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Metronet is currently available to 3.1 million residents in 14 states, mainly in areas across the Midwest and North Central regions. All Metronet services are delivered across its 100-percent fiber-optic network. Since Metronet runs on a fiber network, customers get dedicated internet speeds straight to their homes without needing to share that connection with neighbors. Also, fiber networks provide symmetrical speeds, meaning upload and download speeds are equivalent. In addition to high-speed fiber internet, Metronet also offers full-feature fiber phone services.

Metronet Internet Services

Best features Things to consider
  • Pricing includes equipment lease
  • Up to 2-year price guarantee
  • No-contract plans
  • Unlimited data
  • Limited availability
  • No dedicated TV service

Metronet’s monthly rates are based on the speed offered, but the company also has some special offers for lower rates and deals for its WholeHome Wi-Fi service. Metronet internet service comes in several speeds depending on the region, but it’s generally known as one of the fastest providers in the country. A relatively new provider in the fiber internet market, Metronet’s service quality has been compared with Google Fiber.

Plan name Download speed Starting price Data cap
Metronet Fiber Up to 5 Gbps $29.95 per month Unlimited Data

With all of its internet plans, Metronet offers unlimited data, a price guarantee from six to 24 months, a wireless router included in the price, symmetrical speeds, and contract-free plans. For a fiber internet provider, this starting price and these extras are extremely competitive.

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Metronet Internet Speeds

Metronet specializes in fiber-optic internet, which generates a more reliable connection that won’t slow down when neighborhood demand goes up. Our users see average speeds around 435 Mbps, with the highest averages in Indiana and Illinois. Upload speeds are as fast as download speeds with Metronet’s Fiber internet service, also known as symmetrical speeds. If you have upload-heavy internet requirements, fiber service is the right choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metronet Internet

  • Where is Metronet available?

    Metronet is available to 3.1 million subscribers in Iowa, Indiana, and Kentucky and neighboring states. To see if Metronet offers service where you live, type in your ZIP code into the search bar at the top of this page to get direct results.

  • Does Metronet require contracts?

    No, Metronet’s plans don’t require contracts, and they include promotional pricing between six and 24 months long.

  • How fast is Metronet internet?

    With Metronet’s fiber internet service, you can get download and upload speeds up to 5 Gbps.

  • What is Metronet’s customer service reputation?

    Metronet has an excellent customer service reputation, scoring a A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This rating may be partly due to the myriad ways to get support: Metronet website FAQs, video tutorials, request submissions, two 24/7 available phone lines, and live chat.

  • Does Metronet offer unlimited data?

    Yes, all Metronet fiber internet plans include unlimited data.