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We asked BroadbandNow users to review Verizon Fios based on four core attributes: Customer Service, Reliability, Speed, and Value.

BroadbandNow readers submitted 1330 for Verizon Fios. Verizon Fios earned an average score of 3.61 out of 5.

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Verizon Fios Internet Customer Reviews

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Verizon Fios Customer Service Sucks

Michelle Porter on February 11, 2023

I have been attempting to resolve the issue of why I keep receiving notices that my bill is past due when I make monthly payments. I thought this would be resolved by requesting a paper copy of my bill since the online system is a nightmare to navigate and I can never get into my own account. I don’t understand why Verizon can’t make it easier on customers by consolidating the wireless and internet accounts online as a one-stop shop for customers. Today, was the final straw when I opened what I thought was a bill but it was a notice informing me that my service would be disconnected if I didn't pay the outstanding balance. The irony is that the letter does not state an amount for the outstanding balance due. This was a waste of paper, postage, and time reading since no useful information was conveyed. Do better, Verizon Fios!

Commendation for tech help agent

Mary W. Scott on January 07, 2023

On 1/6/23 I needed help to solve tech problems with my FIOS Triple Play. I was finally connected by phone to your agent. It took a long time and much conversation to solve my problems, and your agent stayed with me for quite a long time. She was very polite, friendly, and most of all, her help corrected my online trouble! I want to commend her highly for all her efforts on my behalf. Many thanks again! Keep up your excellent work.

Thank you

Joseph Lafrance on October 04, 2022

Cable and landline not working. Rebooted several times but to no avail. My husband contacted the service tech who then called me. I am not an IT type, but he very patiently walked me through everything. Turned out to be a power issue rather than a cable issue. Thank you.


Jack Mandleur on August 19, 2022

On Aug 18th my main TV lost its DVR and Guide. I spoke to a rep at approx. 8 am and he worked with me for over 30 minutes doing all in his power to resolve the issue. He did think we needed a new box but was able to get it functioning again. Unfortunately, the same thing happened again at 6 pm, and this time the tech determined that our box did need replacing but worked so hard, over 30 minutes to try and restore it for us. She then ordered a new box which was delivered the next day. I felt these wonderful Verizon employees deserved a commendation. Both of them were also so pleasant and courteous!

Customer service and phone system is terrible

Tom Nolan on July 26, 2022

FiOS has a good product if not overly priced. Their phone system and customer service is without question the worst in the industry.

Same upload/download speeds are great

David on July 22, 2022

Love having the extra upload bandwidth, no stupid data caps. Very little downtime, only had one late night outage for a few hours after having the service for over 4 years.

Technical Support

Mark on July 12, 2022

I don't usually write reviews but I feel compelled to do so now. I was having 2 problems with Fios TV. My downstairs TV wouldn't show live programming (I could watch Netflix but not cable tv) and my upstairs TV kept losing the guide and voice control on the remote. The automated system tried to fix it but within 5 minutes kicked me to an actual person. Within 10 minutes of initiating the call, I had a tech in Albany on the line. He spent about a half hour checking connections and rebooting systems remotely. He found and fixed 2 problems and everything is working great! Kudos!

Awful website, cost me $600

Michael on March 31, 2022

When I moved out of my apartment, I logged in to disconnect my service. The website said it was already disconnected. Great. For over a year, I kept getting billed, and every time I contacted them they said it shouldn't be billed. Finally determined that their website was displaying an old account. Ended up costing about $600 which of course they won't refund.

Best customer service so far

Tosin on March 29, 2022

Haven’t started their service yet but the customer service who attended to me yesterday was responsive and good in what she does. In fact, I was on the verge of canceling my order due to a technician issue but she solved it and made me change my mind so I signed up. She will even follow up your case and call back if need be.

Excellent Local Technical Service

Bruce Nixon on February 05, 2022

I needed to upgrade the service to add a third set-top box to wall mount a new tv. Utilizing my Verizon app was useless. I spoke to 2 Verizon technicians and 1 customer service/sales representative and was told all I needed were 3 new upgraded boxes and that they would work with my existing old modem! I picked up the new boxes and hooked up the controlling box and the system trial stopped and said I had a third-party modem that was incompatible. (The modem had Verizon written on it.) After many calls, I was contacted the following day by a local Verizon technician. He stated that he reviewed the issue, knew the problem, and would come out and install the correct modem that day. He came to the house, upgraded the system, added a compatible modem, and installed set-top boxes. He provided excellent service, was very professional and was polite and apologetic! He certainly represented what I expected from Verizon and he deserves a 10!

New Fios Service

John Intonato on July 07, 2021

I just had my new Fios-Internet installed today. I'm extremely happy with the Customer Service, Technician who installed and Online chat service. All kind and professional.

Bad billing practices

Regina Gorman on January 23, 2021

Noticed autopay of $39 was changed to $99 for this month. Was told by customer service rep that I should have read Pg 2 of my bill (sure - as if!) to see that a 2 year discount had run out 2 weeks ago. I could renew at $55 per month with a new 2 year contract but the 2 week period during this month would still be billed at $99 per month. How about an email to my account letting me know that my 2 year discount would run out the following month and what my options were? How about several of such emails? That's how an honest company would operate. I've treated them accordingly by giving them 1 star in all areas above. Consumers deserve better!

Best customer service agent ever!

Robyn F on September 08, 2020

Having been a Fios customer for many years I have experienced a lot of customer service hassle, however, on my last transaction, the customer service representative at the Fair Oaks location was courteous, patient, and extraordinarily helpful. The entire process was pleasant and efficient. Very satisfied customer!!

Excellent Customer Service

Joe Viggiani on August 13, 2020

I'd like to thank their customer service reps, I called regarding a Card Redemption issue. I never received my gift card and through system difficulties, the promotion and time expired. They went out of their way to fix the issue and re-instate me in getting a new card. Excellent! Thank you both so much.

Great Service

Jim on February 22, 2020

I went to my Fios store in Newport News, Va. needing a new remote. I was greeted by a wonderful young lady and I explained the reason for my visit. With all the info I read online, I was thinking I was going to have to pay for the remote. When she told me it was free, it made my day. I like free. She asked me a few questions about my service and wireless, answered all my questions, and was able to provide me with updated information about my plan package. Overall, I had a great experience dealing with this cheery young lady. Two thumbs up for the Newport News Fios store.

Constant pixelation

Dana Basile on February 04, 2020

Service started very well years ago, but now I deal with continual pixelation on most channels every day. Multiple calls to customer service does nothing except us being told to turn the box on and off or blame our home wiring and splitters for a bad signal. We pay about $270 per month only to receive this type of service. I've tried the other company and they are no better. Pathetic. Unlike years ago, Fios could care less about the quality of the services they provide.

Avoid new Fios Home router and Fios TV One set-top boxes

Peter Ohlhausen on February 04, 2020

I thought it would be nice to upgrade my three set-top boxes to Fios TV One (main box and two Minis). After installing them, I learned that you need to upgrade to an expensive new router or they won't work so I paid $300 for the Fios Home router. After about 26 hours of my labor, 15 calls with tech support and customer service and three weeks of elapsed time, I have no TV service. Every support tech and every customer service rep tells me something different (and contradictory and often plainly ridiculous). I find the expensive new router no faster or better than my Actiontec MI424WR router. So now I have wasted $300, a $50 upgrade fee and 26 hours of my time, and I have no TV service. The advertised wireless TV streaming feature does not work at all and the voice remote barely works and constantly reboots itself. If your current Fios gear works, stick with it. Upgrading is not worth the risk. I may switch to Youtube TV--it's reliable and cheaper, and you don't need to rent set-top boxes. I don't want to cut the cord, but what is a person supposed to do? I have no TV service and can't spend any more time fixing it.


Js on February 01, 2020


Changes to On Demand (Fios TV)

Melva Smith on January 09, 2020

I wanted to watch a show I missed so I went to On Demand to watch my show but I found a new format. The new format is not user-friendly at all. As a matter of fact, it is hard to locate a network on On Demand. It seems like everything is bunched together. So if you click OK, you may be paying for a movie or premium channel. Fios needs to go back to the old On-Demand format. We do not have time to be looking for a TV show or movie for a long period of time. What consumers are looking for is a faster and user-friendly way to navigate On Demand. This new format is not good at all. What was Fios TV thinking?

Only good when it works

Justin on December 15, 2019

The connection is great as far as speed goes. As for the connection itself, it is terrible. Constantly drops in and out, especially over wireless. Makes navigating the web or doing any work at home that is web-based impossible. Will be switching back to Cable as soon as I move next month. The speed with Fios is great, but it's not reliable enough (at least for me) to make it worth the price. 3 calls to customer service and as nice as they are, all they do is refresh the signal thinking that is going to magically solve the issue which it never does.

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