About WOW!

  • WOW! services Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Ohia, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

  • WideOpenWest, better known as WOW!, is the sixth-largest cable operator in North America.

  • WOW! provides fiber, DSL, and copper internet along with cable TV and telephone services.

  • WOW! is available to over 7.2 million people in over 863 zip codes.

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Expert Overview of WOW!’s Services

WOW! Internet service is available in 10 states nationwide. Aside from internet service, they offer TV plans and bundles and phone service. WOW! also offers business class service. While WOW! cable internet services are delivered via cable infrastructure, fiber service is available in some areas — but mostly for business customers.

WOW! Internet and Cable Availability

As of 2022, WOW! has a coverage area encompassing a population of 7.2 million, with the most coverage in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and seven other states. As a cable provider, WOW! internet is available mostly in areas targeted for cable television services before residential Internet was widely marketed, and is delivered using cable TV networks. These areas tend to be suburban areas and urban city centers more frequently than semi-rural outlying areas.

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WOW! Cable Network

WOW!’s Internet network is built on a mix of coaxial cable and fiber optic lines. Generally, they use a “Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial” network structure which sends data over fiber most of the way to a customer and only switches over to coaxial within neighborhoods, where sending individual fiber lines to each house is prohibitively expensive. Coaxial cable is already installed in most neighborhoods, since it was historically used to deliver cable TV signal.

DOCSIS technology allows WOW! and other cable providers to send digital data over these lines. The most recent 3.0 and 3.1 DOCSIS updates allow for high bandwidth in the hundreds of megabits per second without the startup cost of pure “fiber to the home.”

WOW! internet is commonly compared to DSL providers like AT&T. DSL companies use a similar network architecture that uses copper telephone lines rather than coaxial TV lines. Overall, WOW!’s cable network is stronger than DSL. While cable bandwidth is sometimes shared between neighbors and can result in slower speed during peak use hours, those slowed speeds are still an improvement over what DSL connections offer — particularly for upload speeds.

WOW! Internet Vs WOW! Cable Service

WOW! cable essentially offers two options: internet-only, and cable TV bundles. WOW! Internet-only plans make the most sense for renters, students, and anyone else who doesn’t watch TV frequently (and prefers Netflix anyway). The WOW! cable bundles are better plans for families, especially if they watch sports or want a landline home phone. WOW! offers “digital home phone” with all the features you’d expect from a basic phone plan like voicemail and low international rates.

WOW! uses Eero whole-home WiFi system

As of 2018, WOW! Internet plans include the Eero whole-home WiFi system. This “mesh” networking system is one of the better devices on the market currently, and allows home Internet users to place multiple WiFi devices around their house. These devices connect seamlessly and help spread WiFi evenly in a large home.

WOW! Internet Reviews

BroadbandNow aggregates consumer reviews of WOW! from real customers using IP-verification. Of the 8,656 ratings collected so far for WOW!, 55.9 percent gave them a positive rating and indicated that they would recommend WOW! Internet service.

WOW! Customer Service

WOW! organizes their call systems into separate sales and general support hotlines. Customers often call into WOW! For a specific reason, and can usually save some time by reaching out to the department you need directly. Normally, these calls are routed between various offices depending on their purpose, as well as how urgent they are.

If you are looking to cancel your service, there is no dedicated retention number to call. Instead, you can reach out to the main phone number for WOW! Support at (855) 496-9929, where you may still be put in touch with an agent who will offer you a discount to remain a paying customer. Business customers can reach WOW!’s Business customer service line at (855) 940-4969.

WOW! Company Background

Wide Open West brands their broadband cable services as “WOW!” and is publicly traded under the acronym WOW. The company went public in 2017. WOW! has been operating in the cable industry since 1999.

What does the “WOW” in “Wow Internet” stand for?

WOW! stands for “Wide Open West.” The name comes from the western US roots of the company, which has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Availability by State

Alabama 624,373 1000mbps
Florida 804,094 1000mbps
Georgia 380,356 1000mbps
Illinois 1,604,922 1000mbps
Indiana 317,809 1000mbps
Kansas 232,120 1000mbps
Michigan 1,872,510 1000mbps
Ohio 1,521,373 1000mbps
South Carolina 260,525 1000mbps
Tennessee 139,600 1000mbps

Cities and Towns WOW! Has Coverage

Provider Awards

Top 10 Fastest Cable Providers Nationwide
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Top 3 Fastest Internet Providers in 4 states
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Top 5 Fastest Internet Providers in 10 states
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Top 10 Fastest Internet Providers in 13 states
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Top 3 Fastest Cable Providers in 8 states
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Top 5 Fastest Cable Providers in 12 states
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Frequently Asked Questions about WOW!

  • Is WOW! Internet in my area?

    WOW! currently offers cable internet service across 10 states in the US. Their greatest coverage is in Midwestern states like Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio, but their fastest speeds are available in the South. Plans with up to 1000 Mbps are offered in Saint Petersburg, FL, Montgomery, AL, and Columbus, GA, as well as a few more cities across South Carolina and Tennessee.

    Bundle packages are also available in most areas WOW! serves. These bundles can include internet, cable TV, and home phone services. Whether you bundle or opt for an internet-only plan, WOW! most likely will be one of the lowest-priced providers in your area. Plans with 100 Mbps often cost $50 or more per month; WOW!’s 100 Mbps plan starts at $29.99 a month.

  • What does WOW! Internet stand for?

    WOW! stands for Wide Open West. They are currently the sixth-largest cable service provider in the United States. Although the name suggests WOW! is available in Western states, WOW! provides service to states in the Midwest and South. The “West” is in reference to where they began, Denver, CO. WOW!’s headquarters is still in Denver although they no longer serve the area.

  • What is WOW! internet?

    WOW! is an internet service provider that offers cable, fiber, and/or DSL internet depending on your location. Since the last mile of WOW! internet is provided by cable lines, WOW! is mostly referred to as a cable internet provider. WOW!’s internet is provided by their hybrid fiber-coaxial network in most areas they’re available, and nearby telephone lines for areas where WOW! provides DSL.


    • Competitive, low monthly rates
    • No data caps
    • Flexible plan options


    • Two-year contract required
    • Limited availability even where accessible

    Being that hybrid fiber networks are becoming more popular for providers, WOW!’s pricing and plan features are what set its internet apart from others. WOW! offers true unlimited internet across all their plans. That’s a perk of having a small but strong network — there’s less need to limit internet usage with fewer customers. Overall, WOW!’s internet pricing is lower than most cable providers. Optimum and Suddenlink are the closest in pricing, but Optimum offers more plans than either provider.

    While WOW! is available in some major cities and metropolitans, their availability is lower than expected in areas they’re offered. For example, Chicago is the second most covered city by WOW!, yet they only cover 17 percent of the city.

  • How much is WOW! Internet monthly?

    During promotional periods, WOW! offers some of the lowest-priced broadband plans among cable providers. Their 100 Mbps plan starts at $34.99 a month, about $20 less than competing providers for the same speed. Once the promotion ends, prices for each plan increase by about $5. The same is true for those who opt for contract-free plans. WOW!’s monthly rate for contract-free plans are about $20 more than their promotional rates — their 100 Mbps plan with no contract costs $59.99 a month. Even with the price increase, WOW! is still one of the lowest-priced cable providers.

    WOW! Internet Prices by speed

    • For 100 Mbps, the promotional price is $29.99 a month; regular price is $39.99 a month
    • For 200 Mbps, the promotional price is $34.99 a month; regular price is $44.99 a month
    • For 500 Mbps, the promotional price is $44.99 a month; regular price is $54.99 a month
    • For 1000 Mbps, the promotional price is $64.99 a month; regular price is $74.99 a month

    If you’re looking for a double or triple play bundle from WOW!, you may have a hard time depending on where you live. WOW! recently expanded their TV+ service, which is their streaming TV service that features over 100 live channels. Currently, residents in Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois have access to WOW!’s TV+. If you do not live in one of these areas, WOW! offers streaming TV through one of their third-party partners such as FuboTV, YouTube TV, Sling, and Philo.

    It is good to keep in mind the additional monthly fees you’ll pay with WOW!. You may incur an installation fee and will certainly have to pay an equipment fee unless you have your own modem. WOW!’s installation fee is $50 if it’s not waived. Their monthly equipment fee is $14 a month for a modem. Those who want whole home Wi-Fi can pay an additional $9.99 a month for an eero Pro, plus $5.99 a month for each additional eero beacon.

  • Is WOW! Better than Spectrum?

    While WOW! has better pricing and more perks for new customers, Spectrum tends to be the more available and faster provider of the two. For example, both providers are available in Columbus, OH, but Spectrum has faster speeds and wider coverage compared to WOW!. Our speed tests show Spectrum subscribers have a higher average download speed than WOW!’s. When comparing WOW! And Spectrum, it’s best to look at their local offerings for your city. What they have in Columbus, OH may be completely different than what they offer in Chicago or elsewhere.

    For an in-depth comparison between WOW! and Spectrum, read our Spectrum vs WOW!: Side-by-Side Comparison.