AT&T Wireless Availability Map

AT&T Wireless Availability Map. Click for interactive map

Overview of AT&T Wireless’ Services

AT&T Wireless is one of the largest providers of cellular service in America. They offer traditional wireless cell phone service as well as mobile broadband internet. The company also provides a wide range of different plans, hardware options, and bundle promotions for new and existing customers.

AT&T Network and Broadband Services Explained

AT&T offers two standard services for individuals and businesses: AT&T Wireless and AT&T Internet. Depending on your location, devices, and needs, you may need to use one or both of these services. Additionally, AT&T is rolling out 5G (and 5G+) through both services for millions of customers across the country.

AT&T Wireless vs. AT&T Internet: What’s the Difference?

Though they are owned by the same company, both AT&T Wireless and AT&T Internet operate as separate entities. The “internet” end of the corporation focuses on home broadband services such as DSL (digital subscriber line) and fiber optic internet, whereas the “wireless” outfit revolves around cellular and mobile broadband services. For customers looking to keep all of their services under one roof, AT&T also has several bundle packages to choose from.


AT&T 5G is available in many cities and rural communities nationwide. With one of the largest 4G LTE mobile networks in the nation, AT&T’s 5G network helps ensure that most areas in the country are served by some form of AT&T Wireless or AT&T Internet. Existing plans will be grandfathered into the new 5G network, though customers will still need to acquire 5G-compatible devices.

Currently, AT&T offers three 5G plans: Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Elite. All three plans come with unlimited talk, text, and data in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. However, each plan differs in price and in some additional features (more on that below).

In addition to standard 5G, which offers improved speeds and coverage over 4G, AT&T has also rolled out 5G+ in 38 major states and counting. While AT&T 5G is available in many rural areas, AT&T 5G+ is only available in select, densely-populated cities. In any case, AT&T claims that 5G+ enables even faster speeds and more reliable connectivity. The biggest difference between AT&T 5G and AT&T 5G+ is that the 5G network uses low band spectrum while 5G+ uses the millimeter wave spectrum.

A Quick Look at AT&T Wireless’ Plans and Pricing

AT&T Wireless currently offers a number of different unlimited data plans, which have largely replaced the old “shared” data plans. Each of these plans is ideal for a specific type of user, so be sure to choose carefully when signing up for cellular service.

AT&T unlimited data plans are best for heavy streamers, large households with several power users, and others looking for the most entertainment options. Here is a breakdown of AT&T’s current unlimited data plan pricing structures, which also include 5G compatibility:

Plan Name Price *Premium Data Additional Features
Unlimited Starter $35 per month (per line) N/A – Standard mobile security
– SD streaming
Unlimited Extra $40 per month (per line) 50 GB per month – Advanced mobile security
– SD streaming
– 15 GB monthly hotspot data
Unlimited Elite $50 per month (per line) 100 GB per month – Advanced mobile security
– SD streaming
– 30 GB monthly hotspot data
– HBO Max included

*Premium data gives AT&T wireless subscribers monthly data without reduced speeds over busy networks.

Current AT&T Promotions and Deals

There are usually several cellular promotions available, often centering around the newest phones AT&T has to offer. When new iPhones or Android flagship phones are released, AT&T commonly makes them available via special wireless promotions and bundle deals.

AT&T Wireless also offers several bundle deals for customers looking to combine TV, wireless and internet service as well. The company owns DIRECTV, a popular satellite TV provider, and usually includes this service for the television component in these special wireless promotions. These bundle packages are ideal for those looking to have dedicated TV and internet service in their homes, as you may be able to save some money consolidating the services into one monthly bill. For more information on AT&T’s internet bundles, see our AT&T deals roundup.

AT&T also offers a Senior Nation plan for adults 65 and older, starting at $30 per month, a much lower rate than the $70 per month plan that many seniors pay.

AT&T Coverage and Availability

AT&T Wireless operates its vast network across most of the U.S. For many users, the company’s cellular service supports both 4G LTE and 5G technologies.

Thanks to the company’s roots in Bell Telephone, AT&T has one of the most sprawling cellular coverage maps of any wireless provider in the country. In fact, AT&T Wireless serves 50 states and Puerto Rico, covering most of the U.S., except for only small pockets in the Midwest that remain unserviced. The move to 5G has reduced these unserviced areas even further.

AT&T Company Information

AT&T originally operated under the “Cingular Wireless” brand name from 2000 to 2007. AT&T’s modern brand and company structure is actually the result of years of consolidation and growth on the part of Bell Telephone, the first major telephone provider for the U.S. and the world at large. Today, the corporation is structured as a complex series of holding companies. These are commonly broken down regionally, such as AT&T Midwest. In any case, AT&T stands as one of the nation’s leaders in mobile wireless technology, as well as serves as one of the companies spearheading the shift from 4G to 5G networks.

AT&T Wireless Availability by State

Alabama 4,777,688 10 mbps
Alaska 633,500 10 mbps
Alaska 171 10 mbps
Arizona 6,203,425 10 mbps
Arkansas 2,915,617 10 mbps
California 36,942,048 10 mbps
Colorado 4,991,465 10 mbps
Connecticut 3,574,091 10 mbps
Delaware 897,932 10 mbps
District of Columbia 601,723 10 mbps
Florida 18,801,060 10 mbps
Georgia 9,681,777 10 mbps
Hawaii 1,360,278 10 mbps
Idaho 1,523,098 10 mbps
Illinois 12,823,761 10 mbps
Indiana 6,483,785 10 mbps
Iowa 2,885,437 10 mbps
Kansas 2,852,510 10 mbps
Kentucky 4,336,213 10 mbps
Louisiana 4,533,081 10 mbps
Maine 1,180,426 10 mbps
Maryland 5,773,362 10 mbps
Massachusetts 6,547,550 10 mbps
Michigan 9,881,172 10 mbps
Minnesota 5,295,454 10 mbps
Mississippi 2,959,094 10 mbps
Missouri 5,979,623 10 mbps
Montana 956,972 10 mbps
Nebraska 1,335,663 10 mbps
Nevada 2,665,164 10 mbps
New Hampshire 1,306,144 10 mbps
New Jersey 8,791,894 10 mbps
New Mexico 1,929,251 10 mbps
New York 19,369,633 10 mbps
North Carolina 9,492,032 10 mbps
North Dakota 672,386 10 mbps
Ohio 11,513,121 10 mbps
Oklahoma 3,718,777 10 mbps
Oregon 3,820,639 10 mbps
Pennsylvania 12,680,398 10 mbps
Puerto Rico 0 10 mbps
Rhode Island 1,052,560 10 mbps
South Carolina 4,617,186 10 mbps
South Dakota 813,949 10 mbps
Tennessee 6,315,025 10 mbps
Texas 25,114,032 10 mbps
Utah 2,758,814 10 mbps
Vermont 622,956 10 mbps
Virgin Islands 0 10 mbps
Virginia 7,960,467 10 mbps
Washington 6,709,873 10 mbps
West Virginia 1,840,543 10 mbps
Wisconsin 5,545,111 10 mbps
Wyoming 423,728 10 mbps

Cities and Towns With Coverage

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Frequently Asked Questions about AT&T Wireless

  • How much does it cost to have unlimited data on AT&T?

    Prices of AT&T unlimited data plans are variable based upon contract length as well as numerous other factors.