SpaceX Unveils Next-Gen Starlink Dish for Enhanced Residential Internet

The Gen 3 Starlink dish aims to take residential satellite internet to innovative levels.

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Last Updated: Nov 30, 2023
Four images in a collage show Starlink’s new Gen 3 residential satellite.
With ever-improving technology, Starlink is creating the satellite internet of tomorrow. (Image: Starlink)

Starlink, the satellite internet constellation project by SpaceX, aims to provide global broadband coverage, especially in remote and underserved areas, through a network of small satellites in low Earth orbit. And now, SpaceX has introduced a groundbreaking innovation for residential satellite internet consumers with the unveiling of its latest Starlink dish: Gen 3. With an accompanying Wi-Fi 6 router, this newest advancement promises greater reliability, extended coverage, and higher performance for individuals who subscribe to the Starlink satellite internet service. But does it live up to the hype? We’re breaking down everything you need to know about Starlink’s Gen 3 satellite dish.

How the Gen 3 Starlink Dish Delivers Higher-Quality Internet Connections

The latest version of SpaceX’s Starlink Dish, the Gen 3, has made considerable progress in delivering superior internet connectivity with a range of features that aim to enhance user experience and improve connectivity. Compared to its predecessors, the Starlink Gen 3 Dish boasts a range of notable enhancements, making it more user-friendly and addressing key issues faced by earlier iterations.

Users can enjoy the following perks with the upgraded Gen 3 Starlink satellite dish:

  • Stable kickstand: The Gen 3 model now has a convenient kickstand that enhances the dish’s stability during installation. The inventive addition effectively solves the problems of alignment and positioning, which streamlines the setup procedure for residential consumers, leading to better functionality.
  • Improved field of view: The Gen 3 Starlink Dish boasts a notable improvement in its field of view — a crucial connection upgrade. Users can now expect a stronger and more consistent internet connection, especially in regions with challenging geographical features that typically hinder traditional connectivity. This advancement provides users with a more reliable and efficient internet experience, regardless of their location.
  • IP67 weather rating: The new satellite dish provides exceptional durability and resilience against environmental factors thanks to its IP67 weather rating. It empowers the dish to withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain and extreme temperatures, and ensures an uninterrupted and dependable internet connection despite external elements.

These alterations collectively position the Starlink Gen 3 Dish as a more reliable and resilient solution for users seeking high-quality satellite internet, especially in areas where finding a stable internet connection proves challenging. The Gen 3 marks a substantial step forward in SpaceX’s efforts to refine and optimize its Starlink service.

If you already own a Gen 1 or Gen 2 dish and it meets your home’s expectations, upgrading to Gen 3 probably isn’t necessary. The time it would take to reconfigure a new setup may prove unnecessarily cumbersome, and Starlink manufactures the dishes to last many years.

The Added Benefits of Starlink’s Wi-Fi 6 Router Integration

The integration of Starlink’s Wi-Fi 6 router into its satellite internet service offers numerous advantages that enhance the overall internet experience for its users. With this inclusion, Starlink is positioning itself as a competitive player in the industry. With Wi-Fi 6 routers, Starlink customers can enjoy benefits that improve their online experience.

  • Increased efficiency: Starlink’s integration of Wi-Fi 6 technology provides enhanced network efficiency and faster speeds, facilitating rapid data transfer and enabling a highly responsive internet connection. Those capabilities cater to the needs of modern users who depend on high-speed connectivity to support a wide range of online activities, from gaming to working from home.
  • Enhanced performance in crowded environments: With its ability to handle multiple devices simultaneously, Wi-Fi 6 is perfect for households with numerous connected devices. The cutting-edge technology enables a stable and efficient internet connection, even in congested environments where earlier router models would have been bogged down and unable to maintain optimal performance.
  • Improved coverage: Compared to previous models, Wi-Fi 6 routers offer an enhanced range, resulting in a wider area of coverage that diminishes the chances of dead spots in larger properties or homes. It’s especially useful for people residing in remote or underserved regions where attaining dependable internet coverage may pose a challenge.
  • Future-proofing: Experts hail Wi-Fi 6 as a technology that future-proofs and adapts to evolving internet applications and devices. By incorporating Wi-Fi 6 into its satellite internet service, Starlink secures its position as a trailblazer in the technological landscape. The move allows users to transition seamlessly to emerging connectivity standards without frequently upgrading their hardware.

The Ease of Starlink Dish Installation and Configuration

A woman placing a Starlink Gen 3 residential satellite on a table.
Starlink’s new kickstand design makes setting up your service even easier. (Image: Starlink)

The Gen 3 Starlink Dish installation process has been designed with residential users in mind, prioritizing ease of use and addressing concerns from previous models. The inclusion of a kickstand is a notable innovation, providing stability during setup and simplifying the alignment process. It eliminates the need for complex tools or technical expertise, allowing users to install the dish optimally and easily.

SpaceX has also streamlined the configuration procedures, catering to a diverse user base and making the Gen 3 Starlink Dish setup as straightforward as possible. The change reflects the company’s commitment to democratizing access to satellite internet and providing high-quality connectivity to individuals with limited technical knowledge. Overall, the emphasis on a user-friendly installation and configuration process makes the Gen 3 Starlink Dish a convenient and accessible solution for a wide range of users, particularly those in remote or underserved areas.

Future Availability of Gen 3 Starlink Dish

Unfortunately, the general-public release date of Gen 3 remains unknown. A handful of select Starlink customers have received a special invitation via email to access the Gen 3 dish ahead of its official release, which implies that the company is carefully managing the release of its next-generation satellite dish, possibly to regulate demand and ensure a smooth launch.

The invite-only strategy aims to optimize the user experience, gather feedback, and tackle potential obstacles before a broader release. Interested users can expect wider availability as the invite-only phase progresses and SpaceX adjusts its distribution strategy based on feedback from early adopters.

Even though this version will include the Wi-Fi 6 router, it will be the same price as the previous iteration of the satellite dish, costing $599. Starlink is also selling the Wi-Fi 6 router as a standalone add-on for $199.