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Cities with the fastest download speeds

The fastest city in the US for April 2019 is Nine Mile Falls followed by North Arlington in second place, and Hoschton in 3rd place. Information about how we calculate these results is available below.

Fastest City Leaderboard: April, 2019

RankCityDownload Speed Speed over timeNo. of Providers
1 - Nine Mile Falls (Washington)918.60 MBPS18
2 North Arlington (New Jersey)737.82 MBPS14
3 - Hoschton (Georgia)718.37 MBPS11
4 Townsend (Massachusetts)672.73 MBPS10
5 Piedmont (Oklahoma)665.11 MBPS13
6 Gurley (Alabama)659.11 MBPS14
7 Fort Lupton (Colorado)646.85 MBPS12
8 Schertz (Texas)643.03 MBPS21
9 Independence (Ohio)636.33 MBPS23
10 La Vernia (Texas)634.52 MBPS15
11 Barto (Pennsylvania)598.84 MBPS13
12 Rumson (New Jersey)586.67 MBPS10
13 Turners Falls (Massachusetts)573.33 MBPS9
14 Chelsea (Massachusetts)573.21 MBPS16
15 Bristow (Virginia)563.18 MBPS18
16 Hamilton (New York)551.79 MBPS10
17 Carver (Massachusetts)550.52 MBPS11
18 Akron (Indiana)542.68 MBPS13
19 Rancho Santa Fe (California)540.34 MBPS18
20 - Washington (Virginia)535.91 MBPS9
21 Berlin (New Jersey)527.71 MBPS15
22 Pikesville (Maryland)525.89 MBPS20
23 Skillman (New Jersey)520.18 MBPS16
24 Reisterstown (Maryland)519.93 MBPS18
25 Sapulpa (Oklahoma)497.82 MBPS15
26 Haddon Heights (New Jersey)494.14 MBPS15
27 Wheeling (West Virginia)492.46 MBPS13
28 Brookshire (Texas)488.50 MBPS17
29 Millington (New Jersey)486.84 MBPS12
30 Emerson (New Jersey)470.98 MBPS15
31 Mercer Island (Washington)467.28 MBPS16
32 Halethorpe (Maryland)467.04 MBPS17
33 Crum Lynne (Pennsylvania)466.64 MBPS16
34 Wrightstown (New Jersey)459.25 MBPS16
35 College Grove (Tennessee)448.49 MBPS15
36 Northport (New York)446.44 MBPS12
37 Telluride (Colorado)445.83 MBPS12
38 Bala Cynwyd (Pennsylvania)444.05 MBPS20
39 Cedarhurst (New York)437.70 MBPS13
40 Norwood (New Jersey)436.96 MBPS14
41 Spicewood (Texas)433.91 MBPS23
42 Red Bank (New Jersey)428.67 MBPS17
43 Boydton (Virginia)425.78 MBPS12
44 Sayville (New York)416.39 MBPS14
45 Sugar Grove (Illinois)415.83 MBPS17
46 Orinda (California)415.01 MBPS14
47 Manassas (Virginia)406.58 MBPS23
48 Mukilteo (Washington)406.14 MBPS15
49 West Friendship (Maryland)402.21 MBPS11
50 Cobalt (Connecticut)401.66 MBPS9
51 Ambler (Pennsylvania)399.32 MBPS18
52 Montgomery (Illinois)398.84 MBPS19
53 Pacific Grove (California)397.15 MBPS10
54 Oakton (Virginia)393.15 MBPS18
55 Lanett (Alabama)389.53 MBPS8
56 Grove (Oklahoma)387.22 MBPS13
57 Water Mill (New York)382.73 MBPS10
58 Sparks Glencoe (Maryland)382.22 MBPS19
59 East Elmhurst (New York)380.53 MBPS17
60 Roslyn Heights (New York)378.87 MBPS14
61 Hubbard (Oregon)377.68 MBPS16
62 Santa Fe (Texas)376.88 MBPS12
63 Lagrangeville (New York)375.12 MBPS15
64 San Rafael (California)374.56 MBPS22
65 Feasterville Trevose (Pennsylvania)373.10 MBPS18
66 Cornelius (Oregon)371.47 MBPS15
67 Key West (Florida)370.52 MBPS10
68 East Quogue (New York)368.84 MBPS9
69 Tomball (Texas)368.48 MBPS21
70 Garrett (Indiana)365.19 MBPS17
71 Dickinson Center (New York)363.28 MBPS8
72 Shrub Oak (New York)363.07 MBPS14
73 Coatesville (Pennsylvania)362.78 MBPS16
74 Hillsdale (New Jersey)362.63 MBPS12
75 Skaneateles (New York)362.47 MBPS12
76 New Windsor (New York)361.24 MBPS14
77 Sea Cliff (New York)360.99 MBPS12
78 Chantilly (Virginia)360.40 MBPS25
79 Roanoke (Texas)359.51 MBPS21
80 Franklin Park (New Jersey)358.96 MBPS16
81 Allentown (New Jersey)358.44 MBPS15
82 Richton Park (Illinois)358.13 MBPS13
83 Berlin (Massachusetts)358.12 MBPS13
84 Oakley (California)357.93 MBPS14
85 Guilford (Connecticut)357.48 MBPS12
86 Monterey (Massachusetts)356.15 MBPS11
87 Haverford (Pennsylvania)355.32 MBPS14
88 Bellmawr (New Jersey)355.29 MBPS19
89 Tulia (Texas)353.37 MBPS9
90 Newtonville (Massachusetts)351.60 MBPS15
91 Stratford (New Jersey)351.11 MBPS16
92 Cibolo (Texas)350.31 MBPS17
93 Pacifica (California)348.17 MBPS12
94 Tewksbury (Massachusetts)347.31 MBPS19
95 Fischer (Texas)342.17 MBPS13
96 Rye (New York)342.14 MBPS15
97 Brooks (California)341.83 MBPS13
98 Newtown (Pennsylvania)337.66 MBPS14
99 Carrollton (Ohio)337.48 MBPS10
100 West Park (New York)334.32 MBPS10

The Geography of Fast Internet

As you can see, Internet infrastructure isn’t created equal.

While some top cities on the east and west coasts are more or less what you would expect, look in the heartland, and you’ll see some surprises.

Cities that invest in fiber networks and work to attract the top providers dramatically outperform less-connected cities in terms of citywide access to robust Internet service.

Explore the map below for a bird’s-eye view of cities with top-performing Internet options — whether you’re considering tech-friendly relocation options or simply curious to see how your home city stacks up.

Map of the Fastest Cities in the US


When we started digging into the data to power this page, our initial plan was to create a simple average of all of the speedtests for a city.

However, we quickly found that simple averages lead to misleading results. Differing plan speeds, home network setups, and provider counts led to averages that poorly represented the real-world experience of Internet consumers in those areas — before even considering the disparity in numbers of speed tests available in each community.

Our solution: to display the download speed from the speedtest found in the 90th percentile of all of the tests for a city in a given month.

This approach controls variables while minimizing outlier impact. We can confidently say that 10% of the speedtests we saw were faster than the speed displayed, while 90% of them were slower than it.

We concluded that this is the most objective and accurate way to calculate the fastest cities while still controlling for the many variables that can vary across thousands of providers and millions of speed tests.

Last Updated on 05/06/2019

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