About Sparklight (formerly Cable One)

  • Sparklight is one of Cable One’s brand names and offers broadband communications services.

  • Sparklight is available to over 900,000 residential and business customers across 21 states.

  • Sparklight offers high-speed internet and advanced Wi-Fi options, cable TV, and phone services.

  • Sparklight donates Chromebooks to Title I elementary schools in areas they service each year to help improve education through technology.

  • Sparklight is the eighth largest cable provider found in the US.

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Expert Overview of Sparklight‘s Services

Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) is a major US provider of broadband Internet services, delivered over a Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial cable network. As of 2022, Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) is primarily known for their residential Internet service but also sells TV and phone service. For business customers, Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) offers standard services like broadband access as well as niche solutions like cell tower backhaul and business ethernet.

Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) Network Comparison

Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) uses cable to deliver service, meaning that the coaxial lines traditionally used for cable TV have been adapted to transmit digital broadband data. This is similar to the other major wired technologies for Internet access, DSL and fiber optics. DSL uses telephone lines, but the twisted copper cable type makes it less ideal than the high-bandwidth coaxial cables that Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) uses. Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) also uses fiber for much of their network backbone and backhaul, however they are not a “fiber” provider since they don’t use fiber to connect directly to subscriber addresses. The main benefit of a setup like Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE)’s is that it allows them to connect to a wide subscriber base at a relatively low startup cost, as opposed to building out fiber to every customer, which can cost thousands of dollars per address, or $1 Billion to achieve wide coverage in a mid-size city. Cable is one of the more popular connection types in the US since it combines high bandwidth with low cost and is widely available in urban and suburban areas.

Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE)

Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) is a publicly-traded (CABO) broadband provider. Unlike many other providers of their size, they focus exclusively on broadband services for residential and business customers and do not operate any subsidiaries in related industries. Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) Ratings

Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) has a subscriber approval rating of 49.9 percent. The average rating for all providers in the US is 48.4. We’ve collected 4,271 IP-verified Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) ratings as of 2022.

Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) Availability

Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE)’s service area has a population of 4.3 million and they are one of the largest cable providers in the country. Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE) Internet service is available in Idaho, Texas, Mississippi, and 18 other states. Boise and Fargo are among the larger cities serviced by Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE).

Availability by State

Alabama 559 1000mbps
Arizona 251,091 1000mbps
Arkansas 52,505 1000mbps
Idaho 976,172 1000mbps
Illinois 275,689 1000mbps
Indiana 252,061 1000mbps
Iowa 87,217 1000mbps
Kansas 64,249 1000mbps
Louisiana 158,619 1000mbps
Minnesota 43,536 1000mbps
Mississippi 608,850 1000mbps
Missouri 182,325 1000mbps
Nebraska 57,831 1000mbps
New Mexico 144,619 1000mbps
North Dakota 131,233 1000mbps
Oklahoma 268,552 1000mbps
Oregon 18,688 1000mbps
South Dakota 6,441 1000mbps
Tennessee 30,702 1000mbps
Texas 661,076 1000mbps
Washington 20,347 1000mbps

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Top 3 Fastest Internet Providers in 14 states
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Top 5 Fastest Internet Providers in 20 states
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