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Speed OK, but billing bait and switch.

Mark Rouse on January 24, 2020

Signed up for 18-month fixed price plan. I never got the advertised speed, even when connected via Ethernet, but it was fast enough. The WiFi router was terrible but I already had a good router. What frosted me was when they bumped up my price after a few months. When I signed up, the plan was supposed to be 18 months at $49.95. The first several invoices said "Promotion until 01/21/2021". in October, after four months, they changed it to "6 months @ $49.95 + 12 months @ $59.95. Promotion until 01/21/2021".

Great network

Deckerson on September 06, 2020

I have had a great experience with Metronet. Good speed at a good price. My previous provider was over charging for poor service.

MetroNet service rep

Tony Klein on May 09, 2020

MetroNet service rep came to my home in reference to the problems with my internet service. I was very impressed with the knowledge and dedication provided while answering all the questions my wife and I had. For a service rep, MetroNet could not find anyone better than the one who assisted us, thoughtful, kind, polite and courteous. All our problems were handled expediently and double-checked. I failed to obtain the name of the tech rep I spoke to on 05/07/20 but he was also very patient in trying to solve the problem by phone. Some equipment was exchanged and all our devices are up and running, thanks to MetroNet tech service. MetroNet, your employees are head and shoulders above your competitors.


Mark on June 01, 2020

Look, I've read lots of horrible reviews about Metronet and I was skeptical of a lot of the reviews anyway. Things can go wrong, sure. This can happen with any provider. Metronet installed my service free and ran fiber through the attic. The service is exactly as described. I now have FIBER! Not many people can say that. Had it a week now and it's been rock solid. I've never had a better internet in my life and the price isn't bad. If you get a gigabit plan, you better make sure your devices can handle and/or set up for gigabit speeds or you may not see those speeds, even though you're literally getting that speed through Metronet.

Not Perfect but way better than Comcast

Nick S on April 12, 2018

Excellent speed and reliability, competitive pricing and above average customer service.

Great service so far.

Perl on August 08, 2020

I have had the service for four months now, no issues so far. I always have the connection and get the speed I paid for. There is a $10 technology charge but that is in the agreement. No other hidden fees or taxes. Very satisfied with the service.

Customer Service

Kristal Smart on May 07, 2021

I'm new to the area/Metronet customer. Working out kinks as expected with new service. I have spoken with at least 5 or more gentlemen from tech support over the last 3 weeks, almost daily. Today was the first time I felt some actual “hope” concerning my service. If I could give her a million stars, I would! Thank you, young lady! You most likely just saved Metronet from losing a new customer.