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Viaero Wireless Plans and Pricing

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$45/mo for 25GB data

Mobile Broadband

$35/mo for 8GB data

Mobile Broadband

Plans may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Verify terms and availability with Viaero Wireless.

Expert Overview of Viaero Wireless‘s Services

Viaero Wireless is a medium sized provider of cellular and fixed broadband Internet service. They are based in Colorado and currently have availability across five states. The company offers several different plan options, as well as bundle deals and promotions for both new and existing customers.

Are Cable and Wireless Bundles Offered By Viaero?

Viaero does not have any standard cable TV options, but they do partner with Sling to offer live streaming TV service over your Internet connection. By using an AirTV device, you’ll be able to get all news and local sports channels, as well as some other major networks. Combining streaming TV and wireless together in an entertainment bundle will save you money versus buying each service individually.

Viaero Unlimited Data Plan Breakdown

There are multiple types of mobile broadband and home Internet data plans offered by Viaero including both shared and unlimited plans. Which is best for your situation depends upon your family’s usage patterns. If you have several members in your household and intend on doing a lot of online video streaming, unlimited is definitely recommended. Basic data plans are best for those who just use the Internet to browse websites and check email.

For their wireless service, prices are based upon the number of different lines you need. With home Internet, the cost of unlimited data plans varies based upon speed.

Viaero Wireless Deals & Promotions

Viaero regularly offers promotions on their wireless broadband service, many of which are often centered around the latest smartphones and devices. In addition, buying several services together in a bundle package will save you money. Customers have the option of combining cellular service, high-speed Internet, home phone, and tablet service depending on what they need.

Viaero Wireless Network Information

Viaero’s mobile broadband network is one of the most advanced to be deployed in rural areas to date. Most areas within their network will be able to get 4G LTE coverage. They also have partnerships with AT&T and T-Mobile to help provide additional coverage in locations where their network has not yet expanded to. In addition, their fixed wireless broadband network is rapidly growing every year as well, providing high-speed Internet options to rural areas that have traditionally been underserved by other providers.

Viaero Wireless Company Details

Viaero Wireless is based out of Fort Morgan, Colorado. They have been providing telecommunications services to residents and businesses in the Midwest for over 25 years and are now the 11th largest provider of mobile broadband in the US by coverage area. Their mobile broadband is available to around 1.1 million people, and their fixed broadband wireless service is currently available to around 393,000 people.

Viaero Wireless Coverage Availability

Viaero’s home coverage network spans across five states in the Midwestern United States with the greatest coverage currently in the states of Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska. Their fixed broadband Internet service is available throughout these states as well, but as fixed broadband is a line of sight technology, whether you can get service or not depends on your distance from their towers and the various terrain features in your area.

Availability By State

Colorado 443,428 15 mbps
Kansas 30,001 15 mbps
Nebraska 611,774 15 mbps
South Dakota 5,028 15 mbps
Wyoming 12,098 15 mbps