am constantly trying to get my internet to work. there's nothing wrong with any wires/equipment here, just their service.. the down/upload speeds are EXTREMELY FREQUENTLY dropping to 20mbps/0mbps, and then it goes back up minutes later. Not seconds... Minutes! I can't ever seem to do much of anything with it, constantly stuck on loading screens. I WILL be trying other companies and checking their reviews. I will never return to Sparklight.

Tech service

Charlotte Matos on November 23, 2022

Tech came to my house to fix a cut line and he was so good. Not only was he professional but he was very personal. I was having a bad day and he had such a great personality. It wasn't long before he had me laughing. The repair time was very enjoyable even if I had expected it to be quite the opposite. He is new at his job but he is a good representative of the company. I hope he is always my repairman if I ever need one again.

Made Amends

Laura Hastings on November 21, 2022

We called Sparklight this morning to report our unhappiness and dissatisfaction. He was polite and rectified the situation. If you are disabled call and they will guide you through the FCC process to get your disability price reduction. Some employees at Sparklight may not have been aware of the Affordable ... for people with disabilities. We are happy with Sparklight formerly Cable One. We formerly gave them 1star with a bad review. Tech at Sparklight and the FCC get 5 stars for helping us.

Great experience

Debbi Gerard on November 02, 2022

We were having spotty reception until tech came to help. He was knowledgeable, kind, and patient with the “older” couple here. He set my computer up to receive internet and also solved the problem of no service in front of our house. We were very happy with his visit and help.

Spark light technician

Banning on October 29, 2022

Tech was at our house installing the new spark light tv service. We have 4 televisions, he had to work outside, climb up in our attic, help us figure out why our email addresses wouldn’t work, had to make several phone calls to finally get us hooked up after almost 8 hours!!! He was friendly, courteous, very knowledgeable, and PATIENT with our problems and didn’t leave us till it all worked and continues to work perfectly!!! Thank you so much!

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You might know Sparklight by its old brand name, Cable One. The ISP rebranded to its current name in 2019, but it still offers the same value proposition to customers: affordable cable internet with no long-term contract required.

Sparklight’s plans and pricing are relatively popular with its customers, especially those who land one of Sparklight’s discount deals. Some reviewers take issue with the service’s data caps. As of , percent of customers on our site have given Sparklight a positive rating.