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Verizon High Speed Internet Customer Reviews

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2.23 Stars  496 Reviews
2.23 out of 5 stars


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Great speeds

5.00 Stars

on May 13, 2019

Speeds are great ever since we switched to Verizon FiOS, we pay for 200 Mbps up and down and get 330Mbps up and down, speeds are consistent and never slow down, customer service is also good. I would recommend Verizon.

Great Service

5.00 Stars

on February 28, 2019

My wifi connection and speed is good and I can use several devices at the same time without problems.


5.00 Stars

on July 01, 2018

Great internet company. They are good for what I use it for.

5.00 Stars

on January 02, 2016

I have never had a problem with this internet handling high use. My main gripe is the lack of high speeds available in places that I am researching for retirement, ie. I need at least 50 mbps for workstation use and most places only offer a couple of mgbts/sec off of mobile 4g with data caps and high prices. This is really cutting out most places that I can retire that I would most enjoy, and limiting me to possibilities in large cities.

if you can get some other provider do so.

2.00 Stars

on October 27, 2019

I have had months where internet was out more than it worked. When it goes out it takes 9 days for them to come out.

Do not use this provider

2.00 Stars

on October 23, 2019

Verizon has great customer support, but everything else about it is bad. It could be that I live in an area Verizon isn't equipped with, but my internet is slow and very unreliable. I would recommend people who live in a suburban or rural area to not get Verizon and choose another provider

Is This Fraud?

1.00 Stars

on October 13, 2019

I'm paying for unlimeted high-speed access. Stats: down .8mbps and up .3mbps. This is considered high-speed? No, it's considered fraud.

Verizon DSL - Can't hardly use it

1.00 Stars

on October 05, 2019

I've been a Verizon DSL customer for 15+ years. Up until the first of 2019 it had worked very well, at which time the speeds slowed to a point I cannot use the internet most times. I am a rural customer in western VA and I am on the outer fringes of the coverage area. I called Verizon Customer Service and got people from overseas. All said it was my wiring, computer, etc. Pretty soon I concluded they were reading from a script. I got fed up and filed a complaint with the FCC. This got Verizon's attention and I finally got a call from a rep from corporate office. They sent tech after tech to my house to look at the wiring, computer, etc. Forced me to buy a new modem. Said they couldn't detect my old modem. Even replaced the line from my house to the main line. Still no help. After talking with customer service reps my speed would almost immediately speed up to a blazing speed. Then gradually slows over 5-7 days to unusable speed. I was told Version has hardware, called an Optimizer, that will slow your speed if it detects any abnormalities or if you don't use the internet very much. Well, if you have only 1Mbp of speed and it slows that down, you have pretty much no speed at all. I was told I had been taken off the Optimizer. Dude at the Verizon Technical Center said not possible (??). Still had slow internet. Version finally said for me to go to another provider that there was nothing they can do. I finally found if I reset my modem each time I use the computer by pushing the button on the back for 30 seconds and, after the internet comes back up, turn the modem off for 20 seconds, my speed will increase dramatically for a short period of time. At peak times the internet is almost unusable no matter what you do. Other times get DSN server cannot be reached or connection reset. I don't buy the explanation regarding the distance from the remote office. If so, why does my speed increase dramatically when I speak to a customer service rep and increase when I reset the modem? Verizon is ripping DSL customers off and those of us in rural areas that have no other choice. Complain to the FTC and FCC. Verizon takes notice when you do.

Nope. Not Today. Or Yesterday. Or Last Month or Last July or Last February or the prior January or August of any year

2.00 Stars

on September 28, 2019

I have because I need one, a Landline- wait youngsters, I also stare at a SmartPhone just like you. I can afford a crappy SmartPhone plan thanks to being Disabled, yippee. Also a "no Income- Low-income (Soc.Sec.) Senior, I thank the Republicans for SafeLink, a Republican created, government supported free cell phone plan (misnamed The ObamaPhone- huh) instituted during the Regan Administration (1980's in case you missed it) for the less-fortunate. Haters who can't understand our American History, have given former Pres. O. so much credit for *everything* positive. Another example would be the also- misnamed, ObamaCare, correctly called The AHCA which is based 100% on the Republican created, government-supported MA Mandatory Health Insurance Plan(s) put into effect circa 2000's, still successful today, by the Republican, MA Governor ,Mitt Romney (R. UT). Thanks, Republicans! Moving on, I also have a tablet-oh please, don't get your knickers in a twist, it's a 2017 Amazon Fire10 Tablet, no Samsung, gifted by a neighbor who loathed it so much she *gave* it away and bought herself a real-tablet, a Samsung. My total array of equipment includes: 1 DSL Combo Modem (Landline w/ WiFi) 1 LandLine, 1 SmartPhone, 1 Tablet, 1 printer w/Fax (2012) and for these over the top Luxuries I am charged less than Triple Play FIOS, $100+/mo. . Note that if any of my two services, DSL or Landline, go down, I'm without phone or Internet, until Verizon gets around to fixin' it. For instance, the most recent shut down was in late July and it took 6 days before I had *any* services. Was I credited - BOL LOLOL?!? $100/4=$25, an expense Verizon apparently could not afford to compensate for lost service. I've only been a customer for 20+ years. Why bother helping out a disabled, low income senior when no law requires them to do it? Boston doesn't care, MA doesn't care, and Verizon doesnt' care - why ? Well, no one cares about seniors that's a given. But the reason is - follow the money- you'll find it living in Verizon Wirele$$ and FIO$. Boston Poli$ics + VerizonGreed have disallowed FiberOptics in Boston until very recently when Mayor Money Walsh realized that building 100K new condos may require updated Internet service, aka, the Privilege's of FIOS. It won't happen anytime soon, not while I can still afford living in Brighton, my home since 1976, as we are being forced out by Money Walsh's property tax increases. We also have nNo sidewalks, no streets , no parking, no street cleaning , snow plowing not removal has destroyed my vehicle- doesn't matter. I have no choice - it's either Ca$le with Xfinity or $CN or I'm stuck with DSL, which Verizon has made very clear that it will NOT not be investing a cent into repairing "very old copper lines", Main Transformers which supply electricity but fail everyt time we have major precipitation - snow, ice, humidity (65% of the year); nope, not even the "your modem is very old. But we can offer you a newer model for only $59+.064 tax" - as if it's my fault their equipment fails at least twice per year. Verizon has a dedicated DSL Department, a separate office which I assume controls the "Switches" ??? The place the 50 Techs have called l when they cannot get my DSL service to function, aka, "The Main Office" where, apparently said "switches are old & outdated" . Even when my line is restored, it can take days before DSL is restored. Then there's this, the way Verizon can keep charging me thru a shut-down is when their DSL bots send me text messages via my free Regan Phone (the phone cost $525) informing me that "Your DSL is Repaired" w/happy faces. The bot doesn't understand that w/out the copper line, DSL won't function. Hallo? Anyone alive out there ? The bot may not know, but Billing is aware that with that text comes a $30 DSL charge. Let's misery to misery: I live in a condo development with a negligent HOA paying a corrupt 3rd party Property Management company to do nothing. For $350 mo. increasing annually, neither the Trustees, same family, different Board member, nor the out of state Management Co. spend money on Common Area Repairs *unless* said repairs directly help a Board Member. My phone lines are connected to a phone box, stuck outside rusted out on a wall surrounded by 31 years of severely overgrown, un-pruned bushes(w/berries) which are stuck to the walls and foundation. Up about 10 feet on a corner of 2, busy streets, lives a diseased and insect infested, 1/2 dead Dogwood Tree that is on our property. The utility pole is 50 yr.s old and my utility lines all tangled up in the dogwood's branches, a veritable rats-nest of wires and heavy branches hanging too low and the top of the tree way overgrown hanging above our flat roof and gutters. It's a congested area of parked cars, a busy public sidewalk w/ HP Ramp. The City won't prune, the Utility Co's won't prune , no one is interested that although the tree is on "private property" it has grown well into public space and is a dangerous situation for anyone walking or parked near it. Our Board of Trustees don't care unless it affects one of their units, the Management Company doesnt' advise they only collect money. I've been hit by branches, I've seen snow covered branches land on children , seniors and other pedestrians as well as watched as branches crash thru windshields and crush car rooftops. When the snow/ice melts it creates a pool of ice atop the HP Ramp. This also affects my phone & electricity services. But no one cares, not the police, not The Mayor's Office, not DPW, not City Inspection Services. They also don't care about the massive gathering of wild turkeys taking over the sidewalk when all the berries fall from our bushes, nor the rats, skunks and racoons living directly under said bushes which are under my phone & electric utility boxes and too close to my W&S meter. Everything has rusted and deteriorated from lack of common area maintenance who's supported by those boxes ? Only I , the absentee Trustee tenants have cable and their electric lines are elsewhere. The Question remains - is DSL worth it ? Is living in Boston worth it ? Is living in a condo a good investment ? Anyone know a good lawyer ? What do I know, a stupid old lady with a broken spine and no money. "Just ignore her" says the PoPo, the Mayor's office and the HOA. She's invisible, old useless, regardless that by 35 yrs old I was paid a six figure income in the same industry as one of Trump's now-bankrupt ventures (none of our properties failed, not 1 of 100's), the sole female successful in the Old Boys Club of Boston which I eventually left, bored out of my mind, for the entrepreneurial world. I created and ran two successful Start-Ups for over 25 years, with my own money invested and paid myself handsomely until Wall Street took us all down in 200a6. I was one of the survivors, rebuilt and kept going. Then 2017 arrived and they took it again. The only outstanding debt I have I can again thank the negligent HOA for, I pay condo fees then I pay out of pocket for common area expenses, I pay condo fees but had to take out an HOA because they made horrible mistakes when charging special assessments for major projects which must be done for the 3rd time. Thanks to the negligence of an indifferent HOA , untrustworthy Board of Trustees, a corrupt 3rd Party Management company and no laws protecting Unit owners. So, is DSL worth it, it's the only option if one cannot pay Comcast or RCN exorbitant fees for Cable, $105/mo. for copper landline that works when it works, slow internet that won't support Chrome and AOL for email service ((not by choice) seems unfair enough. I think $20K per year on Social Security before Medicare takes its chunk should more than adequately cover that which $150K used to cover when I was working. Don't move to Bo$ton if you are planning to buy a condo. you will regret it.

Terrible experience when leaving

2.00 Stars

on September 03, 2019

We needed to cancel our Verizon service as we were moving abroad. It's impossible to pay the final bill without incurring a fee of 3.50USD. The online system pretends to exist, but does not work. Just one last frustrating part of the experience with this company.

Verizon DSL slower than dial-up and less reliable

1.00 Stars

on August 29, 2019

It is 2019 and I have had Verizon DSL for 10 years. It has always been sporadic in its speed and now it is less reliable than ever. When it works it is fine, not great. But when it doesn't work, it is horrible. Often I cannot connect even to the simplest web page. I reboot my modem, and still cannot connect. Getting my email takes several tries, and web pages are frequently unavailable. Not worth the cost.

Phone service isn't needed.

1.00 Stars

on August 22, 2019

Phone line isn't needed and costing more money.

Never Ever Works

1.00 Stars

on August 20, 2019

My wifi works, MAYBE, 25% of the time. Essentially they admitted to slowing service intentionally, so the router I bought 3 years ago, needs to be replaced. They are basically stealing from me, as they're my only option in the area, and have no intention of fixing it. Ever played that game Monopoly? Verizon= the big bad business who gets to charge whatever they want, all while screwing over customers without a thought. So frustrated. So disappointed. This is why I switched cell service (consumer cellular ppl! ) and I cant qant for the day they go bankrupt.

there are other options and they are more serious and are responsible

1.00 Stars

on August 20, 2019

waste of time

verizon fios 200/200 is false

1.00 Stars

on August 15, 2019

you never get 200/200 even on speed testing website. you get 50-120 max. Furthermore, many regular websites have very slow download speeds to a crawl (compared to other networks, it's not the website fault) the major websites like netflix have decent speeds. i don't know if they are applying the fast lane/ slow lane they have campaigned so much for with their intrument ajit pai. this isn't meant to be political. it's just the truth

Run Away

1.00 Stars

on August 10, 2019

Had the DSL and it literally worked about 40 to 50 percent of the time. It would go out for months on end. I kept telling the service people it sounded like a frayed connection. After years of the on again off again internet a technician who knew how to listened checked the pole in the rear of my home, and sure enough, one of the connections was completely frayed. He replaced the connection and for the first time in years I had a working connection. DSL is a terrible internet provider, though. I scrapped it shortly after it was repaired for a more reliable provider.

surprise bills for cancellation of business services

1.00 Stars

on August 07, 2019

Each service rep we talk to has a different answer to the same questions. Basically, we were charged an early termination fee of $598 for a contract we did not sign. We did not know we were in a contract because we had signed nothing. When Comcast ported our commercial voice lines and internet they charged of 30% of the remainder on the contract. When we called in and spoke with management (waiting days for their calls-backs) they told us everything was automated and cancellations immediately began when the numbers were ported. We spoke with 4 managers in different centers and departments. Sadly, we continue to receive bills even after paying their early termination fees. They have physically removed our FIOS box from the wall, but continue to charge us for internet and a stand-alone phone line that should of been automatically cancelled. We have spent hours with Verizon trying to address. It seems even though we have no fios box and can't get internet from verizon they want to charge us for service. ***update as of today: When we called in we were able to cancel the old phone line. We were also able to cancel our internet. It took some argument to get them to acknowledge that they had actually removed our FIOS box 2 months ago. Seems they couldn't find that order until I went to the business next door and cross referenced the upgrade he received and the tech removed my box to install his new box. It has been a painful termination with Verizon. It feels like a divorce with lots of pain and lack of transparency. At the end of the internet termination the manager offered to bring us back to Verizon and pay Comcast early termination fees. I told her I felt like Verizon was a bad girlfriend and I needed a break from them. I hope my pain is heard by someone who has options.

Verizon's service is getting worse, and has the worst customer service.

1.00 Stars

on August 01, 2019

We are having issues with Verizon internet for months now. We made multiple calls to Verizon, they try to "fix" the issue remotely, which did not help. Then we had an appointment scheduled, we got the technician over, but did he solve the problem? NO!!! We have been with Verizon for over a decade now, and never had such awful experience asking them to solve the problem. The internet disconnects itself while being used. We have a job seeker, a graduate student, a full time employee who needs internet 24/7 in our household. So, internet is a must. Having internet disconnect itself every 2 minutes does not help. I am appalled at the way Verizon treats its loyal customer of over a decade. Very disappointing service :(

I'm not mad, just highly disappointed.

1.00 Stars

on July 29, 2019

I've been a customer for years. Since 2004. In the past year I've had weeks where it wouldn't have service at all, complete service drops multiple times a day, or even an hour to the point where I have to use my mobile hotspot for atleast decent internet. Download speeds, I may be lucky and get a whole megabyte a second, but most times it rounds out to around 400 kb/s. The service is a joke at this point, always say they fixed the issue, but then the issue reemerges a day or less later.


2.00 Stars

on July 25, 2019

Very slow. Worst network provider I've ever had.

Terrible slow DSL speeds almost to a crawl

1.00 Stars

on July 20, 2019

The DSL speeds I am getting are terribly slow and Verizon claims there is nothing they can to get my speeds up to where they should be. This is very poor customer service

Bad experience trying to cancel internet service.

2.00 Stars

on July 19, 2019

I have no complain about Verizon internet quality. However, before you sign up for the service you should read this review so that you prepare for what you walk into. 1. $62/month first year for 50/50 Mbps internet,$72 second year, then $97.48 for the third year. After I cancelled the service, I got an email offer for $39.99 for 2-year contract, two times more expensive than another provider which offered me a locked price for two year no contract. 2. No separate email to notify about price increase. Only written in one line on a 2nd page of online statements. I wonder how many of us actually go through every single line of our online statements. Another marketing trick like "read the fine print"? 3. Email regarding the bill for service from July 13 - August 12 was sent out on July 12 showing the increased price. Customers are given a few hours to call to cancel, or will be charged for a full month if you call in on July 13. 4. The cancellation staff on the phone told me I was explained all these details about price increase every year and cancellation terms by the door-to-door Verizon representative. He did not, and I'm sure he is not the only Verizon staff does not explain those details to potential customers.

Worst internet ever

1.00 Stars

on July 09, 2019

Unlimited LTE jet pack with connection 0.11 mbps download and 0.0 mbps upload. Really Verizon????

Charged for a gift..

3.00 Stars

on March 23, 2019

I was promised free Dvr boxes since there was a mistake on installation date a year ago..Found out reason bill has been 60 bucks more a month for past year was because Ive been bein charged for it..I never even used once and didnt want dvr but free is free, yeah rite..They owe me a ton and said wont listen to recorded call of him saying that to me..

Wish they could do better

2.00 Stars

on January 17, 2019

Relatively affordable. Unreliable. Service goes out constantly for no reason. Have to chase customer service around in circles for an hour to get answers to simple questions. If your service is disrupted due to their errors, you still pay. Loyalty means nothing.

Mostly satisfied

3.00 Stars

on December 16, 2018

I guess it is the best and our only option. The only drawback is the speed. There are peak times of day, such as lunch hour and early evening, when it could be difficult to get connected because the speed is lower. Sometimes Netflix streaming can be interrupted, but not too often. Overall satisfaction.

Solid but unexciting Internet service

4.00 Stars

on September 09, 2018

We've used Verizon for Internet service for over five years. Positives: Very reliable - almost no down times. Customer service, on the few occasions where I've needed it, has been quick and helpful. Reasonable cost. Negatives: I just ran a speed test. Download -- 4.83 Mbps Upload -- .71 Mbps. That's pretty meh in a major metro area.

Has its ups an downs

3.00 Stars

on February 25, 2018

It's good but for some reason from where I'm living, not so good speed varies from time to time. If one device is on, it's good, but once there are more than one, it slows down or just won't work. Internet issues never go faster than 1.5 to 2.5Mbps.

Need more band width.

4.00 Stars

on November 06, 2017

Very slow download and upload speed. Useing DSL service.

Up and Down

3.00 Stars

on September 25, 2016

When it works, it's great, when it's not it is terrible. Majority of the time it is decent. But when it is not, and that's more often than reasonable, it is terrible, frustrating and pretty much shuts me down, so frustrating that I just turn my computer off. Not consistently dependable. I am looking for another provider.

3.00 Stars

on February 21, 2016

1.0 mps is really 350-450 during the day. Disappointing. But is only $15/month.

not a robot

4.00 Stars

on February 02, 2016

just wanted to give scores

Yea this is the best internet ever

5.00 Stars

on July 14, 2015

I bing here like 9 month never have any problems w my internet just get block to my internet account a few time thats the only bad thing i can come with the rest oh my good it was glorious

At home worker

4.00 Stars

on February 21, 2015

Speeds are ok unless you are an at home worker like I am. I running about 25 different programs through a VPN for about 10 hours a day, and the speed goes down by 50%. I am to be getting about 10mps download I normally get between 5-7mps download. They don't like to tell you about charges that you are going to get hit with if someone has to come to your house. But for less than $80 a month for both internet and home phone service you can't beat that!

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