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Bravado Wireless Plans and Pricing

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$40/mo for unlimited data

  • 4G LTE Data / 3MB down and 1M up
  • Unlimited Talk + Text
  • Setup: $35.00 (Includes activation.)

Mobile Broadband

Plans may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Verify terms and availability with Bravado Wireless.

Expert Overview of Bravado Wireless‘s Services

Bravado is a small Internet service provider that offers mobile broadband wireless and fixed wireless service within the state of Oklahoma. They have a variety of different wireless and Internet plan packages to choose from, as well as a few online streaming TV options.

Bravado Cable and Wireless Bundles

While Bravado does not have its own dedicated cable TV service, they do include Bravado TV live streaming as part of their Internet packages. While you won’t get all the channels you are used to with cable TV, you will be able to watch most local Oklahoma events online ranging from sports games to parades and livestock shows.

Bravado also offers the option to add Sling TV on to your wireless plan if you desire additional streaming content. Sling TV is a digital service that includes over 20 channels of live TV, news, and entertainment.

Does Bravado Have Unlimited Data Plans?

All Bravado mobile broadband wireless plans come with unlimited data and also promise never to throttle your speeds. This makes them a good choice for online streaming. For home Internet, Bravado has two main options. Their standard home Internet service comes with 80GB of data per month, but customers can purchase additional data packages on top of that as necessary. On the other hand, Bravado’s fixed 4G LTE Home Internet plans come with unlimited data just like their wireless service.

Specs For Bravado Wireless Network

Since 2010, Bravado has been steadily working to expand their 4G LTE network across Eastern Oklahoma. Currently most customers should have 4G access, although some rural customers will still need to rely occasionally on their older 3G networks. Bravado also has a partnership with Verizon such that whenever you are roaming you will be able to connect to Verizon’s extensive 4G wireless network.

Bravado Wireless Deals and Promotions

Bravado doesn’t offer any additional deals or promotions besides their standard wireless and Internet plan options. This is mainly because they are still a small company, however, it should be noted that all customers do get access to Bravado TV automatically no matter what plan they sign up for. Bravado TV is their online streaming service that they broadcast local events and sports games on.

Bravado Wireless Company Details

Formerly known as Sprocket Wireless, the small Oklahoma carrier company changed their name to Bravado Wireless in 2017. The wireless provider also owns Cross Wireless, but as of 2019 they continue to keep the brand names separate even though they both use the same 4G LTE wireless network. The company’s main headquarters is located in Muskogee, OK.

Bravado Wireless Coverage Availability

As you’ll see in the interactive coverage map above, the majority of Bravado’s mobile broadband wireless coverage area is located in Eastern Oklahoma, although every year they are continuing to expand. Since 2010, Bravado has been working to increase their 4G network coverage by building more towers in rural areas.

Bravado’s fixed wireless coverage area is more limited with the vast majority of it being located just south of their headquarters in Muskogee. While their mobile broadband wireless is available to around 783,000 Oklahoma residents, their fixed wireless network only covers approximately 77,000.

Availability By State

Oklahoma 783,144 10 mbps

Cities and Towns Bravado Wireless Has Coverage