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Viaero Wireless Availability Map. Click for interactive map

Viaero Wireless offers both mobile broadband and high-speed residential internet in select areas. Based in Colorado, Viaero Wireless has wide coverage throughout Nebraska and Kansas, especially in rural areas. With decades of business under its belt, Viaero Wireless has established a reputation for consistently good service and reliable connections.

Viaero Wireless Plans and Pricing

Best features Things to consider
  • Scale your plan anytime
  • Unlimited high-speed service and data
  • No upfront equipment fees
  • Overage charges for data allowance
  • Slower internet during peak hours
  • No self-installation option available

Depending on availability in your area, Viaero has several different plan types: Unlimited Cellular Data, Hotspot Data, Prepaid Data, ProConnect Unlimited Data, and HomeConnect Standard Data. Plans are categorized by either download speeds with unlimited data or data usage, with the ProConnect and HomeConnect plans either on a fixed wireless or fiber connection. Regardless of which internet type you use, Viaero has several plan options available to tailor to your needs.

Unlimited Cellular Data Plans

Plan Starting price (per line for 4 lines) Data cap
Better $30 per month Unlimited data
Best $36.25 per month Unlimited data
Ultra $41.25 per month Unlimited data
Student $21.50 per month Unlimited data
55+ $25 per month Unlimited data

Like most mobile broadband providers, Viaero Wireless offers a set of unlimited data plans at different price points, each one suited for a particular type of user. Whether it’s power users or students, all plans have features best suited for their online activities.

Hotspot Data Plans

Plan Download speed (up to) Starting price (per line for 4 lines) Data cap
Best 5 Mbps $35 per month Unlimited data
Ultra 8 Mbps $99 per month Unlimited data

If you find yourself on the road often and in areas where internet connection is very limited, hotspot data plans are your bread and butter. Viaero Wireless offers two plans, with the main differences being download speeds and price.

Prepaid Data Plans

Plan Starting price (per line) Data cap
10 GB $30 per month 10 GB
High-Speed $40 per month 1.5 GB per day

Aside from unlimited data plans, Viaero Wireless also offers prepaid data plans, which is characteristic of providers that primarily offer mobile broadband service. These plans are categorized by data usage and require you to pay upfront before you receive your service. Because it’s month to month, no contracts are required.

If you’re looking for home internet, Viaero Wireless offers high-speed internet plans based on download speeds (ProConnect Unlimited Data) and how much data you think you’ll use (HomeConnect Standard Data).

ProConnect Unlimited Data

Download speed (up to) Starting price Data cap
10 Mbps $45 per month Unlimited Data
15 Mbps $65 per month Unlimited Data
25 Mbps $75 per month Unlimited Data

HomeConnect Standard Data

Data cap Starting price
25 GB $29.95 per month
50 GB $49.95 per month
100 GB $89.95 per month
250 GB $149.95 per month

Viaero Wireless offers a $5 monthly discount when you bundle VoIP phone service with a HomeConnect internet plan. It also typically includes a free large-screen TV with a ProConnect plan and one cellular plan of Better, Best, or Ultra Unlimited.

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Viaero Wireless Internet Speeds

While some high-speed internet options are great for streaming or online gaming, you might not need such high speeds for basic activities. For a small household with light internet users, Viaero Wireless offers affordable plans with download speeds starting at 5 Mbps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Viaero Wireless

  • Does Viaero Wireless have self-install options?

    Viaero Wireless doesn’t have a self-installation option because a technician will need to perform a site analysis. This analysis will help them to decide which internet options will work best at your residence.

  • How can I find out which Viaero Wireless internet options are available at my home?

    Visit your nearest Viaero Wireless store or contact the online sales team. They will ask you a few questions so they can recommend options that are right for you.

  • Is Viaero Wireless considered mobile broadband or high-speed internet?

    Viaero Wireless is both a mobile broadband provider and an internet service provider. It offers several different plans best suited for mobile users and home internet users.

  • Does Viaero Wireless offer bundle discounts?

    Viaero Wireless offers a $5 monthly discount when you bundle VoIP phone service and HomeConnect internet plans.