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Lousy internet speeds

Walt Fillmann on January 22, 2023

Last two months of Verizon internet service in State College PA has been deplorable. Mbps range avg. .054. No kidding. Technician came out and examined everything. No problem with me or the substation up our street. The bottleneck is right downtown in State College where all towners and students get preferential treatment and suck up all the bandwidth, leaving crumbs for the rest of us in suburbia. This is not what I am paying so much for. I think I speak for many of us. Verizon, better wise up and change your routing algorithms. Or else it's hello competitor next chance we get.

Huge Improvement from our previous provider!

Tfitz on January 18, 2023

Verizon internet made a huge improvement in bandwidth and access throughout my home. The other provider was always fluctuating and I live in a suburb - no excuses. Faster, better, and less expensive.

DSL is not worth it

Aaron Blum on January 10, 2023

The customer service is great. However, we live in a somewhat rural area and our service sucks. We have had Verizon come out several times to try to fix our DSL connection and the problem still exists. Verizon's cell phone service does not work well either. We will be looking to change to another provider shortly.

Great for 3 days.

C Vang on December 31, 2022

I bought Verizon because it seemed like the only one I could get soon enough. Verizon's a big brand and popular too, so I figured it would be a great choice. After installing a wifi unit in my house, it worked perfectly and maxed out the limit my plan offered. Then day 4 came around and it instantly halted to a crawl between 1 and 5 Mbps per second. The whole day, I tried getting it to work, until I gave in and contacted customer support. I'll give them one thing, the customer support was quick and efficient, even though it seems like all they did was restart my unit and get lucky on a good connection, and at about half the speed limit of my plan. Honestly, it was so bad, I'm confident they capped my speeds even lower than the promised speeds sometimes. And I'm confident because it was frequent and speeds were consistently at a specific lower value. One minute, it would be fine and the next it'll give me hundreds of KILOBYTES per second. Well, today I switched to a different provider (for barely cheaper with 5X the speeds), and I'll happily never return to Verizon.


R W on December 26, 2022

I always have to give it to Verizon on shipping this thing hit my door in 2 days during the holidays. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I live in a new construction neighborhood outside of town enough where fiber exists but it's not reliable. I had to have techs come to my house twice within a week, which is why I got Verizon. Set up was very quick and easy no issues whatsoever. I logged on to the router to change a couple of things to make it better for gaming and the interface is clear and easy to understand. The signal strength is excellent, I no longer need a signal booster. I consistently get speeds over 200Mbps and the signal remains stable consistently. I work from home, stream video all day and play Xbox online all the time and I have no problems.

So far so good

Paul D Hervey on November 14, 2022

We have had ATT for years, with the router plugged into the phone jack, DSL I believe. Was paying about $60 a month. Had some loading and buffering issues. Verizon reached out with a promo offer of $25 a month for a 5G system. I had some customer service issues. I called about a question and the ag entmisunderstood and canceled my order. Re-ordered but this caused two Routers to be ordered, another hassle. Then I tried to connect it. Unsuccessful. A nice but inexperienced young female agent spent much time trying to remedy it, to no avail. Now I was frustrated and ready to cancel. I called and was a little hard on the gentleman's agent. However, he was experienced and informed me that my service had not yet been activated. Who knew? Not the young woman. So now it's up and running. I soon discovered that I was having major issues with buffering and loading. Very frustrating. Again, was ready to cancel. A thought then occurred to me (Thank you, God). I moved the router from the old spot next to a wall and my old router phone jack to my home office facing a big window(this system is all wireless, no wire connection needed. Voila! Now it works great, not one buffering a loading issue.

Usually pretty good but reliability issues

Greg Simmons on September 01, 2022

We initially had some issues getting our 5G Gateway; it was not available where our customer service rep said it would be, but a different store had one. We've had this since June 20th, 2022, a little over 2 months. Sometimes, we'll go for a week or 2 with no issues, but lately, for the past 2 weeks, it goes down several times a day, and, since we work from home, we have to tether to our phones until it comes back up. That said, it has been far better than our previous carrier. We are very hopeful that they'll resolve their reliability issues.

Internet issues

Mychelle Alvarado on July 23, 2022

My husband recently got Verizon Internet and we are having issues already with it the Wi-Fi. The wifi drops there’s no signal, and it takes forever to load.

Verizon 5G Home Internet Plus

Smith on July 01, 2022

6/29/2022 initial test results just using internet speed test from Google main page speed test, cell phone on wifi control group 3.92.Mbps download 1.65 Mbps upload Verizon 5G $35-$70 a month, for 3 years. 126.7 download 5.93 Mbps upload I did many tests and it seems this other ISP knew we were making a decision suddenly the scores went up to 300Mbps and 60Mbps upload/download. The following day BOTH services decided to drop to 30-40Mbs. The $35 per month I will get if I decide to stick with Verizon is because I have phone plans already with them. My cellphone hooked up to a wireless router is in here because when I got COVID and had to work from home, The other ISP decided to be offline for 4 hours so the backup plan to run my home laptop, wife's TV, etc is my cell phone. That is what got me looking at Verizon 5G or some alternative that wasn't costing $102 a month. The speeds Verizon is offering may be "Enough". Not necessarily as fast as we can get when the other ISP decides it wants to be fast. However the advertised 300/50 Mbps Verizon is advertising, I haven't seen it yet on a test. I'm not far away from the tower at all, but even then, I feel like the swings are just like being on a DSLAM with any other provider. Not dedicated bandwidth, adhoc results. I don't know if I'm going to dump the other one and stay with the 5G router from Verizon or the other yet. Thought the data might help others. I'm in a suburb of a large city, less than a mile from the tower.

Love Verizon Internet 5G LTE

Renee on May 29, 2022

We moved to a 72-acre farm in Dayton, OH and this was the only service available. It would have cost 4k to get wires on our property. It worked great! We surfed the net, streamed videos, and played games with no lagging issues. This is my only service through Verizon, and customer service is great. I was able to chat on a holiday weekend, too. Be sure to sign up for it online, not at a local store, since the privately owned stores do not deal with it much and did not understand how it works or the deals available.

Verizon Wifi

Weston Wohlert on April 13, 2022

If you're looking for casually scrolling the internet, this is fine. but if you want to trade stocks or do any sort of simple gaming (like League of Legends), the connection is slow. you will have ping spikes non-stop that make it unplayable. Live very close to their tower too.

5G Home: When it works, it works well. Reliability just isn't there yet.

Steven S on March 23, 2022

The first month was impressive. I consistently got 300mbps+ down and 20mbps+ up and it was very reliable. But, for the past week, it's been atrocious. It's laggy, sites timeout out or take several seconds or more to load and the internet connection drops completely at least 2-3 times per day. For the price (I'm on Verizon unlimited so only pay $25) I'm willing to put up with some glitches as 5G Home is rolled out. But, reliability is a big concern for me, since I also need a VPN connection for a week. I'm 2 months into the service and would only recommend this to someone willing to put up with inconsistent performance and losing connectivity multiple times per day. When it works, it works well. But, it's only working well about 80% of the time for me now. I'm not alone in this, as I've read postings on Reddit's Verizon forum stating the same issues over the past couple of weeks. Your mileage may vary.


Lee D Krichbaum on January 30, 2021

The value that you get from the bundle that Verizon is currently offering is amazing. Obviously, this is because they are being pressured by competition from other ISPs that are moving into my area. I have a 200Mbps up/down plan and regularly exceed that by 50Mbps+. That said, I have had general connectivity issues about once a week from day one (6 yr client) which requires a modem reboot. So while the sweet interweb's feed is all underground and weather doesn't affect the link, the connection fails often mid-meeting because of a butterfly flapped wings in Europe (some high bandwidth cisco switch needed a run config upgrade). When it is on, it is good and the price is amazing too.

Gonna be sad to see it go

C. Ritenour on November 25, 2020

We have had a great experience with Verizon even with many devices on at once, we have not had any issues. Great customer service, but moving soon to Martinsburg WV and it is not available so I guess we are stuck with a sub-par provider. Kinda sad, we're spoiled.

Dependable internet service

Ken on February 22, 2020

We have been a residential phone and DSL service customer of Verizon for over a year now. We have recently moved due to the cost of reaching close to $300 per month. We now pay close to $100 per month. That includes the phone, internet, and a line maintenance agreement that includes the line inside the house that Verizon does not cover. We started having issues with our phone line becoming noisy with static and the internet would disconnect and reconnect especially in wet weather. We “dealt” with it until the point where it was out more than it was on and we used all of our mobile data to get internet here at home. I called customer service and was scheduled to have a tech come and see if the problem could be located and corrected. He found that the drop line from the pole to the house was corroded and one of the wires inside was actually broken. He redid the drop line and renewed the line in the house itself. The connection has been stable ever since.

Do not use this provider

Zachery Manchester on October 23, 2019

Verizon has great customer support, but everything else about it is bad. It could be that I live in an area Verizon isn't equipped with, but my internet is slow and very unreliable. I would recommend people who live in a suburban or rural area to not get Verizon and choose another provider

Verizon DSL slower than dial-up and less reliable

Ralph E Rogers on August 29, 2019

It is 2019 and I have had Verizon DSL for 10 years. It has always been sporadic in its speed and now it is less reliable than ever. When it works it is fine, not great. But when it doesn't work, it is horrible. Often I cannot connect even to the simplest web page. I reboot my modem, and still cannot connect. Getting my email takes several tries, and web pages are frequently unavailable. Not worth the cost.

Never Ever Works

Stephanie Mccarron on August 20, 2019

My wifi works, MAYBE, 25% of the time. Essentially they admitted to slowing service intentionally, so the router I bought 3 years ago, needs to be replaced. They are basically stealing from me, as they're my only option in the area, and have no intention of fixing it. Ever played that game Monopoly? Verizon= the big bad business who gets to charge whatever they want, all while screwing over customers without a thought. So frustrated. So disappointed. This is why I switched cell service (consumer cellular ppl! ) and I cant qant for the day they go bankrupt.

there are other options and they are more serious and are responsible

Jimmy on August 20, 2019

waste of time

verizon fios 200/200 is false

Karim on August 15, 2019

you never get 200/200 even on speed testing website. you get 50-120 max. Furthermore, many regular websites have very slow download speeds to a crawl (compared to other networks, it's not the website fault) the major websites like netflix have decent speeds. i don't know if they are applying the fast lane/ slow lane they have campaigned so much for with their intrument ajit pai. this isn't meant to be political. it's just the truth

I'm not mad, just highly disappointed.

John A Conners-hawks on July 29, 2019

I've been a customer for years. Since 2004. In the past year I've had weeks where it wouldn't have service at all, complete service drops multiple times a day, or even an hour to the point where I have to use my mobile hotspot for atleast decent internet. Download speeds, I may be lucky and get a whole megabyte a second, but most times it rounds out to around 400 kb/s. The service is a joke at this point, always say they fixed the issue, but then the issue reemerges a day or less later.

Terrible slow DSL speeds almost to a crawl

David on July 20, 2019

The DSL speeds I am getting are terribly slow and Verizon claims there is nothing they can to get my speeds up to where they should be. This is very poor customer service

Great speeds

Jaydin on May 13, 2019

Speeds are great ever since we switched to Verizon FiOS, we pay for 200 Mbps up and down and get 330Mbps up and down, speeds are consistent and never slow down, customer service is also good. I would recommend Verizon.

Great Service

Denise on February 28, 2019

My wifi connection and speed is good and I can use several devices at the same time without problems.

Wish they could do better

Erin on January 17, 2019

Relatively affordable. Unreliable. Service goes out constantly for no reason. Have to chase customer service around in circles for an hour to get answers to simple questions. If your service is disrupted due to their errors, you still pay. Loyalty means nothing.

Mostly satisfied

Dj on December 16, 2018

I guess it is the best and our only option. The only drawback is the speed. There are peak times of day, such as lunch hour and early evening, when it could be difficult to get connected because the speed is lower. Sometimes Netflix streaming can be interrupted, but not too often. Overall satisfaction.

Solid but unexciting Internet service

Stuart Rubinow on September 09, 2018

We've used Verizon for Internet service for over five years. Positives: Very reliable - almost no down times. Customer service, on the few occasions where I've needed it, has been quick and helpful. Reasonable cost. Negatives: I just ran a speed test. Download -- 4.83 Mbps Upload -- .71 Mbps. That's pretty meh in a major metro area.


Mary Snider on July 01, 2018

Great internet company. They are good for what I use it for.

Has its ups an downs

Lynn on February 25, 2018

It's good but for some reason from where I'm living, not so good speed varies from time to time. If one device is on, it's good, but once there are more than one, it slows down or just won't work. Internet issues never go faster than 1.5 to 2.5Mbps.

Need more band width.

Vince Kozuba on November 06, 2017

Very slow download and upload speed. Useing DSL service.

Up and Down

Rodney Mathis on September 25, 2016

When it works, it's great, when it's not it is terrible. Majority of the time it is decent. But when it is not, and that's more often than reasonable, it is terrible, frustrating and pretty much shuts me down, so frustrating that I just turn my computer off. Not consistently dependable. I am looking for another provider.

on February 21, 2016

1.0 mps is really 350-450 during the day. Disappointing. But is only $15/month.

not a robot

on February 02, 2016

just wanted to give scores

on January 02, 2016


Yea this is the best internet ever

Victor X. Cardenas on July 14, 2015

I bing here like 9 month never have any problems w my internet just get block to my internet account a few time thats the only bad thing i can come with the rest oh my good it was glorious

At home worker

on February 21, 2015

Speeds are ok unless you are an at home worker like I am. I running about 25 different programs through a VPN for about 10 hours a day, and the speed goes down by 50%. I am to be getting about 10mps download I normally get between 5-7mps download. They don't like to tell you about charges that you are going to get hit with if someone has to come to your house. But for less than $80 a month for both internet and home phone service you can't beat that!

$41/mo for slow speeds

A Pleasant Grove Resident on January 04, 2015

Living in College Station, TX limits one's choice of mainstream internet providers to precisely two: Verizon DSL and Suddenlink cable. I've been a Verizon DSL customer for a long time and it is a reliable service, but the speeds have been and remain horrendously slow!! I pay 41 bucks and change including taxes per month and I don't feel that this is a fair price for the slow 1.5 Mbps down and 300 kbps up speeds provided. Plus there is a fair amount of speed lost due to DSL overheads - on the service consistently shows ~ 1.1 Mbps down and ~260 kbps up. This is very slow and VoIP call quality suffers quite a bit if someone else is surfing the internet or streaming a TV show during the call. Streaming TV shows on Hulu and movies on Netflix is not the best experience - on multiple occasions during an episode or movie, the show stops while the service tries to buffer. We cannot get HD picture quality at all on this slow speed. Overall, the service has been very reliable, with a handful of times over the past few years when service went down. Customer service has been average but not stellar. On the few occasions that the internet has been down, I'd say that the customer service rep was able to walk us through diagnostics and get the service back up and running about 50% of the time. On the other 50% of the occasions, the rep basically gave up and either sent another rep to check the problem on site or said to "wait awhile - it will be fixed." All in all, I'd be hesitant to recommend Verizon DSL if they were looking for a fast connection. The only plus appears to be reliability.

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