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Metronet Availability Map

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Expert Overview of Metronet‘s Services

Started in 2005, Metronet is a fiber to the home (FTTH) provider headquartered in Evansville, Indiana.

Metronet’s first fiber optic network was built in Greencastle, Indiana but they have now grown to serve roughly 2.2 million in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and four other states.

When it comes to residential service offerings, Metronet offers fiber based internet service, phone service, and IPTV service. These are essentially what you would expect from most “Triple Play“ internet service providers, but the difference is that Metronet delivers theirs over a fiber connection directly to the subscriber’s home.

  • Internet Service: Metronet’s fiber internet service comes in several speed ranges depending on the region, but in general Metronet is one of the fastest providers in the country so chances are if you have them in your area they may be one of your fastest options as well.
  • TV Service: Metronet’s channel line ups vary from region to region but in general they offer over 100 channels of TV content all delivered over IPTV.
  • Phone Service: Like their internet and TV service, Metronet’s phone service is delivered over fiber and offers low compression for higher voice quality.

Metronet Expansion and Availability

Metronet’s expansion strategy is similar to that of Google Fiber’s. They break each strategic expansion area into what they call “Metro Zones” where consumers can create an account and leave a small deposit to show their interest in wanting MetroNet to expand into their area.

This means if you don’t live in cities like: Lafayette, Bloomington, Westfield, Madison, or Lexington, you may be able to help entice them to expand into your area by seeing if they have an active Metro Zone in your city.

Availability By State

Illinois 576,188 1000 mbps
Indiana 572,924 1000 mbps
Iowa 192,695 1000 mbps
Kentucky 385,733 1000 mbps
Michigan 304,238 1000 mbps
Minnesota 105,717 1000 mbps
Ohio 34,862 1000 mbps

Cities and Towns Metronet Has Coverage

Provider Awards

Top 3 Fastest Internet Providers Nationwide
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Top 3 Fastest Fiber Providers Nationwide
Mid-Sized Provider Category
#1 Fastest Internet Provider in 2 states
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#1 Fastest Internet Provider in Illinois
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#1 Fastest Internet Provider in Indiana
Mid-Sized Provider Category
Top 5 Fastest Internet Providers in Minnesota
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