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Verizon Plans and Pricing

Below are a few of the plans and pricing we've collected for Verizon. To see more Verizon deals and promotions in your area enter your zip code above.

$55/mo for 5GB data

  • 5G Nationwide / 4G LTE
  • Price includes $10/mo savings per line, when you sign up for paper-free billing and Auto Pay.
  • Includes Carryover Data and Unlimited Talk & Text

Mobile Broadband

$65/mo for 10GB data

  • 5G Nationwide / 4G LTE
  • Price includes $10/mo savings per line, when you sign up for paper-free billing and Auto Pay.
  • Includes Carryover Data and Unlimited Talk & Text

Mobile Broadband

Plans may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Verify terms and availability with Verizon.

Expert Overview of Verizon‘s Services

Verizon Wireless provides traditional cell phone service as well as mobile broadband internet across most of the American mainland. The company is one of the largest data providers in the country, often sitting neck-and-neck with AT&T Wireless. Like their primary competitor, Verizon offers a large variety of cell service plans, hardware choices, and bundle deals for customers.  

Are Verizon Wireless and Verizon Fios The Same Thing?

Though they are both operated by Verizon itself, Verizon Fios refers specifically to the company’s home and business internet sector. Fios services revolve around the company’s fiber optic and cable internet options, which are available in many areas around the country. On the other hand, Verizon Wireless is focused squarely on mobile broadband and cell phones. The company does offer bundles that allow you to combine both services, should you wish to go that route.

Verizon Wireless Promotions & Deals

Verizon frequently has a variety of promotions running on their wireless broadband service. From the latest iPhone to unlimited data plans and more, you can usually find a Verizon deal that works for you at almost any time of the year. In particular, bundle deals that combine cellular service with Verizon Fios TV are popular. For a look at specific TV and internet deals, be sure to check out our Verizon Fios deals page.

Verizon Wireless Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon Wireless currently offers several different mobile broadband plans that provide unlimited data, as well as several different “shared” data plans. Depending upon your usage habits (and the number of lines on your account), one of these may make more sense for you than the other.

If you have a large family account filled with data-hungry users, the unlimited plan might represent a solid value for you. That said, if you really just need basic connectivity for checking email and browsing the web, the shared data plans might be ideal.

Verizon Wireless Network Information

Verizon Wireless is available across the majority of the US, as seen above. The bulk of their service footprint utilizes 4G and LTE technology, alongside 3G in rural areas and other pockets around the nation.

In addition, Verizon Wireless have started rolling out 5G service in select areas of the country. Despite this progress, it is unlikely that we will see widespread support in 2019, as many hardware manufacturers have yet to begin support for the new technology. In addition, it will take time for Verizon and other providers to build out the necessary infrastructure to support 5G service on a nationwide scale.

Verizon Wireless Company Details

Founded in 2000 in its modern form, Verizon Wireless has roots in Bell Telephone, like its primary competitor AT&T. Today, they are one of the largest mobile broadband providers operating in the United States, supporting over 98% of the population over the company’s existing 4G LTE network.

Availability By State

Alabama 4,777,256 10 mbps
Alaska 500,682 10 mbps
Arizona 6,314,978 10 mbps
Arkansas 2,912,420 10 mbps
California 37,156,293 10 mbps
Colorado 5,007,698 10 mbps
Connecticut 3,573,546 10 mbps
Delaware 897,932 10 mbps
District of Columbia 601,723 10 mbps
Florida 18,799,941 10 mbps
Georgia 9,685,238 10 mbps
Hawaii 1,359,674 10 mbps
Idaho 1,539,513 10 mbps
Illinois 12,723,623 10 mbps
Indiana 6,419,352 10 mbps
Iowa 2,987,986 10 mbps
Kansas 2,851,153 10 mbps
Kentucky 3,501,676 10 mbps
Louisiana 4,530,825 10 mbps
Maine 1,276,133 10 mbps
Maryland 5,686,125 10 mbps
Massachusetts 6,542,625 10 mbps
Michigan 9,779,138 10 mbps
Minnesota 5,292,204 10 mbps
Mississippi 2,965,445 10 mbps
Missouri 5,775,667 10 mbps
Montana 942,674 10 mbps
Nebraska 1,824,834 10 mbps
Nevada 2,688,211 10 mbps
New Hampshire 1,308,984 10 mbps
New Jersey 8,791,552 10 mbps
New Mexico 2,030,745 10 mbps
New York 19,352,149 10 mbps
North Carolina 9,404,284 10 mbps
North Dakota 671,333 10 mbps
Ohio 11,476,295 10 mbps
Oklahoma 3,341,692 10 mbps
Oregon 3,814,349 10 mbps
Pennsylvania 12,638,294 10 mbps
Rhode Island 1,052,560 10 mbps
South Carolina 4,624,675 10 mbps
South Dakota 808,284 10 mbps
Tennessee 6,334,086 10 mbps
Texas 24,843,402 10 mbps
Utah 2,702,808 10 mbps
Vermont 610,346 10 mbps
Virginia 7,969,153 10 mbps
Washington 6,690,016 10 mbps
West Virginia 1,577,563 10 mbps
Wisconsin 5,518,088 10 mbps
Wyoming 557,041 10 mbps

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