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Viasat Customer Reviews

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2.59 Stars  1234 Reviews
2.59 out of 5 stars


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Setup new Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) internet service or view available internet plans

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Very Pleased

5.00 Stars

on September 23, 2019

We installed Viasat one month ago at our cabin in northern AZ. We are using about 6GB per 24 hour period, which gives us 10 days a month or 120 days a year, for about $1200 per year, which equates to $10 per 24 hour period of usage. Since cable is not an option, I am pleased. Obviously, if we lived there full-time, we would run out of good speeds after the 10th day of the month and would have to look at a more expensive plan ( and still come up a little short). But for part-time use, I am very pleased. Our use includes streaming, heavy surfing, emails, and phone calls. I completely understand why full-timers are not happy but the options in remote areas are very limited. For us, it has been far better than dial-up or hot spots.

“I was wrong”

5.00 Stars

on September 17, 2019

First, I want you to know I wrote a kind of rough review of Viasat not too long ago. But to make a long story short, the mess-up was my fault. I could not get the internet on all of my WiFi devices. It would work if I would run an Ethernet cable from my router to my TV. But my 15-year-old grandson figured it out. I was putting the password in OK all but one letter. It was an l and I kept seeing it as an I, the letters are very small on the bottom through of the router. Anyway he went through and straightened out all my WiFi units, especially my TV, Viasat is not the piece of Junk I called it, it is one fine rural internet, a lot faster, way more dependable than my last carrier by far. So if you ever get Viasat and can’t get it to work, don’t fly off the handle at them, call your Grandkids! Thanks, Viasat for a great WiFi System.

Unreliable and slow internet even on clear days

2.00 Stars

on August 28, 2019

Service seems to be getting worse with the internet going in and out and speeds slow and nowhere near the advertised 30Mbps! Technology’s getting better yet our service is still flakey even in good weather! Promised better service soon with/when new satellite are added but never happened.


5.00 Stars

on June 28, 2019

I was skeptical about Satellite internet but surprisingly, it is great! We live way out and don't even get phone signal but Viasat is very very good!

Great! I Would Highly Recommend!

5.00 Stars

on April 23, 2018

My experience with Exede was amazing. It just did not work well with our previous ISP because of how far away we were from their tower so we decided to try Exede and it works great. We were guaranteed high-speed internet and we got high-speed connection. If you're shopping for an internet service provider these are the people I would highly recommend.

Avoid this service

1.00 Stars

on October 30, 2019

Terrible internet. Data cap was absurd. Speeds abysmal. When I cancelled they made me climb on my roof to take the dish down with threat of a $300 charge if I didn't return it. Avoid at all costs.

Truly undependable and deteriorating

1.00 Stars

on October 28, 2019

Over the last 4 1/2 years the speed and reliability has continued to degrade. Almost every night I’m hit with outages or, like tonight less than 500 Kbit download - constant stop and reload on low res movie. If you have ANY other option, use it. Avoid this Overpriced and underperforming ‘service’ at all cost.

stay away

1.00 Stars

on October 27, 2019

there set up was bad they had to come back and fix it, if the installer don't call the company for a QA of his or her work call back the company for a recheck, this a company that operates on a shoe string , they will shut you off if you are 10 days late . if you restart them they want the full amount and they will keep billing you for the full amount. unlimited service don't unlimited to them when you go over your data amount it gets slow or will not work. work they outages all the time. my advice to all RUN RUN RUN STAY AWAY FRO THEM .

Snail slow if it works at all

1.00 Stars

on October 26, 2019

Pathetic. Forget about streaming anything even before the data cap is exceeded (which doesn’t take long). Web pages load speeds harken back to the days of dial up. Too often service blinks out entirely... and comes and goes as it pleases. Useless for any application. Buying more data doesn’t help. Customer service will give you the middle finger.

Failed to communicate internet capabilities

1.00 Stars

on October 20, 2019

Was told this internet was good for gaming had it one day and it sucks now cause of being falsely led I may have to pay 360 dollars to get out of a contract what a joke

It’s a Lie! NOT Unlimited Internet!

1.00 Stars

on October 18, 2019

I have the “Unlimited Silver 25” plan with up to 25 Mbps speed. When signing up for this service, I was reassured that I will always have unlimited Internet. The representative also said that after the first 60 GB, my “internet speed could slow down a LITTLE” during heavy traffic usage, but I will still have sufficient internet for streaming Hulu and Amazon. WRONG!! After 60 GB usage, and sometimes even before, my internet download and upload speeds drop down to ZERO or low single digits! It won’t even allow me to pull up any research on my pc! Just NOTHING! And every time I call customer service I get the same run around! I must limit my internet usage to make it last the entire month or upgrade to a much more expensive limited plan! I am already paying over $120 a month for internet alone! Viasat “Unlimited” Internet is a total SCAM! Shame on you Viasat for deliberately misleading your true internet services and taking advantage of those of us who live in rural areas without access to affordable cable internet services!

Run from this service, AWFULL!!

1.00 Stars

on October 17, 2019

Don’t bother looking at this service, I’m a current customer and if I wasn’t locked in a contract I’d drop them and live without internet. Pay $110 a month for crap speeds that can barely play Netflix(always buffering) and run out of data about 11-14 days into my month. And that’s with my wife and I watching two hours of Netflix every night. I’d rather live under a rock then continue to pay for this useless service. Can get faster speeds and unlimited services for $160 a month, that’s INSANE!!! Oh and call in for questions? Good luck understand the foreigners. Company is a joke, took me 20 minutes just to post this review!!

Terrible Service - Don't buy if need reliable VPN

1.00 Stars

on October 14, 2019

VPN is not adequate and if you cancel early there is no one to come out and remove the equipment. Poor service, no one was willing to work with me and only ever received up and down speeds of 1mbps when I was paying for the 100mbps package. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, FIND ANOTHER PROVIDER!!!

Worst Internet Ever!

1.00 Stars

on October 09, 2019

This is legitimately the worst internet provider I've ever experienced. My family and I couldn't even watch a movie in full because of the slowness of the service. When contacting customer service, they wouldn't even think about not charging us an early termination fee for a service we couldn't use. Don't waste your time with this company!!!

Avoid if at all possible!

1.00 Stars

on October 08, 2019

Viasat internet is completely unreliable. The connection drops constantly, and when it is up it is no where near the promised delivery speeds (for example I am promised 14mbs but rarely get 1mbs). I have spent hours and hours on the phone with customer support. Notably, on one a month ago they forgot to reset my priority connection (which I pay a ludicrous sum of money for). All data used non priority was not refunded or reset and counted toward the precious data I did have for the month. I cannot stress enough, if you have any other option other than Viasat, please please use it. This company is absolutely terrible in every way; from customer service to the actual product delivered. DO NOT USE

Little or no Service

1.00 Stars

on October 08, 2019

I have no service even though the company says I do after getting disconnected from live chat for not answering even though I had I called and they refused to put in a service ticket because they said I had connection I rebooted and tried all the different things suggested for over an hour and he still wanted to keep rebooting I even told him I would cancel my service if I didn’t get help because I was tired of paying for nothing and was tired of getting no where he said he couldn’t and wanted to keep trouble shooting doing the same things I hung up

I wouldn’t use this service!!!

1.00 Stars

on October 07, 2019

Don’t ever use Viasat internet. Not worth the money. Honestly the old dial up is probably better!!!! I pay 150 a month. I pay for 30 mbps with a cap of 100 gigs.. they always slow us down to around 10-15 m.. without even going over my cap of 100.. fraud!!!!!canceling this shit ASAP!!!


1.00 Stars

on October 05, 2019

If you have another choice, choose the other choice. This is a joke. Even we don't use up our limit, we frequently experience buffering watching Netflix through our PS4 or watching videos on our cell phone and Youtube. This is for the basic package (that is a ridiculous 60$ btw). My fiance is looking at getting a different package because we typically use our data a week or less before the end of the month typically but even when we have data - it's a joke. Their equipment clearly can't handle what it's being put through (try looking at the temperature every now and then). The app is inaccurate frequently and customer service is kind of low. Quit focusing on your bottom line and actually focus on getting your customers some decent quality. Up to? YOU DON'T EVEN PROVIDE HALF. And Y'all have already said the dish is in alignment. The fine print of UP TO, but you'll be lucky if you get 75% of that. Don't waste your time with these people.


1.00 Stars

on October 02, 2019

The connection is very slow and unreliable. It would randomly disconnect. If you want more data that can keep up with a family of 5 you need to go with the highest package (so they say) and that is $150. Who can afford $150 a month for internet. Their customer service is unclear and misleading. It was a horrible experience. I asked for early termination without getting hit with a fee, due to multiple times of calling and trying to troubleshoot. They said they would inform me whether they approved the waiver or not. They did not inform me that they decided to deny the early termination fee and took over $300 from my account without authorization. If I could give them 0 stars I would. I ended up reporting them to BBB. Just terrible!!

Horrible customer service

2.00 Stars

on October 01, 2019

After repeatedly calling and confirming service cancellation every month for 4 months due to poor internet speed, they will not stop billing my credit card.

The worst internet provider

1.00 Stars

on October 01, 2019

DirectTV / AT&T took it upon them selves to have Viaset provide my internet. From day 1 it has been a nightmare. My TV buffers constantly, ALL videos & Phones have to be disconnected from the internet to get service. I have made MULTIPLE complaints with them. I’m in a 24 month contract that I CAN NOT get out of. I pay $80.00 per month for services I can’t use. PLEASE DO NOT BECOME victimized. THEY DO NOT DESERVE A 1 star.

Included wi-fi STILL obsolete in some areas!

1.00 Stars

on September 29, 2019

Was considering becoming a Viasat customer and attempted to find the standard for the built in wi-fi. The sales person was quite obviously trained to deal with this question. He tried obfuscation, deceit by omission, and just about anything he could to avoid a direct answer to the question: is the built-in router using the N standard or the current state-of-the-art AC standard? He initially assured me "most" of their routers were AC capable. "Most" didn't leave me very comfortable so I pressed ahead. He wasn't sure what ours would be as it varied by area and plan. Again, not very comforting and illogical from a technical perspective and I pressed for an explanation. He then tried to convince me it was N in some areas "because of the satellite beams used in some areas." After refusing to bite on that nonsense (satellite beam side and house router are technically separate functions and unrelated) and telling him I'd call back later as it was clear he couldn't answer my question, he then said if I gave him the address he could tell me exactly what router was included. His last attempt at obfuscation was to rattle off the modem and router model and list all the standards supported beginning with A and ending with N. He did so quickly and moved on to other comments until I stopped him and backed up the train. I said I didn't hear AC in there anywhere. Only at this point did he finally surrender and categorically state it was N. My comment was you're charging a monthly lease for obsolete hardware. He didn't particularly like that, but didn't debate the N standard is years old now. We may end up using Viasat as there aren't a lot of options in this area, but at least the sales guy I got is the stereotype snake oil salesman.

Still in contract and throttled

1.00 Stars

on September 24, 2019

I pay $110 a month for 150 g unlimited but because I'm supposedly grandfathered while still in a 2 year contract I'm being throttled and kept below 2 Mbps unless I change plans to a lesser but more expensive one. Viasat is stealing my money I feel like I'm paying for steak and getting hamburger. Stay away from them. I found unlimited internet way cheaper and it is 4g network.. I feel viasat cared little about my dilemma...

Installer has reschedualed 4 times!

1.00 Stars

on September 23, 2019

I can't tell you how good their internet works because I can't get them out to install the thing. I am so frustrated with the rescheduling and every time I complain I get an "It's not my fault the installers truck broke down" or " I'm just the dispatcher, I have no control over the installer". Is it the installers personal truck or the companies that has proven to be unreliable? do you only have one employee? and is the dispatchers not the installers immediate supervisor? The lack of accountability and failure to appalogize is even more daunting then the lack of dependability. Also, has anyone noticed that they are claiming to have 5 stars on their website. That kind of dishonesty should be illegal.

Works good

5.00 Stars

on June 21, 2019

Works good


5.00 Stars

on May 06, 2019

Hughes Sat Failed. Am not wired for optics. Wi-Fi supports computer, cells, 4 Tv,s. Pretty good usage being in the country surrounded by hills

A local Catoosa civilian’s experience

4.00 Stars

on March 06, 2019

The download and the internet are great especially out here. But the upload is just so bad compared to the download. Especially when you got WiFi for gaming. I’m going above 600 ping constantly. It’s great for watching YouTube and browsing but definitely not for gaming.

They came straight out after I paid for the installation

4.00 Stars

on January 14, 2019

The service is great been working great no problems overall value worth the money

Always online fast speeds

4.00 Stars

on October 23, 2018

The system works very well always online and fast speeds, the only thing is the price compared to Unlimited cell phone service, it's expensive.

Im happy with it

4.00 Stars

on September 11, 2018

I don't get all the negative reviews. I haven't ever had any of those issues. Only break in service is during extreme weather, well I knew that was part of the territory anyway. My test speeds, if done late at night, are almost always higher than advertised, and during busy times, average a bit lower, again, I expect this. The only negative thing about satellite internet, ANY brand of satellite internet, is the darn latency times. You get used to it I guess though. It's like driving two different types of cars, both are fast cars, buy one handles quicker than the other, best way I can describe it.

Fantastic Speeds all the time

4.00 Stars

on August 09, 2018

I subscribed to a 12Mbps plan and rarely go under 15Mbps. Sometimes I get 21Mbps on my 12Mbps plan. The trick is to have a hot NIC (Network Interface Card). This makes a huge difference because even though you may have a 1Gb NIC, it may not handle the local source's (Satellite Modem) transfer characteristics. At least 90% of ViaSat subscribers could have faster speeds with a better NIC, even as an add-on device (PCI, PCIe, USB). Most customers that complain have junk computers that couldn't handle a fast connection no matter where it came from.

Awesome Sauce

5.00 Stars

on July 31, 2018

This is the greatest internet & home phone service I have ever had. Easy to set up and clear voice on phone. Bundling is the way to go here. I love the price and tech support. You can't bet it, so try it!

As expected

1.00 Stars

on November 18, 2017

No issues.

Best satellite provider in my area

3.00 Stars

on July 20, 2017

It's satellite but It's the best one out of the bunch. Unlike the other providers, Exede simply throttles you after you go over your monthly data cap while also offering you uncapped free data in the early hours. They call it "Liberty Pass". At throttled speeds, I get roughly 5-10mbps during peak hours. Again, It's satellite, so expect the usual limitations like latency/ping and low speeds compared to a wired ISP.

Best High Speed Internet - Anywhere

5.00 Stars

on December 21, 2016

If your looking for High Speed Internet Service, w/ virtually 100% reliability, look no further! I have had this service for over 3 years, now. One outage only 6 minutes. Local Dealer; Outstanding Customer Service from Local & National. Some areas with Phone Service, Call. Several plans Residential, Business. Virtually Anywhere! HSI High Speed Internet did/does it all; Just call Janis at 928 961-4614


4.00 Stars

on November 10, 2016

If you're in a remote area where the only broadband service available is satellite internet, then Exede can be more cost-effective (e.g., EXEDE12 10GB, with unlimited data during overnight "free zone" period).


4.00 Stars

on October 26, 2016

I am with excede through Dish and MBPs are limited to 10 @ $50 a mo, can buy 5 more mbps at $20! EXPENSIVE!!!! they slow down my service when I reach more than 256 or something like that. I now run my phone& tv & computer on this and it is not enough. Not happy. They should offer more mbps

Good service, don't like data limits or pricing.

3.00 Stars

on August 22, 2016

Priced too high and cap on data is not good. Speed is fine, reliability is great.

Exede and me

5.00 Stars

on June 20, 2016

I'm very happy with Exede except I don't have enough data to watch Netflix. I'm over limit because I want to watch Orange is the New Black. I can only watch it between midnight and 5 am. Why can't I get unlimited data?

Works Great

4.00 Stars

on June 13, 2016

Excellent service, no problems!

Good service, but data limits

4.00 Stars

on October 10, 2015

The speed is great and works well from the cabin in the woods, but the data cap will allow maybe to stream movies a month.

Good service

4.00 Stars

on June 25, 2015

Always had great service. Reason for possible change is we are moving to new area.

Exede Evolution is a lifesaver.

4.00 Stars

on June 19, 2015

I live in a very rural part of Virginia and have no access to traditional (wired) broadband providers. I work from home and have two teenage sons, one of whom takes many online courses from the local college. Exede's Evolution plan works for me. It is affordable and provides adequate caps to provide for a worry-free internet experience We do not stream very much video, but the Evolution Plan will work for simple browsing and email even when caps are exceeded.

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Exede changed their name to Viasat in 2017, as part of a move to re-brand their consumer-oriented services. The service is essentially the same, although they upgraded their satellite in 2018 to allow quasi-unlimited plans. (Plans that are unlimited, but throttle traffic after 150GB or so).

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