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We asked BroadbandNow users to review Metronet based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 168 for Metronet. Metronet earned an average score of 3.74 out of 5.

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Metronet Internet Customer Reviews

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Kelli P. Lindsey on October 24, 2023

I've had Metronet for about a year now and have had a couple of reasons to call for a tech due to the hurricane and of course installation in the beginning.. not only are the people that answer the phone extremely polite then you get to customer care and they are the most awesome group of people I have ever dealt with in years! Also, the techs were always very prompt I've even had one come early and of course, he called and let me know ahead of time, yes it may be a little more expensive by 10 or $20 but to me, it's worth it to be treated like a human being on the phone and you always get someone on the phone very quickly. Thank you, Metronet and I recommend your company very highly

Great service!

Gerald Nichols on October 16, 2023

My neighbor was having his lawn aerated and they cut my fiber line. Metronet was there the next day and replaced it. Tech came out the same week and buried it then cleaned up very well. Thanks guys!

Not good on the weekend

Richard Novak on October 14, 2023

Every weekend my service is slow and interrupted. My bill has gone up (not really their fault) but I get fewer services while I’m actually home!

Outstanding service

Theresa Butler on August 14, 2023

I had the most amazing technician come out today to repair problems from other technicians. When previous technicians came out to install my Metronet, they accidentally cut the cords or wires to my cameras. No one was able to fix or repair them not even the camera company. When he came today, he said I will take a look. And that is exactly what he did. He was very adamant about repairing this! He had to reconfigure, addresses on the Eero and the camera system. He had to run and get parts just to get into the systems. But this man did it! He is amazing and I think he deserves a big raise! I wish more people took pride in their job as he does! Thank you very much.

Service they provide

Anthony Legrand on August 09, 2023

Not favorable about the service they provide, poor service, constantly re-connecting the TV to the Internet. Not impressed at all.

Internet repair

Kathy Lynn Satterly on July 15, 2023

Tech installed my internet on June 19, 2023 today he came back and repaired it, he is a very pleasant and professional technician. I would recommend him anytime to anyone. Thank you, Metronet for all you do for us.

Not good

Hannie on February 10, 2023

It keeps on stopping every second, not good at all. My old router was faster and better. Customer service is nice though.

Fiber optic only way to go!

Vic Zender on February 03, 2023

Perfect communication, very organized. Install was fast, the cable will be buried as soon as the ground thaws. No more buffering in the middle of a movie or sports.

Compatibility issue

John Eller on October 18, 2022

They use eero wireless here (which is GREAT), but a model of the device that is incompatible with eero’s own “Security+” wireless protection package — the only VPN package I want. I rated the value low because of this only. I am going to have to cancel service that just started and return to my previous provider.

Mixed feelings about Metronet

Lisa Williams on September 06, 2022

I've been a Metronet customer since 2019. I've had good service overall, but when things aren't good, it takes a REALLY long time to get answers and get things working. In one case, I troubleshot an issue I was having for more than 3 months before I finally broke down and bought another router with my own money to try to fix the bandwidth issues and intermittent interruptions. Recently, I had to call to have a tech come out because there was no signal coming to the home, and the earliest reservation they had was 6 days from the day I was calling. My whole house is "smart" meaning my lights and everything connect to Alexa so when I don't have internet, I have to manually reset everything, Unplug items from the smart plugs, and plug them into the walls, I work remotely so I have to use a cellphone hotspot to work, and all of my TV services are streaming. So no internet basically cripples me from a technology perspective and a week is a long time. They could get better about their service times. Also, the tech was nice enough to get me upgraded to the 1GB plan from the 500MB plan, but I thought I was already on the 1GB plan because I've been paying $80/mo for over 2 years. According to their website that is the same pricing as the 1GB. So that upgrade felt less like an upgrade and more like they've been ripping me off cost-wise for almost 2 years. I want to love this company. I like that it is not part of the big service providers who divvy out territories so that they don't have to compete with one another on pricing. But, for now, they have a bit of work to do. If you are not a major carrier, you should offer something else that is stellar to make up for it. Customer Service, Pricing, Reliability, SOMETHING!

Excellent with a caveat

Peter Butzin on August 28, 2022

The speed is as advertised, but the billing is a bit deceptive. I signed up for the $50 500 GB plan. Yes, the internet connection is 500 GB. However, after fees and taxes, the bill came to over $80 per month. So, buyers beware that the advertised price is much higher than the actual price.

Internet is great; local channel package not so much.

Matthew S. on August 14, 2022

I signed up for their fiber internet and it was WAY faster than the other providers that cost the same amount or more. My elderly mom likes to watch a lot of older TV shows so I signed up for their local channel package so we could more easily get MeTv for her older shows. In the last couple of weeks, it has been losing the tv signal MULTIPLE times a day. The screen freezes and goes to a service screen then comes back. It just did it literally 3x back to back. I called to cancel that part of the service and they were very helpful, but also found out that they’d been charging an extra $25 a month to us. Bottom line. The TV service is bad, but I have had good luck with the internet and customer service.

Customer services AWESOME!

Magaly I Mendez on June 16, 2022

I have had a great experience with Metronet. The excellent speed at a good price. My previous provider was overcharging for poor service. I am happy with the customer service, they were wonderful and helpful.

Amazing Internet

Harlon on June 07, 2022

I have had a very amazing experience with this internet with download and upload reaching 200+ Mbps, when downloading games on my PC download speeds reach 50 Mbps! Amazing Service Provider 10/10 I highly recommend it!

Big difference from Others

Peter Butzin on March 16, 2022

When I discovered that Metronet was laying fiber optic cable in Tallahassee, I signed up as an early adopter. My service started just this month, and, so far, I'm very pleased with my decision. The big advantage is fiber optic, which provides for consistent upload and download speeds. Unlike others, where upload speeds are limited to about 10 Mbps, regardless of download speeds, fiber optic offers speeds in both directions that are approximately equal. This makes a difference not only for film editors but also for those of us who do Zoom meetings. I have experienced a couple of glitches. The first was that my Orbi Mesh Network wouldn't connect to the Metronet router. It happened while I was busy with other issues and didn't have time to address them. When Metronet asked for a review of its services, I commented that I hadn't had time to work out my issue. Low and behold, without my even setting up a service call, a technician showed up at our door within a few days and quickly solved the issue. This never would have happened with Comcast. Then, after a week of using Metronet, I noticed that our speeds were between 75 and 250 Mbps, which, although respectable, were nowhere near the 500 Mbps that I signed up for. Recognizing that the problem may be that our Orbi Mesh Network may not be up to such high speeds, I chatted with Metronet, which has arranged for installing its own "whole house" router, within 13 hours of my calling Metronet. We'll see if this solves our issue, but I'm impressed with the quick service. If it all works as expected, I'll update the review to 5 stars on all accounts. In the meantime, here's how I "cut the cable", resulting in a savings of about $60 per month from my Comcast bill. I signed up for Hulu, with all its options, including local TV, advanced DVR, and commercial skipping. Hulu gives us all local channels, and everything we normally watch, including my wife's "must-have" Golf and ESPN channels.

Internet good, TV not so good.

Chuck on September 20, 2021

Fiber to the house, check. Wireless after that, not. Very slow response time on every selection using the TV remote. The guide is tired. In order to see if a program is scheduled to record you must leave guide and make several menu selections to see "to do list". In my opinion TV service is a streaming service so when you change from one show to another wait wait wait. No way to jump to a date on guide to check a program time or channel. when using the voice button on remote it goes to youtube, why. I think the internet is better than everyone else at this time, but every company sees that and is improving their system.

Great Service!

Tammy on June 10, 2021

When our internet has installed, the people we dealt with were very nice, but they talked us into installing it in a room not central in the house. Also, the cable going up the pole wasn’t attached properly so it would whip around whenever the wind would blow. I contacted Metronet to tell them the problem and they sent someone out to check it. They attached the cable like it should’ve been done the first time. I then started talking to him about where it was installed in the house. After he came in and looked, he agreed that it wasn’t the ideal location. We talked about a better location and he set up an appointment to come back and move it. He showed up right on time, was very professional and had the job done in about an hour, and didn’t charge me. My purpose for this review is #1 Tell your installation crew where YOU want it to be installed, #2 make sure you check everything before the guy leaves that buried the line.

Customer Service

Kristal Smart on May 07, 2021

I'm new to the area/Metronet customer. Working out kinks as expected with new service. I have spoken with at least 5 or more gentlemen from tech support over the last 3 weeks, almost daily. Today was the first time I felt some actual “hope” concerning my service. If I could give her a million stars, I would! Thank you, young lady! You most likely just saved Metronet from losing a new customer.

Great network

Deckerson on September 06, 2020

I have had a great experience with Metronet. Good speed at a good price. My previous provider was over charging for poor service.

Great service so far.

Perl on August 08, 2020

I have had the service for four months now, no issues so far. I always have the connection and get the speed I paid for. There is a $10 technology charge but that is in the agreement. No other hidden fees or taxes. Very satisfied with the service.

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