Appalachian Wireless Availability Map

Appalachian Wireless Availability Map. Click for interactive map

Appalachian Wireless primarily services Eastern Kentucky and is the 14th-largest mobile broadband provider in the U.S. Its network supports 4G and LTE and covers rural areas. Aside from multiple plan options, Appalachian Wireless also offers the latest electronic devices from Apple and Samsung, which you can buy from one of its storefronts.

Appalachian Wireless Plans and Pricing

Best features Things to consider
  • Prepaid and postpaid plans
  • Affordable pricing for basic plans
  • Only available in Kentucky
  • No unlimited data plans
  • Expensive prices for higher data caps

Appalachian Wireless categorizes its various plans into three categories: nationwide, mix-and-match, and prepaid and postpaid. Depending on your budget and whether you want to sign an agreement or go contract-free, you might find your ideal plan in only one of the aforementioned categories. Typically, the process for signing up for an Appalachian Wireless plan is to select your device, service, number of phone lines, and how much data you need.

Plan name Starting price (per line) Data cap
Unlimited $70 per month 25 GB premium data
Unlimited+ $85 per month 50 GB premium data
Unlimited Pro $95 per month 75 GB premium data
Unlimited Ultra $105 per month 100 GB premium data

As you’ve probably noticed, Appalachian doesn’t offer unlimited data on any of its plans and charges expensive rates for more data. Because it’s a small company headquartered in Kentucky, pricing is more expensive than top mobile broadband providers like Verizon and T-Mobile. Only Kentucky residents can sign up for Appalachian Wireless plans.

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Appalachian Wireless Internet Speeds

Since Appalachian Wireless uses a 4G and LTE network, speeds are fast but not as fast as 5G technology that many top providers use to operate their mobile broadband service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Appalachian Wireless

  • Is Appalachian Wireless part of Verizon?

    Appalachian Wireless partnered with Verizon to allow its customers to use Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network whenever they roam outside of Appalachian Wireless’s network.

  • Does Appalachian Wireless support 5G?

    Appalachian Wireless hasn’t made any plans to build a 5G network.

  • Does Appalachian Wireless use SIM cards?

    Yes, you need to activate your mobile service with Appalachian Wireless through a SIM card.