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We asked BroadbandNow users to review Astound Broadband Powered by RCN based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 295 for Astound Broadband Powered by RCN. Astound Broadband Powered by RCN earned an average score of 3.68 out of 5.

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Good customer service

Keron Russell on December 17, 2023

Very good customer service, intelligent, good communication skills, knowledgeable about the services offered by Astound. She took time out of her busy schedule to help me solve my issue. Thank you.

Poor Service and Poor Billing Processes

Frank Tajalle on August 17, 2022

We relocated from Bremerton, WA to Lacey, WA. On our last day, July 7th, I dropped off the Astound equipment that we were using and paid the remaining bill. We were told our account was paid off. I received another bill at our new address two weeks later. I called and waited and maneuvered through a cumbersome phone triage to a person who told me to ignore the bill, and that I had paid in full. Today, August 16th, I received another bill for $1.00. The amount is not the issue, but I called and went through the cumbersome lengthy phone triage again. This time I was actually charged that did not appear on the previous billing period. Here's the rub. It's not the dollar. It's that two people told me my account was paid in full. Either the electronics of the billing process are too antiquated for service people to be current and truthful, or there's no oversight and training for this not to happen, and for people not to have the ability to make decisions at the lowest level. Thankfully, hopefully, this will be my last experience with Astound!

Customer Service Rep Is The Best

Bobby on July 25, 2022

I had several issues with my service over the past month. A technical issue, a billing issue, and an odd issue that stemmed from what I was told by a different service representative. A technical issue I was able to take care, that was my own hardware that caused the issue. The other 2 issues came to be after 3 different representatives told me three different things. One of the representatives just wanted me off the phone as quickly as possible. They couldn't fix the issue and instead of saying that, they told me wrong information made everything worse. Then I was lucky enough to speak with a rep. She was an absolute delight to speak to. Yes, that's easy to say because she was able to fix my issue, but she was genuinely excited to help me out. She mentioned several times how much she enjoyed her job and it showed. I've worked in customer service for around 8 years at several different places and I can tell you for certain she is in the top 1% at what she does. Having someone who is knowledgeable at what they do, empathetic to people's issues, and genuinely happy to do it all is the rarest thing I've seen. TLDR: Had some issues, she fixed everything and she's wonderful.

Solid internet, strange customer service.

Nicholas on June 21, 2022

Recently RCN took over our internet company here in southern Indiana (WOW) and other than the transfer causing us to lose internet at work for about a week, everything at home was fine. Internet service otherwise seems fine but good luck getting a hold of these guys, the phone doesn't seem to work half the time and they must have put together a script for their online chat help to type. When I say this, I am sure it is of no fault to the person on the other end and is most likely RCN making them behave this way, when speaking with them, something that sounds scripted from an outdated customer service manual. All in all, WOW will be missed as their customer service was much easier to reach. But the internet service is fine otherwise.

Thank you! Appreciate the service

Christiana on May 23, 2022

Tech took the time to help us readjust our bill and I can't thank you enough! It's hard enough with the economy being as it is! Thank you so much!

Excellent customer service

Sarah on April 09, 2022

My bill shot up recently because some promotions that were applied expired. I called the customer support line to see if they could work some magic and get my bill lower. After maybe 10 minutes on the line and some rejigging on their end, my rep cut the bill by 50% and increased my internet speed.


Licia on March 30, 2022

After a good start (3 months after subscribing for RCN services), the speed which I was paying big bucks for diminished and customer service didn't have an explanation for it, just excuses. You would call and at some point, the call would get disconnected (on purpose? happened at least 3 times) so you have to start the process all over again. Eventually, the speed would go back where it was supposed to be for some time but not consistently. Now upon termination of the services, they're claiming unreturned equipment (no list of what should have been returned was ever provided), so it's my word against theirs. My bill increased 3 times in the last year of service getting to the point where my bill almost doubled.


Brian Mccann on March 07, 2021

I am not sure of everyone else's reviews here but RCN is the best by far. I have never had an issue with speed, service, customer service, or price. When my promotional period was over, I called and they extended it without me even asking. An amazing company in my opinion.

Phenomenal job

Brandon Smith on March 02, 2021

My internet had been down since yesterday morning. We called today and were fortunate to get a technician. He arrived with an unwavering determination to resolve my issue. His manipulation with the tools of the trade gave me assurance that I would have Netflix and be chilling real soon! He moved from one room to next, from the basement to outside, from atop a strong ladder to the back of the reliable van, one step after another until finally done! My family and I thank you, may your jobs never be too many or your reward too few!

Great internet service although Sonos keeps buffering and they have the highest fee for service out of all cable & internet providers!

Damario on June 29, 2020

I'm still a customer. I believed my RCN service would be better than my previous provider (Verizon) but then I found out the taxes RCN charged me every month is ridiculously high ($66.00)! The taxes alone are far higher then just paying for internet service from every provider out there! But what's more disappointing is the fact that RCN offered absolutely no reprieve/discount during this whole COVID-19 epidemic. I love the service, hate the taxes and I'm extremely disappointed with how RCN handled COVID!!!!

Great come back

Angela Kunie on October 10, 2019

I just recently moved into my new home with my boyfriend and had scheduled RCN to come connect our cable and internet. Anxiety was already high, the man came out and connected it all, and it did not work when we got home later that night. No internet no cable and he left the house a bit of a mess and could not come out again till that next Saturday. I messaged them that night very upset, and the representative was quick, carting, and took control. The next morning I got in touch with another representative, he got in touch with the direct dispatch and had a crew member at our home in under half an hour. All fixed, all hooked up, fixed all the problems. He even wore protective shoes to protect my floors. Very happy with the outcome and how everything was handled!

Excellent service - Thank you!

Sheri Carline on September 30, 2019

Customer service representatives answer quickly, no wait. I reached tech support today 9/30/19 and they were extremely patient and helpful. I had a difficult case which they resolved with kindness and patience. Very impressed in this day and age when it is difficult to get quality customer service. We have always had a great experience with RCN. I wish they would also come to Bethesda!

Still the best customer service!

Lyn Mckinney on June 14, 2019

I choose RCN because of the customer service. The speed and technology are good, not the best but the customer service is 10 times better. There will always be an issue with internet and cable but customer service and great techs are worth their weight in gold.

Fast Speeds At Great Value

Zahara on March 08, 2019

I used to have a different provider until RCN moved into my building. The internet service has been amazing. I have the 255Mbps plan which really goes to about 300Mbps in my apartment building. I pay $40 a month granted I do have my own equipment but still. Great value and better reliability than others which would constantly lose service in my building. I would suggest taking a look if it's available in your area.

Wonderful Customer Service on Phone

Susan Willey on February 05, 2019

I am so impressed with the experience I had today. I contacted RCN last week, regarding an increase in billing. I had questions, and we agreed to relook at it the next week. They actually called me back today and were very helpful. I really appreciated the assistance and support. Thank you.

Great low cost service

Nikhil Joshi on November 29, 2018

As long as you aren't a heavy user (multiple devices, multiple users) you can't beat the RCN price. 10 Mbps is sufficient for most functionalities.

Highly Recommend

Chicken Nugget on October 23, 2018

Service is great, never had any complaints.

RCN is Tops

Al Klein on August 31, 2018

Our household has used RCN for internet service for many years - I would guess about 15 years, give or take. The speed and service have been excellent. Zero complaints whatsoever. Yes, we have had a few outages over those years, but not many, and they certainly did not last very long. I highly recommend RCN and I do not say that lightly.

Customer Service Agent Really Brightened My Day

Jory Justice on July 31, 2018

I came here to write a review just to say I enjoyed my experience in talking to my customer service agent, a very rare occurrence. Otherwise, I found RCN to be the average run of the mill service provider.

Good provider, excellent service

Ross Johnson on July 30, 2018

Was a customer for 1 1/2 years. Service and support were always excellent. When I wanted to change my speed to save money the service person was able to work out a plan where I kept my current speed yet got a discount on the monthly rate. I’m sorry they don’t service the area I moved to as I really was satisfied with the service and support of RCN.

About Our Astound Broadband Powered by RCN Customer Reviews

RCN’s new brand name is quite a mouthful. After being acquired by Astound (which also now owns Grande Communications), popular internet provider RCN switched its brand name to “Astound Broadband Powered by RCN.” The name has changed, but the service is still basically the same: The company still runs cable and fiber-optic networks in places like New York City, Chicago, and Boston.

Astound Broadband Powered by RCN’s availability often overlaps with its massive competitors like AT&T and SpectrumⓇ, which means that the company has to work hard to stand out. And stand out it does, at least to a percentage of our reviewers: Thanks to competitive introductory pricing, Astound Broadband Powered by RCN’s deals are often among the best in town. Of course, there are other factors to consider, such as Astound’s internet speeds and customer service. Be sure to read our real customer reviews to get the full picture.