About Ziply Fiber

  • Formerly known as Frontier Communications Northwest, Ziply is investing $500 million to renovate the former’s network.

  • Ziply is available to over 500,000 consumers in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana.

  • Ziply’s parent company, WaveDivision Capital, bought Frontier Communications Northwest in May 2019 and currently aims to bring better internet to customers in North America.

  • Ziply’s annual revenue is now around $152.8 million.

  • Ziply Fiber is a trademark of Northwest Fiber, LLC.

Ziply Fiber Availability Map. Click for interactive map.

Availability by State

Idaho 230,226 1000mbps
Montana 12,082 1000mbps
Oregon 932,677 1000mbps
Washington 1,579,520 1000mbps