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Vyve Broadband Plans and Pricing

These are a handful of the plans we found for Vyve Broadband. To see more Vyve Broadband deals and offers in your area enter your zip code above.

  • Free installation.

    Download speeds up to: 105 Mbps


    • Cable
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    • Connection: Cable
    • Data: 1000 GB/mo
  • Free installation.

    Download speeds up to: 200 Mbps


    • Cable
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    • Connection: Cable
    • Data: 1500 GB/mo
  • Free installation. 1G eero Pro 6 included.

    Download speeds up to: 960 Mbps


    • Cable
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    • Connection: Cable
    • Data: No Caps
  • Free installation.

    Download speeds up to: 500 Mbps


    • Cable
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    • Connection: Cable
    • Data: 2000 GB/mo

Vyve Broadband Availability by State

Alabama 11,555 1 gbps
Arkansas 53,605 1 gbps
California 63,261 1 gbps
California 3,953 1 gbps
Colorado 8,660 1 gbps
Colorado 577 1 gbps
Georgia 141,397 1 gbps
Idaho 14,712 1 gbps
Idaho 919 1 gbps
Kansas 112,520 1 gbps
Kansas 5,581 1 gbps
Louisiana 44,248 1 gbps
Nebraska 34,130 1 gbps
Nebraska 24,911 1 gbps
North Carolina 87,690 1 gbps
North Carolina 8,351 1 gbps
Oklahoma 243,104 1 gbps
Oklahoma 3,959 1 gbps
South Carolina 147,922 1 gbps
South Carolina 1,023 1 gbps
Tennessee 27,643 1 gbps
Texas 244,822 1 gbps
Texas 32,060 1 gbps
Washington 60,871 1 gbps
Washington 73,200 1 gbps
Wyoming 22,381 1 gbps
Wyoming 1,672 1 gbps
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Vyve Broadband Internet Customer Reviews

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Vyve Rock

Drew Dean on September 02, 2022

Vyve just upgraded my Wi-Fi to eero mesh and I am getting Gig speeds everywhere. I love it!

Since Vyve took over Northland, our internet speed is not what we are paying for.

Deborah Allard on January 16, 2021

Rarely does our internet speed get to 50 Mbps and often is non-existent. Had technician come out but he said the line is good so we should be getting it, that it must be our equipment. I noticed that others are having the same problem.

Great Service!

Lori Anthony on May 11, 2019

Tech has helped me through any Vyve service problem I have ever had. They were patient and kind, and thorough, explain things clearly, which helps me a lot!!

Slower and slower internet, more and more outages, less and less TV channels.

Wayne Bird on February 23, 2018

The service provided is getting slower. Download speeds were 1.66 Mbps and upload speeds 0.44 Mbps the last time I tested. Service outages and dropped signals are almost a daily occurrence. We canceled the cable TV service about a year ago because they discontinued several channels we liked and the signal quality was getting worse.

Trying out Vyve

Janet Eyman on February 13, 2018

It has been a challenge to get everything working but I especially commend Dorothy, who tends to all the customers' needs in the local office, and Levy, the installer. Both are very knowledgeable and they are excellent representatives of Vyve. My house is a difficult location to get service everywhere it is needed but Levy has done an exceptional job in getting things working. Both Dorothy and Levy are exceptional in their jobs. Please thank them for me.

Great Service

Edgar Livesay on January 11, 2018

I want to inform you that at our Vyve broadband services here in Tazewell, TN is great. I paid my bill yesterday and Wendy was so very helpful. Great place to have or get internet TV devices. Thank you Vyve.


Joey Mckelvey on March 09, 2017

Very pleased with Vyve internet. Hopefully, they will be able to upgrade TV soon in this area.

Best Internet

on January 13, 2016

They have very fast internet. Very reliable. Tech that came to my home was very fast and did an excellent job.

About Our Vyve Broadband Speed Test Tool

Whether Vyve Broadband is your internet provider or you use a different provider, the speed test below can show key statistics about your internet connection.

This speed test will determine the quality of your Internet connection whether you use Vyve Broadband or another provider. These modules are designed to display statistics on download speed and upload performance. Download and upload throughput are the primary indicators of broadband internet performance. As of January 2022, the national average download speed for Vyve Broadband is 94.6 Mbps. Throughout their coverage footprint, the average latency on Vyve Broadband Internet speed tests is -1ms. For context, terrestrial Internet connections usually output latency results in the 5–70ms range. Satellite connections, on the other hand, can be as high as 500–800ms.

Download Speed and Latency Test

Get a precise, real-time read of your speed with this simple test, it can measure the performance of your connection regardless of who is your current internet provider. The BroadbandNow team recommends consumers regularly check their internet's performance as it fluctuates regularly and can identify when you need service support or when your household's usage exceeds your current plan's capability

Note: This speed test can be used to test any internet provider, not just Vyve Broadband .

If your Vyve Broadband speed test result is lower than expected, try resetting your router or call Vyve Broadband customer service for additional assistance.

Vyve Broadband Internet Speed Data


Maximum Advertised Download Mbps

200.84 MBPS

User Speed Test Download Mbps


Speed Tests from Vyve Broadband Customers


Average Jitter

Vyve Broadband Fastest Download Speeds Over Time

Vyve Broadband Average Download Speeds Over Time

Top Cities For Vyve Broadband Internet Service

Greenwood, SC 1,000 mbps 265 mbps
Statesboro, GA 1,000 mbps 205 mbps
Shawnee, OK 1,000 mbps 75 mbps
Moses Lake, WA 1,000 mbps 105 mbps
Waycross, GA 1,000 mbps 170 mbps
Douglas, GA 1,000 mbps 207 mbps
Seneca, SC 1,000 mbps 104 mbps
Clemson, SC 1,000 mbps 134 mbps
Corsicana, TX 1,000 mbps 100 mbps
Durant, OK 1,000 mbps 117 mbps

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