Best Business Internet Providers for 2024

Comcast Business internet comes jam-packed with all the features a small business needs.

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Last Updated: Jan 5, 2024
Business Internet Standard

Speeds up to
300 Mbps
*Not all internet speeds available in all areas.

Spectrum Business Internet

Speeds up to
300 Mbps
*Not all internet speeds available in all areas.

When it comes to internet shopping, most people are familiar with residential internet. However, many internet service providers, or ISPs, also offer business internet that includes a variety of perks that can cater to businesses of all sizes. If you’re starting your own business or looking to level up your existing business, a good business internet plan can make a huge difference in keeping your operations running smoothly. To help you decide which internet is right for your business, we’ve outlined everything there is to know about business internet and which ISPs offer the best internet plans based on speed, value, availability, reliability, and reputation.

Comcast Business Internet (BroadbandNow Top Pick)

Starting at
Speeds up to
300 Mbps
*Not all internet speeds available in all areas.


Comcast Business Internet is our top overall pick for companies looking for reliable internet, affordable pricing, and a secure connection.

Staying connected is vital for small businesses, especially those providing online services. In the case of unexpected events, such as a power outage, Comcast Business Internet will automatically switch to a cellular 4G LTE backup connection to keep business owners online. Business owners can also contact Comcast’s Business Internet customer service to receive additional support for their internet plan. Comcast is well known for its dedication to customer service, particularly for business users.

While ultra-fast internet speeds are great to have when operating a business, this usually comes with a high cost. For companies that want to stay connected on a budget, Comcast Business Internet delivers affordable plans that come with additional features that can complement any business. With Comcast Business Internet, you can get speeds up to 1.25 Gbps or choose a slower plan to maximize your savings.

Secure internet connections are essential for businesses of all sizes. Comcast’s SecurityEdge technology adds encryption to all of its internet plans, helping businesses stay protected from malware or other cyberattacks that could hurt operations.

Because of its versatile internet options and budget-friendly pricing, Comcast Business Internet is ideal for all businesses, small entrepreneurs and growing organizations alike.

Why We Like Comcast for Business Internet

  • Comcast’s dedicated internet provides priority speeds during peak traffic hours.
  • 4G LTE backup internet keeps businesses running in the case of an outage.
  • SecurityEdge technology adds a level of security to all connected devices.


AT&T Business Internet (The Next Best Business ISP)


Ultra-fast speeds, a reliable internet connection, and outstanding customer service are just a few perks you can get when signing up for one of AT&T’s Business Internet plans.

Offering some of the fastest internet speeds on the market for its customers, AT&T also provides some of the fastest speeds for businesses. AT&T Business Fiber offers speeds up to 5 Gbps, and it is even available in residential areas to small businesses. Fiber internet is the best connection for companies that regularly transfer large data files or work in live production.

In addition to providing fast internet speeds, AT&T offers an internet backup service that allows businesses to continue operating during a service outage. Critical devices such as point-of-sale machines and credit card readers will stay online until your service comes back online.

In the event of a service outage or other issues, AT&T’s business-class customer service is available for all support inquiries. Outside of critical outage support, its customer service can also help with more minor requests related to your business internet. With multiple contact methods and 24/7 support, business owners can rest easy knowing that AT&T has their back.

Whether you’re a large-scale business, multimedia company, or burgeoning business, AT&T Business Fiber Internet plans offer a consistent and quick connection at an affordable price.

Why We Like AT&T for Business Internet

  • Fast fiber internet keeps business operations running smoothly.
  • Built-in backup systems prevent long outages.
  • 24/7 business-class customer service assists with all internet inquiries.


Spectrum Business Internet (Best Business ISP for a Budget)

Spectrum Business Internet stands out from the crowd of business internet providers by offering extensive bundling options, contract-free plans, and affordable pricing.

Although business owners can purchase an internet plan as a stand-alone product, they’ll get a much better deal when taking advantage of bundling options from Spectrum. With Spectrum, you can combine your internet services with office phone, TV, and mobile phone services. So, whether you need TV for your waiting room or mobile phones for workers in the field, Spectrum has you covered.

While many business internet providers require contracts, Spectrum delivers its plans contract-free, meaning its customers pay for its services on a monthly basis. Therefore, there are no early-termination fees (ETFs), meaning you have the flexibility of changing plans without worrying about extra costs.

The cost of fast internet can add up quickly, but thanks to Spectrum’s bundling options with no contracts attached, Spectrum offers affordable pricing for its internet plans. Even its internet-only options are good for businesses that operate on a budget. If businesses want extra features like Wi-Fi, Spectrum offers those services as individual add-ons.

From its bundle offerings to its affordable plans, Spectrum Business Internet works for most businesses, but it is perfect for small businesses that operate remotely or have employees that frequently travel.

Why We Like Spectrum for Business Internet

  • Contract-free plans offer flexibility for small business owners.
  • Bundling options make it easy to shop for internet, TV, and phone services.
  • Fast internet speeds at an affordable cost make it ideal for businesses on a budget.


Other Internet Providers for Small Businesses

The following ISPs may not have as many perks as the ones we’ve mentioned above, but they’re great alternatives for business owners outside of major coverage areas and may even work as backup options to keep businesses connected.

  • CenturyLink: Similar to AT&T, CenturyLink’s business internet options include a basic internet plan and a business fiber plan. All of CenturyLink’s plans come with no contracts and 24/7 customer support. Business owners can make the most of the deals provided by CenturyLink to stay within their budget.
  • Viasat: One of the few providers on the market that offer satellite internet for small businesses, Viasat is great for those who may be living in rural or low-connectivity areas. It offers the same perks as some of the more popular internet providers and provides professional installation.
  • Verizon: Mostly known for its phone services, Verizon provides 5G wireless internet at an affordable price with its business internet plans. There is also an option to bundle business internet with a phone line to help businesses save even more.


Why Pick Business Internet Instead of Residential Internet

Compared to residential internet, business internet offers specific perks that cater to the needs of both small companies and large corporations. Faster internet speeds, priority customer service, and internet backup are just a few examples of these benefits. Before diving into our top favorites, it’s important to note the pros and cons of purchasing or switching to business internet.

Pros of business internet

  • Faster internet speeds compared to residential internet
  • Prioritized internet service
  • No data caps for most plans

Cons of business internet

  • Expensive for the average resident
  • Sometimes requires a contract
  • Variable customer reviews


Tips for Picking the Perfect Business Internet Provider

Every business operates differently and has its own set of internet needs. Maybe it’s a small online business that needs to provide multiple methods of communication for its customers, or it’s a large corporation with an office space that needs to ensure all of its employees can stay connected during work hours. While all businesses have unique qualities, some factors can benefit any business, regardless of size. Here are some tips you should think about before committing to a business internet plan.

Pick Your Speed Based on the Size of Your Business

For a smaller team or startup businesses, a basic business internet plan will usually suffice. However, larger teams or corporations that rely on a strong internet connection should consider some of the higher-tier internet plans available from business internet providers. To help you pick which speed is right for your size of business, we put together the following chart:

Number of employees Recommended speed Ideal activities
1-5 50-100 Mbps
  • Web browsing
  • Checking emails
  • Writing documentation
10-20 100-500 Mbps
  • Video conferencing
  • Remote collaboration
30-50 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps
  • Large data transfers
  • E-commerce
  • Data backup
50+ 1+ Gbps
  • Web hosting
  • Large-scale e-commerce

Choose Additional Features That Match Your Business Needs

Business internet connections need to be fast, secure, and reliable. That’s why the additional features offered through business internet services are important to include when shopping for a plan. Here are some common features you should look for in your business internet plan:

  • Static IP address: For businesses that host their own website or offer remote work, a static IP address is better for business operations than a dynamic IP address.
  • 4G LTE backup: Even with the best internet service possible, businesses could run into power outages and server shutdowns for various reasons. When this happens, an internet backup option can keep operations running and assist customer retention, especially in e-commerce businesses.
  • Ethernet-dedicated internet: A dedicated internet connection allows businesses to continue working, even during peak traffic hours. While residential internet may run the risk of being throttled, ISPs prioritize businesses with a dedicated connection.
  • Cybersecurity services: Malware and DDoS attacks are nothing new, and hackers are always looking for clever ways to gain unauthorized server access. Business internet providers offer cybersecurity services to help maintain a safe and secure connection for all employees.
  • Business Wi-Fi: On-site businesses can provide their guests with Wi-Fi, giving them the same high-speed internet as their employees. Some business internet plans include Wi-Fi, while others may have it as an add-on.


Bundle Services Based on Your Business

Stand-alone internet plans are great for businesses, but internet providers also provide additional services that could complement any business internet plan. Providers like Comcast and Spectrum offer bundling options that include TV and phone services that could enhance a business customer’s experience. Plus, bundles could help businesses save money while taking their business to the next level.

  • Business TV: Keep your guests happy with a business TV plan. These plans come with a variety of channels to keep people informed and occupied during wait times.
  • Mobile phone service: Stay connected wherever you go. Remote employees and frequent travelers will find great value in adding phone lines to a business internet plan.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service: Combining internet with phone service, business internet customers who add VoIP service to their internet plan can make or receive calls over a reliable internet connection.


Frequently Asked Questions About Business Internet Providers

Which internet provider offers the best business internet plan?

For a great overall option, we recommend Comcast Business Internet, as it offers affordable internet plans with several perks to help streamline business internet services. It provides internet-only plans and bundling options, providing even greater flexibility for business owners. Figuring out which internet provider is the best for you depends on your business needs, so check which internet providers are in your area and compare their features to see which one works best for you.

Can I get business internet at home?

Yes. Residents can purchase business internet for their households. People working from home or households that use multiple devices regularly can benefit from business internet the most. Note that business internet is much more costly than residential internet and may come with features that the average consumer may not need.

Why is business internet more expensive than residential internet?

Business internet is more expensive than residential internet because it has several additional features, such as internet backup and a prioritized connection during peak traffic hours. Also, business internet must keep a business and its employees connected, making it more costly than standard residential internet.

What is the difference between residential internet and business internet?

Business internet has additional perks that greatly benefit both small businesses and large corporations. While both types of internet offer similar speeds, business internet providers usually offer dedicated internet connections to give businesses a reliable and fast connection, especially during peak traffic hours. Additionally, business internet providers usually offer an internet backup option that lets businesses continue running during a power outage as well as 24/7 business-class customer service.