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How to Tell if Your Internet Is Being Throttled

Have you noticed websites loading slowly, even after ruling out issues with your internet connection and router? If you still struggle with slow...

How to Share a Wi-Fi Password On iPhone, Mac, and Android

Sharing your Wi-Fi doesn’t mean you have to give out your password. Different devices have separate processes, but you can share your Wi-Fi password...

2021 U.S. Internet, TV, & Phone Shopping Study

Last year, record demand for high-speed internet drove Americans to spend an estimated $118 billion switching internet, phone, and TV providers. In...

5G Trial Cities Coverage Map

5G National Deployment Map

82% of Residents in Tribal Zip Codes Have Broadband Internet Access, Compared to 94% of Non-Tribal Residents

Searchable data by state on more than 500 tribes Tribal Lands America’s digital divide can be felt in some way across nearly every part of the...

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Cutting the Cord: Is Streaming or Cable Better for You?

Cord-cutting has become a popular trend in recent years, thanks to the rise of streaming services. For those unfamiliar, cord cutting is the...

No internet connection? Here’s how to troubleshoot home internet issues

We all want our internet connection to just work. We pay too much for it, yet all too often it feels like we aren’t getting what we pay for.  In...

How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal: Increase Your Wi-Fi Speed

It’s frustrating to run a speed test and discover that you’re only getting half the internet speeds advertised for your broadband plan. Luckily,...


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